The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise

The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise

Michael Grunwald / Jun 04, 2020

The Swamp The Everglades Florida and the Politics of Paradise Title The Swamp The Everglades Florida and the Politics of Paradise Binding Paperback Author MichaelGrunwald Publisher SimonSchuster

  • Title: The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise
  • Author: Michael Grunwald
  • ISBN: 9780743251075
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Title The Swamp The Everglades Florida and the Politics of Paradise Binding Paperback Author MichaelGrunwald Publisher SimonSchuster

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    1. Flocculent ooze: Politics, progress and the poisoning of an American treasureAuthor Michael Grunwald provides a riveting look at a swamp filled with danger, unpredictable currents, sucking quicksand, predators and prey, and treachery. And that’s just when he is describing Florida politics. The real star of the book is the Florida Everglades, a unique, threatened and vulnerable ecosystem in Florida. Known as the river of grass, it’s a long, gently sloping swamp which once covered a large perc [...]

    2. Did I ever tell you I fell in love with Florida two years ago? I thought I was too good for it, a ticky-tacky place with no wilds ruled by the Mouse. I avoided Florida all my life until I made the mistake of just-passin'-thru on the way to something else. I was a gone in 30 seconds from that warm, sweet air and the sight of my first palm tree swaying green and shirtless by the exit ramp. In no time we were downing boilermakers (for when you need to catch up) and necking behind the pinball machin [...]

    3. I enjoy finding local bookshops when we travel and buying a book or two about the place we're in. Normally I go for a local author or a history of the place. On our trip to Sanibel we found a great little gem of a place called simply the Sanibel Bookshop. This place had everything, including this book, "The Swamp." I had to buy it.This book is fascinating, mainly because it mixes the history of South Florida from the early Spanish days up through the modern day with the environmental history of [...]

    4. I give The Swamp two thumbs up, and will certainly read it multiple times. The bookdescribes the topography of the Everglades and what is known about thegeologic forces that shaped the continent, and continues with itshuman history and impacts that various groups that came in contactwith the area had on the land and each other. European explorers andearly settlers of America viewed it as an undesirable region best leftto mosquitoes, alligators, and the Seminoles that took refuge there.After the [...]

    5. Like many of us, my knowledge of the Everglades was limited to the "Save the" phrase I learned from Ranger Rick as a kid. I learned a massive amount from this book, which was a fairly easy read even at 375 pages.I have to say, the author did two things I greatly appreciated:1. Grunwald explicitly stated that all of the information was taken directly from journals, interviews, studies, etc. and the only part that included any speculation was his description of the Everglades before it was touched [...]

    6. Excellent depiction of the trials,errors and the poor decisions of politicians and engineers trying to change the flow of the rivers to suit the needs of man and his greed. The result was millions of dollars wasted and now the necessity of spending millions of more dollars to restore the rivers and the streams back to the way nature intended. The book elaborates on the necessity of living with nature and recognizing why these waterways and grasslands were created as they were. We are running to [...]

    7. I now know a whole lot about the history of Florida and the utter mess we have made of the Everglades. This book chronicles the push for land reclamation at the turn of the century that started the decline of the Everglades. It also highlights the various colorful personalities on both sides of this environmental war. Of equal interest is the political war that has been waged that has made forward movement almost impossible and resulted in wasting billions of dollars. Although most of the book c [...]

    8. An excellent nonfiction history of Florida, covering everything from the actual geological formation of the land to the efforts to save the Everglades as recently as 2006. Anyone who is a tourist in Florida or consumes orange juice and sugar needs to read this book!!

    9. All I knew about the Everglades before I visited in May 2009 was that I had never been to them, despite all the time I had spent in Miami as a child, and they had alligators. All I knew when I left was that the Everglades were endangered because of water use conflicts and that they weren't near as wet as I thought they'd be. Then I picked up The Swamp.Grunwald does a masterful job of simplifying (perhaps over-simplifying but to one who knows nothing the clarity was welcome) the history of the Ev [...]

    10. The length of time it took me to finish reading "The Swamp" by Michael Grunwald (nine months, almost a year) is not a reflection of how much I liked it. Rather, it is a testament to how much I rely on Kindle; and my copy of this book was not on it. A physical book now takes me forever to read because it doesn't provide its own nightlight that turns off when I fall asleep. "The Swamp" portrays the history of the Everglades in Florida, from its geological formation to its occupation by man, to its [...]

    11. The battle between humankind and nature is nothing new and the history of the Everglades is a good example of how man has tried to tame nature, repackage it and squander it for profit and living. Michael Grunwald eplains why the Florida Everglades is not only an important ecological system for Florida, but for the rest of the world as well. Restoration of the Florida Everglades would not only create strife in the political houses of the state, but nationally, government had difficulty deciding w [...]

    12. This book was recommended by another author who was speaking about environmentalism in Florida, calling it a "must read" for all Floridians. I agree with that label - I learned much about Florida's history (which is essentially anchored by the Everglades). I suspected that Florida is a 'gold rush' state even though you won't find gold or oil here. Instead, the huge river of grass has been a continual draw for dreamers, developers and politicians. I wasn't crazy about the narration in the book, b [...]

