The King's Command

The King's Command

Revella Hawthorne / Nov 20, 2019

The King s Command BOOK TWO of the Bred For Love Series Percy is pregnant He is overjoyed and Prince Edward his master and owner is just as happy Both men are content and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove P

  • Title: The King's Command
  • Author: Revella Hawthorne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • BOOK TWO of the Bred For Love Series Percy is pregnant He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove, Prince Edward s country estate There they stay in pre baby bliss, until the christening of the Cassian Dynasty s newest princeling approaches Prince Edward decides to riskBOOK TWO of the Bred For Love Series Percy is pregnant He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove, Prince Edward s country estate There they stay in pre baby bliss, until the christening of the Cassian Dynasty s newest princeling approaches Prince Edward decides to risk King Henry s wrath, and brings Percy back to the capital to attend his nephew s christening, putting his and Percy s unconventional relationship front and center in the media and the court Rumors abound about the two lovers, and a strange and unusual threat to Percy surfaces, leaving Prince Edward regretting their return to the capital Percy is confronted by the reality of his social status and what exactly it means to be the collared consort of a Cassian blood prince and how dangerous that place of honor can be Caught between the orders of King Henry and the dangers lurking in the shadowed alleys of the capital, Percy and Edward strive to protect themselves, their love, and their unborn child To Be released August 2015.

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    1. So much suspense!This was a definite page turner filled with suspense and intrigue!Told again in a dual POV Edward and Percy are at the mercy of the King, who has a hidden agenda and is determined to part the lovers - even though Percy is pregnant.Yet another darn cliffhanger though (*sad face*)which means on to book 3!This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

    2. So Percy is confirmed to be pregnant and Edward is summoned back to the city to attend the christening ceremony of his nephew. Edward is in a dilemma whether they should return to the capital for the better care of his consort and the baby as well as attending the ceremony or stay in their country estate and avoid the wrath of his father. Finally, the need to care for Percy and the baby won over and they returned to the city to attend the christening ceremony. The relationship between Percy and [...]

    3. 3.5 starsA suspenseful addition to this super adorable series.I do have to say that I’m never a fan of the trope where powerful family members (the king in this case) wields their power to try to split the couple up/kill them. But I still really liked this. I just want to put Percy in my pocket.Percy was still as adorable as ever. And I really liked how I started disliking Reynard, the guard, but ended up really liking him. He would do anything for Percy or Edward and I loved him for it.This e [...]

    4. Mpreg. I mean, what more can I say lol? If you’ve read my books, then you probably know I love mpreg. As I told Revella’s (who is also SJ Himes) personal assistant, mpreg is kinda a thing. But what really gets me going is when the science behind the pregnancy is explained and not glossed over. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It helps to have a bit of a scifi geek lurking in you, lol. And that’s what made the book for me. The science is fictional, but realistic. Ahh, but that’s [...]

    5. Book two in Revella Hawthorne’s Bred for Love series, in my opinion, is better than the first! I didn’t think such a thing possible. I found this one full of surprises and more suspense. We get some answers that help us realize why Percy is so wanted. Edward of course loves Percy more and more every day. As their child grows inside him so does their love. There are people on their side. And thank the lord for Abe! What an outstanding guy, truly. There’s another advocate for these two which [...]

    6. I’m still loving the heck out of this series. This is the kind of OTT I can get behind because the MCs are so loving and devoted to one another. I am a sucker for that kind of sweetness.

    7. 4.2 StarsHA! I knew money was involved somehow, as well as Percy's genetic design being the key. (My guess wasn't entirely correct, but not far off!) But still, the King seems a tad more rabid than seems necessary if that's all there is to the plot, unless the whole kingdom is mortgaged to the hilt. HmmmmAlso, I'm liking Reynard, even if his devotion to Percy (and Edward) seems a bit more personal than what his position would entail, or due to his loyalty to the crown. Mason is actually growing [...]

    8. Again, although I probably shouldn't like it so much--there are faults like way too much crying by Percy (I get his sheltered past and irregular upbringing, but still), somewhat bad sex dialogue that didn't fit Percy's nature, some grammatical issues, only a medium amount of sophistication, etc.--I still adored this second volume, and love Edward even more now. Seriously am going to work hard on my black magic skills so that I can bring Edward out of the book and into my real life.This second vo [...]

    9. 4.75 starsGreat second book. Percy and Edward are fighting to stay together and keep their unborn child safe. Ms. Hawthorne had me not wanting to put this book down. Recommended for those who root for the underdog.

    10. Loved the first book and this one was even better! Revella Hawthorne is one classy Author, she has succeeded in writing a clever, original and highly polished storyline that is not only very believable but also highly entertaining - can't wait until November for the next book!Prince Edward's adored Percy, is now pregnant with their child and he is determined to protect him at all costs, even if that doesn't sit very well with his father's plan. The Author takes us on a marvellous and eventful jo [...]

    11. This was book 2 in the " A Bred For Love" series. Edward and Percy leave the Castle after the King tries to force Edward to give Percy back. When Percy gets sick they don't know what to think. Turns out he is going to have a baby and he is scared that he be locked up. Edward loves Percy and he has no plans to return him. The sex scenes in this book are hot. Turns out Percy is a one of a kind breeder and the head of hertiage house wants to clone him. Percy has feelings and emotions unlike the oth [...]

