Last Lessons of Summer

Last Lessons of Summer

Margaret Maron / May 25, 2020

Last Lessons of Summer Called one of the most seamless Southern writers since Margaret Mitchell by Publishers Weekly Margaret Maron has won multiple awards and has received immense acclaim for her hugely popular Deborah Kn

  • Title: Last Lessons of Summer
  • Author: Margaret Maron
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  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Called one of the most seamless Southern writers since Margaret Mitchell by Publishers Weekly, Margaret Maron has won multiple awards and has received immense acclaim for her hugely popular Deborah Knott series Now Maron introduces us to a new heroine who returns to her North Carolina roots to unearth the darkest secrets of her past This book was originally publishedCalled one of the most seamless Southern writers since Margaret Mitchell by Publishers Weekly, Margaret Maron has won multiple awards and has received immense acclaim for her hugely popular Deborah Knott series Now Maron introduces us to a new heroine who returns to her North Carolina roots to unearth the darkest secrets of her past This book was originally published in hardback by Mysterious Press in 2003 In the suffocating heat of a Southern August, Amy Steadman, heir to a merchandising and publishing empire, has come to lean out the house of her murdered grandmother and perhaps find some answers Beneath her quiet, accommodating manner, a storm is brewing.For here in this gracious home, Amy s own mother had committed suicide when her daughter was barely three years old The tragedy put an end to her mother s turbulent marriage to Amy s father But the secrets surrounding her mother s death live on Sorting through her grandmother s things, Amy reflects on the parallels between her parents relationship and the growing suspicions she has about her own husband, who may love her legacy than he loves her.As she rediscovers the tobacco rich land where she spent her childhood summers, Amy meets relatives she never knew, and feels an unexpected emotional connection with the burly, knowing state investigator looking into her grandmother s murder Suddenly, she begins to connect the dots between her troubled life and the heritage that shaped her Yet the she learns, the closer she comes to a murderous force who may be in her own family one who will not hesitate to lie, deceive, or kill .

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        Born and raised in central North Carolina, Margaret Maron lived in Italy before returning to the USA where she and her husband now live In addition to a collection of short stories she s also the author of 16 mystery novels Her works have been translated into seven languages her Bootlegger s Daughter, a Washington Post Bestseller won Edgar Anthony, Agatha, and Macavity awards She is a past president of Sisters in Crime and of the American Crime writers league, and a director on the national board for Mystery Writers of America.Like Margaret Maron on FacebookFollow Margaret Maron on Twitter


    1. Probably best known for her Judge Deborah Knott Mystery Series, Maron is the author of many critically acclaimed books within the mystery genre (this particular book--a stand alone--nominated for an Agatha Award). The writing here is good and flows nicely. In addition, there are several intertwined mysteries, all decent enough despite the fact that the ending(s) weren't really a big surprise. I'm willing to chalk that up to my superior deductive reasoning skills rather than a flaw on Maron's par [...]

    2. Having read all the Deborah Knott series, reading this stand alone by Maron was just as good as her others. A southern location using local dialect which makes it seem more real to me as I'm a Texan and this is what people sound like. After her grandmother is murdered, Amy, an artist and illustrator, is the sole heir to a NY based toy company. Her father, who is CEO, and assorted half siblings are all officers of the company; as well as her husband. When Amy was 4, her mother committed suicide a [...]

    3. This is the first time I have read this author. This book was the December book club selection.The author uses a dysfunctional family situation, and the resulting impacts of self absorbtion to twist the plot. Amy's sister Beth is well used in developing the family matters - but I felt this character could have been developed a bit more.This will probably be a movie for TV soon! I enjoyed the plot twists and was surprised a bit at the ending.A good quick read.

    4. I did not guess the guilty party of the modern-day murder mystery, at all. I also didn't suspect the truth about the horrific family tragedy from the past, either. I actually disliked most of the family members of the very dysfunctional Voygt family, though (especially whiny, lazy, spoiled, and immature half-sister Beth).Overall, the ending was neat and satisfying.

    5. As akways an enjoyable read and good mystery. While not one of her series it was nice to see a familiar cop there. It is all about truths. And the lies we use to protect people.

