The Secret Service - Kingsman

The Secret Service - Kingsman

Mark Millar / Jan 18, 2020

The Secret Service Kingsman Gary s life is going nowhere He lives in public housing with his mother and spends his nights carousing with his friends But Gary s Uncle Jack has taken a different path of glamour danger and mystery

  • Title: The Secret Service - Kingsman
  • Author: Mark Millar
  • ISBN: 9781783293360
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gary s life is going nowhere He lives in public housing with his mother and spends his nights carousing with his friends But Gary s Uncle Jack has taken a different path of glamour, danger and mystery When Jack has to get his nephew out of trouble, their lives are going to intersect in a way neither of them could have foreseen From Mark Millar Kick Ass and Dave GibboGary s life is going nowhere He lives in public housing with his mother and spends his nights carousing with his friends But Gary s Uncle Jack has taken a different path of glamour, danger and mystery When Jack has to get his nephew out of trouble, their lives are going to intersect in a way neither of them could have foreseen From Mark Millar Kick Ass and Dave Gibbons Watchmen.

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        Mark Millar is the New York Times best selling writer of Wanted, the Kick Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter s Legacy, Jupiter s Circle, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, MPH, Starlight, and Chrononauts Wanted, Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2, and The Secret Service as Kingsman The Secret Service have been adapted into feature films, and Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, War Heroes, Jupiter s Legacy and Chrononauts are in development at major studios His DC Comics work includes the seminal Superman Red Son, and at Marvel Comics he created The Ultimates selected by Time magazine as the comic book of the decade, Wolverine Old Man Logan, and Civil War the industry s biggest selling superhero series in almost two decades Mark has been an Executive Producer on all his movie adaptations and is currently creative consultant to Fox Studios on their Marvel slate of movies.


    1. I am disappointed here. The plot seems like a great spy-comic. And great it was but still things were off for me. One of my problems here is the way of picturing protagonists, Jake and Gary. They look almost alike! There is a big age difference but still, I couldn't distinguish between them. Overall, I would recommend this comic. It's not a great one, but not a bad one either. The reason I read this was its on-going comic series; Kingsman: The Red Diamond. Now I can start that. And hope I would [...]

    2. Imagine if James Bond had a wayward, street wise nephew that he took under his wing and brought into the spy business. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? You could play it straight or tongue-in-cheek and both techniques could conceivably work. Try mixing these two approaches and you could have a disaster. Millar tries to straddle both methods and it’s not a total failure, but the tonal shifts are jarring.What’s to likeIf nothing else the main characters are well conceived and for the most part [...]

    3. 2.5 stars overall---Well, very different from the film in most ways.Book different from the fim? Shocker! ;-PI expected that but I was expecting the names to stay the same for some reason haha perhaps blame it on me only hearing of KINGSMAN from the film and not knowing the graphic novels existed till awhile afterwards. Wasn't paying attention I guess :).Needless to say, I loved the film. It was fun, and the cast had a great chemistry together (have such a crush on Harry Hart) but somehow never [...]

    4. The only reason I read this last night was because milady took us us out for a double feature last Saturday night (50 Shades of Gray and Kingsman). After reading this last night I'm edging closer to one conclusion.Matthew Vaughn's movie version of Mark Millar's comics are better than comics. Vaughn made the only X-Men movie that I've liked so far out of the the three I've seen on DVD, and I liked the Kick-Ass movie more than the comics. With The Secret Service it might be that I liked the movie [...]

    5. I don't see The Secret Service as a spy thriller story but as a YA coming of age story. Well, Millar's style of coming of age. It is the good point of start. There are other secret agent parodies with children or teenagers as main protagonist. There is similar theme with XXX movies that set adult rebellious adults as USA secret agents. But this book takes a further step, a delinquent British Secret Service agent.I am not impressed with the antagonists, the standard secret organization. They are [...]

    6. It was with cautious optimism that I picked this one up, and I'm glad to say it not only exceeded my expectations, it also redeemed Mark Millar in my eyes. Back in the heyday of The Ultimates, The Ultimates 2, Wolverine: Enemy of the State: Enemy of the State Ultimate Collection, and The Authority Vol. 2, Mark Millar was one of my favourite writers. The over-the-top plots, the witty (and occasionally off-colour) dialogue, and the crazy action set-pieces all helped make these books favourites of [...]

    7. I was unaware the upcoming movie Kingsman: The Secret Service was based on a graphic novel until I saw this in my local comics shop, but had to pick it up when I saw Mark Millar's name on it (And, bonus, the artist is Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame). This is typical over-the-top Millar, taking a known quantity -- in this case the spy genre -- and "putting it up to 11", creating a warped coming-of-age story only he could imagine. It's similar in a lot of ways to what he did with superheroes in Kic [...]

    8. Mark Millar pushes my buttons again. It's got the usual wish fulfillment and pop culture. Lots of heads blowing up though. Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame does the art. The director of Lock Stock and Two Barrels contributed to the plot. I think it's going to be a movie. It's nice to be Mark Millar.

    9. I would say not Millar's best work but still pretty passable. Some interesting ideas. Would have probably been great as the start of a new series.

    10. What?! No Roxy or Merlin?!There are a lot of different details but it's the same basic story. Overall, I enjoyed the film more.

    11. Read this as a sort of warm up for Kingsman 2 tomorrow night, and thought it was brilliant! The film was adapted from this story, and while there's a lot of plot changes, be it character connections, character descriptions and back stories, the main story remains the same. As violent and sweary as a Deadpool comic, and a good, fun story! Why is this not a huge running comic, with multiple stories?!

