Second Act

Second Act

Kaje Harper / Jan 21, 2020

Second Act Sometimes you have to go home again When Bryce Edwards left Minnesota for the bright lights of Hollywood ten years ago he was determined not to look back He s built a solid acting career through his

  • Title: Second Act
  • Author: Kaje Harper
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  • Page: 173
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  • Sometimes you have to go home again When Bryce Edwards left Minnesota for the bright lights of Hollywood ten years ago, he was determined not to look back He s built a solid acting career through his own hard work and talent But when he finds himself unemployed right before Christmas, the memories he s been ignoring start to rise up and annoy him.Maybe it s time to takeSometimes you have to go home again When Bryce Edwards left Minnesota for the bright lights of Hollywood ten years ago, he was determined not to look back He s built a solid acting career through his own hard work and talent But when he finds himself unemployed right before Christmas, the memories he s been ignoring start to rise up and annoy him.Maybe it s time to take a different approach maybe it s time to confront his past and not just use it as motivation for his next angsty scene If he can make peace with what happened back then the small town bigots who drove him away, and his first boyfriend who refused to leave with him maybe he ll be free to move on to something better He s not sure what something better will look like, but he s finally ready to get on a plane, go home, and find out.

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        I get asked about my name a lot It s not something exotic, though Kaje is pronounced just like cage it s an old nickname.I was born in Montreal but have lived for 30 years in Minnesota, where the two seasons are Snow removal and Road repair, where the mosquito is the state bird, and where winter can be breathtakingly beautiful Minnesota s a kind, quiet if sometimes chilly place and it s home.I ve been writing far longer than I care to admit whispers forty years , mostly for my own entertainment, usually M M romance with added mystery, fantasy, historical, SciFi I also have a few Young Adult stories some released under the pen name Kira Harp My husband finally convinced me that after all the years of writing for fun, I really should submit something, somewhere My first professionally published book, Life Lessons, came out from MLR Press in May 2011 I have a weakness for closeted cops with honest hearts, and teachers who speak their minds, and I had fun writing four novels and three freebie short stories in that series I was delighted and encouraged by the reception Mac and Tony received.I now have a good sized backlist in ebooks and print, both free and professionally published A complete list with links can be found on my website Books page at kajeharper.wordpress books You can find me and my book reviews on my author page here on I hang out on a lot because I moderate the YA LGBT Books group I also post free short YA stories on that group, than 50 of them so far.You can also find me on Facebook facebook KajeHarper


    1. Not even the Hollywood theme and setting could sour me on this book, especially because an actor's life was so realistically portrayed in the story. That's exactly what life is like for most actors in L.A.: scraping by, quitting real jobs for bit parts, running from casting call to casting call, living in shitty flats with multiple roommates, dressing and looking the part while living on noodles, peanut butter, and frozen yogurt. I had friends "in the business" when I lived in the City of Angels [...]

    2. I put Dec 30th as an initial release date so no one is disappointed. I'm hoping for the 23rd or 24th. We shall seeAnd What we saw was a Table of Contents that acted like a cat playing in a Christmas tree, all random. So we're working on formatting and hope to release before the 30th after all.Aaaand we managed to get the release for January 4th. Well, we all learned a lot in the process. Huge thanks to Jonathan Penn, Sara Winters and Deb McGowan, for the help.

    3. Bryce (28) left his small town in Minnesota 10 years ago with only just a dream, to become a famous Hollywood actor. Ten years ago he was practically forced to leave his town when he came out and everyone want him gone. He left his family and his boyfriend (or more exactly his friend with benefits, Cody who at that time was in the closet) determined, but a little hurt. When he finds himself unemployed, he decides to return to Minnesota to see Cody and to make peace with his past. He doesn’t ex [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI have to admit, stories about actors are not my favorite. I think the reality of how few relationships actually work in "Hollywood" makes me jaded about reading them in my books. I'm a strict must-have-HEA romance reader and "ever after" means forever, yo!So, this book probably already had a strike against it before I even began. BUT, it's Kaje Harper, whose words I eat up like a dynamite roll with eel sauce and extra wasabi (oh god, now I'm craving one!) And despite all my "but he's a [...]

