Empire of the Dead

Empire of the Dead

Glynn James Michael Stephen Fuchs / Dec 16, 2019

Empire of the Dead ARISEN Hope Never Dies The ARISEN series returns putting Alpha team MARSOC and One Troop Royal Marines face to face with their most lethal adversaries ever in the most blistering and heart stopping

  • Title: Empire of the Dead
  • Author: Glynn James Michael Stephen Fuchs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ARISEN Hope Never Dies The ARISEN series returns putting Alpha team, MARSOC, and One Troop Royal Marines face to face with their most lethal adversaries ever in the most blistering and heart stopping chapter yet of the epic sagaPHA TEAM BATTLES ITS GREATEST NEMESISWith Juice in heavy contact on the do or die shore mission, Ali in a blistering sniper duel over the sARISENHope Never Dies.The ARISEN series returns putting Alpha team, MARSOC, and One Troop Royal Marines face to face with their most lethal adversaries ever in the most blistering and heart stopping chapter yet of the epic sagaPHA TEAM BATTLES ITS GREATEST NEMESISWith Juice in heavy contact on the do or die shore mission, Ali in a blistering sniper duel over the south Atlantic, and Homer all alone and massively outnumbered deep beneath the keel of the JFK, the Alpha operators are in the fight of their lives against tactically outstanding, pain invulnerable, and utterly merciless Spetsnaz commandos and with no guarantees about who will be left standing at the endTHE JFK CLINGS TO SURVIVALPerilously low on ammo, fuel, planes, pilots, and options, and seemingly outmaneuvered at every turn, the beleaguered John F Kennedy engages in a lethal game of cat and mouse with the gigantic and weapons bristling Russian battlecruiser with not just their lives on the line, but the lives of everyone on the planetONE TROOP FIGHTS FURIOUSLY TO HOLD THE CENTERAs London comes under unrelenting siege, Jameson and the Royal Marines face down a lightning fast and terrifyingly uncontrolled outbreak in CentCom s Strategic Command Center the beating heart of humanity s last defenses against the dead and with no one but them standing in the way of total collapse and utter devastation

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      • Glynn James Michael Stephen Fuchs

        More info on his writing and projects can be found at glynnjames or on facebook at facebook glynnjamesfictionGLYNN JAMES, born in Wellingborough, England, in 1972, is an author of science fiction, post apocalyptic, dark fantasy, horror, and dystopian fiction.His love of science fiction and horror began when he was eight years old after discovering HP Lovecraft and Richard Matheson, and then later on James Herbert, Clive Barker, and Stephen King.In addition to co authoring the ARISEN books, he is the author of the DIARY OF THE DISPLACED series.Biggest influences HP Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, James Herbert, Richard Matheson, Stephen King, and Roald Dahl If you can t rate most of the following books at least 3 5 then it s probably best if you don t click the add friend button.I Am Legend Richard Matheson The BFG Roald Dahl The Stand Stephen King The Passage Justin Cronin The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman Books of Blood Clive barker And if you haven t read them all them shame on you.The Displaced series is NOT finished At the moment I m working on the Arisen series and a new series no hints sorry , but will be going back to the Displaced series soon.Books released Arisen Series With Michael Stephen Fuchs Arisen, Book One Fortress Britain 2012 Arisen, Book Two Mogadishu of the Dead 2012 Arisen, Book Three Three Parts Dead 2013 Arisen, Book Four Maximum Violence 2013 Arisen, Book Five Exodus 2013 Arisen, Book Six The Horizon 2014 Thrown Away Part 1 2014 Diary of the Displaced SeriesDiary of the Displaced 1 The Journal of James Halldon 2011 Diary of the Displaced 2 The Broken Lands 2011 Diary of the Displaced 3 The Ways 2012 OthersThe Memoirs of Reginald Weldon 2011 The Last to Fall 2011 Whispers Short Stories 2011


    1. The JFK faces a crisis as the Russians prepare to attack again and Drake is in no fit condition to be in charge. Jameson and his team rush into CentCom to try to take control of the situation while Rebecca's group try to get there safely. Juice is trapped onshore while his teammates battle Spetsnaz in the air and under water, and a bioterrorist is working on a way to redeem himself by destroying the zombies.Juice resorts to a desperate solution to try and gain partial victory over the Spetsnaz f [...]

    2. Picking up where the last book left off, it had me chewing my nails. Now the Russians are in it, and you'd think that in this time of the dead against the living that the living would work with each other, but apparently not. With the dead on one side and the Russians on the other, and something wrong with the ship's captain, it looks like it's all going to end - but these men and women never give up! Get ready for another nail-biting ride as the military continue to fight on for the good of man [...]

