Unblocked - Episode Three

Unblocked - Episode Three

Marni Mann / Jun 03, 2020

Unblocked Episode Three While Derek confronts his past Frankie pursues hers Secrets threaten to keep them apart They want to let go of each other only they can t Their passion is too hot to resist Things are scorching as t

  • Title: Unblocked - Episode Three
  • Author: Marni Mann
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  • Page: 446
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  • While Derek confronts his past, Frankie pursues hers.Secrets threaten to keep them apart.They want to let go of each other, only they can t Their passion is too hot to resist.Things are scorching as the real estate gets real This is Episode Three of the five episode Timber Towers novella serial.

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    1. 4.5 Stars!Unblocked- Episode Three by Marni Mann is the third installment in her five-part serial novella series entitled Timber Towers. Each subsequent addition to this series will be released approximately four to six weeks apart. I have absolutely loved this series so far; however, this book took the series to a whole new level and playing field in my opinion. Ms. Mann certainly stepped it up at least ten notches with this one. Phew! I thought book two was hot and steamy but it is nothing com [...]

    2. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      *****FOUR STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review(BR with Mel and Dee)In the last book, Frankie and Derek come to the mutual understanding that there is no possibility of a relationship between them. That one night in the hotel would be all that they could share. Their relationship would be strictly professional, but things change when Frankie runs into Hayden at Derek's house the next day. Frankie is devastated. Hayden is the woman she caught Reed in bed w [...]

    3. Rating : 4 ‘It’s getting HOTTER & HOTTER’ StarsMy Views : OMG!!!Kindle was nearly on fire with the level of Hotness coming out of this Episode. Stéphanie my Love, you were so right about Episode 2’s suspense. I loved this episode. There are revelations in this one and new suspense, more on Derek’s life and Shocks about Frankie’s past, progress in Derek’s and Frankie’s relationship….I love the direction this story is taking and what I LOVE is that the author is giving us NE [...]

    4. 5 OMG! STARS“Frankie broke every single rule I'd set, every promise. How could I ever give a woman more than just one night and morning?”In hindsight might have been a bad idea to start this series before all the parts were published. I'm a mess right now. OMG! That ending.But let's start at the beginning.Episode Three picks up right where we left off with Episode Two. Frankie didn't go into Derek's house because of a certain someone she didn't expect to see anywhere near him. And yesI KNEW [...]

    5. 4.5 SEXY Stars! It's LIVE!* US * UK *This FIVE part serial becomes HOTTER and more interesting as each episode unfolds in all its erotic character driven glory. It's a story about trust, moving on and finding the one person whom you can't resist, no matter how hard you may try.Frankie and Derek agree to a business only relationship. They're meant to stay away from each other but it seems something is pulling them in the opposite direction.The additional characters all add to the developing sto [...]

    6. 4.5 "PleaseDerek" STARSI can't believe I'm done with the third book already and now I have to wait weeks for book 4I read this in one sitting. Marni's writing, character and plot development is so riveting and her words just wrapped me up in the world of Frankie Jordan and Derek Block. This picks up where the last book ended with Frankie, who may like to be submissive between the sheets, asserting her dominance and control by showing Derek what she will and will not tolerate. Loved it! And so di [...]

    7. 5 "Hot Damn" StarsSo I received episode 3 and I gobbled it up. Derek and Frankie are a couple that I have gotten completely invested in. I love that they were two people who when they met were on their own steadfast course until their instant connection derailed their plans. They tried to fight their connection, their lust, their need. but instead found that the desire they each had for one another was greater than the fight.This episode pulls back the layers somewhat. They open up to one anothe [...]

    8. 4.5 explosive stars****I'm just loving this series, and we're starting to see pasts, live presents and wonder if they should risk each other for their futures. This series continues to blow me away and this one did just the same with one explosive ending where I literally was at the edge of my seat. So what's it about?Frankie ran away from Derek and where she thought he moved on from her pretty quickly, at the end of part two they both didn't believe they could continue with the one night they w [...]

    9. ** 4-4,5 “my pink ivory” STARS **“Tell me what you want, Frankie.”“I want more of thisMORE OF YOU.”Frankie has tried. She's tried to keep it professional between her and Derek Block and failed miserably.Derek has tried. He's tried to keep it professional between him and Frankie Jordan and failed miserably.Now it's not impossible to stay away. But with all the secrets between them, is it possible to hold on to somethingMORE?“She wanted and she feared.She desired…and she regretted. [...]

