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Ruin The Banished Lands are engulfed in war and chaos The cunning Queen Rhin has conquered the west and High King Nathair has the cauldron most powerful of the seven treasures At his back stands the schem

  • Title: Ruin
  • Author: John Gwynne
  • ISBN: 9780316386326
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Banished Lands are engulfed in war and chaos The cunning Queen Rhin has conquered the west and High King Nathair has the cauldron, most powerful of the seven treasures At his back stands the scheming Calidus and a warband of the Kadoshim, dread demons of the Otherworld They plan to bring Asroth and his host of the Fallen into the world of flesh, but to do so they neThe Banished Lands are engulfed in war and chaos The cunning Queen Rhin has conquered the west and High King Nathair has the cauldron, most powerful of the seven treasures At his back stands the scheming Calidus and a warband of the Kadoshim, dread demons of the Otherworld They plan to bring Asroth and his host of the Fallen into the world of flesh, but to do so they need the seven treasures Nathair has been deceived but now he knows the truth He has choices to make, choices that will determine the fate of the Banished Lands.Elsewhere the flame of resistance is growing Queen Edana finds allies in the swamps of Ardan Maquin is loose in Tenebral, hunted by Lykos and his corsairs Here he will witness the birth of a rebellion in Nathair s own realm.Corban has been swept along by the tide of war He has suffered, lost loved ones, sought only safety from the darkness But he will run no He has seen the face of evil and he has set his will to fight it The question is, how With a disparate band gathered about him his family, friends, giants, fanatical warriors, an angel and a talking crow he begins the journey to Drassil, the fabled fortress hidden deep in the heart of Forn Forest For in Drassil lies the spear of Skald, one of the seven treasures, and here it is prophesied that the Bright Star will stand against the Black Sun.

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        Malice is my debut novel Goldsboro Books of London, specialists in signed first editions, have made Malice their Book of the Month for December 2012.I was born in Singapore while my dad was stationed there in the RAF Up until he retired that meant a lot of traveling around, generally a move every three years or so.I live with my wife and four wonderful and demanding children in East Sussex Also three dogs, two of which will chew anything that stands still I have had many strange and wonderful jobs, including packing soap in a soap factory, waitering in a french restaurant in Canada, playing double bass in a rock n roll band, and lecturing at Brighton University.I stepped out of university work due to my daughter s disability, so now I split my time caring for her and working from home I work with my wife rejuvenating vintage furniture, which means fixing, lifting, carrying, painting and generally doing what my wife tells me to doAnd somehow during this time I started writing I ve always told my children stories at bed time, and they pestered long and hard for me to write some of it down At the same time I felt that my brain was switching off a little vintage furniture is my wife s passion, whereas my passions are geekier That s how The Banished Lands and Malice began, though along the way it became than just a hobby I m still in shock that it is actually a real book, rather than just pages on my desk.


    1. Intense, brutal, gory, poignant, epic, filled with love and vengeance, John Gwynne simply can do no wrong. "Two for vengeance. One for Love."Ruin, the third book in The Faithful and the Fallen series is an example of how a penultimate epic fantasy book ought to be written. It’s again, better than its predecessors, making this the best book in the series so far.Following the previous tradition of this series, the plot started right off from where its predecessor left off. This time, following a [...]

    2. Damn it all to hell! I knew that ending was going to happen and I am not happy one freaking bit!You know where that ending can go? ↓I don't even know what to say in this review! Probably not much. Everyone you love dies! Everything you love dies! THE END! Why do I torture myself with books like this and Game of Thrones when I know they are going to kill everything you love 50 billion times! I guess because they are so well written. Damn it! Don't even talk to me right now! I'm soooooo mad. At [...]

    3. Ruin is Gwynne's third novel in his stunning epic fantasy saga, The Faithful and the Fallen. The fabled God-War is no longer a mythical looming prophecy; it is very real and the events unfolding within The Banished Lands are presented to us by a plethora of vivid and dramatic characters. The perspectives we follow are the previous characters whose minds we have been flaunting through for the last 1500 or so pages in this series. Corban, Maquin, Envis, Cywen, Camlin etc We have a few new addition [...]

    4. 5/5This just in Folks The title is very accurate and this book will RUIN you.You have been warned.'Two for vengeance. One for love.’[image error]This part of the review does not contain *spoilers* but could have some cussingThis series really means a lot to me, I literally love so many things about it. This book was definitely my favorite out of the three but I do need to mention that I hated that ending. It honestly came close to ruining the ending for me and this series but I will not be stu [...]

    5. See this review and more like it on bookbastion!_________John Gwynne, how could you hurt me like this? I'm going to need some time to heal after this one. Engaging, fast-paced, and thoroughly brutal, I feel like Ruin certainly lived up to its name, because that's what it tried to do to my heart a few times over. One of my favorite aspects of this series since the beginning has been the characters. John Gwynne has an exceptional ability to craft distinct and diverse characters that feel real and [...]