    6. This is the 1st book I have read by this author! I really enjoyed it! Was a nice escape into the heroine's situations & a good mystery included! I will definitely try her series next!

    7. RATING: 4.25When Frances and Bailey Barbour's first child, Maxie, was born, she received many wonderful gifts. The one that she loved the most was a set of squishy soft animals, one pink and one blue, toys that were totally cuddly and undefined enough to open a child's imagination. As Maxie grows, she talks to her toys and Bailey captures her conversations which become the material for a series of children's books. The books succeed beyond their wildest imagination, and the toys are sold worldwi [...]

    8. While not part of the Judge Deborah Knott series, the majority of the story does take place in North Caroline and several of the lawmen/women are people we already know well. In this book, with the exception of one we have met, but don't know well, they are purely law enforcement. The book was very well written. It focuses on Amy and her blended family. Going back to NC to clear out her grandmother's house after the old woman's violent death, she gets embroiled in the mystery surrounding the fac [...]

    9. This is the second of Margaret Maron's mysteries I have read. Like her Deborah Knott series, this book is also set in North Carolina. It involves tow mysteries: who killed Amy Stedman's granmother and for what reason, and did Amy's mother, Maxie, really committ suicide and what was the cause. Amy is the heiress to the P and B and M fortune. It is a publishing/ merchandising company based on childrens books: Pink and Blue and Max.She goes to North Carolina to settle up her grandmother's estate af [...]

    10. Finalist 2003 Agatha Award for Best Novel.Thriller - Amy Steadman, a toy company executive in New York City, returns to her Southern roots one steamy August after inheriting a fortune from her murdered maternal grandmother, Frances Barbour. Aided by Beth, her pouty younger half-sister, Amy sorts through furniture, books and other personal items in Grandma Frances's summer house, where Amy's mother, Maxie, committed suicide when Amy was three. Amy is determined to find out what was really behind [...]

    11. It was fun to read this book b/c it's set in Raleigh and made references to places I know! It's a mystery, but not incredibly intense, and the family situation made it more interesting. A woman's mother committed suicide when she was three and her grandmother was killed in the same house many years later. She comes to NC to go through her grandmother's things before they tear the house down. She is suddenly surrounded by family members she hasn't seen in ages and begins to wonder if the grandmot [...]

    12. A great title, which is why I pulled the book off the shelf and an intriguing prologue (featuring a spider) which is why I kept reading. And that got me into a book that takes place primarily in the south—which is a region I avoid since I’m not into endless genealogies, multiple cousins, and lots of country folk. I’m glad I read this however, because as a cozy mystery, The Last Lessons of Summer is excellent. Amy, who is the heir to her family’s children’s book franchise, pursues two m [...]

    13. What I like best about Margaret Maron's mysteries is the extended families and how the people relate. They are not stock characters or names just to fill blank spaces or plug plot holes. They also actually sound as if they are from the South, the way she writes the speech patterns. And the mystery fits into the culture as well. This is a stand alone, although I wouldn't be surprised to find out some of the other characters will turn up in the Deborah Knott stories - she used her police character [...]

    14. It's easy to see why Maron is a queen of mystery. Her stories seem to flow from her pen without much hesitation or loss of narrative thread. However, it may be this very ease that makes this story lacking in depth. Maron writes a good mystery, but it could be a great one if she gave more time to character development, interaction, and plot. While her characters are interesting, they seem flat, two-dimensional, as does the plot. The resolution of the mystery and the various relationship issues be [...]

    15. Amy's grandmother is killed during a break-in, leaving Amy her North Carolina property plus a controlling share of her children's books and merchandising operation. Amy travels to her grandmother's house to finalize its sale, go through her possessions, and confront some nagging uncertainties. Was it really a break-in, or was it murder? When Amy was three years old, her mother was shot -- but how, and why? And where is her husband, really, and who is with him?Fun and easy to read. I liked the wa [...]

    16. [audio] A stand alone by Margaret Maron, known for her Deborah Knott mysteries. Had me coin the term "family MYS" for my tags -- wonderful sense of place (North Carolina -- Cameron Village, down the hill from our Aunt Janet's; even an Aunt Etheleen!) and a description of complicated families. The mystery was a bit predictable but the telling was charming. An enjoyable listen. Kate Forbes is a good match for Maron.*I figure you can read the description of the plot in the entry - no need to repeat [...]