    10. **4.5 Gimme More Derek Stars***ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*At this point in the series I'm pretty obsessed with Derek Block. The sexy bearded, flannel-wearing, real estate mogul is even more sexy and dirty talking this time around. The story picks up from book two and a big secret is revealed about Frankie. This is the middle of the series and now we're getting a little deeper into what drives Derek and I loved seeing another side of him that he reveals [...]

    11. 4 game on starsDerek and Frankie have some misunderstandings to work through, but it requires them going back to the past they both so desperately try to keep from each other. But if they truly want to make something of this, they need to let go and trust in the other with their secrets and thoughts “As for giving you something, I think I gave you a lot of me last night.” “You did,” I agreed. “But I need more than your tongue, or your dick.”What they have together is more than they h [...]

    12. Unblocked - Episode 3 is now LIVE!!  |  B&N  |  iBooksType:Book 3 of 5 of Timber Towers novellaPOV:First Person - DualRating: ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewFrankie Jordan and Derek Block decided a relationship was not something either of them should be involved in. However, the longer they tried to stay away from each other, they harder it was for them to accept there was nothing between them. But personal and professional secrets may prove to be a roadblock [...]

    13. 4.5 "I Want More Of You" Stars!(ARC provided by author)(BR with Patty & Dee)-I wanted Derek. I wanted him more than I was willing to admit.-I was in total fucking lust with Derek Block.-My feelings for Derek were starting to trump my professional passion.In the 3rd book Frankie finally has the contract every realtor in Boston wanted. Frankie wanted to play it safe with Derek to avoid getting hurt & to make sure she didn't lose his contract, but she couldn't help the way she craved his to [...]

    14. 3.5 The Timber Turns Stars * * * 1/2Everyone who has been reading this series has mentioned hot, steaming sex. Me, Too :DDDIt has been a very big part of this seriesHuge, Massive.Like Derek's Dick.And that is an important part of this series. No, for real, because Frankie and Derek communicate the best when they are in the throes of passion.with the Dick and his mouth, tongue, hands and all the other working parts Frankie loves. Because in these moments, Frankie and Derek seem to be their most h [...]

    15. 4.5 Derek is Unblocked Stars!Hello Episode 3ank you for the emotional uproar you created in so little pages! Marni Mann is killing it with this series! While she intrigued me with Episode 1 and hooked me completely by Episode 2, she has made me a full believer in her craft with this third installment. Each page is opening up the story and turning up the heat. Welcome back Mr. Block and Ms. JordanStill in the dark as the what is really going onill uncertain as to the "real" behind each characteri [...]

    16. Marni Mann has such an incredible ability to keep you always wanting for more with each instalment.Unblocked episode 3 will keep you wondering how everything will finish and even if it's a little more than the half of the series questions keeps arising.Don't be too anxious, there are answers too ;)This part has a lot of revelations with both Derek and Frankie being more open, they are some shocking truth that are revealed.The other important part was how Derek and Frankie relationship will evolv [...]

    17. ****4 Sensual Stars****(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)(BR with my bestie beauties Mel and Patty)I've been helpless to Derek Block's charms and sex appeal from episode one and after reading this third book not only am I addicted to him but a willing submissive of his sultry Alpha male ways. I simply can't get enough!!!Who were Derek and Frankie trying to fool? After that one scorching- hot encounter, did they really think they could just stop and simply have a pro [...]

    18. **Unblocked-Episode Three generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**Derek Block is coming back May 19, 2015!Once again, Derek & Frankie's hotness melted my Kindle. Marni Mann writes brilliant erotica! Unblocked - Episode Three starts where Episode Two left us hanging as Ms. Mann flawlessly executes the continuation of Derek & Frankie's plot. Her words and the flow of her story provide vivid depictions of what's happening with her plots. It's easy to feel the EX [...]

    19. No no no u can't end there Things r really heatin up between Frankie an Derek there sexy is getting hotter an business is getting dirtier Derek as a lot goin on he know now's his sister slept with the shit head head Reed that's from she's know Frankie which isn't a good thing then there is takin Randy down that's getting closer well he thinks it is Frankie is finally getting what she wants of her dad but she can't have both thing's her job an Derek he is takin 2 much of her time an she doesn't w [...]

