Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Dani Shapiro / Jan 23, 2020

Slow Motion Dani Shapiro a young woman from a deeply religious home became the girlfriend of a famous and flamboyant married attorney her best friend s stepfather The moment Lenny Klein entered her life everyt

  • Title: Slow Motion
  • Author: Dani Shapiro
  • ISBN: 9780156008471
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dani Shapiro, a young woman from a deeply religious home, became the girlfriend of a famous and flamboyant married attorney her best friend s stepfather The moment Lenny Klein entered her life, everything changed she dropped out of college, began drinking, and neglected her friends and family But then came a phone call an accident on a snowy road had left her parents crDani Shapiro, a young woman from a deeply religious home, became the girlfriend of a famous and flamboyant married attorney her best friend s stepfather The moment Lenny Klein entered her life, everything changed she dropped out of college, began drinking, and neglected her friends and family But then came a phone call an accident on a snowy road had left her parents critically injured Forced to reconsider her life, Shapiro learned to re enter the world she had left Telling of a life nearly ruined by the gift of beauty, and then saved through tragedy, Shapiro s memoir is a beautiful account of how a life gone terribly wrong can be rescued through tragedy.

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        Dani Shapiro is the author of five novels and the best selling memoir Slow Motion She has also written for magazines such as The New Yorker and Elle.She lives with her husband and young son in Litchfield County, Connecticut.


    1. This book came highly recommended to me, and I made the mistake of reading reviews before reading the book. And after reading the book, I can only wonder if the other reviewers read the same thing that I did.This is nothing but a big whine. Poor me. Look at all these horrible things that happened to me. Wah wah wah. It's the story of a privileged woman making a lot of really stupid and narcissistic choices in her life, and then blaming the world for the way things turned out. There's no introspe [...]

    2. Could not put this down. What a story. Anybody else a Dani Shapiro fan? I'm going to read Picturing the Wreck next.

    3. A well-written memoir of a NYC-area Jewish woman starting her adulthood in the 80's as a coked-out, bulimic, alcoholic, college-dropout mistress of an older, powerful, and well-known lawyer whose career and persona defined 80's excesses (here called "Lenny Klein," but without doubt the infamous disgraced litigator Harvey Myerson). The author is faced with a personal tragedy that forces her to re-examine her life's decisions and her unfulfilled childhood, and it is in this context she relates bot [...]

    4. I'd like to give this book a rating of 2, but because I know that ten years ago, my early twenties self would have rated it a 5, I split the difference and settled on 3. 23-year-old me would have relished this memoir, but 33-year-old me no longer thinks Elizabeth Wurtzel is the best writer of her generation and is not so enamored with addiction and/or depression memoirs anymore. In her early twenties, Dani Shapiro is a college dropout, failed model/actress, cocaine addict, alcoholic, mistress of [...]

    5. This book redeemed itself. Maybe only a person who has reformed can be so honest about how awful she once was (a person I found highly irritating). Appropriately, the narrative focuses on the parents' accident and the transformation that brought about in the writer. I wish, however, more detail about her return to college and the beginning of her writing career had been included. The denouement of Lenny is given too much weight, after it was such a relief when she finally detached herself from h [...]

    6. If you want to read a memoir about being the other woman that unfolds like the proverbial train wreck, here you go. The book is a good, compelling read, and you can see the author is putting her MFA to good use. My main quibble with it is her tendency to depict the events as things that just happened to her and were beyond her control.

    7. I liked this book, it was a quick and exciting read. I agree with other reviewers that it had many problems: first, by leaving out some important personal history (i.e. her first marriage), I think we get the wrong idea about who the author is in this book. Secondly, it is pretty much the story of how a highly privileged person in her 20s was forced out of adolescence by her parents' car accident. It's hard to muster much sympathy for someone whose real problem is that she is basically still a t [...]

    8. I give it a four star "really liked this book" rating b/c I have been missing reading memoirs and her life is so different than mine, how could I not be entranced? She was the mistress of some rich powerful New York lawyer for four years. She's from a wealthy Jewish family and she was an only child, and then in the middle of this affair she's having, her parents are in a car wreck (this happens at the beginning of the book) which starts her on a path to putting her life back on course, because b [...]

    9. After reading Shapiro's recently published "Devotion," I went back to some of her earlier work as I found her writing to be well-crafted, balanced, thoughtful, engaging and enjoyable. Slow Motion, another memoir, was very similar in kind to "Devotion," but eminently readable, and a serious page turner - I started it on the train in the morning and absolutely devoured it, even staying up until 2 a.m. to finish it!

