Game of Love

Game of Love

Ara Grigorian / Feb 23, 2020

Game of Love WINNER Outstanding Romance in the IAN Book of the Year awardsWINNER GOLD Readers Favorite International Book Award Sports Fiction CategoryFINALIST USA Book News USA Best Book Awards in

  • Title: Game of Love
  • Author: Ara Grigorian
  • ISBN: 9781620078556
  • Page: 231
  • Format: ebook
  • WINNER Outstanding Romance in the 2016 IAN Book of the Year awardsWINNER GOLD Readers Favorite, 2015 International Book Award Sports Fiction CategoryFINALIST 2015 USA Book News USA Best Book Awards in RomanceFINALIST 2016 International Book Awards in Romance Game of Love is what a good sports romance should be fast paced, strategic, emotional, and endWINNER Outstanding Romance in the 2016 IAN Book of the Year awardsWINNER GOLD Readers Favorite, 2015 International Book Award Sports Fiction CategoryFINALIST 2015 USA Book News USA Best Book Awards in RomanceFINALIST 2016 International Book Awards in Romance Game of Love is what a good sports romance should be fast paced, strategic, emotional, and endlessly fascinating 5 Star Review Natasha Jackson for Readers FavoriteGemma Lennon has spent nearly all of her 21 years focused on one thing Winning a Grand Slam After a disastrous and very public scandal and subsequent loss at the Australian Open, Gemma is now laser focused on winning the French Open Nothing and no one will derail her shot at winning until a heated chance encounter with brilliant and sexy Andre Reyes threatens to throw her off her game Breaking her own rules, Gemma begins a whirlwind romance with Andre who shows her that love and a life off the court might be the real prize With him, she learns to trust and love at precisely the worst time in her career The pressure from her home country, fans, and even the Prime Minister to be the first British woman to win in nearly four decades weighs heavily As Wimbledon begins, fabricated and sensationalized news about them spreads, fueling the paparazzi, and hurting her performance Now, she must reconsider everything, because in the high stakes game of love, anyone can be the enemy within even lovers and even friends In the Game of Love, winner takes all.

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        Ara Grigorian is the international award winning author of GAME OF LOVE, his debut novel He is a technology executive in the entertainment industry He earned his Masters in Business Administration from University of Southern California where he specialized in marketing and entrepreneurship True to the Hollywood life, Ara wrote for a children s television pilot that could have made him rich but didn t and nearly sold a video game to a major publisher who closed shop days later Fascinated by the human species, Ara writes about choices, relationships, and second chances Always a sucker for a hopeful ending, he writes contemporary romance stories targeted to adult and new adult readers Ara is committed to helping writers tell better stories He is the co founder of the popular Novel Intensive seminar Also, he is a workshop leader for the Writer s Digest Novel Writing Conference, the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and the Southern California Writers Conference both Irvine, CA and San Diego, CA Ara is an active member of the Romance Writers of America and its Los Angeles chapter He is represented by Stacey Donaghy of the Donaghy Literary Group.


    1. Game of Love is the perfect combination of romance and suspense. As someone with little interest in tennis, I found myself turning the pages late into the nights, dying to find out what is next. What a beautifully written, classy love story. Congratulations, Ara, on this beautiful debut novel.

    2. After a tragic accident that left Gemma reeling and not knowing who to trust , she took some time out from her tennis career and now she is back and this time she is ready to win the French Open and this time she is adamant she won't have a repeat performance of the scandal that rocked her career at the Australian Open. This time she is ready and nothing will stand in her way of her career. That is until in the hotel resturant she meets Andre who is here for business from America. The pair conne [...]

    3. Ara Girgorian’s novel, Game of Love, is full of romance and wit, twists and touching moments of heartache. With each turn, the lives of Gemma and Andre become more entwined as a chance meeting turns into a full-on love story. I see reviewers complain about insta-love so much, but this is the perfect book for doubters to read. It proves that a chance encounter between two people who are in no way ready for love, can turn into the romance of a lifetime and change their lives forever. The strengt [...]

    4. Game of Love by Ara Grigorian is a 2015 Curiosity Quills publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. When I noticed this book was listed in both Contemporary romance and New Adult, I almost passed on it because, for too many reasons to list here, I am really burned out on New Adult at the moment. However, I have reviewed books for Curiosity Quills in the past and have been impressed with their quality of books, so I decided to give this one [...]

