Somewhere On The Road To Key West

Somewhere On The Road To Key West

Michael Reisig / Apr 01, 2020

Somewhere On The Road To Key West In the fourth book of The Road To Key West series Kansas Stamps and Will Bell once again find themselves hip deep in madcap adventure from bizarre to hysterical The captivating diary of an amateur ar

  • Title: Somewhere On The Road To Key West
  • Author: Michael Reisig
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the fourth book of The Road To Key West series, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell once again find themselves hip deep in madcap adventure from bizarre to hysterical The captivating diary of an amateur archeologist sends our intrepid explorers on a journey into the heart of the Panamanian jungle, in search of La cueva de Esmeralda The Emerald Cave , and a lost Spanish tIn the fourth book of The Road To Key West series, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell once again find themselves hip deep in madcap adventure from bizarre to hysterical The captivating diary of an amateur archeologist sends our intrepid explorers on a journey into the heart of the Panamanian jungle, in search of La cueva de Esmeralda The Emerald Cave , and a lost Spanish treasure But local brigand, Tu Phat Shong, and his gang of cutthroats are searching for the same treasure It s a cat and mouse game up the perilous Fangaso River, through the jungle and the boisterous mining towns, and into The Village of the Witches, where nothing is as it seems If that weren t enough, one of the Caribbean s nastiest drug lords has a score to settle with our reluctant heroes Something to do with an ancient golden medallion they borrowed The word is out There s a price on Kansas and Will s heads, and a conga line of hit men trailing them As they careen across the Southern Hemisphere, our adventurers encounter some fascinating ladies as well, and experience an extraordinary romance Be careful what you wish for Somewhere On The Road To Key West offers the standard plethora of zany characters Rufus, the mystical Rastaman, who s convinced that luck is nothing than da gods adjusting da rabbit ears on da television of life , Benny The Rat, a struggling larcenist who s taking correspondence courses to become a bullfighter, Crazy Eddie and his aging but fabulous Goose, and last but not least, The Griffins There are some things you just don t mess with like bubonic plague, nuclear weapons, and The Griffins So sit back, pour yourself margarita, and slide into the Caribbean for another wild and crazy caper You re somewhere on The Road, again.

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        Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 15 years He is a former newspaper editor and publisher, an award winning columnist, and a best selling novelist He is the author of six novels His works have been optioned for motion pictures, sold to overseas publishers, and produced in CD, audio, and e book format He has been featured in magazines such as Writer s Digest and Southern Living, and in numerous newspapers across the country Reisig was born in Enid, Oklahoma, in 1948 The first son of a military family, he was raised in Europe and California before moving to Florida He attended high school and college in the Tampa Bay area After graduating from college, he relocated to the Florida Keys, establishing a commercial diving business in which he served as the company pilot, traveling extensively throughout the southern hemisphere, diving, treasure hunting, and adventuring From there he turned to journalism, putting many of his experiences into the pages of his novels and columns, going on to manage, then own newspapers He presently resides in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where he fishes and hunts and writes his novels, and occasionally escapes to the Caribbean for another adventure.


    1. I had three things going for me before I started "Somewhere On The Road to Key West". One, I am a huge fan of Michael Reisig's writing (ever since I read "The New Madrid Run" some 15 or so years ago). Two, I'm a sucker for "buddy" novels, and three, I've read the previous three books in Reisig's "Key West" series. Reisig doesn't disappoint in this latest entry covering the adventures of Kansas Stamps and Will Bell.In this book, the intrepid treasure hunters stumble on to a tale about an unknown [...]

    2. I got about one-third of the way through this "madcap" adventure and realized that I didn't find it funny or believable.

    3. Somewhere On The Road To Key West They say to "write what you know" and I get the feeling Michael Reisig has had one heckava life! His books convince me he has probably completed his bucket list and then some as he writes of the adventures in the Caribbean as one who is intimately experienced with the pristine waters, sea life, boating, diving, and flying from one death-defying escapade after another. The characters in these exploits exude the enviable love of life and for each other you won't f [...]

    4. Michael and I write not only in the same genre, but the same part of the world. The fabulous Florida Keys. I started reading Michael's "Road" series a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. It was obvious from the start that he knows the Keys intimately. I didn't think he could top those, so what's he do? He tops them. I highly recommend all of his books. Michael is a very gifted writer, who has that rare ability to paint a very accurate image on the canvas that is the readers mind.His lat [...]

