The Damned

The Damned

Tarn Richardson / Dec 13, 2019

The Damned The outbreak of war In the French city of Arras a Father is brutally murdered The Catholic Inquisition still powerful but now working in the shadows sends its most determined and unhinged of In

  • Title: The Damned
  • Author: Tarn Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780715649541
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1914 The outbreak of war In the French city of Arras, a Father is brutally murdered The Catholic Inquisition still powerful, but now working in the shadows sends its most determined and unhinged of Inquisitors, Poldek Tacit to investigate his mission to protect the Church from those who would seek to undermine it, no matter what the cost.Yet as Tacit arrives, armed1914 The outbreak of war In the French city of Arras, a Father is brutally murdered The Catholic Inquisition still powerful, but now working in the shadows sends its most determined and unhinged of Inquisitors, Poldek Tacit to investigate his mission to protect the Church from those who would seek to undermine it, no matter what the cost.Yet as Tacit arrives, armed forces led by Britain and Germany confront each other across No Man s Land As the Inquisitor strives in vain to establish the truth behind the murder and to uncover the motives of other Vatican servants seeking to undermine him, a beautiful and spirited woman, Sandrine, warns British soldier Henry Frost of a mutual foe even terrible lurking beneath the killing fields that answers to no human force and wreaks their havoc by the light of the moon Faced with impossible odds and his own demons, Tacit must battle the forces of evil, and a church determined at all costs to achieve its aims, to reach the heart of a dark conspiracy that seeks to engulf the world, plunging it ever deeper into conflict.Morally complex and fast paced, this is a gripping work of dark fiction set in an alternative twentieth century, where humanity s desire for love, compassion and peace face daunting challenges in a world overwhelmed by total war and mysterious dark forces.

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        Tarn Richardson is the author of The Darkest Hand trilogy, published by Duckworth Overlook in Europe and Australia, and Overlook Press in the US and Canada.Consisting of THE HUNTED free prequel novella , THE DAMNED 2015 , THE FALLEN 2016 and THE RISEN 2017 , The Darkest Hand trilogy unleashes the flawed but brilliant Inquisitor Poldek Tacit upon a Europe engulfed by the First World War The Damned was one of the Book Depository s Books of 2015.Having grown up in Somerset, he now lives in Salisbury with his wife, the portraiture artist Caroline Richardson.


    1. Many thanks to Tarn Richardson for sending me a free copy of The Damned because I loved The Huntedso much. This is no way affected my review of the book in any way or form.I read The Hunted free eBook on Kindle a while ago, and didn’t really enjoy it. I explained why I didn’t enjoy it, and Richardson had the kind heart to comment on my review and explain why he had the story go as it was. Thankfully, after a reread with this knowledge in mind, I found that my review went from 2.4 stars out o [...]

    2. This was an ARC given in return for an honest review“Henry, listen to me! You are not safe here. Why do you think there were no Germans here when you arrived?They were forced to retreat. There are many unspeakable things which appear here in the night.” When I read about this I knew I had to have it and I was so glad that I could have this in advance. Let me just say it is worth the wait! It is everything I love: historical backdrop with supernatural ties, the struggle of good against evil a [...]

    3. Originally published at Risingshadow.Tarn Richardson's The Damned was a pleasant surprise for me, because it's an impressive and well-researched historical horror-fantasy novel. It's a carefully and engagingly written account of terrifying happenings in Europe during the First World War. It depicts a powerful vision of a slightly alternative early twentieth century and entertains its readers with an immersive story that bring freshness and additional terror to WWI stories. Although it has many w [...]

    4. To clarify, this book is an uncorrected proof copy so I will forgive any errors that were contained within.From the outset, I found the book to be beautifully written. The author has a fantastic turn of phrase and the book is littered with interesting and fresh metaphors. There are two main storylines running through the book, alternating back and forth between the two. One set in France during WW1 and the other detailing pivotal moments in Tacit's past. I must admit that I found the flashbacks [...]

    5. I suppose I should start the review of The Damned with a mention of it’s prequel The Hunted. I read this back in February and my review can be found here. The prequel managed to do some very good things in a short story, but mainly it introduced Poldek Tacit in all his rock hard glory. If I had one resounding wish when I started to read The Damned, it was that Tacit would be a strong and viable character. I was not disappointed. Poldek is most definitely built on extremes, but although violenc [...]

    6. The Damned by Tarn Richardson is a moody, atmospheric horror novel that starts off very strong and for me, simply falls flat. The premise is one I have read in several different variations but still its been done and by others, far better.It is the early 1900s and war is breaking out. It will be the first world war that pits nations against nations. In the French city of Arras, a priest is horribly killed. Torn to threads. The Church sends one of its most seasoned Inquisitors to investigate. Pol [...]

    7. With Halloween edging ever closer, I figured it high time I read something appropriate for this special time of year. Tarn Richardson’s Darkest Hand trilogy gets off to a fantastic start with this, the opening novel, The Damned. It is a novel bursting with memorable scenes, realistic dialogue, great characters and bloody lycanthropic action! I really enjoyed reading this first installment.When starting a new novel a strong beginning is essential. The reader needs to be dragged in, given glimps [...]

