Honeymoon from Hell II

Honeymoon from Hell II

R.L. Mathewson / Feb 24, 2020

Honeymoon from Hell II After years of searching the perfect woman Trevor finally has her and he ll do absolutely anything to make sure that she knows just how much he loves her Anything

  • Title: Honeymoon from Hell II
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: 9781310879555
  • Page: 368
  • Format: ebook
  • After years of searching the perfect woman, Trevor finally has her and he ll do absolutely anything to make sure that she knows just how much he loves her.Anything

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    1. It was a fun read but the more you read R.L. Mathewson's books, the easier it is to predict what will happen in the stories

    2. It's always nice to revisit the Bradford family and the craziness that surrounds them. Zoe's morning sickness and Trevor's seasickness went a little too long and got on my nerves, but it wasn't bad enough to ruin the fun I had while reading this story.

    3. This was a funny quick read that gave me a glimpse into the honeymoon of one of my all time favorite book couples. cute,whitty and fast paced. Well worth its .99 price listing.

    4. Trevor and Zoe is my favorite couple in the Neighbor From Hell series by R.L. Mathewson, so I was especially excited to read about their Honeymoon from Hell. Great short story and sooooo funny. I love these extended stories of all the couples from the NFH series. I'm thinking that I may have to do another re-read of Perfection (Trevor and Zoe's book).

    5. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!/LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!This one tells the story of Zoe and Trevor- which BTW , is the best fucking material as a husband that I've read so far!!!- I'm in love with him and so f*cking envious of Zoe, which takes me to a contradictory point because she could easily be my very BBF. The whole story I was:because I was picturing him like :with a body like:Come on ! I'd dare anyone to say no to proposal by a guy who looks like that; and after reading all what he went through in the honeymoo [...]

    6. Really enjoyed reading about Trevor and Zoe’s honeymoon. As usual, super funny and everything I love in a NFH story!!!

    7. Para mí mi preferido siempre será Jason. Aunque tengo un amor por todos los HAMBRIENTOS Bradford jajajaja me encantan sus historias pero esta luna de miel de Zoe y Trevor no me acabó de gustar. Si, desgracias y tal como la de Jason pero realmente no pararon de discutir. hubo momentos que me sentí mal por Trevor porque Zoe no hacía más que enfadarse con él, si el solo intentaba hacer lo mejor para ella!!!!!!Aún así tuvo sus momentos graciosos de soltar una carcajada en alto sin poder con [...]

    8. Zoe and Trevor were made for each other. Their hilarious honeymoon will have you crying from laughter.A must read for fans of the Neighbor from Hell series. I for one can't get enough of these sexy men and their spunky wives.

    9. I could not stop laughing. It was at the point that I start crying that I was laughing so hard. Trevor and Zoe are def my favorite couples. “She cried.“What the hell did you do?” Jason demanded, looking pissed as he shoved past Trevor and put his arm around Zoe, who simply stood there, silently crying, adding a pathetic sniffle here and there while every man in his family glared at him like they were dying to kick his ass.“What is wrong with you?” Uncle Jared demanded as he took Zoe by [...]

    10. Trevor's just My favorite. Even though basically, this book has the same plot but I love the twist and different experience this couple had in their Ahem, honeymoon. Haha. I'm sure laughed a lot reading it! ;)

    11. Loved it. The Bradford curse continues with Trevor's and Zoe's honeymoon disaster. It was halarious, sexy, and fun. Fun to catch up with Trevor and Zoe. Always look forward to read the Bradford men and their crazy ways they love their women.

    12. Y continuando con la maldición de la familia en serio, ¿por qué la luna de miel antes del primer año debe ser así?A pesar de todo, Trevor fue un encanto y todo lo hizo por Zoe, recordándole lo hermosa que era y lo mucho que la amaba a pesar de sus propias inseguridades. Es una historia encantadora que complementa su propia trama, por lo que me encantó ver cómo les fue a estos dos cuando intentaron casarse siguiendo la tradición y escapando de una serie de eventos desafortunados.

