The First Order

The First Order

Jeff Abbott Kevin T. Collins / May 28, 2020

The First Order The darkest day of Sam Capra s life was when he watched his brother Danny executed by extremists on an online video But now evidence has surfaced that Danny may still be alive leading a secret hid

  • Title: The First Order
  • Author: Jeff Abbott Kevin T. Collins
  • ISBN: 9781478902751
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The darkest day of Sam Capra s life was when he watched his brother, Danny, executed by extremists on an online video But now, evidence has surfaced that Danny may still be alive leading a secret, hidden life for the past six years while the world believed him to be dead What s , Sam discovers that Danny may be plotting a murder that could change history assassinatThe darkest day of Sam Capra s life was when he watched his brother, Danny, executed by extremists on an online video But now, evidence has surfaced that Danny may still be alive leading a secret, hidden life for the past six years while the world believed him to be dead What s , Sam discovers that Danny may be plotting a murder that could change history assassinating the Russian president.Determined to stop his brother from committing a murder that may cause a war, Sam goes undercover in a one man mission to save the world and to save his brother.

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        Jeff Abbott born 1963 is a U.S suspense novelist He has a degree in History and English from Rice University He lives in Austin, Texas His early novels were traditional detective fiction but in recent years he has turned to writing thriller fiction A theme of his work is the idea of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary danger and fighting to return to their normal lives His novels are published in several countries and have also been bestsellers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and France.Series Whit Mosley Jordan Poteet


    1. The First Order is Jeff Abbott's 5th book about Sam Capra. I haven't read the previous four books, but there were no problems whatsoever to get into the story. Six years ago, Sam's brother Danny was killed in Afghanistan, beheaded in a video. But, now Sam has found evidence that Danny may still be alive that the video was just a ploy to let everyone think that Danny was dead. But, why was Danny spared, and why haven't Sam heard from his brother since then? What has Sam been doing these last six [...]

    2. This is my first Jeff Abbott book, but the fourth one in his Sam Capra series. While I was missing some obvious backstory since I didn't read any of the first four, the story itself still held together nicely. This fit into the spy/thriller genre, which I enjoy. Three stars is a good rating for me, and I do plan on reading more by this author.I liked the MC, Sam. He was the good brother and stood for all that was honest. The other characters, less the glowing compared to Sam, balanced everything [...]

    3. The First Order is the second Sam Capra novel I have read. The first was Downfall. Sam searches for clues about the terrorist slaying of his brother in Afghanistan. His missing brother coupled with a horrific execution video has haunted Sam for six years. He needs answers for some sort of closure. He learns not everything may be as it appears. Who are the Brothers of the Mountain & why would they take Danny hostage? The First Order is an international intrigue thriller with espionage & p [...]

    4. I didn't like this one as much as the others in this series. I liked that Sam was trying to find his brother, but I didn't care for the Russian oligarchs theme (he sure used that term a lot in this book). The first 3/4 of the book I had to force my way through. Seemed liked it dragged on longer than necessary. Last 100 pages were good and made it worth my time.

    5. Not a high-caliber espionage/thriller. I have read a lot of books in this genre (if you don't believe me, just take a look at my list of read books) and I never really was engrossed in this one. There is a cockamamie set-up: we are led to believe that Sam Capra's brother's life is spared somewhere in the middle east, and he is somehow sweet-talked into assassinating the President of Russia. C'mon, man! The secondary characters, while interesting, lead us down a nearly 400-page road where you kno [...]

    6. I suspect one has to have investment in Sam Capra, and cannot simply drop in late in the series and appreciate the action. Since I have never read one of these books before I had to put it aside in favor of a movie portraying this type of assassin/war play. I do periodically enjoy reading a political thriller, but not this one. Maybe some day I will circle back and start at the beginning.

    7. I won this book from a giveaway. It comes out in January of 2016.I enjoyed reading it. It was full of action/adventure.It would make a good pay Tv movie. I hope to read more books by this author.It had a good variety of characters in it. It was such a good book I found that I read it in four separate reading sessions.

    8. Have read most of the rest of the Capra series. This was disappointing. Tedious plot. I listened to it on tape. The narrator was whiny. Did not finish. One to safely skip.