    5. Guys! Guys! I was blown away by this book. The writing is gorgeous. (So gorgeous, I'm a little bit jealous - in a friendly, "Way to go, Ara!" way!) Ara has an amazing way of developing the characters without info-dumping. It's a natural progression of the story. The banter is amazing. The humor draws you in. You want to be friends with the characters in this story. You get to know international tennis star, Gemma Lennon, and she feels SO REAL! I love sports romance, sports fiction, hell, even sp [...]

    6. Ara Grigorian's story is one full of humor, heartbreak, and victory both on and off the tennis courts. Gemma is a sassy tennis competitor with trust issues from bad experiences that only a celebrity could experience but that Ara skillfully takes the reader along for. Her goal to win a Grand Slam is both worthy and challengingd one of those challenges is Andre, a genius who solves problems for a living but seems to create them for Gemma by making her doubt everything she's known.Ara's writing is [...]

    7. What happens when two highly driven, career-oriented individuals—one a world class tennis star, one a genius business consultant—meet? An electrifying love story unfolds, and you won't be able to stop turning pages until you find out how it turns out.The tension is piled on from the very first page with Gemma's haunting past, constant press scrutiny and the pressures of their respective careers—and the fact they live on different continents. But they can't ignore their sizzling chemistry, [...]

    8. I don't care for tennis. This book made me want to watch Wimbledon. No, strike that. This book made me want to play in Wimbledon, win a grand slam, and run away to the beaches of Spain after. A hundred and one obstacles stand between Gemma, Andre, and their happily ever after. Ara Grigorian makes them fight for their love, and by the last pages, it's a war well won. Overall, a lovely story that will make your heart pound just enough and leave you with an overwhelming case of the happy sighs. Als [...]

    9. ***I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review***This book. It's not just the charactersough, they are fabulous. Gemma is so strong as she rebuilds after a huge career and life setback. It's wonderful, and so well-drawn. The way Grigorian depicts her struggles both on and off the court feels so authentic. And Andre? Holy sexy genius. He was smart and witty. Together the romance between these two was magic.But it wasn't just the characters. Grigorian is a master storyteller. The way he w [...]

    10. I highly recommend this book. A fun, uplifting tale of love and accomplishment, this book gives credit to people who have natural talent and work hard to push that talent to the next level. Ara Grigorian does a wonderful job of captivating the reader and unleashing a story that will keep you curled on the couch, reading each word. The characters: Andre who is intelligent, compassionate, driven, and easy to love will steal the hearts of readers; Gemma who is passionate, a little dramatic, talente [...]

    11. What a breathtaking, earth shattering debut by Ara Grigorian!I have so many things to say, but first I’d like make a personal note to the author, who is also very charming in real life!Ara, I read in your bio that you are coming from an entirely different background. We are quite similar in this; you have an Engineering degree and I have a Computer Science, but our love for writing has surpassed these details. So, as a person who understands your place and as a reader/reviewer, I can honestly [...]

    12. I devoured this book. It's amazing, I loved it! Right from the very beginning the story just pulled me in and I simply couldn't get enough of it. It reminded me of Jane Austen's work. Don't get me wrong though, this story is in no way resembles any of hers. I'm only comparing in terms of how much I enjoyed it. There are many things I liked. First of all I loved how some of my favourite quotes found their way into it and some how became an integral part of the story. I loved its steady pace, noth [...]

    13. ***Received an arc in exchange for and honest review.***I love this story! GAME OF LOVE is a delightful read. Ara Grigorian's writing style is beautiful and captivating. Grigorian's smart and witty prose lights up the page, bringing his characters to life. Gemma Lennon, Britain's tennis darling, isn't about to let anything or anyone get in the way of the one thing that's eluded her, the one thing she wants more than anything else: to win a Grand Slam. After a potential career-ending accident fou [...]

    14. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**This book. I loved this book. I went into it having no idea what to expect. I have generally held the opinion that I am not a fan of sports books, or books told in third person; Ara Grigorian has proven me wrong.Gemma Lennon has spent her whole life playing tennis, with the hopes of someday winning the Grand Slam. Andre Reyes is a genius who graduated college at 14 and now works in a prestigious firm, essentially as a high-powered consultant. [...]

    15. Romance and Sports Great Combo!I have to say I'm not a huge sports fan, well I guess that's not exactly true I love football, but I haven't enjoyed the few books I've read about sports. Today all that changed. First we have our heroine, Gemma, she is kick ass on the tennis court, and very focused on her tennis career, wanting to be the best. unfortunately off court she is just trying to live her life as best as she can, while staying off of paparazzi shots and out of the headlines. She's been fa [...]