    5. Every now and then a book comes along that hits all my plus buttons, this was such a book. I loved it.From the start I was sucked in, the big sucker punch I felt at the beginning really threw me, I guess I was expecting a more typical story line. But it was exactly the kind of punch I enjoy.Bryce really drew me in. I felt deeply for him throughout the story. I could believe in his insecurities, and even understand his reactions.Dion won me over very quickly. It was easy to see why Bryce fell for [...]

    6. First try and I couldn't really get into it. Second try, it worked and I really liked it. Only then to drift away to some OTT development that got me to roll my eyes. Then I got a very nice, satisfying happy ending. Overall a nice read, but not my favorite by this author.

    7. 3 STARSOkay, so honestly, this was a good story. Some of my problems were maybe a bit because of my personal taste but I always tried to keep my thoughts unbiased. A little. I loved Kaje Haper's Life Lessons series so I was a bit disappointed with this one. I mean it wasn't even in the same genre but I expected it to be great.First of all, this book wasn't really a Hollywood film. Maybe only 50% of it which worked really well for the story. This book was about Bryce trying to fix his career as a [...]

    8. 3.5Me ha gustado bastante, sobre todo cómo retrata la vida de los actores en HW, es muy realista, sin caer (del todo) en pintarnos un cuento de hadas, sin embargo admito que no me ha acabado de gustar Dion, no sé porqué me parece muy MarieSue, no he acabado de creerme su relación, sin embargo es una novela muy entretenida y bien escrita. Muy recomendable si te va el rollo del famoseo y los fanboys.

    9. There are already so many reviews for this one -- so go read them. My review is short because this time I really have not much to say (and I feel like I'm running out of words). I love Kaje Harper's stories. I thought hers are always solid -- even the ones I rated 3* or 3.5*. I don't usually enjoy reading romance in Hollywood because it has so many stereotypes. This one felt different because Bryce (despite being an actor and closeted) was the one having money issue while Dion (that pushy, deter [...]

    10. 3.5 stars rounded upThis is a fairly light, low angst, longish novella with a roughly Christmassy theme.10 years before the story opens, Bryce burnt all his bridges in the small rural Minnesota town where he lived, by (view spoiler)[coming out in the middle of a church service (hide spoiler)] in doing so he lost the college life he'd planned with his friend (with benefits) Cody. Since then he's moved to LA to act and whilst he's never hit the big time he's done okay. Having been let go from a pa [...]

    11. Loved it <3. I wanted to hug Bryce, be besties with Dion, and throttle Cody tho I totally was won over in the end and was happy for him and Jacques. Lovely, simple story with a lot of heart.

    12. Kind of an inconsistent story, at times melancholic and sad, at times funny, but it was good, especially for a holiday story. Dion stole the show.

    13. Lots of depth to the characters, they felt real, flawed yet strong in their own way. This is not the second chance story I expected, but I loved it! The story appealed to me right away since I live in California and have a family member in the movie industry. The author painted a very realistic picture of what its like trying to make it in acting. It’s not easy, even when you’re doing well enough to have a few credits to your name. I found it interesting that Bryce was out in Minnesota but m [...]

    14. Kaje Harper knows that life is messy and complicated. It's a strong theme running through all her books. Her characters make mistakes, they hide their insecurities and they are proud and stubborn.So sometimes, we want to smack them. For not talking more, for not listening better, for taking the easier road. But we also cheer for them. And know that when they get their chance at happiness, we urge them to take it. They deserve it.The four boys here all deserve their chance at happy ever after. I [...]

    15. I had high expectations for this book. The blurb sounded exactly like my kind of thing:Aspiring Hollwood-Star Bryce Edwards feels the need to return to his Minnesota hometown to face the (lost, but never forgotten) first love of his life, Cody. After 10 years in L.A. trying to make it in the business, he's not sure what to find when he returns to the town of his youth, hoping to find some kind of closure, after all Cody must surely be married by now, running his parent's farm as he had always dr [...]

    16. ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance****4.5 Stars - Kaje Harper gives us another emotional tale of heartache and personal growth interspersed with love, lust and friendship. Now, don’t be afraid – this is not an angst fest, but my heartstrings were tugged more than once and a few tears were spilled.I fell in love with Bryce and Dion. Although I thought this was going to be a second chance type story, and was surprised with the direction it took, everything made sense and worked out the best [...]

