Bluegrass Dawn

Bluegrass Dawn

Kathleen Brooks / Mar 31, 2020

Bluegrass Dawn It s the late s in Keeneston and life is very tense for everyone War consumes the news and young men prepare themselves for the draft Jake Davies is fresh out of high school and head over heels i

  • Title: Bluegrass Dawn
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s the late 1960 s in Keeneston and life is very tense for everyone War consumes the news and young men prepare themselves for the draft Jake Davies is fresh out of high school and head over heels in love He s known she s the one since she hit him in the head with a cheese ball, but then his world crashes around him when his number is drawn in the draft Marcy FaulkneIt s the late 1960 s in Keeneston and life is very tense for everyone War consumes the news and young men prepare themselves for the draft Jake Davies is fresh out of high school and head over heels in love He s known she s the one since she hit him in the head with a cheese ball, but then his world crashes around him when his number is drawn in the draft Marcy Faulkner s home life has caused her a lot of grief Her sheltered life is quickly turned upside down after a night in a jail cell with the very handsome Jake Davies The spark is immediate and undeniable Everything is perfect until one fateful night Marcy stands by watching as Jake is delivered the news about the draft and knows this could make or break their entire lives together With Jake s deployment looming and Marcy s parents being unsupportive, the young couple must fight to be together Will their strong love endure the trials of war or will the enormous stress of the situation be too much for them to bear.

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    1. Jake and Marcy's story has been a long time coming and was well worth the wait! It was wonderful to hear how the whole Davies family began. Kathleen Brooks has such an amazing writing style and an ability to keep her readers wanting more. I laughed, cried and couldn't wait to turn the page to see what happened next. Kathleen Brooks is definitely at the top of my favourite author list. She is simply amazing! Thank you for another wonderful story Ms Brooksn't wait to read the next one!

    2. Worth the wait!I love getting to read Marcy and Jake's story after reading all of the rest of the Bluegrass series. Was definitely worth waiting for.

    3. LOVELY STORY!!!This is such a lovely story! Thank you Kathleen for giving the fans of the Bluegrass series this gem!!! It was so nice to read about Marcy and Jake and how it all began. It was perfect! Their love story was so romantic and sweet and hearing about all the grandchildren they ended up with was great!!! It is so nice to read this type of series that is not only sexy, romantic, warm and caring but filled with family and friends and a town that supports and loves one another.

    4. Great readLoved reading about how the Jake and Marci met and how there love for one another shone through and onto the next generation, they certainly had a few ups and downs.I found myself smiling a lot during this book.Waw love the young sisters in this book even as young women they were feisty and new everything even back then lol.

    5. It's the late 1960's in Keeneston, Kentucky and life is uptight for everyone as the Vietnam War is full swing and everyone is volunteering at this stage. There is talk of a lottery to be soon drawn which will be by birth year so it has all the local upper teen boys on edge. Those in their Senior years and right out of High School will be affected. There are already some local boys over there, and some have already come home in coffins.Jake Davis is in love with Marcy Faulkner and has been since [...]

    6. Where It All Began!After having read all the Keeneston books, I was so happy to read about Jake and Marcy Davies' romance. Marcy (Faulkner) Davies didn't have a great childhood, what with a mother devoting all her love and attention on her two sons. She had nothing left over for her only daughter. Jake Davies head great parents. They came off age at the start of the Vietnam War. Jake had to go through the lottery and was drafted. During the registration phase, it was revealed that he had a very [...]

    7. This book tells us about how Jake and Marcy Davies first met and married. Find out how everything from the Bluegrass series started including the Rose sisters, the Blossom Café, the B&B, the friendship of the Davies and Ashtons, the dreaded iron gift, John Wolfe, how the betting began, and how and why the Rose Sisters famous Sweet Tea first came to be. I fell more in love with the wonderful town and it’s residents. This novella really showcased how the Keeneston “family” pulls togethe [...]

    8. What a great book to read on Veteran's Day. Marcy and Jake began dating in high school and got married just before Jake was deployed to Vietnam. They were apart for many months in the beginning of their marriage while Jake served his country. It was nice to read about all of the support the townspeople gave Marcy and how they all rallied around their men serving. We also got a glimpse into how the Rose sister's were when they were younger, along with how they came up with the recipe for their sp [...]

    9. Mrs. Brooks has astounded me with the story of Marcy and Jake. To think Jake lost his family when he life got flipped upside down. Marcy might as well never had any family at all.I myself was in awe of how the town formed a bond like now other during a time when the world was in devastating shambles. It doesn't amaze me how the Rose sister were just as motherly hen even then. I can't express enough how Kathleen nailed his beginning of the Davies clan and the town of family support but she outdon [...]

    10. Kathleen Brooks takes us into another generation of the Keeneston families. This one was particularly of interest to me in that it was about a young couple who were married when the Vietnam draft was started. Jake Davies had the first number pulled in the draft, and he and Marcie Faulkner married just days before he shipped out to boot camp. This is Marcie's story--of graduating as a married woman, being left behind and ignored by her own family who moved away and rarely contacted her, of her mo [...]

    11. A small town novella with heartThis novella is the story about Jake and Marcy Davies and how the Davies family came to be. A story of how love stayed strong during the stress of war, how a young bride remained strong while her husband was away the day after the wedding, how the values instilled in this family became tradition, and how the family grew from the love of one another. This standalone story fills the gaps of how the Davies family started, but finishes with how the family grew. Highly [...]