    5. Whew! This book was like James Bond on steroids. These guys got into and miraculously out of enough death-defying situations to fill three books - and yet the author has written several more like it. The situations were totally unbelievable, but writing was good enough and fast-paced enough (too much so!) to keep me amused. I only wish the editor had the good sense to change several instances of "with Kendra and I" or "between Will and I." Eck.A few favorite quotes:"you runamuckers!"". . . a wid [...]

    6. I'm taking a break!I continue to experience excessive frustration as Kansas and Will, our heroes, continue to make questionable life or death decisions that (almost invariably) result in extending the opportunities of their nemeses (the bad 'guys') to hinder their adventure-seeking, treasure-enhancing effortsI wonder how many of these frustration-inducing adventures Mr. Reisig experienced himselfI plan to return to the final Key West series book after solving Louise Penny's latest Canadian who-d [...]

    7. More great adventures.M.Reisig has not just one adventure in this book, but many of them. The ending was so entertaining that it was hard to put down. Great plots and hilarious "diversions" created by the main characters, keep the reader on the edge of his/her seat. Sometimes evoking an actual chuckle out loud as I read along. A great book, a must read for anyone who likes adventures.

    8. This was a light-hearted Carribbean evade the bad-guys type of book. It was fairly fast-paced and the chase kept moving along. I just like a little more history with my books. However, the descriptions of places Kansas and Will visited seemed colorful. I could have done with less sex and testosterone and more story line.

    9. What a journey!Great step in this wonderful series, only your imagination will allow you to see where the adventures may lead. A must read series for any adventure seeker! Anything can happen to these guys, the reader can only wish to experience the journeys that you are taken on!

    10. An Amazing Adrenaline Rush!Reising's writing style is like a mixture of Randy White and Clive Cussler on steroids! It's riveting beginning holds the reader close until the end, never using boring fillers of needless information like some unimaginative writers. There's actually three stories in this one most enjoyable, action-packed novel!

    11. Getting into trouble while risking their livesKansas and Will, it's help from Crazy Eddie and Shane, find themselves in and out of hot water time and again. I loved this book. It is part of a series, but is an excellent stand alone.This book gives you everything. Drug Lords, Thieves, Hit Men, adventurers. You never want it to end.

    12. OutstandingThis is the series you want if you like adventure, especially in the Caribbean. It makes a person want to set on a Florida beach and watch the sun rise and set. You can almost feel and smell the ocean breeze and the honeysuckle as you read.

    13. I think perhaps this is my favorite book yet in this series. I like to think it's a bit more clever and equally as exciting as my others, with wonderful characters that have nearly become friends in the process of writing. I hope my readers feel the same.

    14. Yet another hit!Revising is a wonderful writer who produces great characters in complicated situations mixed with a cross between Indiana Jones and Johnny Depp. Not great literature but tremendous fun! I will read ALL his books!

    15. Is this the last we get to read about Kansas and Will? Say it aint so! These books have been irreverently fun and very cleverly written. If you like action and adventure with a generous helping of good times, this is the series for you!

    16. Too muchI enjoyed the first one, as a humorous change of pace. The next two were Ok, but settling in a familiar pattern. They loose some of the excitement and humor in repeated situations.

    17. If you like adventure novels If you like adventure novels not my style, but entertaining enough. The book did not really capture my attention, but makes for a fun read on the beach.

    18. Great adventure!!Another rollicking ride with the heroes of Key West!! Comical bad guys and dangerous ladies!! If you like Travis McGee mixed with Carl Hiassan you'll love Kansas and Will!!

    19. Good read. A very entertaining book. I enjoyed all four of the books. Good humor well written and fast paced.

    20. Great Series!Excellent topper to a great series! Only issue with it is that I don't want it to end! Will have to check out his other series!

    21. The episode with the pocket watch and the episode with the chicken are among some of the best comedic writing I've read, thereby earning my 5 star rating!

    22. More of the sameas usual, good light reading. kept me entertained on a cold Oklahoma winter day ain't Michenerght reading,enjoy,Mon! that's about all.

    23. This was a free Kindle download on . It was the 4th book in a series. I enjoyed it enough that I just purchased the 1st book of the series.

    24. EnjoyableEntertaining and easy read. Fast moving enough to hold interest and curiosity. You will enjoy the humor and characters in the novel.

    25. This was something I decided to try from and it was okay. Lots of action but too many times the heroes get saved at the last minute. Overall it wasn't bad.

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