Batwoman, Vol. 6: The Unknowns

Batwoman, Vol. 6: The Unknowns

Marc Andreyko Jeremy Haun / Jun 03, 2020

Batwoman Vol The Unknowns The new storyline Batwoman and the Unknowns starts with new artist Georges Jeanty Buffy the Vampire Slayer Batwoman is neck deep in danger with her new allies Ragman The Demon Clayface and Red Alice

  • Title: Batwoman, Vol. 6: The Unknowns
  • Author: Marc Andreyko Jeremy Haun
  • ISBN: 9781401254681
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • The new storyline Batwoman and the Unknowns starts with new artist Georges Jeanty Buffy the Vampire Slayer Batwoman is neck deep in danger with her new allies Ragman, The Demon, Clayface and Red Alice What is going on and how did Batwoman end up here Collects BATWOMAN 35 40.

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        Marc Andreyko is a comic book and screenplay writer, best known for writing the 2000s ongoing series Manhunter for DC Comics.


    1. Really? This is it? This is the end to a comic that used to be such a fantastic title?Well. Ok, then*bites knuckles, chokes back sob* Don't mind me, I'll just be over in the corner wallowing in my disappointment. On the flip side, I get to use this one for our Shallow Halloween Read, because it's stuffed to the gills with Creatures of the Night!insert thunderous boom & evil cackling hereWhile not taking home the prize for Worst Comic Ever Written, it's still pretty damn painful. Especially [...]

    2. Remember the (one of many) short-lived New 52 series, Demon Knights? Well, some of that cast has been folded into Batwoman for no reason. And DC have dropped the “New 52” logo (it's officially dead, hooray!) on the cover though the storyline is still carrying on from when it was part of that range. Morgan le Fay is pursuing power for the sake of power (always a compelling motivation… zzz…) and it’s up to Batwoman to stop her. Along for the ride are a motley crew: Etrigan (sans Jason Bl [...]

    3. Quite a drop in quality from the usual 5 and rarely 4 stars given to previous books when Williams was one of the writers. I could go into the details but the other reviews have covered the salient points.I'm sorry they ruined you, Batwoman. OVERALL GRADE: C minus to C.

    4. This is a hot mess. Batwoman was always a smart series, about bigger issues than the latest baddies assaulting Gotham. Kate Kane was not a 20 year old with delusions of grandeur. She was an adult; a soldier who wore the suit to serve her country in the only way she could after being thrown out of West Point. She was in a healthy relationship that was not always easy, but she and Maggie valued each other enough to keep working at it.Now we have Kate and Maggie at each other throats like petty tee [...]

    5. Well. That's it then, huh? I'm umm *heavy sigh*The "Secret Origin" issue is a waste of time and turns Kate's emotional backstory into a disjointed, emotionless summary that you shouldn't even bother reading. Read the actual beginning of the Batwoman series instead (if you haven't already) and you'll fall in love with Kate Kane.So, where does our hero find herself when the story begins? In space. With a bunch of characters I either don't know or don't care about, and Kate's sister, Beth AKA Red A [...]

    6. If you enjoyed the first 5 volumes, don't read this one. I've never dropped acid, but I imagine this is what a bad acid trip is like. The storyline and newly-introduced characters make no sense. Like literally no sense at all in any part of the entire history of bat-anything within the DC Comics universe. Very poorly written. Complete character assassination of Batwoman. This is a horrible end to what started out as a very good story full of possibilities. I really can't imagine how it could hav [...]

    7. Before I say anything , Batwoman is my favourite superhero and before I read this I knew how bad it was supposed to be and that this was a major reason Batwoman was cancelled , I still bought the trade knowing this and went in with a really open mind and a need to love it and I saw some positive reviews on here ( maybe got my hopes up a bit)I don't really do reviews but I needed this out of my system.Semi spoilers below but at this point who cares.Well.The artwork was ok?Like 80 percent fine wit [...]