    20. 3.5 Hot and Cold StarsUNBLOCKED Episode Three continues with the storyline of Frankie and Derek. They've both given in to their cravings for each other (many times, I might add) but outside pressures continue to mount against them. Frankie still has her family business at the forefront of her mind- well, it's forefront when Derek isn't in f@ckable distance from her. Derek still has hidden agendas apparently. In this episode, we get more drama/conflict surrounding Hayden and Reed. After the cliff [...]

    21. 4 StarsI'm loving the "Unblocked" series Marni Mann has created. Episode three picks right up where the second book ended. I loved how strong of a character Frankie is and how in the second book she took charge of her relationship with Derek. One night was all it was supposed to be. Have some amazing sex, get each other out of their systems and move on with their professional relationships. But in this episode we get to see how that idea basically blows up in both of their faces. Frankie has got [...]

    22. ★★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★★Episode 3 follows on from the heartache that Frankie was going through when she found another woman at Derek's house but although Derek is quick to console her, Frankie is adamant she won't be a pushover.Derek is finally coming to realise that he wants more than just a fling with Frankie.The steam level in this series is through the roof and I can't wait to perhaps explore a more emotional side in the next two and final episodes.This is part 3 of a 5 part seria [...]

    23. 4.5 starsNot only does this series keep getting better, it grows increasingly more addictive! This episode manages to ratchet up the steamy sexy times while slowly revealing pieces of Frankie’s and Derek’s past. It is especially gratifying given that the last installment, although enjoyable, was heavy on the sex and light on substance. Frankie and Derek decide they want more than a one-night stand, and with Derek completely clueless as to what a relationship entails there are some bumps alon [...]

    24. *Complimentary ARC received from author*So this episode picks up right where the previous one ended. Seriously, I read this so fast, I was finished in a blink of an eye; which goes to show you how vested I was in the story.We now have more information as to how tangled the lives of Derek and Frankie are even before they realized it, what with someone in Derek’s life playing a part in Frankie’s past. Factor that in with what’s going on presently with their relationship in and out of the boa [...]

    25. Holy Hotness!!! Derek can leave his flannel on my floor or his boots under my bed any ‘ol time! Each episode just keeps getting better! In episode 3, the heat between Frankie and Derek continues to rise and Derek’s oral skills deserve to be in the Hall of Fame! “Ahhhhh, she moaned, her thighs closing in on my cheeks. Derek, your tongue… I looked up at her, my lapping coming to a stop. What about my tongue? Don’tfucking…stop.” Besides all the panty melting action, the plot takes an [...]

    26. Derek and Frankie's story just seems to get better and better.Like I don't usually read novella's but I've really gotten in to this one. I love how each and every part to this series focuses on different aspects. In the first one we were introduced to the different sorts of characters. the second one got a little more intimate and we got more of the story and well the third.blimey. There was so much story and all these things going on. It got me really in to reading it! Plus it was so incredibly [...]

    27. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.4 OMG StarsThis episode picks up right at the end of Episode Two. Derek and Frankie have a few misunderstandings, but soon figure that their desire for each other only increases with each conjugal contact they have. Derek dominates and Frankie explores her submissive and adventurous side, doing things she's never done before or with anyone else.But soon familial obligations on both sides become obstacles in what they are starting to feel fo [...]

    28. This one will be short.I was in an orgasmic high during Episode #2, but in Episode 3 I was feeling less aroused and more annoyed. I'm not gonna deny that I like everything that Derek said and his TONGUEGod! The things he can do with it sounds so humanely impossible." my tongue plunged so fucking deep she was able to ride it. And she did" Anyway, I'm not liking this one as much was mostly due to Frankie. Sometimes I think she is too much of a drama queen. Getting all bitchy and initiate a cold wa [...]

    29. 4 Stars!WellI did not see this coming!!I was supposed to wait a while before I read this one because I knew the ending would make me want more but as soon as it landed in my kindle I dropped my current read and jumped on it.You can tell how patient I am but I don't regret it!This is episode 3 of a 5 part serial and it one carries on from where we left off which was a cliffhanger.I'm not sure how I feel about Hayden I was quite skeptical of her and by the ending I still don't like her. I need to [...]

    30. Episode three in the Timber Towers series came off as a little lackluster for me, I am sad to say. Derek and Frankie have been great, but something was just a bit off center in this installment. It could be that I am getting a little tired of the wait or that I found out it has two more episodes to go. At least, I hope it’s only two more! I am beginning to find out that three is my limit for series novellas when the page count is this low. If I am to understand correctly, Timber Towers will be [...]

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