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Fatal Mackson King s past is a dark horror filled chasm that could swallow the toughest most dangerous men A member of the notorious Portland Street Kings he s impossible to intimidate but he can be hurt

  • Title: Fatal
  • Author: Evie Harper
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  • Page: 458
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  • Mackson King s past is a dark, horror filled chasm that could swallow the toughest, most dangerous men A member of the notorious Portland Street Kings, he s impossible to intimidate but he can be hurt He learned that the hard way, thanks to her Lana The one woman capable of easing his nightmares, of soothing his demons, was the very woman who shredded his heart She toMackson King s past is a dark, horror filled chasm that could swallow the toughest, most dangerous men A member of the notorious Portland Street Kings, he s impossible to intimidate but he can be hurt He learned that the hard way, thanks to her Lana The one woman capable of easing his nightmares, of soothing his demons, was the very woman who shredded his heart She took away his torments, only to become one of them.Born into a family who lost their way long before she arrived, Lana Scavello has carefully enforced a steely interior that shields her heart from harm But that doesn t mean she can t cry, and she s spared Mackson King tears than he ever deserved Finding Lana at her most vulnerable, saving her when she felt the most invisible, he burrowed beneath her defenses to carve his own personal door to her soul Only to decimate it, along with everything she d ever known.Now, years later, fate has thrown the couple together once Pain, heartbreak and betrayal will explode to the surface, leaving both of them raw, aching, exposed And that s when their true love story begins

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    1. FATAL IS LIVE! >>>>> AVAILABLE NOW <<<<<Fatal - Portland Street Kings #2→ : amzn/1RIUY28→ iBooks: bit/FATALibooks→ B&N: bit/FATALnook→ Kobo: bit/FATALkobo→ GooglePlay: bit/Fatal_GooglePlay

    2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**Fatal is the second book of the Portland Street Kings Series and so I highly recommend you to read Collision first. **Evie Harper has always been one of those authors who flies under the radar who deserves to be in the limelight. Her books and writing style are so fresh, smart, clean and crisp. Evie never fails to deliver a story that packs a punch. All her stories have a way of bringing out all the FEELS. And in this second installment of [...]

    3. Mackson's TurnAs much as the first book, Collision, was the introduction to the Street Kings and it's members, Fatal continues the story while shining the spotlight on Mack and who he is. This review may spoil book one. The war is still strong with Rex and his crew, all the while Slater worries about nothing but keeping his brothers and sister safe. Heavy things are about to go down around them and the Kings need to be ready for whatever Rex's next move is. He wants an eye for an eye and since h [...]

    4. “In a perfect world, I’d take her o my bed and make her forget. My fingers would caress every inch of my Dove’s skin, and my stare would convey the thoughts in my mind as I’d remember each and every moment I fell more in love with her.”5 fatal stars!!! What an explosion of emotions and feels!!!This book took me on such a ride of epic proportions!! One minute I’m trying to piece my heart back together and then next I’m sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what’s going to happe [...]

    5. Holy hell! I hold this series in such high regard I couldn't blame the author if I was left feeling a bit short-changed but instead, Evie Harper just continues her brilliance bringing us more heat, more passion, characters we can't help but love and hate, cry for and lust after. WOW! I'm not sure there are words for how much I loved FATAL. Nothing about this storyline disappointed, the only issue was that the book finished. I'm already waiting, very impatiently, for the next one. I'm not sure if [...]

    6. Fatal Wounds – they can be inflicted both mentally and physically, and some go deeper than others, depending on who perpetuates those cuts.For Lana, her father and her brother beat her down with their words and their actions, never seeing her as more than someone to berate and shred her confidence, so she cowered to them and their demands. But the deepest wound – the one that ultimately broke her until she had the courage to build herself back up for herself and no one else – was the love [...]

    7. "I want that and so much more with youI see you, Dove."And a childhood romance shatters in the face of a perceived wrong as two tribes go to war and love is buried as they find themselves on the wrong side of a battle neither one chose to take part in. Lana is the daughter of a family with Mafia connections, sister to The Poison Boys that has for some time been bitter rivals with The Portland Street gang. The war has reached a climax and the winner will take all even if the price is paid in bloo [...]