    6. *** 5 +++++ ***A buddy read with my Fantasy brethren at BB&B - we have to get our beheadings on!!!!I need to start the way any one of the reviews for this series should start - with the Prophecy that started the whole thing going :" War eternal between the Faithful and the Fallen,infinite wrath come to the world of men.Lightbearer seeking flesh from the cauldron,to break his chains and wage the war again.Two born of blood, dust and ashes shall champion the Choicesthe Darkness and Light.Blac [...]

    7. I think I just read the best fantasy book I’ve ever read. Read all my blogs and reviews here.This series has it all, great characters, immersive world, action scenes to die for (literally sometimes) and some amazing twists and turns in terms of plot. You know a series does well when you want to go back and reread the rest of the series. It feels a bit like, dare I say, A Song of Ice and Fire in that regard. There are also many “Nooooooooooo!!!!!” moments just like George R.R. Martin’s ma [...]

    8. Wow,what a read, I'm a ruin after "Ruin". But a mind-blown ruin :) After loving book 2, I was so eager to start book 3 and wasn't disappointed.well, for the biggest part as "Ruin" has a treat for fantasy fans. An epic story, great fleshed out characters, magical creatures, cool action scenes, plotting and so on. I really liked it :) I'm probably too spoiled but I was a bit annoyed with some stuff I found in "Ruin". It was great meeting my fave characters and of course the baddies. I was curious [...]

    9. And so my Sept 2016 reread of the third book before the release of Wrath over at BB&B is done. It was amazing and yet traumatic. I want to say that the ending kills me, but it doesn't. It tortures to the point of death, but never gives any respite, no relief. The pain won't stop. It truly is heart-wrenching and makes the ending of Golden Son look like puppies chasing butterflies whilst running through flowery meadows. I guess I should have expected this from a book called Ruin.-------------- [...]

    10. *** Full spoiler-free review now posted ***4.5 this-series-will-be-the-death-of-me starsOnce again, thank you Petrik and Sarah for making this read even more exciting, emotional and unique ! You are a testament to the power of belief. To what can be achieved through combining belief with will.This book (and the series so far) made me feel so many emotions. Mostly anxiety to be honest, raw, constant and terrible anxiety! Reading is supposed to be relaxing, no? Well no, reading is supposed to make [...]

    11. Spoiler free review, just a few mentions of things that happened in the previous books, no worries I won’t mention characters that died, I only talk of my favourites and the ones I loatheMay our hearts stay pure and our swords sharp.This series just gets better with each book, how is that even possible, I was a bit scared it won’t be as good as the previous books but I was so wrong, they were so many battle scenes that I even thought why is this one not titled Valour, as expected people died [...]

    12. “Family. Friendship. Loyalty. These things have been my guiding stars, my light in these dark times.”A Full Five Stars: ✰✰✰✰✰Full review is up =]. Sorry if it's long I tend to ramble when it's a book I love ;]. Either somebody is not marketing these books correctly, or 99% of the world has horrible taste in books. These books NEED to be read by more people haha.As I'm writing this review, I literally can't help but wonder how it's possible that these books aren't more outrageously [...]

    13. "TRUTH AND COURAGE!"This book was everything an epic fantasy book should ever be Fast-paced, gritty, gory like woah!, full of epic battle scenes, plot twists to keep you on tenterhooks, emotional roller coasters for days, love, loyalty, friendship and everything that'll restore your faith in humankind and finally that "I'll rip your heart out and throw it in a volcano" cliffhanger of an ending. (though to be honest Valor hit my feels pump much harder).I really don't know how to seperately review [...]

    14. Full review now posted!Forgive the pun, but this book RUIN-ed me.It’s so difficult to review the third book of a series without spoiling anything from the previous books, but I’m going to do my best. Ruin is the penultimate installment of John Gwynne’s amazing series, The Faithful and the Fallen. Each book in the series picks up pretty much exactly where its predecessor left off, making for a series that feels like one giant novel split into four parts, which I enjoy immensely. This is a t [...]

    15. I need more stars.Buddy read with Craig. Sorry, still can't figure out how to tag a profileUTH AND COURAGE!!!My God this series doesn't let up. Gwynne has taken everything I loved about the first 2 books and made them better. I also can't think of a single problem I had with this book. There's not really much I can say about the plot without major spoilers. But it basically picks back up right where we left off in Valor. Somehow it seems like Gwynne has improved on the prose even more than the l [...]