    12. The plotting gets more twisted!I'm enjoying this alternative universe with its oddly compelling sort of alpha/omega type mPreg with a twist.The plots and intrigue is ramped up considerably in this one as Edward and Percy find themselves on the wrong side of a genetic money making scheme hatched by the King.I loved that Mason came through for them and just what's the story with Raynard?!

    13. Most books don't dig this deep into my consciousness. So Bravo! to the author. I love books that entertain and provoke thought. Best of all, none of the weightier crap was spoon fed to me via the page. Ha, I had to think about it on my own. Even more impressive considering this is a genre (mpreg) that I normally don't venture into.While I liked the first book enough to immediately pick up the second, this book had a much bigger impact on me. The characters really gain depth and growth. The plot [...]

    14. I LOVE this series! And I want the third book NOW! What does "late 2015" even mean? November? December? If you want a well thought out mpreg romance, set in the modern day with cell phones and technology, but not quite our world since there is royalty, you have to give this series a try! And the mpreg is all explained in a kinda-sorta believable way, and it just works. I just adore Percy and Edward together, I loved especially in this one how Percy really grew as a character, how he spoke up mor [...]

    15. Book 2 in the Bred for Love Series. I loved seeing Percy start living a life he deserves with love and security. Security that crumbles away because of who he is and horrific secrets being kept about the Royal family. We see Percy grow as a character amid intrigue and and determination to be rid of him. Never a dull moment.

    16. Edward and his collared consort are living quietly at Edward's property at Hartgrove, but they have to return to Cassia City when summoned by the king. What was supposed to be a happy family event turns into a nightmare when the lovers are betrayed and separated, both their lives at risk until an unexpected ally helps them runaway…Oooh! This was really good. The plot thickens, and the real wickedness of the evil characters is completely exposed. Percy and Edward have to face unexpected dangers [...]

    17. This was such an intense read and I enjoyed every second of it. Percy surprised me at every turn - he’s brave, loyal and sweet. The sweet moments between Percy and Edward were full of tenderness and love.

    18. The story gets better and better.! I love those four guys. I want them safe. I hope Mason ends up with Abe or at least for them to get a story. I felt so sad for Mason and Abe seems lonely. on to the next!

    19. Second verse, same as the first, with just a little more political intrigue thrown in. Again, an easy and fairly enjoyable read, if not something that will leave you thinking about it afterwards.

    20. Oh. My. God.Oh the intrigue, the psycho king, the crazy family's all mixed together to make this story fantastic. I need to know how it ends. I can't wait.!

    21. *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review.*This book deals with the aftermath of Percy becoming pregnant by Edward and being collared as his consort in defiance to King Henry. The bond between Edward and Percy strenghtens and their love grows as time goes by, but this time they have more going on against them. They have to fight against King Henry, who wants to return Percy to Heritage Breeders. Edward, along with his brother Mason and his chief of guards, Reyn [...]

    22. Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!This is such a wonderful series. This book is a fabulous sequel to the first book in the series. You see more of the characters you love. You get to see beautiful emotions and get lost in a word you can’t help but want to visit. Prince Mason and the guard Reynard are wonderful allies and there’s clearly a story there. The library scene was my favorite in the whole story. There was so much joy for Percy in that moment, and it’s something t [...]

    23. Story gets better, Edward and Percy are hot together and growing beyond what they were!Edward and Percy are so hot and tender and falling deeper in love in this second book! Don't mistake Percy for a type of "damsel in distress", he is meek, shy and scared because he grew up as a breeder slave to be owned and follow directions no matter what. Percy grows in this story because of Edward's love and encouragement. He is also helped by Captain Reynolds, captain of Edward's personal guards.Edward is [...]

    24. This book is better than the first and the first is awesome. Edward decides to take Percy back to Capital for the christening and we finally learn why Mr. Wimble from Heritage House Breeders and the King was acting so shifty in the first book. And boy is it a strong motivation!! Madness and Mayhem ensues when Edward's father and brother, Malcom, try to force Edward to release Percy. But we all know Edward’s not going to do that. He told his father in the first book that he’s never going to r [...]

    25. The adventures of Edward and Percy continues. Edward decided that he will make Percy a royal consort giving him rights to any children they may have in the future as well as protecting him from any harm should something happen to Edward. This upsets his father the King greatly who demands that Edward return Percy to the farm and get another breeder. Edward refuses and leaves the palace for his country home. While there they learn that Percy is with child and Edward becomes even more protective o [...]

    26. Life is going well for both Edward and Percy. Percy is pregnant and they have to travel back to the capital.The youngest heir is being celebrated and though they are fearful of what might happen they still go on with it.We find a couple of allies this time around. We also find out some solid are truths about the royal family and it is messed up. (view spoiler)[ Through his wife, his children inherit a gene that makes them infertile. But to make an true heir, you have be bred by a royal. So he im [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this series so far and I can't wait until the next book comes outI really enjoyed both of these books and I can't wait until the next one comes out. I like how in this book that Percy has grown a lot from the scared little breeder into the brave consort at the end of this book. This series books have been really good so far. I would recommend these books to other people and friends. I really enjoy the edge of the seat drama that goes on in these books. I really enjoy all the cha [...]

    28. I haven't read many mpreg books, but I think the author approached the how in a particularly interesting way. The society that Percy and Edward belong to feels very historical, so much that when they mention social media and SUV's I get thrown off a bit. In reality this is an alternative reality or futuristic society in which male or female humans can be genetically modified before birth to be breeders or sex slaves. Percy is a unique model and the breeding house that created him wants him back [...]

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