    8. I started this book and Immediately realised Evie Harper doesn't hold back.After reading the prologue I heard myself whisper, what the fuck. My stomach dropped and i knew then I wasn't going to stop until I hit the end. Instantly we are thrown into a world of action & suspense a some heart break just with the prologue itself , within the first 5% of this story I knew I would love book & I did I wanted to inhale this book so fast because I needed to see what happens but I wanted to savour [...]

    9. 4.5 starThe story has laughs, suspense, pain, kidnapping, secrets, attempted murder and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstCollision (Portland Street Kings #1)This is Lana and Mackson’s story. With the war still going on you get a little of the war issues. Rex still wants the war to go on. Lana who is Rex’s sister finds herself in the middle of the war. She is pulled in two different directions she grew up with the Kings but she is relate [...]

    10. AMAZING! I have no other words! I was so engrossed from beginning to end. Only negative thing I have to say is now i have to wait for Della's story.

    11. **JOSIE'S REVIEW**I absolutely loved Collision and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this next installment. Fatal picks up right where Collision left readers off, but this time we focus on Mack and Lana. As with the first book, Fatal’s prologue starts off with a heart stopping suspenseful scene and from there on it never ends. I absolutely love how this author continues this series with two different characters yet manages to keep up with the very chaotic and violate rivalry between Scavell [...]

    12. Evie Harper knocks it out of the park once again with a suspenseful and sexy story that I absolutely loved. Fatal continues the story of the Portland Street Kings, a gang of siblings who rule the streets and are bound together by loyalty and trust. I absolutely loved Collision, book 1 in the series, and I couldn't wait to dive into Mackson and Lana's story. They were two people who found love with each other at a young age, only to have that loved ripped apart due to a terrible event that set th [...]

    13. 4.5 / 5 starsLast time, we had big 'brother' Slater. This time, we're moving on to the brother who I fell for almost as quickly as him -- Mackson. What I loved about Mack in the last book was how he was the first to start giving Piper hell -- in a loving way. He accepted her into the family almost before everyone else. Granted, he had a leg-up on that situation, being Piper and Slater's "guard" and finally having enough, but still These books are interconnected. While each is a standalone, there [...]

    14. Emotional stories! Greatnked. emotional stores. good as stand alone but best read in order as you get to know and follow caracters.

    15. Fatal is the second book in the Portland Street Kings series and should be read after Collision since they share an ongoing storyline. This one focuses on Lana & Mack and part of this story runs parallel to Collision but rest assured there is very minimal repetition between the two books. There are some pretty graphic scenarios in this book that were essential to both the mood & plot yet for some they could cause emotional triggers.Lana Scavello fell in love with Mack when she was just a [...]

    16. Wowza and get a box of tissues ready is all I can really start this review with. This book was an roller coaster of emotions I wasn't expecting. I had been waiting for this book to come and when I finally got to read it I guess I wasn't expecting what I got. I mean as much as I liked Collision, I think that Fatal has got to be my favorite. And probably one of the best I have read so far this year.I loved Mack. He's one of those characters that you can't help but love and adore. Already knowing h [...]

    17. This book had me from Prologue to "The End." The beginning took me by surprise and I knew I was in for a crazy ride.Lana is the enemy's sister but before that she was Mackson's Dove. They fell in love when life had them both down, when they were young and impressionable. Lana's father was cruel and Mack's life was on the streets. They made promises and plans together. I never expected the story of their beginnings, because once tragedy struck, it was over for them. Years did not erase the deep l [...]

    18. Fatal is the 2nd in the Portland Street Kings series and I liked it! This must be read in order to understand the characters and storyline, so definetely start with Collision which is Slater and Pipers story.We pick up where we left off even though at the beginning, it shows a prelude to what is to come. Rex is basically unhinged and going crazy and since he cannot have Piper, he will extract his revenge on the one person that meant most to him, Della. Della has accused Rex's father of raping he [...]