    13. The Swamp is an interesting history of the destruction and attempts to resurrect the Florida Everglades. The book looks at the issue from a number of critical angles, leaving few, if any, stones unturned. By the end you understand how Big Sugar, developers, the environment, the Army Corps of Engineers, and other stakeholders are equally culpable and have roles in the restoration of this unique environmental feature. The references are extensive and the writing is informative. Though if you're se [...]

    14. Shouldn't be surprised but can't believe how quickly we destroyed almost all of the Everglades. Native people, so many species, the whole ecosystem almost eradicated.So much money, so many corrupt politicians. And so much money and political crap dragging on for years to try to save a small portion of what is left. SAD.

    15. Overall a good book of South Florida / Everglades history. The writing gets confusing at times on the dates, when the author introduces a new theme. Anyone thinking about moving to Florida NEEDS to read this book. I disagree with the conclusion and hopefulness the author indicates.

    16. I wouldn't call this book a page turner or a quick read, but absolutely fascinating. How man and big business can utterly destroy something so wild and then attempt to turn back the tides while still lining their pockets. I can only hope that one day the Everglades can be intact again.

    17. A look at the history of one of America's most famous tropical wilderness. Particularly focuses on the attempts to first drain, and then save, the swamp.

    18. Fascinating story of the history of the Everglades and particularly the recent efforts to save the Park. Nicely paced despite being conceptually very dense at times. Don't miss the notes for each chapter- some very witty stuff in there.

    19. Grunwald, Michael. THE SWAMP. THE EVERGLADES, FLORIDA, AND THE POLITICS OF PARADISE. (2006). *****. The author is a reporter for the Washington Post, and, as such, was very interested in getting to the last third of the book covering the politics currently surrounding the Everglades. There’s lots of insider stuff there that is really depressing, but the first two-thirds makes up for all that. I’ve been to the Everglades twice in my life; once when I was four years old when Mom and I went dow [...]

    20. If you have an interest in Florida, the Everglades, politics, or environmentalism you should read this book. Prior to picking up the book I had a passing interest in all of these topics, but the author does a fantastic job of weaving together these themes in a narrative that tells the story of the Everglades and it's tumultuous ongoing history with man.Mr. Grunwald begins the story with the arrival of European man in Florida. This initial Spanish encounter with the Everglades did not go well for [...]

    21. I have probably heard more universal praise for "The Swamp" than any other book about Florida other than "A Land Remembered". Due to its fame, I put it on this year's schedule for the Florida book club I run.This book is a history of not just the titular River of Grass (which is technically a marsh, not a swamp), but also the whole system it is a part of like Lake Okeechobee. It is also the struggle between development and conservation and the messy political battles fought over those issues in [...]

    22. The Swamp is an extraordinarily well-written book, an upbeat treatise on the Everglades that lays out options for the future while dealing with changes in its integrity, politics, economics and the history, its people and plants, as well as being a great read.In this book Michael Grunwald presents a clear and convincing argument for the construction and conservation of filter wetlands in order to restore the Everglades to its original state. Referred to as, Stormwater Treatment Areas, these wetl [...]

    23. Remember the Everglades??? Until pretty recently all I could really dredge up on the topic were a few dusty, Jr High School-era memories about efforts to "save" them something about a commemorative stamp, wetlands not being pestilential after all, spoonbills, etc. etc. Then I started dating a guy from Southern FL (from a place that was carved out of the Everglades) and all at once I had a humid, bug-ridden face to put with the name. After a two-hour canoe trip through a portion of the National P [...]

    24. A rollicking history of South Florida, starting with the shifting tectonic plates that moved Florida from Africa 300 m years ago, where it was mostly covered by ocean until the last ice age 12,000 years ago, to its current attraction to newly weds and the nearly dead, and the events leading to the effort to preserve an environmentally sustainable Everglades signed into law as one of the last acts of Bill Clinton. In between, the many intertwined narratives of human settlement: first the native a [...]

    25. Fact rich yet story based, this is a great read and preparation for the South Florida visit I will be taking next week with my wife, Lynn. I may also get through the other two books recommended by Road Scholar, but I am glad I got this one in audio as well as print form.

    26. Extremely well researched history of the Everglades and south Florida. Grunwald describes in detail the ecological disaster of of man's efforts to develop south and central Florida by draining the "Swamp" to make room for agriculture and urban sprawl on its east and southwest coasts. The reader learns about all the characters in this 100 year debacle, led during the last half century by the Corp of Engineers who did the bidding of Florida's developer-connected politicians. He also portrays many [...]

    27. The book starts out with President Clinton signing CERP and then goes back about 500 years to see how we got there. The prehistoric and earliest American history is fascinating, the progressive years depressing, and the political quagmire from the early 1900s through today, absolutely disgusting. Warning, this book contains well researched and documented facts that may be hard to hear, but are necessary to explain why Florida is flushing the Everglades down the tubes, and why politicians are let [...]

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