Conjoined at the Soul

Conjoined at the Soul

Huston Piner / Feb 23, 2020

Conjoined at the Soul How hard can getting a boyfriend be Randy s about to find out Randy Clark has just looked in the mirror and figured out he s gay So now all he needs is a boyfriend and finding one should be easy eno

  • Title: Conjoined at the Soul
  • Author: Huston Piner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook
  • How hard can getting a boyfriend be Randy s about to find out.Randy Clark has just looked in the mirror and figured out he s gay So now, all he needs is a boyfriend, and finding one should be easy enough, right The trouble is Randy has a knack for being attracted to the wrong kind of guy, like the one who hasn t spoken to him since he told him he had pretty eyes Then tHow hard can getting a boyfriend be Randy s about to find out.Randy Clark has just looked in the mirror and figured out he s gay So now, all he needs is a boyfriend, and finding one should be easy enough, right The trouble is Randy has a knack for being attracted to the wrong kind of guy, like the one who hasn t spoken to him since he told him he had pretty eyes Then there s that locker room jock who s always putting him down And new student Kerry Sawyer would be perfect except for that girlfriend he left behind Obviously, when it comes to finding a boyfriend, Randy s got a lot to learn So for dating tips, he turns to friends Jeremy Smith and Annie Brock But although Annie s than willing to help him find the right guy, between his own bad luck and her less than helpful advice date a girl , things are getting out of control fast And while Randy struggles with bullies, bigotry, and his own self doubts, he quickly finds that searching for love can be pitted with embarrassing misunderstandings, humiliating encounters, and hilarious missteps All in all, Randy s sopho year is shaping up to be one to remember if he can just live through it.

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        Huston Piner always wanted to be a writer but realized from an early age that learning to read would have to take precedence A voracious reader, he loves nothing than a well told story, a glass of red, and music playing in the background His writings focus on ordinary gay teenagers and young adults struggling with their orientation in the face of cultural prejudice and the evolving influence of LGBTQA rights on society He and his partner live in a house ruled by three domineering cats in the mid Atlantic region His first book My Life as a Myth was a 2013 Rainbow Awards finalist Conjoined at the Soul won the 2015 Divine Magazine Award in the LGBT New Adult Young Adult category His first New Adult novel Light in Endless Darkness was also published in 2015.In 2017, Huston signed with NineStar Press A thoroughly revised and unabridged edition of My Life as a Myth was published on August 28th as the first installment of the Seasons of Chadham High series, and has been nominated for 2017 Stonewall Book Award for Children s and Young Adult Literature Conjoined at the Soul was published February 12, 2018.


    1. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsThis newly revised and re-released work by Huston Piner may not have the same impact as his first novel, but there is still quite a bite to his story. Dealing with everything from interracial couples to coming out, this novel uses humor to soften what can only be described as the most tumultuous and nasty of sophomore years a student could encounter. While I wasn’t a huge fan of how the author handled the abusive encounters between Gene and Randy, I could also app [...]

    2. I received an eARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinionThis is a fun cute contemporary about a young guy who is trying to cope with the new discovery that he is gay. He struggles with trying to find other gay guys to date at his school as it is set in 1979 and no one was out and about at the time.The writing of the story is okay, it's very fast-paced and light, you could definitely finish this in one sitting. It's perfect for people who look a good mushy teen flick, e [...]

    3. "Today is a day of historic importance. See, I woke up this morning and discovered I’m gay. I know I know I know, it’s not quite that simple. I didn’t just go to bed last night as the straight Randy Clark only to have the gay pixie come and sprinkle fairy dust all over me in my sleep." Boy oh boy, am I in a pickle here. On one hand, I just want to give this book all the stars because it was an ordinary romance/coming-of-age novel featuring a gay protagonist, and in a way, that already tick [...]

    4. I have to say i am not a fan. The writing style was just not for me. The story line in the blurb sounded wonderful but i just could not connect to the characters. pretty predictable and a bit stereotypical. i had high hopes for this book There is not enough LGBT coming of age books. this one is however set in the 1970's so not modern day. I laughed a bit and i cringed a bit i hope you can give this book a chance!

    5. Growing up is never easy, but growing up gay in a small-minded town towards the end of the 1970s is a potential minefield of missteps and unwanted attention. Huston Piner does a great job cataloguing the ups and downs of high school as experienced by Randy Clark, a tenth grader with a tendency to overdramatize and the knack for becoming entangled in complex situations. The narrative takes the reader on a journey of friendship, misunderstandings and falling in love, all told with authenticity and [...]

    6. CW/TW: bullying, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, hate crime, use of racial and ethnic epithetsConjoined at the Soul is Book Two of the Chadham High series. I haven’t read Book One (My Life as a Myth) in the series, but I don’t think that’s required. I did not feel lost or that I was missing anything while reading Conjoined at the Soul.Randy Clark is a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore in late 1979, and is coming to terms with his sexuality. The book opens with Randy admitting to him [...]

    7. **4.5/5.0I received a copy of this book through NetGalley. I flew through this book because the writing was so great and the characters were all interesting in their own way. The many relationships were amazing and at times I found myself forgetting the time frame that this took place, however their were constant refrences throughout the book that reminded me about this. I will continue to read all works that are published of Huston Piner's.

    8. *I would like to sincerely thank NineStar Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*Conjoined at the Soul is an Own Voices story of highschool freshman Randy as he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood.Randy's character underwent so much growth throughout the story. He begins as a naive, idealistic boy who is willing to take attention wherever he can get it. It was difficult and at times heartbreaking to see him making mistakes and poor deci [...]

    9. Once again, Huston Piner has given us a coming of age tale that rings painfully true. His protagonist, Randy Clark, is so familiar to me from my own adolescence, and in fact, the entire cast of characters feels like people I knew and grew up with myself.This is a remarkably deft and often humorous look at life as a gay teen in a time and place where that sort of thing was not cool, not cool at all. Of course, cool or not, it existed, and the rituals of teenage acceptance clash with Randy's journ [...]

    10. So sweet and so normal. Why everyone can't be just like that last waitress and accept people like they are and for who they are. Nice little book about tolerance, love and selfrespect. Waiting for your next book !

    11. this was a remarkable bookyou know why,coz it was primarily focused on the coming out story and the hardships that are endured.Its the story about a 16year old guy randy Clark who is gay in the 1970's era we are shown his life and that of his friends and being honest it was sad the struggles they had to endure it is so sad the bullying,the racial, religion and sexual prejudice they had to undergoNevertheless the book had a few discrepancies. it was being stereotypical,just because Annie was blac [...]

    12. Because of my work on the 2016 Stonewall Book Awards, I cannot publish my opinions on any children's or YA book with LGBTQ+ characters or themes. I may update these reviews after the announcement of the 2016 Stonewall Book Awards.

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