Better Homes and Corpses

Better Homes and Corpses

Kathleen Bridge / Nov 19, 2019

Better Homes and Corpses After Meg Barrett found her fianc still had designs on his ex wife she decided it was time to refurbish her life Leaving her glamorous job at a top home and garden magazine she fled Manhattan for Mo

  • Title: Better Homes and Corpses
  • Author: Kathleen Bridge
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  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After Meg Barrett found her fianc still had designs on his ex wife, she decided it was time to refurbish her life Leaving her glamorous job at a top home and garden magazine, she fled Manhattan for Montauk, only to find decorating can sometimes lead to detecting In between scouring estate sales for her new interior design business, Cottages by the Sea, Meg visits the swAfter Meg Barrett found her fianc still had designs on his ex wife, she decided it was time to refurbish her life Leaving her glamorous job at a top home and garden magazine, she fled Manhattan for Montauk, only to find decorating can sometimes lead to detecting In between scouring estate sales for her new interior design business, Cottages by the Sea, Meg visits the swanky East Hampton home of her old college roommate, Jillian Spenser But instead of seeing how the other half lives she learns how the other half dies Jillian s mother, known as the Queen Mother of the Hamptons, has been murdered Someone has staged a coup When she helps a friend inventory the Spensers estate for the insurance company, Meg finds herself right in the thick of things Cataloging valuable antiques and art loses its charm when Meg discovers that the Spenser family has been hiding dangerous secrets, which may have furnished a murderer with a motive As Meg gets closer to the truth, the killer will do anything to paint her out of the picture FIRST IN A NEW SERIES

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        ABOUT THE AUTHORKathleen Bridge, national bestselling author of Better Homes and Corpses, started her writing career working at the Michigan State University News in East Lansing, Michigan She is the author and photographer of an antiques reference guide, Lithographed Paper Toys, Books, and Games She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and has taught creative writing classes at Bryant Library in Roslyn, New York Kathleen is also an antiques and vintage dealer in Long Island, New York, and has contributed to Country Living magazine.


    1. After discovering her fiancé was cheating on her, Meg Barrett needed a change in her life and she found one. She is excited with her new venture – an interior design business in Montauk on eastern Long Island. It’s much different than her last job in Manhattan at a home and garden magazine.When she is invited to the home of her former college roommate, Jillian Spenser, Meg is impressed with the wealthy East Hampton home. She’s not so impressed to discover Jillian’s mother, known as the [...]

    2. It's March in the Hamptons--the American Riviera--and Meg Barrett, owner of Cottages by the Sea, a fledgling interior design firm, is hoping to snag a job dealing with antiques and collectibles from wealthy socialite, Caroline Spenser, mother of an old college roommate, Jillian. Arriving at Seacliff mansion, Meg is horrified to find Jillian cradling her mothers dead body in her arms. The grisly scene indicates foul play, and the trauma appears to have caused Jillian amnesia. As new author, Kathl [...]

    3. Meg Barret was a former worker at American Home and Garden magazine spread, before she builds her own 'company', Cottages by the Sea. She was forced to leave her former jobs because of her ex boyfriends cheats on her with her own boss, which is also his ex wife. She was going to meet a real uppity society maven and cut-throat collector, Caroline Spencer, in her house in New Hamptons. But just second after her arrival, she found Caroline died in her daughter arms. Despite her death, Meg still hav [...]

    4. Dollycas’s ThoughtsI am really taken with this new protagonist. Meg Barrett has inherited a investigative gene from her dad, a retired police officer. And he may be retired but doesn’t mind using his connections to help her with her queries. She has left her job in Manhattan and is starting her own home decorating business in Montauk with the help of her friend Elle. A part of her past is in Montauk though. Her old college roommate, Jillian Spenser. It was only for one semester so when Jilli [...]

    5. I'm behind on this series, but I'll be keeping up from now on! Loved the setting and characters, and the action kept me turning pages!

    6. openbooksociety/article/beBrought to you by OBS reviewer KaytBetter Homes and Corpses is a wonderful first in what I hope will be a fabulous new series. Characters are entertaining, storyline is great, fast paced and intriguing. I really enjoy the main character, Meg Barrett. She is strong, yet vulnerable. Smart and inquisitive and she has a true reason for that trait. Her father is an ex-policeman. I loved that fact and that she had a real knack for figuring things out. Plus the police were not [...]

    7. Better Homes and Corpses is the first book in the A Home & Garden Mystery series.This looks to the beginning of an interesting series that will center around the affluent residents of The Hamptons.Meg Barrett has decided to start a new life and has left her job with American Home & Garden magazine and her fiancee. She has moved to Mantouk to start Cottages by the Sea, a home decorating/refurbishing business.One of the first things on her schedule is a visit to Seacliff, the home of Carol [...]

    8. Editing issues abound My new number one pet peeve with this genre. Meg is a scatterbrain and never found her missing cell phone and uses a fax to communicate. Really? 2.5 stars A lame debut for a series I was pretty excited for.

    9. Better Homes and Corpses is the first in the Hamptons Home and Garden Mystery series. The series centers around Meg Barrett, home decorator in Montauk, a small seaside community in the Hamptons of Long Island, New York.Having left the publishing world of Manhattan and her job with American Home and Garden magazine, when she finds her fiancée cheating on her with his ex wife, Meg has started her own interior design business, Cottages by the Sea. Meg reconnects with college roommate Jillian Spens [...]

    10. I'm a big fan of television design shows, and I believe that re-decoration,de-cluttering and re organizing your home can count as a major home improvement, so I thought this mystery was a perfect read. It also fed my collection "fetish" although my passion is collecting books, Meg's is collecting antiques and vintage finds and using them to design rooms. Meg Barrett has a business called "Cottages by the Sea" in the East Hamptons. She is a antique collector but in her past life with her ex Miche [...]

