Tutti i racconti

Tutti i racconti

Katherine Mansfield Maura Del Serra / Mar 28, 2020

Tutti i racconti qui raccolta l intera produzione narrativa della scrittrice neozelandese Con la sua capacit di ritrarre il mondo femminile con rara sensibilit e delicatezza Katherine Mansfield proietta e trasforma l

  • Title: Tutti i racconti
  • Author: Katherine Mansfield Maura Del Serra
  • ISBN: 9788854175099
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • qui raccolta l intera produzione narrativa della scrittrice neozelandese Con la sua capacit di ritrarre il mondo femminile con rara sensibilit e delicatezza, Katherine Mansfield proietta e trasforma l eredit del naturalismo francese raccolta da Henry James e dall amato Cechov in direzione tutta novecentesca, sottilmente legata al clima modernista della pi avanza qui raccolta l intera produzione narrativa della scrittrice neozelandese Con la sua capacit di ritrarre il mondo femminile con rara sensibilit e delicatezza, Katherine Mansfield proietta e trasforma l eredit del naturalismo francese raccolta da Henry James e dall amato Cechov in direzione tutta novecentesca, sottilmente legata al clima modernista della pi avanzata letteratura londinese ed europea degli anni Dieci e Venti del Novecento da Proust alla Woolf, a Joyce e a Lawrence Con raffinato humour e con una accesa visivit dai risvolti simbolici, speriment strumenti psicologico formali innovativi, divenendo una delle voci narrative pi nuove e vigorose del suo tempo Esord nel 1911 con il volume Una pensione tedesca, cui seguirono Beatitudine 1922 e, postumi, Il nido delle colombe 1923 e Qualcosa di infantile ma di molto naturale 1924.

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        Kathleen Mansfield Murry was a prominent New Zealand modernist writer of short fiction who wrote under the pen name of Katherine Mansfield.Katherine Mansfield is widely considered one of the best short story writers of her period A number of her works, including Miss Brill , Prelude , The Garden Party , The Doll s House , and later works such as The Fly , are frequently collected in short story anthologies Mansfield also proved ahead of her time in her adoration of Russian playwright and short story writer Anton Chekhov, and incorporated some of his themes and techniques into her writing.Katherine Mansfield was part of a new dawn in English literature with T S Elliot, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf She was associated with the brilliant group of writers who made the London of the period the centre of the literary world.Nevertheless, Mansfield was a New Zealand writer she could not have written as she did had she not gone to live in England and France, but she could not have done her best work if she had not had firm roots in her native land She used her memories in her writing from the beginning, people, the places, even the colloquial speech of the country form the fabric of much of her best work.Mansfield s stories were the first of significance in English to be written without a conventional plot Supplanting the strictly structured plots of her predecessors in the genre Edgar Allan Poe, Rudyard Kipling, H G Wells , Mansfield concentrated on one moment, a crisis or a turning point, rather than on a sequence of events The plot is secondary to mood and characters The stories are innovative in many other ways They feature simple things a doll s house or a charwoman Her imagery, frequently from nature, flowers, wind and colours, set the scene with which readers can identify easily.Themes too are universal human isolation, the questioning of traditional roles of men and women in society, the conflict between love and disillusionment, idealism and reality, beauty and ugliness, joy and suffering and the inevitabilty of these paradoxes Oblique narration influenced by Chekhov but certainly developed by Mansfield includes the use of symbolism the doll s house lamp, the fly, the pear tree hinting at the hidden layers of meaning Suggestion and implication replace direct detail.


    1. I was going through my books, almost forgotten now than I am cheating on them with my kindle (not so often, mind you!), and I found an old favorite that I read many years ago. I enjoyed so much these short-stories, I had to includeThe Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield here. When you read her marvelous stories, you travel throughout Europe and meet common or peculiar people. Overall, their reading is a timeless experience. Mansfield had the talent to write apparently simplistic stories tha [...]

    2. I love these short stories so much. Of course, the one is better than another but they're great. The way she makes a short story feel as a full novel, that's masterful. You get the feeling they are complete, that nothing is missing. They are a full grown entity on theirselves. The way she descripes what happens or often, what things look like, what people hear or see, how things are, what people think it's so precise and accurate. Her stories are like little jewels wrapped in silk and step for s [...]

    3. This book lay unread on a shelf for years and years. If I had known what treasures it contained, it most definitely would not have remained unopened. I read it during a particularly busy month of my life so I've had no time to write a review. However, I did find time to post update notes as I made my way through the eighty-eight stories, and they provide some idea of the themes and style of the various collections in this volume. I've included them here instead of a review.The first story is cal [...]

