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Superego Rico has a problem The experimental program that gave him the high intelligence and lightning reflexes he needs as a hit man for a galactic crime syndicate left him incapable of internalizing moral im

  • Title: Superego
  • Author: Frank J. Fleming
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rico has a problem The experimental program that gave him the high intelligence and lightning reflexes he needs as a hit man for a galactic crime syndicate left him incapable of internalizing moral imperatives the rest of us take for granted It takes real effort for him to pass as a normal human being and he avoids it whenever he can But he has a job he loves, a fast shRico has a problem The experimental program that gave him the high intelligence and lightning reflexes he needs as a hit man for a galactic crime syndicate left him incapable of internalizing moral imperatives the rest of us take for granted It takes real effort for him to pass as a normal human being and he avoids it whenever he can But he has a job he loves, a fast ship and plenty of cash So life is good.When Rico takes an assignment on a planet where a major political conference seeks to bring order to the galaxy, he accidentally thwarts a terrorist attack and has to pose as a visiting cop from a faraway world To complicate matters, he partners with a local female cop and soon realizes he has fallen in love That shouldn t happen But not everything is as it seems, and as the story speeds along from one unexpected plot twist to another, Rico discovers the secret of his own identity and faces a terrible choice.Will Rico live to become fully human Or will he die just as he grasps what has been missing from his life Frank Fleming s exciting debut novel combines action, romance, and moral philosophy in an entertainingly combustible mix

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    1. This story follows the surprisingly likable Rico as he accepts his latest mission. I say surprisingly likable because Rico is the genetically engineered product of an experimental program. The program succeeds in some ways as he has an increased intelligence, lightning quick reflexes, and an increased resistance to pain. Unfortunately the genetic tinkering is not perfect and has left poor Rico with a limited ability to feel emotions. All of this leaves Rico highly suited to his job as a hitman. [...]

    2. I started Frank Fleming's Superego not knowing what to expect. I've read his blog for years and always enjoyed his sharp wit, but I was uncertain how that would translate into a longer dramatic form factor. I was very very impressed. Superego is a fast-paced and engaging story of Rico, a psychopathic hitman (not a killer a hitman) who follows a job deeper and deeper into a plot of intrigue involving intergalactic politics. Rico is a wonderfully realized and hilarious character who observes his s [...]

    3. This book rated from "pretty good' to "not bad" but I think I should go the 4 stars as it's an interesting story. (As I've said before) I'm not sure I'd say this is an "enjoyable" book (at least in some ways) but it is a good story.This is another enhanced hitman who is good at what he does (really I mean this guy is the "real thing" the guy you send to get the target that "can't be got"). But (of course) things don't go on along as they always have and upon that twist hangs a (the) story.As you [...]

    4. This story started off great. It's sort of a spacey Dexter, but with a little more to amuse. However, it devolved into a weird sort of generalized War on Terror and I just could not read "terrorist" as a descriptor one more time. I feel potential, but I don't feel any need to buy this book for a friend.

    5. In the far future assassin Rico is Genetically engineered to be an amoral killer.But after Rico finds himself after a hit without a next job, he decides to lay low on a human settled planet.He ends up averting a terrorist attack on the planet. After being mistaken for a cop and having his guns taken from him he gets involved in finding the terrorists.The most troubling thing about this book isnt that the protagonist is a psychopath,I mean I have read Dexter and Silence of the lambs. No the thing [...]

    6. I still don't know how to rate this book. It was entirely predictable and the themes were troubling in their religious naivety (why would it still be Muslim vs Christian thousands of years hence?), but it was written in an engaging and enlightening way. I gave it 3 because it was a 2 star story told with great skill and engagement.

    7. What a great book. I was afraid it would be a little outside of my taste, but I couldn't get enough. The pacing was great, the humor well distributed and the story fun and captivating.The narration was well done.

    8. Interesting protagonist and lots of character development for him. I liked the twist and didn't see it coming. I liked the relationship. There's a lot of interesting philosophical questions in here like purpose, justice, suicide, and the meaning of life.

    9. Compelling worldbuilding, inconvenient allegorising, and jet-black psychopathic humour, all filtered through a thoroughly engaging protagonist. Awesome, if not without certain instances of incongruity (and sappy, cringeworthy dewiness!).

    10. Curiously enough this book reminded me of "The Stainless Steel Rat", a book I read oh-so-many-years-ago during my teen years. Perhaps it was the oversized personality of Rico the hitman and the often dryly comic overtones of his reflections on both himself and the state of the universe.Yes, a stainless steel rat where James DiGriz is a genetically altered amoral psychopathic hitman instead of a bluff intergalactic thief.It seems strange that one can use the terms "comic overtones" and "psychopat [...]

    11. Listened on AudibleWould you listen to SuperEgo again? Why?No, I mean to be fair I probably would not listen to most audio books again, It is a lot of time and I would rather listen to new books.What was the most interesting aspect of this story? The least interesting?Was probably the vastness of the universe. So far my audio books have comprised of Martian, Memoir, Cibola Burn. So all fantastic books in their own right. However none have been galactic in scale. So it was interesting in that the [...]

    12. Fleming's world-building is solid and believable. His protagonist, while not exactly someone you'd want to hang out with, is sympathetic enough. The plot is action-based and moves along well. This is a fun book and has enough thought-provoking elements to raise it above the level of mere fluff.

