Sin & Suffer

Sin & Suffer

Pepper Winters / Feb 27, 2020

Sin Suffer Some say the past is in the past That vengeance will hurt both innocent and guilty I never believed those lies Once my lust for revenge is sated I ll say goodbye to hatred I ll find a new beginning S

  • Title: Sin & Suffer
  • Author: Pepper Winters
  • ISBN: 9781455589388
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some say the past is in the past That vengeance will hurt both innocent and guilty I never believed those lies Once my lust for revenge is sated, I ll say goodbye to hatred I ll find a new beginning SIN SUFFERShe came from a past Arthur Kill Killian never forgot She made him sin and made him suffer She tugged him from the shadows and showed him he wasn t as Some say the past is in the past That vengeance will hurt both innocent and guilty I never believed those lies Once my lust for revenge is sated, I ll say goodbye to hatred I ll find a new beginning SIN SUFFERShe came from a past Arthur Kill Killian never forgot She made him sin and made him suffer She tugged him from the shadows and showed him he wasn t as dead as he thought And with her resurrection came betrayal, deceit, and war.But then they took her Stole her Imprisoned her.Now Kill s carefully laid plans for vengeance are complete He craves action, retribution the blood of his enemies War has begun War is all they ll know until they ve paid their penance He will get her back and rewrite their destiny .

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    1. Pepper Winters is one of my favorite authors. Everything that she releases gets automatic "one-click" status from me. So, it pains me to say that I didn't love 'Sin & Suffer'.Picking up where the first book left off, Cleo Price is at the mercy of a madman. Arthur "Kill" Killian is laid up in a hospital bed and Cleo has been kidnapped by his number one enemy -- his father. Without a doubt, his father is every bit as despicable as he's been made out to be and Cleo is in a great deal of danger. [...]

    2. Update: Pepper just shared this bonus scene.:)happyeverafteratoday/20Pepper, I'm soooo in love with your words.:) You never disappoint me. Once again you blew my mind. Thank you so much for this journey. I really loved it. :) Kill&Cleo were so amazing together. :)“I want you forever.”“I am yours forever.”

    3. 5 STARSWhat a wild ride!I loved everything in this story! It's emotional, intense, dark, hot and passionate. Pepper Winters delivers a fantastic love story with two broken characters. I love Pepper Winters writing but especially in this series her writing is so poetic.Cleo and Arthur are incredible characters. I loved them with all my heart. They are both damaged and they have their issues but they also have each other. Even thought people want to tear them apart, they always find a way to be to [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsI never wanted to go to war. But sometimes we have to become something we hate in order to get what we want.Before I get into my review, allow me to explain my rating a little more. When I read Ruin & Rule, I fell hard for Arthur "Kill" Killian. Ruin and Rule turned out to be one of my favorite books that I'd read by Pepper Winters. So in reading the conclusion to his and Cleo's story, I have to admit that my expectations were high. I suppose I was expecting more of the same dark so [...]

    5. Wonderful. I'm suffering form an Arthuer hangover, This book gave us a glimpse into Kill's obsession with Cleo, and I think it was meant to redeem his character a little, he wasn't that evil after all“The more time I spent in his arms, the more whole I felt. I could live in the moment.Right here.Right now.I’m home.”

    6. Combined Review forRuin & RuleandSin & Suffer. 5 'Buttercup and Art' Stars A scintillating and enthralling duet of violence, death, murder, deceit, lies and an all consuming profound deep love. Pepper Wintershas outdone herself and has created a mind-blowing, and enthralling duet, which kept me glued to the pages till I was done. The world she had created and the way she has spun and weaved their story is beautiful and amazing and I was kept captive till the last word.Art and Cleo made m [...]

    7. 4 PURE STARSIf you've been holding off on this series because of the cliffy at the end of book 1, Ruin & Rule, I suggest you grab both books now and dive in! Just buckle up, Buttercup! This is a gritty and suspenseful ride!Things pick up right from the ending of book 1. You're immediately thrown into the fray with lots going on and danger right in your face. This story is about vengeancebut it's layered. There's a lot more going on. It’s apparent that there's a bigger end game and while Cl [...]