    10. A stunning prequel to the writer she would become. You will not like her, or the story she tells, but the redemption and fulfillment is foretold.

    11. In Shapiro's first memoir (she has written three), she explores the ways in which her parents' car accident, an accident that leaves her father brain-damaged and her mother with 80 broken bones, help to save her from drugs, drink, and a destructive relationship with a much older man. It's a well-written and compelling read. What I can't stop thinking about, however, are Shapiro's words from an interview at the end of the book: "memoir is nota linear narrative of what happened so much as a docume [...]

    12. I've been on a Dani Shapiro jag Ever since I read Hourglass this summer, I've been obsessed. I read Devotion this fall, and now this, which is my fave of hers so far. Her writing is so sharp and vivid. It engages all the senses AND compels you to keep reading to find out what happens next. What else could you want in a memoir, or any book? This is a story of family, growing up, and identity. It reminds me a little of Sweetbitter (can you compare memoir to fiction?? Well, I am). Although I felt w [...]

    13. This is a stupid stupid book. First you take money- endless amounts of money out of this book, then you take how spellbindingly pretty the author thinks she is- you take those two things out of the book and what have you got left? Nothing. Bupkis ZeroThis is a major epic length whine by a poor little rich girl that makes me want to wretch.She spends endless amounts of time telling us how her looks have made herrable. Now right here I have no choice but to say- how catty as it might seem - but th [...]

    14. I can see why a lot of folks are super turned off by this memoir. It can be really easy to think that money, cars, mink coats, jewelry, Ivy League education, modeling in the 80's, sports cars, traveling on the Concorde like it was public transportation, jet-setting, international travel, and living in posh accommodations in NY would buy you a lot of opportunities to not be such a resounding fuck up.But even if you removed all of Shapiro's relentless driving home that she is of wealth- you still [...]

    15. I'm so glad Dani Shapiro wrote an autobiography. It's always entertaining to read about the author from their own words. I was glad to see that she didn't have any "Everything is awful and none of it is my fault" times. She did make some bad decisions, but she took full responsibility for them, knowing she had the power to change. I thought it was quite honest and I'm glad I picked it up.

    16. A memoir about a parent's death that includes her recovery from alcoholism and a terrible affair with her best friend's step father (who ends up being a crook). It's a pretty upper class/exclusive world that I didn't connect with.

    17. Really good. Amazing writer. Even though Dani was a mess in this book, and would have been unlikeable in many ways; she writes so well that you have compassion for her imperfections and those around her.

    18. The original subtitle is "A memoir of a life rescued by tragedy." Not sure when I'll be brave enough to read this book, but I picked it up at the Dollar Table at the Strand, so it's waiting for me when I get up the nerve.

    19. Beautifully written, very poetic, amazingly artistic language. A haunting story about the danger of sublimating your self completely to another.

    20. Shapiro's account of her life as a young woman who's struggle with substance abuse came to and end with her parent's tragic car accident that killed her father.a true story of transformation

    21. I recommend this memoir All The Time. Because Shapiro is namely a novelist, it's a great study in how to write a memoir with a shape and with drama. I love the voice and the writing in this book.

    22. Just read this one recently, it is a fast read. I seem to like these memoirs! This is another really well written one, that has you going, wow this really happened!!

    23. Having read "Hourglass" first, I loved its lyric snapshots of Dani's marriage, and was excited to see what she'd do with a more linear, narrative memoir, her first, in my understanding. "Slow Motion" was more of what I expected from the form, with Dani pulling at various strands of her life when needed as they met with the narrative action, which really drives the book. The scenes with her parents and family are most engaging, are those with Lenny, who I hated from when he first stepped on the p [...]

    24. This was my "on the airplane read," and one I thought I'd enjoy because I loved the author's writing style in one of her other books. And while I did finish the book on a 3-hour flight, and left it behind for someone else, I did not do what I usually do when I leave a book behind. Normally, I put a random act of kindness card (in honor of my grandson) in the book. I didn't want my beautiful innocent grandson's name associated with a book that left me shaking my head at the author's terrible, not [...]

    25. A quintessential memoir. This story focuses on a specific window of time, one in which the author endures a great loss and rather than succumb to grief and addiction, turns it into art. Dani Shapiro writes with a self-awareness and a cadence that made this book hard to put down. I recommend this for anyone who's a fan of memoirs. This is a good one. Digestible too!

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