    9. The First Order, book five in the Sam Capra series, by Jeff Abbott continues the odyssey of Sam and his search for his lost brother. A search that is at the root of his career with the CIA and then his alignment with a shadow espionage agency that may or may not be on the right side of the law.It was the worse day of Sam Capra's life as he watch an online video, showing the execution of his brother Danny by terrorists. The tragic act left Sam's life shattered and that of his parents as well. But [...]

    10. "The First Order, a Sam Capra Thriller" by Jeff Abbott was the first of Mr. Capra's books that I have read. I rated it a strong three stars instead of four only because I thought it was a bit attenuated in getting to the exciting climax. My opinion, yours may be different.Mostly it was as a fast paced spy thriller involving an assination plot of the strong-man Russian president designed to take on US soil. The assassin, code named Judge, sets up his plan knowing that he is being hunted. But he i [...]

    11. I liked this book a lot. Of course, it's Jeff Abbott!! He's on a special mission again, but this one is very different. It's personal. He's found out that his brother, who he thought died six years ago, may be alive. This book has a lot of trust issues. Things are going to be quite different in the next book and I, for one, can't wait to read it!!! Ugh, and this one isn't even out yet. It's going to be a long wait. As usual, there are a lot of plot twists and surprises in this book. Sam is findi [...]

    12. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys action/adventure books. The story line follows a great pace that keeps you wanting to read more. The characters and settings are well written and the intricate twists and turns keep the reader engaged to the last page.

    13. Enjoyable read but the dialogue on decisions and tense situations tended to drag. I'm also wondering if I'm the only person that did not know about Polonium. Is there a special spy school where you learn all these details?

    14. 3.5 stars. It dragged on at times, and somewhat predictable but finished strong. I would recommend to all Jeff Abbott and spy thriller fans.

    15. Wasn't expecting to enjoy this. I haven't read any by this author before but could see from the story that this was a follow on. Found it packed with twists and turns of plot and a story line that kept me coming back to read more. Whilst I probably wan't look for more of his books to read, I didn't consider my time wasted.

    16. Another fast paced, action oriented adventure about Sam Capra that just doesn't make a lot of sense and is totally unbelievable. For this to be a good story there should be just a teensy bit of logic to it. Only recommended to action fans of the spy genre.

    17. Outstanding series. This book brings a number of plots to conclusion with a lots of action.I hope Jeff Abbott continues the series with new stories.

    18. Captivating ReadI thoroughly enjoyed this book. If I had to put it down I could hardly wait to start reading it again. This book had me in a reading frenzy!

    19. This is a fast paced thriller with so much action it wore me out. Agent Sam Capra is searching for his brother who may or may not be alive. He has numerous contacts who want to help him or want to kill him. Thank you to the author, Jeff Abbott, Grand Central Publishing, and for the chance to win, read, and review this book. I will be looking up more of Jeff Abbott's books. He knows how to write a thriller.

    20. The latest installment in Jeff Abbott’s series of thrillers starring ex-CIA agent Capra, The First Order is the story of a plot to assassinate an autocratic, plutocratic ex-KGB agent who happens to be president of Russia. Oh, and slaying, in one of the most fiendish cases of poisoning since Agatha Christie, is scheduled to happen at the hands of a U.S. killer and on U.S. soil.Before diving for cover from the missiles of World War III, readers may rest assured that the Russian president in ques [...]

    21. This is the fifth Sam Capra book and the second in the Danny Capra arch. This was an enjoyable book but not to the caliber od action as the other Capra books in the series. In this book Sam is searching for answers about the murder of his brother. Answers that coming to a head and will lead him on a race to stop the murder of the Russian President.

    22. The book The First Order by Jeff Abbott is a phenomenal book. It has action, mystery, war and all wrapped around the love for family.The book is about an assassin named Sam Carpra who is trying to stop a war, while also with trying to find his brother. During the book, no matter what happened, Sam did not let anything get in the way of finding his brother. The lesson to pull way from the book is no matter where, when, or what's going on always be there for family. Family is the most important th [...]

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