    17. 3.5 starsThis was a sweet read, no real over the top angst. I liked Dion and Bryce. Would have liked a little more build up/tension before they jump in bed together, but that seems very common in books lately. While the story was good and entertaining in parts, I really don't enjoy books that have a mc always think they are not good enough, and go down the push you away for your own good theme. However, I like this author and her writing, so I overlook some of the things that I may normally roll [...]

    18. 4.5 starsKaje Harper is one of those Author's that really knows how to weave a story. At the beginning of this book I saw it going in one direction heart ached when it took a different turn. But then I found myself caring about other characters and seeing them in a different light. That was Mrs. Harper's skill at story telling. She pulled me through this story. Great Book.

    19. This was superb. Did not want to put it down. There was not one thing about Bryce that I didn't love. He seriously had my heart. And Kaje Harper throws us a major curve ball within the first 20%. I will admit that I was pissed when I found out that (view spoiler)[Cody was in love with Jacques. That he had moved on. That he was out, and proud, and happy in his love life. This was very hard to swallow at first and I hated Cody. When I found out that he didn't even know Bryce's parents were dead, I [...]

    20. Well, this was a bit of an emotional ride. I've been through being annoyed with the snippy remarks and thoughts the characters make, to frustrated with their inability to say and do the right things, to sobbing like a toppled toddler, with a touch of giggling and awwing thrown in for good measure.There are two main main characters and two secondary characters who are so integral to the story that there are really four main chracters, but the story focuses on Bryce, a Hollywood actor trying to ke [...]

    21. A rather lovely romance with a few interesting twists. I loved Bryce, it took a while for him to get his act together *cough* but I was cheering for him all the way. So this story ticked a lot of boxes for me; hurt comfort, slow burn and I'd have to disagree with some reviewers and say that there is some angst--not a lot, but it's goooood. Great writing, wonderful dialogue, a great cast of characters and a thoroughly heart warming story.

    22. I can always count on Kaje Harper to deliver a solid, well-written story. As much as I dislike the Hollywood theme, I really enjoyed reading this. It was even better than I expected because there was that twist to the usual "the-one-that-got-away" trope was a nice surprise when Bryce's return to his hometown didn't result in him getting back his ex-boyfriend)) Instead there was a young fan-boy there, all gorgeous and adorable and totally available for loving. Recommended.

    23. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsGuys, let me start by saying you should go buy this book. Yep, I liked it that much. The writing was fantastic, the characters wonderfully drawn and well developed, and the story moved along at the perfect pace. It was, ultimately, a feel good read and I ended the book with that satisfied sigh of a story well done.Bryce is our narrator here, and it’s his journey we’re on. This guy had a hell of a time when he came out to practically the whole town, and he ran [...]

    24. Another top notched work from the venerable Kaje Harper.Another other authors would probably have make this a second chance story but not Ms. Harper. She managed, as it is her style, to install realism into this story the way few others able to do. (view spoiler)[I thought Bryce would have got Cody but then Ms. Harper had shown me otherwise. (hide spoiler)]Again, Ms. Harper shine some lights on the reality of Hollywood and the life of struggling actors that we didn't always know about. Bryce was [...]

    25. Kaje Harper author? CheckOver 100 pages? CheckSorta read the blurb and friend post but not really. Just enough to get it's about an actor or something. Whatever its a Kaje book who cares what its about.Chapter 3 my book I thought I was reading just went sideways!!! My MC leads and one of them is involved with someone else. This is a Kaje book so she isn't about break up happy couples so who and WHAT is this story about since my romance just went up in smokeWtf?Kaje book She'll get this book back [...]

    26. Enjoyable characters and story. I'm finding the realistic characters and settings by this author to be comforting and not entirely predictable or boring in any way. There's real emotions and minimal angst or silly miscommunication. This story didn't pull me in deep like some others, but I really like Dion and Bryce individually and together. I think I would have liked to see some of Dion's POV, but I think most of the story was about Bryce's journey. I can see why the focus was on his struggle t [...]

    27. Got zero feelz from this, which is very unusual for me and a Kaje Harper book. I kinda didn't like either guy. Their connection - if any at all - was based on shallow stuff like being hot or a somewhat famous actor. I never felt like anything much deeper developed. I considered abandoning it several times but kept waiting for the usual Harper sweetness to come along. It's very lite on holiday atmosphere too.

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