    17. I almost always like Magaret Maron's novels and this is no exception. It is not from either of her series. although Dwight Bryant from the Deborah Knott books makes an appearance.And while there is a mystery to be solved, the book explores what can happen when a married couple love each other too much, so that they do consider their child and other family members. I really recommend this book.

    18. I have read many books by Margaret Maron, but they have always been in the Debra Knott series. This involves different characters in a different setting initially. However, the main character ends up coming to the general area of the other series for most of the book, and a couple of cross-over characters appear in minor roles. I liked the book, and the resolution of a couple of plot elements was not what I expected.

    19. In a slight departure from her Judge Deborah Knott mysteries, we read the story of Amy Steadman, artist for the family children's book business. After Amy's grandmother is murdered, she travels to North Carolina to clean out her house, and hopefully find answers to why her mother committed suicide when she was three years old. Local law enforcement includes Dwight Bryant, Judge Deborah Knott's husband.

    20. Really loved this book. It was not part of any of her mystery series, but a stand alone. Very heart felt story of a woman coming to terms with her past and the loss of her mother, with repressed memories. Much of the story is about the mystery of her past that leaks out as she is in the home of her childhood again. I was sucked in by this story. Too bad most of her other books were not like this.

    21. In order to satisfy one of my squares in Book Bingo, I needed to ready a 'cozy mystery'. Until then, I had never heard the term but after reading this one, I would definitely read more. Mostly set outside of Raleigh, this is the story of Amy, woman whose grandmother just died (the grandmother/grandfather were responsible for a famous children's book series). Questions arise about the grandmother's death and Amy also begins to look more into the suicide of her mother years ago.

    22. I have recently not had the experience of wanting (or being able) to stay up until I finish a book. This one did it for me. There was something about the complicated, but familiar relationships among this long separated family, added up to the mystery of the day they all tried so desperately to erase for Amy that was really compelling. I kept anticipating a cynical ending to all of the loose ends in the book, but was pleasantly surprised. This was a fun read.

    23. I enjoyed listening to this book of Margaret Maron's in the car. She spins a good tale, and I enjoyed the references to Raleigh and nearby Wake County places. I was also interested in it since I've enjoyed children's books since my teaching days, and some of the characters work for a children's book publisher. I didn't know whodunnit until the end.

    24. I thought this book was pretty good. I was very interested in it, because it had a lot of different ways the plot good go and ultimately end. I have to say the "who done it" surprised me, it wasn't the person I thought it was. It did have quite a bit of language in it that I could have done without, but all in all, I thought it was a good mystery book.

    25. This isn't a Judge Deborah Knott book, but its just as good. This book is also set in the south and is about a grandmother who is murdered and the family she leaves behind. A lifetime of mysteries are solved with love winning in the end. This is an interesting read about a large family with a mystery to solve.

    26. This is the first book I've read by this author. She's a NC author. I read this for a book club discussion and really enjoyed it. I thought I had her figured out but she fooled me. I'm not usually a mystery reader but will read her again. I liked that the setting was Raleigh and that one character had lived in Fuquay. She also got a jab in about Cary residents!!! Good read.

    27. Amy's mother commits suicide when Amy is three years old, at least that is the story she has always been told, but is it the truth? Her grandmother is murdered and Amy goes to settle the estate. The myriad of cousins and little bits of truth about her mother keep her guessing about what happened. Good story!

    28. Another interesting audiobook with a good narrator. I believe that the quality of the narrator can make or break my enjoyment of a book. This time, well done. My first experience with Margaret Maron's writing, but hopefully not my last. The story of Amy, her family and her search for answers to the deaths of her mother and grandmother was just what I was looking for.

    29. "What to do, Blue?" and "What do you think, Pink?" are lines repeated several times during this typical murder/mystery novel written by Edgar winner Margaret Maron. A quick read with an unexpected ending, this book would be rated PG if it were a movie based strictly on a few references to affairs and one brief kiss. Good book and definitely recommended.

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