    8. Books in Pure Corruption MC series should be read in order:Book 1: Ruin & RuleBook 2: Sin & Suffer

    9. 4.25 Pure Redemption Stars!Arthur "Kill" Killian is a man out for revenge Revenge against those that hurt him and took his most valued possession, Chloe. He's got just a general issue with corruption Corruption within the motorcycle club community and corruption within the US government. From the day he joins with Wallstreet while incarcerated in the Florida State Prison, his goals are clear. He's had a few side tracks but the end game is the same. Vengeance.After the cliffhanger ending of Ruin [...]

    10. 4.5 Sin No More Stars!It is possible that this was my most anticipated read for 2016. I have always been a fan of Pepper Winters’s style and her edgy dark stories. Ruin & Rule introduced Arthur Kill Killian and his brand of MC. It also brought a tortured second chance love story as he found his forever in a ghost…his beloved Cleo Price. Just as he discovered the past and the lies…she was gone! Sin & Suffer picks up at the pivotal moment where Art is clinging to life and Cleo is fig [...]

    11. I am always afraid I will forget things when a story ends on a cliffy, when I finished Ruin & Rule I didn’t think I could ever forget that ending. I was right as soon as I started this one everything came back and I was immediately into the story. War had begun. It’s time to rewrite our destiny. Sin & Suffer picks up where Ruin & Rule left off, Art is injured and Cleo has been taken. This is one of those stories that had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t wait to see what ha [...]

    12. 4 Revenge filled starsSin & Suffer is the concluding story in the Pure Corruption series. I am not sure if there will be more books in the series, but I wouldn’t be surprised nor opposed to having more Arthur and Chloe.Oh the FEELS that Pepper Winter made me feel in this story. This series had me tied up in KNOTS. I was up and down and all around and I felt like I was holding my breath every step of the way. Sin & Suffer begins where Ruin and Ruled left off and what a cliffhanger we ha [...]

    13. What can I say? I adore Pepper Winter's writing and the conclusion of Kil's story is fantastic. No spoilers, but if you read Ruin and Rule, you don't want to miss this!

    14. I am still at a loss for words to be honest. I can't begin to explain how I went loving the first book and then just feeling blah with the second. I honestly have no clue.Maybe the wait between books was too long that I've already forgotten the minute details of the story. Maybe. The sense of urgency I felt reading the first one wasn't present in this book. I found myself skimming just to get to the end. And that ending? Oh man. Let's just say I do love cheese but they have no business being in [...]

    15. Full review will be posted closer to release date! All I'm going to say is that Ruin & Rule and this book are now my absolute favorites from Pepper Winters.

    16. I read Ruin & Rule almost six months ago, it might as well be six years for all the things that I can't remember. I did went back and refreshed my mind by reading the last chapter though of Book 1, though. Sin & Suffer started right from the cliffhanger with Cleo being kidnapped by Kill's father, Rubix, while Kill himself landed in the hospital with a major concussion. Kill being the ever protective lover was adamant to save his girl rather than to receive more treatment, much to the doc [...]

    17. Review: SurjFacebook: facebook/TheHopelessRTSU: tsu/HopelessRomanticsBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bCleo made me sin and she made me suffer. With her resurrection came deceit and war. Well, what can I say other than Pepper Winters delivered her A game yet again with "Sin & Suffer." Am I surprised? Not at all. In fact I doubt this author could write a bad book if she tried. If it isn't her writing that sucks us in, it's her ability to give her readers unique story lines that captivate us [...]

    18. 3.5 "Revenge Intertwined with Love" Stars for the story and narration.After having absolutely loved Book 1, Ruin & Rule, I knew I had to get the conclusion to Art's and Cleo's story, so I jumped at the chance to listen to Sin & Suffer. In Ruin & Rule I thought Pepper Winters had created the perfect blend of suspense, heat and mystery, all mixed with an intriguing edge of darkness that, while not as dark as some of Ms. Winter's prior stories (eg, the Monsters in Dark Series), was just [...]