    16. Game of Love is one of my best reads so far in 2015! I absolutely loved it! Knowing I was going to be reading about a star tennis player, I thought I'd enjoy the book but never expected I would love it. Gemma is focused on winning a Grand Slam when she meets Andre. The attraction is immediate and the chemistry, palpable. Grigorian has you feeling all the feels with his characters. Andre was exactly what Gemma needed in her life. He knew her when she couldn't imagine anyone knowing her, the real [...]

    17. Grigorian's debut romance GAME OF LOVE is more than a well crafted romance. It is a well told story, including all the tasty ingredients inherent in compelling reads: well rendered, three dimensional characters caught up in the unfortunate consequences of their own decisions. Rather than relying on gimmicks to rescue his characters, though, Grigorian forces them to make tough decisions as the plot pulses along. The end result is a summer romance that pulls the reader to an ending that remains un [...]

    18. A joy to read! The story flows beautifully. To me, it just kept moving, ever-quickening and never plateaued. It was truly a page turner. I really cared for both characters. Her struggle to love was beautiful. It reminded me of how we fight to shape, mold, and sometimes distort love in our every day lives. Mr. Grigorian's writing style is extremely comfortable. This book is interesting, funny, beautifully paced and effortless to read.

    19. I received a copy in exchange for honest review, this does not influence my opinion in any shape or form.Imagine at five years old you discover that you have a real talent for playing tennis. You dream of becoming the best. You dream of fame and fortune. You dream of winning it all especially a Grand Slam or at least a couple Grand Slams. You dream of going down as one of the best players in the history of tennis. So at five years old, you begin working on your dream, you sacrifice your childhoo [...]

    20. Tennis is a sport that runs all year, unlike a lot of other professional sports out there that are specific to seasons (baseball in summer, hockey in winter for example). It’s played all over the world and on different surfaces (hard court, grass, clay), making it a challenge for one player to master them all. While there are many smaller tournaments, to be considered an accomplished tennis player you have to play and win at least one (if not all!) of the four Grand Slam tournaments. They are [...]

    21. The Meske Review: “The only moment that counts is now. We’re better together than apart.” Game of Love is a well-written contemporary romance novel that will appeal to all the diehard romantics in our world. “Courtship” takes on a new meaning in this game of love, as Gemma and Andre have been tainted by players of their pasts. As I read it, and then re-read it, the story to me was reminiscent of the big-screen love that comes to life after all avenues of resistance and denial were exha [...]

    22. This was such a great book!! The characters are so interesting that they hung around with me for a few days after finishing the book. I found I wanted to know more of their story. And they were so real to me that I almost forgot they were characters in a story. Ara created such rich, complex characters that they were anything but 2-D!Speaking of writing, Ara is so talented that I forgot I was reading a book. Instead I could see it all play out in my mind as though I were watching a (new favorite [...]

    23. Ara Grigorian is a strong new voice in romantic fiction genre. His strong characters are three-dimensional and easy to relate to, Grigorian delivers an intriguing, insider's view of the world of tennis and the life of a super star in that industry. Overcoming fear and learning to trust and love are at the heart of this novel. Although, Game of Love, is not the type page-turner I am usually drawn to, it was a most enjoyable read. At the beginning of each chapter the author has inserted a meaningf [...]

    24. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**To be fair, I’m not always a romance fan. Or a sports fan. But THIS BOOK. It had me laughing, crying, cheering, and actually enjoying both romance and sports. I also love that Gemma is the celebrity athlete, and that I connected to her almost immediately. And Andre. Oh, Andre <3. More than anything, GAME OF LOVE is a wonderful, fantastic story, and Ara is an amazing storyteller. This book provides a much needed breath of fresh air in th [...]

    25. This is an incredible story about a young tennis star dealing with the struggles of identity in the public eye and the incredible power love has in demolishing the protective walls we build around ourselves. Gemma and Andre are driven and passionate when handling their careers and all that energy comes through in a masterful series of serves that catapults us into their world all the way through to the end. Tennis anyone?

    26. Absolutely LOVED this story, such a great summer read if you like NA romance. There IS a PLOT, this is definitely not one of those NA romanace novels that is sex scenes with a spattering of story so if you are looking for that sort of novel move along. That said this is such a refreshing read for me, it wasn't babying about sexual interest but it also wasn't pandering, and I adored Andre as a character. Definitely pick it up, a light read not without depth.

    27. Game of Love by Ara Grigorian had me gripped until the very last page, its easy to follow dialogue and naturally flowing story line makes it a perfect summer read. Gemma and Andre are excellently written and really draw you into their story from the very first chapter.

    28. I feel like I was headed into a slump that us until I read this book. I am back. This book was good. I really enjoyed it. A more in depth review to come.

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