    3. I'm finally caught up with this series. And a little bummed because now I have to wait for more. This book had some parts that made me lose all hope at first, but ended with a couple of the most satisfying moments in the whole series. And gives you a great deal of respect for the men and women of the military and the amazing tools they have at their disposal. Cannot wait for book 9. Actually, book 10 since the prelude, Genesis, is the first one I read.

    4. This serieslong as bleep. I did however appreciate the story behind the Genesis of the outbreakor at least the Genesis of the virus itself. In this book.hing that can go wrong willI cannot believe that for all the military experience in the different aspects of the book would succumb to such normal/human tendencies. I meanallyally peoplee bumbling of these people.er you give me a citizen view because I’m sure survival would mean you do whatever is necessary to save your own asse the ‘higher [...]

    5. Each book tells the continuing saga of a world upside down where everything has changed due to an infection that turns 7 billion people into raving, human hungry zombies. This goes well beyond the Walking Dead for action as Fortress Britain, the only country left standing, is trying to reset the world to being zombie free. The missions are many and the action is hot as American and British military conduct missions across the globe trying to find materials and people in a race to stop the extinc [...]

    6. Another good read in this thrilling zombie/military series. ButI have to say this was probably my least favorite of the nine books in this series (counting the prequel). Kind of hard to pin it down, maybe the underwater scenes took too long to develop or the warehouse scenes. To me it seemed the carrier was just where it was at the beginning of the book, or even where it was at the end of the last book. This detour from their primary mission took way too long. I am in no danger of not continuing [...]

    7. Good next chapterI've read all eight Arisen books, and enjoyed each one. If anything the writing's better (practice,practice), and the characters more fleshed out (pun intended). Fuchs and James manage to juggle several scenarios wonderfully, so you can follow the runner's dash thru London, the fight for the supplies in South Africa, and the zombie invasion of the last stronghold, England. Oh, there's the outbreak in CentCom, the mad Kazakh who started it all.ally you need to read all of them. I [...]

    8. Definitely one of the best of the whole series!I really love everything of Arisen: the whole story, the characters and their development and the insane non-stop action. The Arisen series is probably the best one that I have read in the last years. and every new book is always better and better. I highly recommended this series to all military action junkies and zombie fans.Looking forward to the next installment!

    9. A roller coaster ride of a story!!! I've read all the books in the series and they are all nonstop action!! Highly recommend it! Looking forward to the next installment!

    10. Longest drawn out sub plusOh my Still working thru the series and this book was surprising for how long it could make each sub plot take. Almost 400 pages to advance about six sub plots and zero main arc progress. Gotta get better balance of concluding the subs and resolution to move forward

    11. I'm finding the series difficult to read. Some parts are very good and others make me want to put the book down because the story is dragging.

    12. Action never stops!Wow, I'm out of breathe again! Just when you think it is safe to read these books the author surprises you again. Great read!

    13. I was not a fan of the whole Zombie craze.Until I was turned onto the ARISEN SERIES!!!I've never really got sucked into zombies. The whole idea was just stupid and not believable or plausible. But then a friend that was a zombie freak rd me that he would guarantee that the first book of the ARISEN Series would hook me on Zombies. He told me he would pay for the first book and if just the first book didn't get me hooked and grabbing book two as soon as I finished book one, he would buy me every n [...]

    14. If you can get past the fact this series is really one long book, then it's actually not too bad. Hmmm where did this book start again? Anyways, it finished with the Spetsnaz defeated by Homer killing their 8 divers single-handed, Ali flying a chopper after the entire crew except for her get shot by a spetsnaz sniper flying in a Russian chopper. Juice leads the Marines on a base raid and gets two killed by Spetsnaz, before he blows them to hell, and then the zombies show up and he's left trapped [...]

    15. The most awesome Zombie series ever.When I first saw these books I thought it was going to be like some of the others I Tried to Read. Happily, I was wrong. This series is wonderful; I love the characters and their stories. These books are so well written, it feels as though I am there sharing the fears, hopes, and loves of the characters, not to mention all the adrenaline. The action is definitely heart pounding and nail biting, at the edge of your seat, going to explode any second rush. My onl [...]

    16. (Spoilers) Currently reading this series, and very much hooked, however getting frustrated by the massive amount of bad luck the characters are experiencing. The books could alternatively be titled "A series of unfortunate events" or "Murphy's Law, Zombie edition". Reminds me of that OJ Simpson scene in the Naked Gun movie, on the boat when he gets injured over and over. Example: The scientist on the hill - how could he have survived for so long and then manage to bring down his hideout in a mat [...]