    11. Meg Barrett thinks that getting a job looking at the antiques in the estate of Caroline Spenser is the boost her interior design company needs. After all, Caroline is one of the biggest names in the Hamptons. However, when Meg arrives at the appointment, she finds Caroline dead on the floor and Caroline’s adult daughter Jillian next to the body in shock. Could Jillian be the next victim?I did struggle some getting into this book, but I quickly got into the story. It helped that the characters [...]

    12. As I said, this was the first in a new series and really a great way to start. There was a lot of heart and attention to detail here. Meg is a totally real, easy to read main character and I just adore her business, Cottage by the Sea. In fact, I could use her help with decor, not solving murders, although she was great at that too. The mystery was well plotted and unfolded nicely. I liked the extra layers and how well thought out it was. This is the kind of story you stay up all night with and [...]

    13. Better Homes and Corpses is book 1 in the New Hamptons Home and Garden mystery series. And it starts out with a bang! The author grabbed me into story from the start and didn't let go. It's a fast paced mystery with lots of twists to confuse the reader into changing their mind as to who killer was about a dozen times! I really liked Meg, the main character. The author really brought her to life and you'll feel as if you know her. If you like a good cozy mystery, this is a series that I'd highly [...]

    14. Wonderful start to this new series! I was a tad disappointed we didn't get to meet as many quirky locals or hear as much gossip but it was still a solid start. I like Meg and Elle a lot, and the small cast of supporting characters was very interesting. From the beginning, I did not see the ending coming but about a little over halfway through I had a suspicion. Still did not take away from how great it was. Can't wait to read the next and see where the series goes from here!

    15. Meg Barrett left her cushy job in New York City when she discovered her fiance-boss in a compromising position with his ex-wife. She moved to Montauk on Long Island and is building a career as a designer. When she is called by a college roommate Jillian Spenser to go through her wealthy socialite mother's attic, she walks in on a murder. The socialite,known as the Queen Mother of the Hamptons, is dead and the daughter has amnesia.Meg gets involved in solving the case to help her old roommate. Th [...]

    16. In Better Homes and Corpses by Kathleen Bridge, Meg Barrett has recently started her own decorating business that also offers appraisals when one day she runs into her former roommate from one semester in college, Jillian Spenser, descendant of the most important of all the important families from the exceedingly rich East Hamptons. Invited to a party at n's home, Meg is delighted to get a phone call the day after the party from Jillian's widowed mother, who wants to hire Meg to go through all t [...]

    17. It seems I'm always at the wrong end of the stickMeg leaves Manhattan for Montauk after learning that her fiancé is cheating. She opens Cottages By the Sea and begins to make a name for herself in the interior design world. Former college room mate, Jillian Spenser arranges for Meg to meet with her mother, Caroline, regarding a job. Unfortunately, Meg discovers Caroline dead and Jillian injured when she arrives at their upscale Hamptons mansion. The list of suspects is long due to Caroline's un [...]

    18. I absolutely loved Better Homes and Corpses! It’s been a long time since I stayed up late reading a book, but I did so last night with this wonderful cozy mystery by new author Kathleen Bridge. I couldn’t put it down. A classic page turner, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed! Meg is an interior design expert, and has recently moved to Montauk, NY (Long Island), after leaving her job as a magazine editor in Manhattan. She reconnects with an old college roommate, discovers a murder, and meets/i [...]

    19. A great debut in a new series. Meg Barrett owns Cottages By The Sea which does decorating and repurposing in a small way. Visiting an old college friend, Jillian Spenser, Meg finds her holding her mother's body, both apparent victims of an attack. Working with her friend, Elle and the insurance company to check the inventory of the murder victim's antiques; Meg is pulled into solving the crime. Caroline Spenser was an English socialite who married into American money and collected antiques of th [...]

    20. I liked this book a lot. I am not usually into murder mysteries, but this read was entertaining enough. I enjoyed the main heroine, she was interesting to observe, and as a person with hearing difficulties myself, it is so uplifting and surprising to see that particular disability portrayed in an empowering way! The story was lovely, but what made this book for me personally was the reliability and vulnerability of the main character. You know, I probably will be looking forward to the next book [...]

    21. I finished Better Homes and Corpses today and after reading this book I am so glad I took a chance on this new series. I loved the main character and the mysteries that unwound so much so that when I sat down to read the book I had read 36 of the 37 chapters and had to put the book down so I could get some sleep. The bags under my eyes were well worth it and this is a book I can honestly highly recommend.

    22. Jackpot!I'm always on the hunt for a good new series, and this one hits the jackpot. Reminds me a bit of Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile mysteries. A sense of humor and good romantic line that didn't overwhelm the story, with fun secondary characters. The mystery kept me guessing, and I enjoyed the nearby Hamptons setting. Full of history, plus you have the rich and famous. Looking forward to the next in the series, I hope it comes quickly!

    23. I enjoyed this book! One of the things I liked the best was Meg's life with hearing aids--her story gave me a new perspective on something I know little about. Plus, it really made me think about how many children there could be in school who come to school with a hearing disability that no one knew about. After I finished the book, I kept thinking of Shakespeare's "what a tangled web we weave"

    24. A fantastic first book in a new series. The amateur detective and her friends come across as real people just going through their lives. The location is great since I've actually visited the Hampton's in past years. I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

    25. This mystery had a lot going on at a frenetic pace. I did find it highly entertaining with a good plot and characters that were unique. I will look forward to see what comes in the next book in this new series.

    26. An Enjoyable New SeriesThis was an entertaining whodunit. The main character, Meg, is gutsy & determined. Lots of twists & turns with a satisfying conclusion. Looking forward to book 2!

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