    4. Un mondo tutto per séSecondo me Katherine Mansfield aveva una scatolina di cartone, rivestita di stoffa a stampa floreale, col coperchio rimovibile, con dentro tante schede di ricette tramandate da una qualche zia vetustissima, polverosa e misteriosa; tra le ricette per il risotto perfetto (sì, la zia era milanese) e il panettone perfetto, c'era sicuramente anche quella del racconto perfetto.Non amo particolarmente i racconti, lo ammetto, mi sento sempre un po' spaesato, non faccio neanche in [...]

    5. Sono sempre stata curiosa a riguardo dell' unico essere di cui Virginia Woolf fosse invidiosa.E così eccomi qua.E -vi chiederete voi- l' invidia era giustificata?Mettiamo per un attimo che voi sbadatamente non abbiate visto le 5 stellette.Capita talvolta di imbattersi in artisti unici nel loro campo che pur usando le tecniche di altri, magari anche affinandole,riescono a creare qualcosa di unico, Stradivari costruiva violini e altri strumenti (e non è che non si costruissero già da anni prima [...]

    6. Last night it was cold and raining with a fierce wind. On the train home all I could think about was soup. I got to the front door before realising I didn't have my keys. Luckily my (slightly unorganised) brother had left a box of books in my garage. I sat down on the broken rocking chair in the damp, cobwebby garage and lost myself in these sad stories. I really like her writing and found it totally fitting. Really good winter reading.

    7. atharine Mansfield's opalescent prose, like the diaphanous glimmer of pale winter sunshine on the  early morning frost, echoes and reverberates across her stories, suffusing it with a kind of sad, somnolent atmosphere, snapshots into the various facets of human behaviour, although the primary driving force behind Mansfield's portraits is sympathy;  sympathy for the vain and vapid; yet endearing Beryl or the impoverished Kelvey family in 'The Doll's House' or the timid and timorous Reginald in [...]

    8. This will not be a terribly thoughtful review, just an expression of excitement. I don’t know how I got this far in my life without anybody telling me what a wonderful writer Katherine Mansfield was. She was a master of the modern short story. When I consider most of the 20C short story collections I’ve read, I think that Mansfield got there first, and did it better. And there was a terrible moment when I saw why Virginia Woolf felt so threatened by her, because, if I’d read the book with [...]

    9. Mansfield glimmers and sparkles like a Monet painting, and prismatically collects poignant little images and pieces of life. Her short stories thrill me, and whenever I need a new taste of life, I seek her out. Some of her images have captured me for years, and have become private jokes. When the woman meets a man she once loved in Dill Pickle and “the tiger which had slumbered peacefully roused and woke himself”- and the girl in Garden Party, whose entire life of luxury is shattered when sh [...]

    10. Reading amassed short story collection(s), in this case 5 books comprised of 88 stories can be a slog or as here, a gliding motion of heart/soul bearing the reader on a time and place tableau ticker where social history comes to life, mindful prose built with gusto vision. It's no wonder her artistic peer Virginia Woolf both admired and begrudged KM's talent. She lived a short, emphatic and tempestuous life where her writing kept her through the choppy surf of fulfillment. Her stories show how w [...]

    11. Mansfield is one of my favourite authors. I first discovered a battered paperback pirate edition of Journal of Katherine Mansfield in a second-hand shop, and read it literally to pieces before it ocurred to me to look for her short stories. Her writing makes fine end-of-the-day reading; not to sit and read straight through, justlikethat, but to sip and savour. Short story is not usually my favourite genre, but then KM's short stories are completely unorthodox. She herself said that the more she [...]

    12. Introduction and NotesSelected Further ReadingBliss--Prelude--Je ne Parle pas Français--Bliss--The Wind Blows--Psychology--Pictures--The Man Without a Temperament--Mr. Reginald Peacock's Day--Sun and Moon--Feuille d'Album--A Dill Pickle--The Little Governess--Revelations--The EscapeThe Garden-Party--At the Bay--The Garden-Party--The Daughters of the Late Colonel--Mr. and Mrs. Dove--The Young Girl--Life of Ma Parker--Marriage à la Mode--The Voyage--Miss Brill--Her First Ball--The Singing Lesson [...]

    13. I have finally emerged from the murky literary pit that is the Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield. As is natural with entire compendiums of an author’s work, the reader really has to sift for the strands of gold that lie among the mud. The vast majority of this volume is comprised of fumbling attempts at crafting another The Garden Party or Miss Brill, for instance. Hundreds of scenarios there may be, but the general theme is largely the same throughout, rendering the collection as somet [...]

    14. Maybe I should have bought the selected stories rather than the collected stories. I read a story every couple of days for the last few months before going to sleep. All the stories are interesting little vignettes and many stay with you long after you close the book, but the old favorites really stand out, 'The Garden Party, 'Bliss', and , of course, one of my favorite stories of all time - 'The Doll's House'. It is one of those stories that I can read over and over again and find more in it.