    12. Yesterday I happened into a Starbucks attached to an Indigo and someone had left this sitting on the table so I picked it up and was half way through by the time my associate showed up, so of course I had to buy it (insert sigh here).Well Ian Flemming meets the Zucker Bros. Toss in the artwork by Watchmen's Dave Gibbons and that about sums this up.Gangland Boy going nowhere is taken under his "secret" not so secret spy uncle's wing and comes out the other side of his "training" and saves the wo [...]

    13. I don't read a lot of graphic novels (comic books) any more save some Captain America and Avengers collections mostly out of nostalgia. I was also however a huge "spy-fi" fan in my youth (and now when I can find it). Happily it seems to be making at least a slight comeback with people rediscovering the Bond novels and Bond movies still going strong.Recently I saw the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, and liked it a great deal. So I decided to track down the graphic novel(s) it was based on.Not [...]

    14. I have enjoyed nearly all of the Mark Millar graphic novels I have read, and the film adaptations of them that I have seen. The same way that Kiss Ass subverted and took the piss out of the superhero genre, Kingsman does the same with spy films in the vein of James Bond. The villain plot is reasonably original (kidnapping sci-fi actors is a stroke of genius) however the climax is fairly standard, but I guess it has to be in a traditional 3-act structure. There are great moments along the way tha [...]

    15. Kingsman isn't Millar's best work, but it does have a lot of his signature elements and is entertaining. It doesn't have the energy and fun nature of the film, but it was worth reading. I'm not sure if there are future Kingsman installments coming out, but I doubt I'd read another one and would probably see the adaptations instead.

    16. Perhaps I was expecting this to be more like the film (despite knowing they'd be very different), which I love, but overall I just didn't really enjoy this

    17. This year, a film was released that quickly became one of my favourites. After leaving the cinema, I couldn’t stop smiling and talking about the spectacle I had just seen. I loved it so much that I just had to get the source material and read where the film had originated from. It was based on the comic, The Secret Service: Kingsman.Gary is just a normal young man who is feeling lost and hopeless. His home life is a disaster and he seems to be good for nothing more than causing trouble and bei [...]

    18. A few weeks back I was invited to see a screener of the soon-to-be released (Feb 13, 2015) movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service. I'm a trailer watching fiend and film junkie to the core, but I knew nothing of this movie. Having taken a gander at what it was about and who was in it (Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Mark Hamill, Samuel L. Jackson, as well as some fresh new faces) I decided to accept and went to see it with my husband. We've been invited to screeners before, most of them average flicks, [...]

    19. This is just brilliant. I have thought for a while that Mark Millar is an excellent comic book writer but often needs someone to reign in his crazy side. Well fortunately king of comic book films Matthew Vaughn was involved to take that role. The Secret Service takes a very James Bond style with a large hint of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider books too. Council-estate loser Eggsy is going nowhere with his life, regularly arrested and living with his Mum's abusive boyfriend. His Uncle Jack just hap [...]

    20. Ran right out and bought this graphic novel after seeing the preview for Kingsman: The Secret Service before the X-Men movie and read it in a few hours.I think that the movie will be a lot more intense than the graphic novel. This is a bit more superficial with a jokey ha-ha plot, though Mr. Millar attempts to inject some serious undertones of class and domestic abuse and whatnot.I’d strongly recommend getting Queen and Country over this one if you want a more realistic British secret service [...]

    21. I looooooooooove anything about spies! The Kingsman movie is my all time favourite movie, I've already seen it in cinemas 3 times so of course I HAD to have the comic the idea for the movie came from! They're super similar with only very small differences, I loved the movie more, but probably because it's more modern, there's women in the movie, the woman with the prosthetic legs omg perfection, in this it's a man, who doesn't feature NEARLY as much! The comic also doesn't focus much on the test [...]

    22. I watched the movie when it first came out not realising it was based on a graphic novel by Mark Millar, since the movie was probably my favourite movie of the year I HAD to read where it all started!Kingsman: the secret service has a sort of James Bond feel to it with great humour and a great story! The way the story was put together worked really well, however I didn't really like the artwork so it took me a bit of time to get used to, so with a big chunk of a Graphic novel being artwork I gav [...]

    23. Plot ThummaryReleath the Printheth!Catht and CrewedColon Firth extheedth all ecthpectathionth.PrognothithCan Eggthy carry the nectht inthtalment thingle-handedly though?Quoteth (Beware the Kick-Arth Printheth Joke Thpoiler)(view spoiler)["We can do it in the arth-hole!" (hide spoiler)]

    24. All in all the movie was quite close to the graphic novel, although I prefer the uber crazyness of the movie. I kinda wish the graphic novel was a bit longer. 4 stars because of that and because of some characters I didn't like, sorry.

    25. I read this comic after having seen the marvelous and funny first Kingsman film. Like the Kick-Ass series, another Mark Millar comic adapted for the screen by Matthew Vaughn, the comic and the film share the same story for the most part, albeit with some major differences. Kingsman: The Secret Service follows street punk Eggsy who gets a chance to escape a life of poverty and juvenile delinquency by becoming a superspy, all while an extentric and nerdy villain kidnaps celebrities and has nefario [...]

    26. This is such a GREAT book and it's such a perfect read if you've watched the movie. It has what you love from the movie and the story has some similar things, but it had different things as well, so it still felt very newThe relationship between Gary and Jack was explored in a very interesting way, as well as their relationship with their family and neighborhood. And the training and missions looked really good and interesting (and set apart from the same things in the movie, which is very under [...]

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