    17. Very exciting and I'm sure technically accurate as I recognise half the weapons and gear the author talks about, why is everyone apart from Alpha team so stupid and why aren't they using tanks, APC's, artillery, bombers, shotguns, spears, axes, buildings with their stairs removed or 100 other obvious ways to defeat or slow down the zombie menace? Theyve had 2 years to prepare against a zombie holocaust in the UK but haven't worked out that if everyone locked all their doors and went to the attic [...]

    18. Now that is what I call a successful conclusion. Some will disagree in that it ended all too suddenly but the build up of the battle between the two carriers has been happening over two book and to see it conclude in such finality was nice. Homer comes to the party and boy does he party with a blast. Add to that the aerial ballet that Ali participates in and we have the icing we were looking for. If you wanted the speed of Matthew Reilly with the reality of actual gun battles look no further. We [...]

    19. Exciting and complex volume eight of the Arisen series. So much going on; loads of action and what one would rightfully call a thrilling page-turner. Combat action on the sea, under the sea, and in the air. The aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy desperately evades the Russian battle cruiser. Homer fights for his life beneath the waves against a team of Russian Marine Commandos bent on overtaking or destroying the JFK. Ali battles in a deadly sniper duel from helicopters! of all things. Our boy Jui [...]

    20. Best Zombie series ever!!!This review covers the series as a whole and not just this book. This is by far the best zombie series ever wrote. It's hands down superior to any other authors attempts or best efforts. After reading the first seven books I was led to believe this was the final installment. I'm not disappointed that it didn't end here, but after eight books I'm not sure how many more I'm willing to read just to see how it ends. But for now, I'm a huge fan and will tag along.

    21. The eighth in the series is a good solid read with great action, fully rounded characters - most of them well known from previous books - still going around their business, and one new addition, who is most interesting.However, there's the small matter of the story arc running through the books not actually moving forward in this one. Sure things happen, and they are all interesting, if not actually gripping in places, but overall not much has really changed from the start to the finish, and tha [...]

    22. Russian special forces vs. American special forces while trying to take over the JFK. Lots of suspense and hard hitting fights. The captain has succumbed to exhaustion, and is now in medbay. This could be interesting as he is the person everyone looks to on the JFK. This was an interesting episode in the Arisen series and I'm sorry to finally be here. Must check and see if any more have been released!

    23. I've gotover the fact that these books are effectively very long chapters in a genuine saga, rather than stand alone books, because they are just so good if you want soime good old fashioned military zombie apocalypse action.They have got better in terms of characterisation and writing in general, and I will look out for the next one. Maybe a slightly guilty pleasure, but also a genuine enjoyable blast.

    24. ArisenPlain, simple and to the point, I love this series! This is the eighth book and all eight have been exciting, action filled stories from different parts of the world. I have really enjoyed the characters being from different countries coming together to fight the virus. If you enjoy this genre with the military, then this series is for you. I can't wait to start number nine.

    25. The thrill ride continues though now a mounting (personal) fear has begun. Things aren't looking too rosy back home in good old Britain any longer.What can one say who has made it to the eighth book? Obviously I'm still enthralled by the series, captivated by the very well written characters and at times agog at the scenarios and overall story.Any lover of zombie fiction, horror, dystopian or all of the above genres must absolutely include this series.

    26. Some Good Should Happen to Balance the Bad.I love this seriesis is my second read-through. I just wish we were offered more good outcomes, an easy straight forward mission every once in awhile so much bad, with tiny bright spots gets exhausting.It would be nice to cheer or simply sigh, more often.Perhaps advice for Book 10???

    27. A satisfying conclusion to their duel with the Russian survivors. Go Homer! Although near the end I couldn't help but expect Juice's helicopter to be shot down by another SAM from somewhere the base, for I totally missed the detail on whatever happened to the source of the SAM that took out their Predator drone? Or maybe this will be revealed in the next book.

    28. NeverNever give up is the underlying theme of all of these books in this series. And love for oneself and for others. Also they are not for the faint of heart. In other words, fantastic series and well written. However, I think I will take a short break before reading the next book to get my heart rate and blood pressure back in control.

    29. Awesome SeriesI just started this series a week and a half ago. Normally I read faster but, alas I have work and a family. These two authors keep you wanting more Excellent suspense and thrills. I cannot wait Cataclysm to be released. I now am going back to check out other books by Fuchs and James.

    30. Best book of the seriesRead it basically in two sitting in a 24 hr period. Maybe because it was so close on the heels of the last book but I think this is one the best, tights paced books of the series. Looks like the series is starting to wind down. Can't wait for next installment ( or two ?)

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