Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey

Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey

Ozge Samanci / Jun 04, 2020

Dare to Disappoint Growing Up in Turkey Growing up on the Aegean Coast Ozge loved the sea and imagined a life of adventure while her parents and society demanded predictability Her dad expected Ozge like her sister to become an engineer

  • Title: Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey
  • Author: Ozge Samanci
  • ISBN: 9780374316983
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Growing up on the Aegean Coast, Ozge loved the sea and imagined a life of adventure while her parents and society demanded predictability Her dad expected Ozge, like her sister, to become an engineer She tried to hear her own voice over his and the religious and militaristic tensions of Turkey and the conflicts between secularism and fundamentalism Could she be a scubaGrowing up on the Aegean Coast, Ozge loved the sea and imagined a life of adventure while her parents and society demanded predictability Her dad expected Ozge, like her sister, to become an engineer She tried to hear her own voice over his and the religious and militaristic tensions of Turkey and the conflicts between secularism and fundamentalism Could she be a scuba diver like Jacques Cousteau A stage actress Would it be possible to please everyone including herself In her unpredictable and funny graphic memoir, Ozge recounts her story using inventive collages, weaving together images of the sea, politics, science, and friendship.

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        Ozge Samanci is an artist and an assistant professor at Northwestern University She makes comics and interactive art installations She keeps an online comics journal Ordinary Things since 2006.


    1. I’m sure we’ve all read books about people who deny themselves happiness because of their parents’ expectations. Or maybe because they think that what their parents want for them will make them happy in some way in the end.But this book is not only about that. Özge does want to please her family, especially her father, but she realizes early on that she could never become an engineer, the only profession her father deems acceptable for a woman who does not want to marry.She doesn’t have [...]

    2. Bırak Üzülsünler, çevrilmesini heyecanla beklediğim bir kitaptı. İletişim'den çıkacağını ve fiyatının bu olacağını tahmin etsem (49 TL gibi bir rakamdan bahsediyoruz) beklemez, alır okurdum. Neyse, Bırak Üzülsünler, 80 sonrası doğanlar için "bizi bize anlatan" bir hikaye. Özge Samancı'nın hayatında çoğumuza tanıdık gelecek o kadar şey var ki Bunun yanı sıra renk seçimleri ve çizimler de oldukça başarılı. Ama, tabii ki ama olacaktı, bölümler arasınd [...]

    3. Dare to Disappoint: Growing up in Turkey felt like it should have been a longer tale. Özge Samanci’s early years are richly detailed; as the protagonist ages, though, the granularity of the narrative stretches out, with discrete events replaced by more overarching sketches of longer periods of time and emotion. This may simply be an artifact of memory: disjointed and episodic recollections of early years giving way to more comprehensive understandings of later phases of life. This flow breaks [...]

    4. Bir İzmirli ve Boğaziçi matematik bölümü mezunu biri olarak kendimden çok şey bulduğum bir kitap olduğu için biraz yanlı bir değerlendime olabilir :) Bir de Amerika'da uzun bir süre yaşamış ve benzer şeyleri Türkiye'li olmayan arkadaşlarıma anlatmaya çalışmış biri olarak beni rahatsız etmedi ama yazarın konumu itibariyle, kitabını "Amerika'lılara-anlatır-gibi" şekillendirmiş olması, belki Türkiye'li okurlar için bir handikap oluşturabilir. Öncelikle gerçek [...]

    5. A graphic memoir about growing up in Turkey by now Chicagoan artist Samanci. I knew very little about Turkey so was interested. Also, it begs comparisons with Persepolis, as we get history of Turkey and the extent to which totalitarianism has affected its people. It sure affected Samanci, who was influenced by her uncle not to be a cog in the machine. It doesn't spare us some violence, so I wouldn't say its primary audience is necessarily kids, though it is a growing up story. Her stern Dad want [...]

    6. Çevirisini merakla bekliyordum. Okurken çocukluğuma gençliğime döndüm. Otobiyografik bir romandan bir neslin karın ağrılarına nüfuz etmiş, çok başarılı.

    7. How much do outsiders know about the country of Turkey? Here, a professor from Northwestern University tells what it was like to grow up in Turkey. She follows her early life, starting in 1981 (before she started school), and ends during college as she looks toward a professional path. Graphic novels are an evocative medium for memoir, and Samanci uses the strengths of visual storytelling to great effect. Her thesis was on using comics in the digital context, and this is clearly a thoughtful wor [...]

    8. This graphic novel is well done, but I'll have to send it up to the middle school library as it is too young adult for elementary students. Ozge Samanci's minimalist illustrations and dry sense of humor make this an excellent look into what it was like growing up in Turkey. The heart of the story is about Ozge trying to figure out what she wants to do in life and the difficulty of trying to live up to her father's expectations and imitate her brilliant older sister. She recounts the political an [...]

    9. Here is the thing: Masterly drawn, and beautifully written, the book leaves you with a sense of incompleteness and a delusion that it should have been longer, braver and fuller, a much intended delusion aimed at and kept as a secret from you throughout the book victoriously by the writer; and you are hanging in time and space aching to find closure, only to realize it's the only thing the book hasn't offered you: Just like this country, Turkey itself. And you think, just for a second that this w [...]

    10. Bir kız çocuğunun Türkiye'de büyüme ve meslek seçme öyküsü çizgilerle ancak bu kadar güzel anlatılırdı

    11. Dare to Disappoint by Ozge Samanci is perhaps the quintessential tale of growing up in the 80s and 90s in Turkey in a middle class family. There is so much here that resonates with the experiences of many Turks who grew up in Izmir and Istanbul, went to cram school on the weekends in preparation for the national entrance exams, tried so hard to fulfill the expectations of many middle class families of parents working for the government, who, unable to bestow wealth to their children, insisted fo [...]