    15. There's no doubting Katherine Mansfield was a master of the short story - and that her modernist style has been a huge influence.You can see it in the work of contemporaries like Virginia Woolf, but also feel echoes in authors right up to the present day.Her own influences are clear too - Chekhov being the most obvious. You don't come to Mansfield looking for tales with a twist. Plot is largely discarded and instead we spend most of the time in the minds of various characters - often dotting bet [...]

    16. I am so totally embarrassed. I have heard of Katherine Mansfield (of course!, "our" New Zealand author; world-famous) since I was at school, and here am I reading her for the first time at age 50!!! (Actually, I'm 51 now, but it has been bedside reading for the last quite-a-few months, so I WAS 50 when I started reading her.)She deserves all the accolades she gets. She's an absolute master of the English language and of showing people in all their habits and quirks and nicenesses and not. And ho [...]

    17. Ricordavo che Virginia Woolf avesse espresso la sua opinione sulla signora Mansfield, ma non ricordavo esattamente quale fosse. Leggendo i commenti qui su scopro che quello che non ricordavo era l'invidia di Virginia per lei.Tesoro forse la tua testa dava già segni di squilibrio quando hai scritto questa cosa, perché anche con le mani legate, a occhi chiusi e su una gamba sola sei più brava tu.I racconti della signora Mansfield sì, sono carini, scritti bene, ma dopo due o tre si assomiglian [...]

    18. I finally finished this. It didn't take a long time because I didn't like it. I think that I struggle with finishing short story collections because I have a little ADD sometimes I finish a short story, set the book aside and go cook dinner or do something with the kids and then I pick up a different book and read that. Rinse and repeat.Anyway, I am not going to review these story by story, just going to say that they were lovely and heart breaking and sweet and sad and thought provoking. Mansfi [...]

    19. Katherine Mansfield is one of the greats of Modernist literature. She may not get the recognition she deserves but she should be spoken of in the same hushed and reverent tones that people generally reserve for Eliot, Joyce, Woof, Nabokov and the many other titans of the Modernist canon. There's nothing not to love about Mansfield, she's perfect. As far as writers of short fiction go, I'd be tempted to count her on par with Borges (someone I once described as "the greatest writer in any language [...]

    20. Ho usato per insegnare a Mansfield in inglese o di Naipaul "Miguel Street" o di Hemingway "Kilimanjaro". Esilarante satira su buone maniere, dove i tedeschi sono come gli americani, sulle funzioni corporee franche. "I tedeschi a base di carne" satira subordinazione delle mogli tedesche, i loro mariti alimentazione. "Il Barone" satira l'ossessione tedesca con il cibo che porta all'obesità, a cui noi americani oggi li superano. Ho ricevuto alcune buone carte da universitari matricole donne soprat [...]

    21. не ми се иска да зацвъркам възсторжено, като прехласнато птиче, но няма друг достъпен ми начин да изразя усещането и удоволствието, което изпитах прочитайки тези изящни кратки разкази. катрин мансфийлд, в личната ми класация, подреждам пред чехов и кортасар, като майстор в [...]

    22. These stories were written around the time of WW1 and yet they are so fresh and the acute observations of human interaction resonate 100 years on. I particularly enjoyed the stories set in New Zealand - a window on a genteel life not quite English. This whole collection is just a feast.

    23. Some stories really enjoyable. Others disappointing. Had not read Katherine Mansfield so didn't know what to expect. Not as gripping as others such as Edith Wharton or Margaret Atwood. Did not read all of them which is not like me so might not be doing her justice.

    24. Whilst a three-star rating may seem a bit harsh for this body of works-I really struggled to get through this book. However, this is my own fault. An almost 700 page book is far too long for one sitting. I should not have read all the short stories in one go. Instead, I should have dipped in and out of the book and read each collection of short stories separately, treating them as five different books. I did however, thoroughly enjoy some of the stories in this body of work. Katherine Mansfield' [...]

    25. A lovely set of stories written by a woman who was plucked from life far too soon. Writing around the Turn of the Century, she befriended the likes of D. H. Lawrence, and her writing style is punctuated with hallmarks of his style. No grandiose characters or interwoven plots- simply stories of honestly written characters dealing with real life.This book sits far out of the genres I normally read, but I have to say I am glad to have read her and truly enjoyed the experience. If you are hesitant t [...]

    26. Katherine Mansfield's writing is a classroom of character, setting, scene, atmosphere, mood, dialogue and half a dozen more. When her characters are antagonistic to each other you feel it, you don't just read it. When her characters are longing for more you yearn with them. She shows (remember "Show, don't tell"?). Great stuff!

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