    19. Oookay, so where to start with this one? In Book 1 we met Piper she was trying to right the wrongs that had been done to her, she was trying to make the world a better place for the next generation. We have all been beaten down by situation and picked ourselves back up again, we can relate.In this book we meet Lana. Lana has been pulled down by her own family! By the person who is supposed to be there to love, cherish and build her up. We haven't all been here, but you certainly get a good feel [...]

    20. DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants and swearing.What in the actual fuck. Are you kidding me with that prologue right now? Fuck. Focus. Deep breath. Turn the page. Maybe it will all go away. Bad dream sequence? As if I was that lucky. Shit. Fuck. Damn.For the last 5 years the Street Kings and Poison Boys have been at war. Rex is clouded by his need to avenge his dead father. He will not accept that Della King, the girl he [...]

    21. i56otobucket/…/12516825…" border="0" alt=" photo 4.5 starsThis series just keeps getting better and better. Mack is Slater's brother and best friend. They have been together from childhood to adulthood. Now the story continues when Della, baby sister of this family, gets hurt and there will be hell to pay. This brings Lana into the fold, again. The memories of past loves is at the forefront of this story of Mack and Lana. The past has feelings of betrayal and lost love. Years later, Mack and [...]

    22. Evettt. uzun bir süredir beni çarpan bir serinin ardından çok tatmin eden bir şeyler bulamamıştım ama bu kitabı okuyunca iyi geldi. çok fazla şeyler vaat etmiyor ama hızlı bir şekilde olayların olup bittiğini ve sonunu okurken kendimi bulduğumu fark ettim. ve bir şey daha fark ettim ki ben bu serinin ilk kitabını okumuşum ama uzun bir süre önce olduğundan hatırlayamadım. Neyse ailelerinden çalınan çocukların birlikte büyüyüp yaşadıkları tatlı acı ama çoğun [...]

    23. The Prologue had me ,,, my god it was intense, Evie has a way of pulling you in from the beginning, she doesn't wait to draw out the great parts of a story, she just starts it off with a bang, I love that about her writing.I seriously can't even explain how good this book was, so much angst, love, loyalty pain and betrayal.Lana is such a strong female character, my heart broke for her so many times.Her loyalty to her brother, her strength and fierce protection of the ones she loves. I absolutely [...]

    24. Lana Scavello was born into a family that lost its way, and she was the one who suffered the most. But the final straw was when Mackson King destroyed her. Now she's built steel cage around her heart to protect it from anymore harm. Mack has a horror filled past that nearly brought him to his knees. The bright spot in his life was his dove, who made things better. He's now a member of the notorious Portland Street Kings, and it's impossible to intimidate him. But Lana showed him, that he can be [...]

    25. As always Evie Harper guts you and makes you suffer with her amazing story telling abilities, my favorite thing about this author.The Portland Street Kings are a family, to whom fate has kept coming back to make suffer. Mackson and Lana story is almost like a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet.Mackson is ready to be with Lana forever, but what will happen when life betrays them and pulls them apart. There is so much happening between their families. Will they be able to be strong enough to fight fo [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book. Mack and Lana were great together. The lock and key ratio was adorable and so sweet it had me swooning. I like all the characters and the story line is great. Loved the angst and family drama. the unbelievable bond this family has is just amazing. My only issue with the book is I felt like it focused to much on Della and her story. I know that it's being set up for the next book, but I just felt like Mack and Lana got shafted and deserved the book to be more about the [...]

    27. I just loved loved loved fatal, the close knit family that the Portland Street Kings are and how they they take care of one another is just one beautiful bond and when they Kidnap Lana whom is Rex's sister because he will not stop with the grudge that he has against them for Killing his dad. What he does not know is that someone else is actually taking the blame for his fathers death. Lana and Mackson at first hate each other because they thought that they each left the other, but they soon find [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.I am a huge fan of Evie Harper. I will absolutely read any of her work without hesitation. She has a unique writing style that pulls you into the storyline and you almost forget your surroundings. This storyline is not sweet words and poetry it raw heartbreaking and yet endearing. I was quickly pulled into Mack and Lanas story. I am not going to lie I may have lost more than a few hours sleep with this book because I found myself unable to put [...]

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