    16. “What makes a king a king?”Ruin. Befitting title.Of a book, but also of some minor things.Ruin – an appetite; when an angry bear paw his way to some raw sausages.Ruin – lunch; due to a previous loss of an appetite.Ruin – mood; because I was hungry but still with no wish to eat.Ruin – day; hungry=headache, and I was pissed more and more I kept on reading.Ruin – night; by the time I finished this Ruin book, with a ruined ending, ruined characters, ruined time, but more importantly [...]

    17. We are what we choose to be. What makes a king a king? Is there something different about him? Does special, sacred blood run in his veins? No. He is chosen; he believes it, and the people believe. He rises to the task, or he fails it. Well, that sounds easy enough.This third installment of The Faithful and the Fallen was as exciting and well paced as the previous book, as all the final pieces are now falling into place. There are no real doubts left about who any of the players in the God War a [...]

    18. Seriously, this series keep getting better and better from one book to the next. This penultimate instalment was such an emotional roller-coaster ride. Too many times I caught myself putting down the book - not because I was bored or didn't like what I was reading - but because I was too anxious and worried with what might happen to the main characters which I loved.Ruin was titled most appropriately for how I felt after I've finished it. This book was unrelenting in the level of action and cruc [...]

    19. What a ride (including emotional) this book. Great book, great story, great character development and great entertainment. I had some problem with two points in the last part of the book. The revelation and presumed death left me "meh" for two different reasons. I did not like the revelation; I wonder what this will really help with but it felt only like a plot twist to allow the book to end the way it did - which is okay but I wonder if that could have achieved in a different way. Yet I hope I [...]

    20. NOOOOOOOO! I can't say anymore right now. I have to collect my thoughts, and what is left of my heart after that ending. More comments to come!

    21. Upon finishing Ruin I found that my heart was racing. In fact, as I stared at the wall, the book still in my hand, I was trying to think about other books that have had the same impact on me. I only managed to think of two, Gates of Fire, and of course, Valour. Coming in at just under 750 pages Ruin is the largest instalment yet. It really is a big book, and with a magnificent cover. Make peace with the fact that it will steal focus on your bookshelf.Corban's group are now separated and all on s [...]

    22. …there is no running away from this God-War. I ran from Dun Carreg all the way to Domhain, and it followed me. I travelled to the far north and walked into the middle of it. And now it finds me again. It cannot be escaped. At best I can choose where and how I fight. Ruin picks up hard on the heels of the second book and it gives no quarter to Corban and his band of weary heroes. And in case you missed my reviews for the first two books, this is not a happy-go-lucky, hope-inspiring series. It [...]

    23. The best in the series so far. I took my time savoring this one but had no choice but to speed through towards the end because of the intense shift in tempo, something that is becoming a signature style of the author. The plotting was exceptionally done.The characters. I did not know how attached I had gotten to them until this book. I found myself worried when they got into trouble, overjoyed when they succeeded, and terribly sad when some of them fell never to rise again. Corban stamped his cl [...]

    24. I had a review that was more interesting than this but the internet connection cut out and it got lost and its 12 in the morning and I can't be bothered so I'll probably write it again in a few hours once I've had my beauty sleep and if I remember to do this in the morning but pretty much this book keeps getting better and better sharing everything I loved with the last 2 books and with the cliffhanger ending I'm interested to see how it all wraps up in Wrath. cant wait

    25. After voraciously devouring 2022 pages of this grand tale I have come to a conclusion. John Gwynne is a MASTER storyteller. But then again, this is only my opinion. If you think this claim to be fraudulent then I implore you give it a go. I think you will agree. I know you will agree. JS

    26. This book is a little hard to review because I jumped straight into the next one. Cliffhangered so hard. I’m very thankful that the last book was already out. I don’t know how anyone was able to wait between the two. It’s also hard to review because I’ve gone through all the books without stopping. That in itself could be a review. Mostly it means that the story hasn’t stopped for me so I don’t want to spoil anything that was at the very beginning of the last book.Another really soli [...]

    27. I would give it more stars, if that were possible. This series so far, and this book in particular, have certainly struck an emotional chord with me. I couldn't be more invested in this story, and all of these awesome characters. I look so forward to picking up book 4 and marching once again into battle - Truth and Courage!!

    28. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!Third installment finished,wow what a book.Mr Gwynne has surpassed himself with this third book in four part extravaganza.I was beginning to seriously think that we could not get much better writing than Malice and Valour, but I was so wrong.This book has trumped all before and I was stunned at how all the POV's and characters flowed rythmically-even the baddies!!We find out more about Corban and his band of Angels;men;Giants and of course a wolf.Brilliant story that I so wish was [...]

    29. The kind of book that makes you want to immediately read the next book in the series. This good vs evil story saw once again our heroes in dire circumstances. As more truths are finally starting to be revealed, we see the outcomes can have dire consequences. The evil team continue to be on the ascent and it hangs in the balance if they can be stopped.Don't get too attached to characters as they might not make it out of the story alive.

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