    19. All 5 stars go to Arthur "Kill" Killian!!What I liked:- Kill's loyalty, determination, passion, devotion, intelligence, ambition, drive, love, etc.- the brief mention of Jethro!- the intricacy of Kill and Wallstreet's plans- Grasshopper. This dude was a truly amazing side character- the revenge and government reform plotWhat I didn't like:Cleo!! I couldn't stand her in this book. I loved her in book one but regretted her existence in this one. Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!! Why the heck was she like tha [...]

    20. After reading Ruin & Rule I was dying to get my hands on this one, and I have had it for a few weeks now and was scared to read it. I was scared for Cleo and Arthur. Yes I know crazy thinking on my part, Pepper would never let anything really bad happen to these two characters, but the struggle was real for me. Cleo made me sin and she made me suffer.With her resurrection came deceit and war.But then they took her.Stole her.And my carefully laid plans for vengeance were now my reality.This o [...]

    21. ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This book surprised me. I knew from the first book that this duology was not going to be your usual biker read, and I was so right! This book is full of surprises, twists and turns, passion and revenge.This final installment picks up right from where the first book left us. When Kill realizes that Cleo is taken, he will do everything to get her back. His injuries will not help though and we have a fight against time itself.Cle [...]

    22. "The truth is despicable."After the cliffhanger ending of Ruin & Rule, this book was highly anticipated. I was already in love with the main characters, Kill & Chloe, when I started reading. I had already 'suffered' with them as their worlds were ripped apart and those that were supposed to love and protect them, betrayed them instead. I was already convinced of their 'soul connection', that unexplainable tether that connected them across time and space. But for some reason life keeps se [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars FULL REVIEW TO COME CLOSER TO RELEASE DATE~~~~BLURB~~~~"Some say the past is in the past. That vengeance will hurt both innocent and guilty. I never believed those lies. Once my lust for revenge is sated, I'll say goodbye to hatred. I'll find a new beginning."SIN & SUFFERShe came from a past Arthur "Kill" Killian never forgot. She made him sin and made him suffer. She tugged him from the shadows and showed him he wasn't as dead as he thought. And with her resurrection came betrayal [...]

    24. 4.5 tell me you'll have me forever stars. The writing is dark, hard hitting and sinfully delicious which is what Pepper Winters is known for. The story weaves around Arthur and Cleo in the motorcycle club world of deceit, revenge and the thought of living a different way. There's moments of pleasure, pain, and confusion all the while steering the reader towards the ultimate yet shocking end of Arthur's and Cleo's story.Picking right up where Ruin & Rule left off, Sin & Suffer starts off [...]

    25. I looooooooooved it so much! And I absolutely LOVE Art & Cleo.Like the first book, Ruin & Rule, this was heartbreaking, funny, sad, fantastic, awesome and ugh, I love this series so damn much. I'm super sad that this series is over, but I'm also so happy that I've read it. I can't wait to do a re-read!"You are me. And I am you. We might have separate thought and minds, Buttercup, but we have the same heart and soul"*SWOON*Pepper Winters - I freaking love you! Thank you for being so aweso [...]

    26. I really liked book 2 too but as Sarah/Chloe has now remembered everything, the "secret" factor disappeared and that's one thing I loved so much.Kill's ambition is.asurable and quite frankly, I found it naive even if admirable. On the other hand, if you can't dream in a book, where else?These two elements explain the 4 stars instead of 5 stars but as it's written by a "seasoned" writer I love, I do tend to be more demanding.This series still is very, very, very captivating, raw, gritty and the r [...]

    27. Second book to this series and it was just as good as book one! There is alot more action, drama and fighting going on in this book which I enjoyed. A very enjoyable read with a great ending!

    28. I could not wait to get my hands on this book. The first one absolutely ravaged me. Tore me up, battered my heart, abused my soul, and made me fall hopelessly and tragically in love with Art and Cleo. Such sweet names. Such a timeless, endless love. Such horribly fucked over lives! Whereas book one devoured all my feels with their reclaiming of life and love after so many years, this one threw all my feels back to me with the determination of the rest of the world to STILL keep them apart. They' [...]

    29. Sin & Suffer will crucify your heart and touch your soul. This story of redemption, betrayal and anarchy has everything one needs to satisfy their literary cravings. Pepper Winters words enthrall, gut, make my head and heart soar! Arthur and Cleo's world is complex, intense and spellbinding!

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