    12. This book was more sentimentally rated as a 5 - the colorful innocence in Ozge's imagery, as well as the acute awareness of self in the context of family and society, were marvelously poignant and led me to realize more about my own self. Ozge adroitly illustrated the shifting sands of identity and stability as we navigate life. She bravely showed her vulnerability, and it made the reader - this reader - braver too.Is this not the purpose of art? To touch another's soul, and to purpose enlighten [...]

    13. I love the mischievous, rebellious sensibility that came through the pages early on in this book, much through the great relationship between Ozge and her sister and her parents. There is a lot to be said for the way these relationships are sketched out, and for the pluck of Ozge's young self. But somehow the book never quite came together for me. There were a lot of historical and relational moments I appreciated, but just as the Ozge of the book is trying to find herself, the book itself seems [...]

    14. Çocukluğuma, gençliğime, üniversite hayallerime yolculuk yaptım. Yer yer güldüm yer yer hüzünlendim. 80 sonrası dönemin çok çok güzel bir özeti olmuş. Çizimler de çok başarılı Çok beğendim.

    15. İki günde keyifle okudum. Büyük şehirlerde yaşayan bir kesitin ortak geçmişi söz konusu. Sonu biraz aceleye gelmiş.

    16. This graphic memoir is not labeled as such, but would work really well for kids, especially girls, fourteen and up. It's the coming of age story about a young Turkish girl who struggles to reconcile her dreams with those her father has for her. Can she be both an engineer and a scuba diver like Jacques Cousteau? It's a delightful tale of family, friendship, and self-discovery, and while it touches on some of the social, political, and religious issues of the day, it does so lightly, and readers [...]

    17. Gülümseten ve çokça hüzünlendiren detaylarla doluydu. Hayatımın özeti gibiydi. Çok ama çok masum olduğumuz, bir o kadar da haksızlığa uğradığımız yıllar. Bizim "Bir zamanlar" denilen sihirli ülkemiz. Romantik, bihaber gençliğimiz

    18. Dare to Disappoint is a graphic novel that speaks about the author's struggle as a young girl in Turkey during the 80's to live up to her parents' and society's high expectations with her education and career. Throughout her adolescence and college years, she comes up short to her goals, even with great determination and work. Ultimately, though, she realizes that she only went through this difficult path to please her father, and she should finally consider what she wants. She dared to disappoi [...]

    19. I really liked Samanci's style, and enjoyed this story of her growing up a pretty normal kid in Turkey in a time of violence. But I never really felt any sort of emotional connection to her story, and at the end we're left to sort of infer that things turned out ok for her, since she's published this book, but it felt really abrupt to me, and I wanted more about what she did after that point to get to where she is today. And it seems like so much of the book is about her wanting to gain her dad' [...]

    20. This graphic novel is lovely to read. It manages to hold emotional weight, depicting major conflict and violence, while allowing you to journey through the adventures of a heart-felt and well-drawn comic (that can be sweet in its depictions and yet never sickly sweet). This is a fast read but I'm tempted to go through it again because it feels rich and layered and that details would be missed in the first attempt. It also made me want to learn much more about Turkey --- though written for someon [...]

    21. I pulled this ahead in my threatening-to-topple-and-crush-me tall pile of to-be-read books because, hey, reading something about Turkey seemed timely. This is a lovely memoir with lots of energetic, clever, mixed-media illustrations. Samanci's journey, more to a decision than an actual place, is interesting and hopeful, and given weight because she's a character (so to speak) of charm and courage trying to survive a culture at times deeply hostile to her existence. Her humanity and even-handedne [...]

    22. This book was love at first sight for me! The title pulled me in right away, and the more I read of it the more that love grew! A brilliant and true depiction of what it's like to grow up in poverty and in an oppressive place with standards you know you couldn't meet even if you wanted to.This graphic tale is about discovering who you are and learning about yourself along the way. If you have ever felt lost or feel lost right now, this book will bring you peace (and insights into history).

    23. I know so very little about Turkey, so this graphic memoir of a girl growing up there was an education. The culture and politics are very different from the US but a universal is the love between parent and child and the desire to please.

    24. Een redelijk goed autobiografisch boek over de jeugd van de schrijfster in Turkije. Het was af en toe best chaotisch, en ik vond het einde ook wel een beetje jammer, ze had eindelijk een plan, en toen was het voorbij?

    25. 1. LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!2. The name is everything. Dare to disappoint. YES! Do what is best for you and follow what you want from this short and wild life. Don't let the naysayers stop you. 3. She went to the grocery store by herself when she was 6 years old??!!4. When Ozge just strolled into Pelin's classroom, it was the cutest thing ever.5. I learned a lot of history from this book because it forced me to Google the political climate during this time period.6. Another cute moment is when Ozge w [...]

    26. :) Uzun zamandır böyle tatlı bir anlatımla karşılaşmamıştım. Anlattığı şeyler basit değildi fakat zamanla, istediği yere ulaştıktan sonra, acılarını anlatabilmeye başlamış olmalı. Bağ kurabildiğim birçok nokta oldu. (Belki de tamamı?) Böyle içim buruk gibi Ama sevinçliyim de. Seçtiğimiz birçok yol çok benzer. Kendi sonumu düşünmeden edemedim.*Kurduğum bağdan bahsetmiş olmayayım sadece. Çizimler muhteşem. Bakış açısının farklılığı hissediliyo [...]

    27. I will be recommending this one to my daughter and to other teenagers. After finishing, I learned that Samanci is now a professor at Northwestern University in school of communication. As she shows in this book, she struggled with majoring in math and theater at a conservative boarding school in Turkey before finally daring to disappoint her father by doing what she loved and becoming an artist. Great art and storytelling and meaningful message for any young person.

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