    13. In my daily perusal of ebooks I auto-ignore arrogant billionaires, feisty redheads, and mail-order brides, but “genetic" always gets my attention. So does quirky and light-hearted. “Can a genetically engineered psychopath grow a conscience, get the girl, and save the galaxy? Two out three ain’t bad." Hmm. Too many psychopaths get the girl, but how many grow a conscience? I had to give Frank J. "Nuke the Moon" Fleming’s novel a try. I'm glad I did.“Most people develop some sense of righ [...]

    14. SUPEREGO is a fast-paced adventure through a far-future universe that has big enough for two-fisted syndicate enforcers to roam freely and for fugitives to make their escapes. Rico's job is simple: travel to far-flung planets, meet interesting people (or aliens, whichever) and murder them, and skip town a step or two ahead of the local constabulary. It's a lonely job, and Rico has no one to talk to except his computer, and no one to confess his sins to except the reader. The main drawback to SUP [...]

    15. Geeze, I wonder if the main character is a psychopath? It seems each page the author wants to remind us of this. Typically in my book reviews I attempt to not compare different works, especially different works told through different mediums or even the same work told through different mediums. I usually try to merit the work based on whether it entertained me or not. In this case I am going to make an exception in order to prove a point.There is a show some may have heard of called "House of Ca [...]

    16. This was a pretty fun book. A book written from a first person POV is only good if the main character is someone really interesting (like John from Old Man's War) or talking about someone really interesting (like Watson from Sherlock). Rico is pretty interesting for being a psychopath. The hard thing when media writes about these type of people is that they tend to make them too relatable and too human and too redemptive. Rico is very likeable and interesting and the world he exists in allows fo [...]

    17. A little tedious. The story has a great premise but it felt as if there was just too much time spent reminding the reader that the main character is a sociopath.Every 5 minutes or so with "i'm a sociopath", "I have no feelings". It would have been more interesting for the character to just "be" a sociopath so the reader could take the journey of the author's interpretation of what that person would be like in this circumstance. In this story the sociopath was constantly applying a filter to his [...]

    18. Pairs understated, ironic humor with the interesting mind-bender of being inside the mind of a sociopathic hit man. What's not to like?! Well.The book started great, but the character's growth took him outside of his initial sweet spot within my mind. The character growth was good, and made for a more complex character. It also slowed the tempo considerably, and injected a lot of self-doubt and multiple rounds of repetitive introspection with the payoff of only minimal plot progression.I think t [...]

    19. Hilarious debut novel about a psychopathic interstellar hit man for a syndicate, who is sent on a mission blind. As his assignment gradually takes shape he forms an unusual partnership with a female cop.As his internal monologue makes clear he has no problem murdering anyone including children and puppies, but tries to restrain himself so he'll fit in. His observations are always humorous and carry the novel, and he and his partner have nice character development in the book as the plot unfolds. [...]

    20. I don't remember connecting with a novel as seamlessly as I did with "Superego". During one of the last chapters I clearly saw me, myself and the way I've felt so many times "And that's just the sick and twisted of person I am. The best way I could express my love was by hurting her so much, she'd never want to be near me again. I loved her and she loved me but it wasn't enough. The only way she could possibly be happy would be for me to kill that love. Only her hatered of me would keep her safe [...]

    21. At first, it seemed mere pulp science fiction, full of shoot-em-up action and little depth. Then I began to appreciate it as metaphorical, an story of a selfish juvenile male mind discovering that he is something more because he exists within a social order. I am not sure the metaphor works, but it justified my continuing interest in what was generally a rather shallow, contrived science fiction novel. Yet I did find it amusing, though comic-book like.

    22. Picked this up not knowing anything and what a great surprise. This was terrific with a great lead character that brought a surprising amount of humor to the story. There are so many laugh out load bits that made this funnier than most books that are meant to be funny.Through in some gratuitous violence to balance it off and you have the makings for one great story.

    23. A strong fourThis is a strong story, with a unique protaginist--a hitman incapable of normal human emotions. It's well written for the most part, with one brief weak spot. The weak spot: a too-long section revealing one of the character's backstories. Other than that, good plotting, good action, good characterization and it held my attention.

    24. Pretty well done. Loved the POV style story, the whole narrative, and the plot twists. A very enjoyable read - quite relaxing, among my more serious management books.The polite AI Dip, the female detective, and the fast pace was all adding up to make it a nice SF story - with an open end, so it could even be continued if the author decides so one day.

    25. Fast paced with a surprise ending. This book has got to be the first in a new seriesFast paced with a surprise ending. This book has got to be the first in a new series. Having spent his life up to this time believing he was a logical man without emotions, at the point of death Rico faces a world of possibilities, of potential, too late.

    26. Was it fun to read about a character who matter of factly comments on how he practices analyzing how he'd kill everyone he meets? Yes. Yes, it is. Which is why I've also read I Am Not A Serial Killer which is set in modern day with equal glee. Fun ride.

    27. Tedious. Throughout the first 6 chapters all I heard was "i'm a sociopath", "I have no feelings", " calculating what it would take to kill everyone in the room." A bit juvenile with a comic book atmosphere. If there was deep meaning and understanding coming my way, I missed it because I was not going to bother listening anymore.

    28. Kept me goingFirst of Frank's books I've read cover to cover, and while I found a lot of nit picky things to highlight and complain about, the book kept me going to the end, and damn that ending can't wait for the sequel. What will we do? Nice work, Frank!

    29. The funniest novel about a sociopathic hitman with no regard for human life I've read this year. Extremely clever. Fleming does the heavy lifting in making a very likable protagonist you actually care about. And as darkly humorous as it is, it has a remarkably poignant ending.Highly recommended.

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