    12. It was great to see how it all began.I absolutely fell in love with the bluegrass series. I got started out of order when I read Secret Santa. I thought WOW she is throwing a lot of characters at you at once. Then I realized it was actually book number 6 in the series. I immediately bought books 1-5 so I could fill in the blanks. I have read books 1-11 at least twice. I can't wait to read books 3 and 4 in the singles series as well as the 3 books in the Forever Bluegrass series. I have quite a b [...]

    13. Bluegrass Dawn is a novella (about 88 pages) and is the story of Jake and Marcy. Marcy was always one of my favorite characters in the Bluegrass series, and this novella just proves why. Bluegrass Dawn touches on the relationship, the love, and the struggles Marcy and Jake faced before we knew them in Kathleen's hit series. There were more LOL moments than I could count, and plenty of tears. I don't know why this one made the series seem so final. Finished. I know Kathleen is working on the next [...]

    14. This book was everything I was expecting and more. I loved seeing how everything began for some of our favorite characters. We see how Jake & Marcy's and Will & Betsy's love and friendships began, along with our beloved Rose sisters and even John Wolfe. I loved seeing how everything began for Jake & Marcy and then the epilogue was just a little extra. If you are a Bluegrass fan, this is a must read!

    15. This was a great look at two of my favorite characters from the Bluegrass series. After seeing what a great marriage these have as their kids each found love, it made this love story even more exiting. The story also shows a slightly different side of the 1960’s war era, from a rural perspective. As a lover of history, romance, and Kathleen Brooks, this was a must read for me, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    16. I loved it, another great novella by Kathleen Brooks. I love Jake and Marcy from the Bluegrass series. I was so glad when Kathleen did this book. You heard about their adventures in the bluegrass series but this book tells those adventures and so much more. You hear about other bluegrass people and see them in their younger years. I would recommend this book and the rest of Kathleen Brooks books.

    17. In 60s, women still in lower status, however they were the one who took care the business when men were out for war.Marcy was the one, got marry after graduate from high school, being a wife stay in home to wait Jake back from the war, she did great for Jake but somehow she never get the love from her own family.Anyway, it's truly lovely one, so many years in love.Forget to say, iron? Never the best Christmas gift for woman.

    18. The Bluegrass Series is a favorite of mine and the book was a good as the rest. I love the story and the flash back to how Marcy and Jake got together and became to awesome couple they are. I cried during the phonecall Marcy had with her mother and laughed and was happy with how much Jake loved Marcy. I was a great book, very easy to read and once your were reading it was very hard to put it downI actually read the bookin a day!

    19. Both a tear-jerker and a heaping helping of the warm & fuzzies.I've always loved Jake and Marcy throughout the entire Bluegrass series, and it was fabulous to see how they got their start. I laughed with them, cried with them, and loved with them. Best yet, at the end we got a peek at the future. Another winner in a long line of winners for Ms. Brooks.

    20. Marcy and Jake story was amazing. All of us that had read the Bluegrass Series know them, bit and pieces, but know their story, was other thing. I suffer a lot with Marcy family history. I was very sad and mad. Thanks for Jake's mother and the Keeneston people which not only help her, but support her as well.

    21. I have asked myself why was the Davies Family were a choice of Kathleen Brooks books was is their occupation or because there was 5 children but I think this book on Marcy And Jake Davies so read it and find out.Well Marcy and Jake is what I expected just as brilliant and wonderful as the rest of the family and that they have a brilliant relationship.

    22. Bluegrass DawnThe Vietnam war is in full swing and Keenston is doing their part to support the local boys fighting. Marcy and Jake along with Betsey and William are newly married and the men are off supporting the war efforts while the women hold down the farms. Learn more about Marcy, Betsey and the rest of the town of Keenston before the kids were born.

    23. This may be my favorite of all the Bluegrass books!! I loved seeing the older generation in their younger years. Marcy & Jake's love story was romantic, and seeing how some of the town's traditions got started was cool. I loved the ending too, seeing how all the Davies offspring are doing! (Read this AFTER you're done with the Bluegrass Brothers series).

    24. The best beginning ever told How exciting, I was glad Marcy and Jake's story was finally told, it seems fitting to know the story of when it all began. Kathleen Brooks Bluegrass Series is one of my favorites, fully of suspense, laughter and love. I hope we hear more from Keenston soon

    25. Great prequel! I enjoyed reading how Jake and Marcy first met and started their family. To see all the characters in town and how they've grown and changed throughout the series was great. I can't wait for the next generation of Davies stories in 2015!

    26. A delightful addition to the bluegrass books by Kathleen Brooks. I have always loved the parents and enjoyed reading their back story. Seeing the sisters as young adults just a bit older that me was so refreshing. I look forward to reading their stories in more detail.

    27. Bluegrass Dawn I soooo loved Jake and Marcy's story. I love the Rose sisters and so glad they are going to have there stories. I laugh all thru these books. Kathleen Brooks we want more Keeneston books. love love love them !!!

    28. I am so glad to see Jake and Mary's story. as usual Kathleen Brooks did not dissapoint. I love reading the story of the how the Davies family started. To read of their struggles and how they made it through together just makes the story even more sweet. This book was definitely worth the wait.

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