    13. Honeymoon from Hell IITrevor & ZoeTrevor refuses to listen to Jason about waiting the year for their honeymoon Trevor thinks it is all an urban legend Trevor gets so seasick that he can't eat you know there's a big problem. I did enjoy this short story yes, but I don't think it was as funny as it should have been. I feel it felt flat conspired to Jason & Haley But nice to always revisit Trevor & Zoe Trevor is the sweetest Alpha

    14. I didn't think it was possible for this honeymoon to be worse, but it was. I loved that Trevor had issues that caused him to not be able to eat, the ultimate punishment for a Bradford, especially when there are buffets around. I felt bad for Zoe, how she was either hungry or tired. But the best was their time stuck in the bathroom. How horrible!

    15. oh so funny. i love zoe and trevor. i thought for sure she would mention the sunblock incident when he pissed her off since he wouldnt have appreciated it but oh well. well either one of them. i felt so bad for those two. its funny how the men freak out and the women take it in stride and just find everything fine or amusing.

    16. Oh my how I loved this book. Trevor is the sweetest most dramatic Alpha I have read. I love the torture he and Zoe put one another through. It is their way of showing their love I think. I just love these two?

    17. This novella is about the characters from the NFH book #2, Perfection. Perfection is one of my favorite romances and Honeymoon From Hell II recaptures the characters perfectly. It won't make sense if you haven't read Perfection, but that's ok. Read Perfection.

    18. So much fun with Zoe and Trevor! Fun fast read that will keep you smiling! It is so fun to go back and read more about your favorite Bradford couple!

    19. I don't have much to say about this. It's a series of companion novellas to the Neighbor from Hell book series, but even more smutty and less focused on an actual story. However, it's kind of indulgent, and comes off as a vanity project. It also needs a better editor: there was a lot of word and phrase repetition that made the book sloppy. I mean, then again the sex scenes are good as always with this author, which seems to be the main aim here. It's definitely on the erotica-y territory.Read if [...]

    20. One Screwed Up Honeymoon!No cliffhangerFollow up to book 2 in this seriesTold from both POVsMinor editing issuesI loved Trevor and Zoe in their original book and this book was a great reminder of just how funny they are. This truly was a horrible honeymoon but they made the most of it with their humor and love. And a few barf bags. I found myself laughing out loud more than once. Can’t wait for the next book in this series. Checkmate was my favorite book of the series.

    21. LO AMO LO AMO LO AMO LO AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¡AMO A TREVOR!Es que es tan alsdlkasdkklasjdlksa me encantó.A pesar de que es más bien una corta continuación para los personajes de Perfection debo decir que Zoe & Trevor son mis favoritos. Siempre he adorado las historias de las protas rellenitas y gorditas y más cuando se quedan con el prota fuerte, oscuro y peligrosamente hambriento de todos jajaj.Amo su dramatismo, amo la diversión implícita en cada frase que sale por su boca. Simplemente [...]

    22. Ahora nos viene como una continuacion de lo que es Perfection, Zoe y Trevor al fin aceptan que se aman infintamente pero aqui llega la maldicion de los BRADFORD, y como Trevor ha sido tan terco como su primo Jason al ignorar esta maldicion, pero ya aprenderaMathewson de nuevo se gana mi corazon y me deja con ganas de mas, mas romances a su estilo y mas perosonajes como los Bradford y raras y tercas vecinas como Zoe y Haley

    23. Honeymoon From Hell II vuelve a tener como protagonistas a Trevor y Zoe, al igual que la primera parte esta novela es graciosa, divertida, ligera y muy muy atrapante.Me encanto leer esta historia, no es la mas compleja pero pase muy buenos momentos con esta lectura, la luna de miel de Zoe y Trevor fue aun peor que la de Haley Y Jason, algo que creia que era imposible despues de leer Honeymoon From Hell I.Recomendadisima para todas las fans de esta saga.3 Estrellas!

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