    8. After the last volume, I wasn't that thrilled with where Marc Andreyko was taking Batwoman, especially since he spent a lot of time on a storyline that didn't go anywhere. He showed that he could add drama to Kate Kane's social life without being too forced with it, but the actual Batwoman side of things was lacking.This (sadly) final volume of the series shows that he learned from his mistakes. Aside from Gotham By Midnight, most of the Bat titles have stayed away from the supernatural side of [...]

    9. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It was a nice campy turn, with Batwoman teaming up with demons to battle Morgan Le Fay--in space!--while fighting off a gold digging vampiress in the bedroom. There's even a Hammer reference. Bring this book back, DC.

    10. This went from being one of the best New 52 comics to being a shadow of its former self. Note to DC bigwigs: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You screwed the pooch here.

    11. My favorite part of this volume was that the subtitle for of a bunch of the collected issues was "How in the Hell Did We Get Here?" It's funny because it's true. What a mess. It starts with a pointless abridged origin story that's been covered already -- and even I remember it, so it was probably covered pretty well -- and then dumps us into Point C of the volume's main story, then just when you think that you must have missed some sort of crossover in another title, it zips back to Point A, but [...]

    12. I love Batwoman, but A VAMPIRE? Are you serious? I won't talk about the lack of creativity on the subject, not even the out of the blue partners Clayface, Etrigan, Ragman and Mark Watney (who the hell are them??? And where did they come from????). Red Alice, the maniac sociopathic sister of Batwoman, came from such a great storyline and then after EVERYTHING the past writers developed on her character, she. becomes good, seeking for redemption of her past [murderous] mistakes. Is this fucking Wa [...]

    13. The only reason this book gets two stars instead of one is because I really liked what they did with Beth/Red Alice. Other than that, this book was an enormous disappointment. Disjointed plot, inexplicable characters, and an ending that was a nonsensical slap in the face for fans.

    14. Batwoman Volume 6: The Unknowns by Marc Andreyko (Illustrated by Jeremy Haun) is the conclusion to the New 52 run of the Batwoman story. This graphic novel collects issues #35 – #40, Batwoman Annual #1 as well as Batwoman: Future End #1).The Unknowns are a group of anti-heroes fighting together. The group includes Clayface, Ragman, Etrigan the Demon and, of course, Batwoman.The Unknowns have a challenge in front of them, the evil witch Morgan Le Fay, destroyer of Camelot now hell bent on destr [...]

    15. una idiotez. si andreyko sacó con mucho decoro el encargo de terminar el run de williams/blackman, acá, cuando ya está solo, despedaza todas las posibilidades de este cómic: infantiliza a kate kane --un personaje que necesita ser un adulto más o menos sensato para funcionar--, continúa lo de la resurrección de beth de la peor forma posible, difumina la amenaza de nocturna, hace que nocturna ande con batwoman justificando todo con "control mental" una triste forma de terminar el que comenz [...]

    16. I was ready to hate this book the moment I started it and saw Batwoman in space. And the art is still not anywhere close as good as JH Williams III. But damn was this a good story, and the team that kind of randomnly assembles is great. Ragman and Clayface are great together, and the way Andreyko wraps up Kate and Beth's story is really satisfying. But I want to see more of The Unknowns together, definitely.

    17. It was a really good read, sometimes a little confusing but still alright. But the End? Really!? That was it!? Such a let downAnd its hard to believe that Kate doesn´t know what Natalia is doing, she isn´t that stupid!

    18. Good. F*cking. God.This was honestly just so. ?????? . I don't really have anything nice to say about it. Where did my character go???

    19. A very disappointing volume. I can't believe this is the end of the series and that this is how they chose to end it.

    20. The writing felt a bit weak both in the plot and the dialogue. I especially hated Nocturna; she came off more as a sadistic valley girl than a vampire and she's apparently supposed to have quite a reputation (as another character says about her) but she didn't seem formidable to mejust annoying. Question, is she *supposed* to be strong? Because there was a scene where Red Alice throws these little darts and they pineither her shoulders or the shoulders of her shirt into the wall and I kept wonde [...]

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