    8. Having been enticed by the dark and intriguing synopsis, I was fortunate to have obtained my advance and uncorrected proof copy of the book by virtue of a GoodReads giveaway.The book begins depicting a scene of World War One, and then beautifully transcends that time with years prior to develop intricately planned, delivered, and engaging stories culminating to one. Genres are intertwined, tangled together seamlessly where fantasy (an area that I've never been partial to) is presented with entir [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to win an early proof of this book in a Good Books giveaway and I am so glad I did. For those who have to wait until May till you can read it, I feel for you! It truly is an extraordinary book, as strangely uplifting as it is devastating.Whilst predominately set at the very start of World War One, the back story weaves between the thirty years (or so) before the outbreak of war and the life of the central character, the troubled Inquisitor Poldek Tacit. One of the beautiful th [...]

    10. Absolutely awesome book. It covers so many genres to describe as just a Horror book is quite misleading. It is very character led and weaves through a number of narratives effortlessly. The author takes you through a journey of discovery and the beauty of the book is that there is hardly a character or story line introduced you do not want to find out more about.It is set in the first world war as a historical backdrop, and you really get a feel for what life was like in the trenches. This feeds [...]

    11. Now this is really damned good. A real page turner of a novel, a first world war historical yarn mashed with a supernatural and occult horror novel. Poldek Tacit is an Inquisitor, a huge man tortured by his past but he is sent to Arras in 1914 to investigate a murder. What he uncovers threatens everything he holds dear. Poldek is an amazing hero, a bit like Solomon Kane in many respects. The plotting is sharp, the characterisation and the historical attention to detail is superb. This comes high [...]

    12. I received this book as an uncorrected proof copy as part of a giveaway.To start I really liked this book. It's set in WW1 and has two basic storylines. First what's happening in the present and second flashback moments of one of the main characters life. I found it detailed but fast moving and the story kept you gripped to what was happening. I was surprised by a few things in the book but I really enjoyed the whole story. I heard there maybe a next book, I hope so!

    13. I enjoyed this book from start to finish. great storytelling, suspense and very well written.Thank you to for sending it to me.

    14. Tarn Richardson writes in a way that will have you swallowing your own heart from the very first page. The scenes he paints are so vivid that you will find yourself ducking behind the mud and the blood of a world war one trench as bullets whizz by and will have you glancing into shadows as he escalates the terror. The richly historic landscape and events are skilfully woven amidst the fury of Tacit – a terrifying inquisitor from the Catholic church – whose life is being drip fed to us in cle [...]

    15. A terrific debut novel, bringing religion, redemption, love and humanity together against the backdrop of the real horror of this tale - the sheer lunacy of World War 1. It is a masterstroke counterbalancing the horror at play with mythical Hombre Lobo that drive the story, and the nightmare of The Great War, all too vividly brought to life here in all it's grey's and brown's and mud and blood. Clearly well researched, the sense of time and place is incredibly evocative.All good stories need a c [...]

    16. This is a fantastically detailed and atmospheric read. From the description of the trenches and the horrors of war to the insides of churches, the vatican, to bars and alley ways you can smell and taste the surroundings, as well as hear and see them. That backdrop, with a time based interwoven tale introducing us to the history, and the current adventures of the wonderfully named Poldek Tacit brings the character to life. It is not just Tacit, the whole cast are rich and well written. That is fu [...]

    17. I must admit that it took awhile for this book to consume me. I liked it well enough not to quit reading itd, gosh, am i glad i didn't!! Early on i was tempted to see what my fellow readers thought of it but i didn't want to be swayed. I really liked this book! The premise hooked me early on altho I must admit I didn't expect it to have the twists it didI love being surprised by an intense, consuming read. I'm going to download the The Hunted and am looking forward to the next novel in the seri [...]

    18. Sensational read! First World war, inquisition, werewolves, exorcisms and truly unique characters and a murder mystery. Sounds chaotic, but it really comes together perfectly. Looking forward to The next one.

    19. This is a fabulous read made all the easier by some superb writing from Tarn Richardson. Dark, mysterious and altogether cinematic, I can imagine this being snapped up by the film industry pretty sharpish. Looking forward to the next two books. Highly recommended.

    20. I was impressed by both the quality of the writing and the extent of detail. Imaginative characters and plot, particularly with the emphasis on the supernatural. Overall a gripping read with an authentic portrayal of the horror of World War I. Am looking forward to reading The Hunted.

    21. Loved this book from start to finish. The characters, the timeline which the book is set and the gritty, hollow feeling the war puts into the soul. Did I mention the political avenues the church leaders construct and plenty of wolves. Great reading !!!

    22. Wow, an amazing read. The differing timelines draw together perfectly and the story is told in a gripping, gritty and fast paced narrative.

    23. Loved the main characters. The font is not my favorite, but I adjusted. It started out slow, but it was a good story.

    24. A good read. A few glitches on technical stuff, such as a Cardinal wearing an orange robe, but other than that very satisfying.

    25. First off, I need to say a few words of thanks to Tarn Richardson. In early November 2017, Tarn held a giveaway on Twitter for a couple of copies of “The Damned” and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. I also need to add that I’m posting this review because the book is that damned good and not because it was a freebie. I’m not a prolific book reviewer as I feel reviews are not my strong point, so to be writing and posting this shows how strongly I feel about it.“The Damned” [...]

    26. This is a spoiler-free reviewRead on In The SheetsI'll admit going into this book that I was a bit skeptical it could live up to everything it claimed to be, "horror meets fantasy meets historical fiction". That's never easy to pull off. In reality, it far exceeded every one of my expectations. Throughout the course of the book you can really feel the passion that went into it and tell that it's more than just an awesome book about werewolves, it meant something to the person writing it. Though [...]

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