Blurred Lines: The Entire Collection

Blurred Lines: The Entire Collection

Calinda B. / Jan 23, 2020

Blurred Lines The Entire Collection I didn t know how badly I needed to change until I met the sexy submariner I called Adonis He got me into a mess of trouble that I ll have to deal with later But for now I m going to enjoy the moment

  • Title: Blurred Lines: The Entire Collection
  • Author: Calinda B.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I didn t know how badly I needed to change until I met the sexy submariner I called Adonis He got me into a mess of trouble that I ll have to deal with later But for now, I m going to enjoy the moments I have with him to the fullest Heading home will come soon enough.When the beautiful, young, college art student, Tara Lynnes sets out for a weekend, summer romp with hI didn t know how badly I needed to change until I met the sexy submariner I called Adonis He got me into a mess of trouble that I ll have to deal with later But for now, I m going to enjoy the moments I have with him to the fullest Heading home will come soon enough.When the beautiful, young, college art student, Tara Lynnes sets out for a weekend, summer romp with her long time boyfriend, the last thing she expects is to be stood up by him he promised to treat her right, this time It s not the first time he s bailed on being with her, but she s determined it will be the last.A Navy soldier catches her eye on the Greyhound bus He s tall, handsome as sin, oozing a sexuality so potent, it should be bottled and sold on the black market And, it looks like he s available So, with twenty four hours to experience to the fullest, Tara embarks on a journey that will brand her for the rest of her life.Book 1 The Beach Navy seaman Zack Brannon s on shore leave, healing from a broken heart Kentucky born Tara Lynne s on vacation, heading to San Diego thanks to her loathsome boyfriend bailing on her, crushing her dreams When she spies the handsome soldier on the Greyhound bus, bearing a mysterious scar on his face and a limp to his stride, their worlds collide in a fiery summer explosion Forbidden passions are explored Scandalous lines are crossed Dirty fantasies are created A blurred reality forms in which neither one knows who the other is The only thing they know is, for a scorching hot twenty four hours, they can t stay away from one another Will her brief encounters with the heartsick seaman be enough for Tara to make lasting change Book 2 The Boardwalk After a brief, scorching, surprising encounter with the Navy soldier she calls Adonis, Tara tries to play along with his cautious rules to stay away She can t do it She finds she craves He s awakened forbidden desires, while making it clear this is only an encounter She s determined to make the best out of her twenty four hours, regardless of the cowardly restrictions he tries to impose on her She searches for him, finds him, and discovers new, scandalous passion in unexpected places.Book 3 The Hotel Tara s been seduced by military Navy man twice in her twenty four hour sojourn He s told her no He s shown her the rules to extremely sexy, consensual games He s shown her cautious restrictions in what he s willing or unwilling to give to her He s shown her mind blowing, sexual fulfillment She wants she wants intimacy and deeper connection, and she intends to get it Unwilling to be banned from his life, she chases after him on the streets of San Diego As their time together grows short, she challenges him to let go of his assumptions of what s possible between them She holds the reins at last will Zack Brannon be man enough to yield to her desires Mature content for an audience of 18.

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        When it comes to writing sexy contemporary romance books, supernatural romances, or an erotic paranormal romance series, New York Times bestselling author Calinda B purrs with excitement, just like her two fine Abyssinian cats She s got a life full of adventure and stories, a head full of imaginative realities and a willing partner to help her with research What could an author ask for


    1. Aphrodite: I really enjoyed this short intro detailing how Aphrodite and Adonis meet. I could feel their sexual tension throughout the story. I look forward to reading the next installment. Adonis: Aphrodite's boyfriend is controlling and neglectful. He deserved the stunt she and Adonis pulled on him. Aphrodite and Adonis need each other in ways neither one of them yet understand. I look forward to reading the final installment.Adonis & Aphrodite: In this final part of the Blurred Lines tril [...]

    2. Tara heads off for her romantic trip to San Diego as her boyfriend Justin decided he needed to participate in a track race rather than go with her. Zack is on leave from the Navy and has come home to find his fiancé has found someone else and that is not her only betrayal. They meet on the bus and this is the start to a sexy day and evening together before he needs to ship out. This is a quick sexy read about two people who have been hurt by their significant others and find comfort and friends [...]

    3. I really enjoyed the sexy story of Adonis and Aphrodite! They started out anonymous, which was part of the lusty game they were playing. It was hot and steamy, and though they both came from different walks of life, they both were damaged in their own ways. I would love to see the conclusion of this story and find out how things pan out between them!

    4. her boyfriend has stood her up again, so she throws caution to the wind and he teaches her so much but what happens when he has to go back to his duty, a red hot read which will leave you wanting more

    5. Ok you have to buy this book. A great storie by a great author. Ms Calinda just draws you in and does not let go! But this book is not for the faint of heart. It is a erotic story, I loved it you will too.

    6. Great storyline and well fleshed characters made this a very enjoyable read!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    7. If you enjoy steamy romances and are looking for a great way to spend the afternoon or evening then this book is certainly for you. Once I picked it up I just couldn't put it down.Tara feels like her boyfriend Justin is always putting racing and other things ahead of her. They were supposed to be spending the weekend together at the beach but Justin no-showed. Tara is looking around on the bus, upset with Justin, and then spots Adonis. A great looking hot guy. She decides to see if she could att [...]

    8. I received this book from the author for an honest review. I was not sure what I was getting into when I read this book. I have not read all that many military romances. I have had a couple here and there. This is a about Tara who wants to go on vacation with her boyfriend but he bails on her. So she gets on a bus to go because she is sick of being ignored. That is where she spots Zack. Zack is a Navy Seaman who has just had his heart-broken by a cheating girlfriend. They have a whirlwind 24 hou [...]

    9. Blurred Lines is about two strangers meeting on the bus and the changes in their lives that each has to make. Tara Lynne has always been taken for granted by her boyfriend. She was tired of being ignored. Zack Brannon, a seaman on offshore leave, was dealing being dumped by his girlfriend and her unfaithfulness. Both are aware of each other on the bus and wasn't expecting to met or even introduced each other. When they see each other on the beach, Tara decided to flirt with Zack, which she label [...]

    10. Begging For MoreReview copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.Blurred Lines: The Complete Collection was a surprise. I was delighted to find a smartly written erotica short that had me rooting for these two complete strangers turned friends at the end of a brief encounter. Both are emotionally hurt from people they thought loved them and find solace with each other.Tara finds herself alone and disappointed by Justin, her boyfriend when he ditches her and their getaway p [...]

    11. Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.Short Hot Read that has you begging for more!This is my first review done for Reading Alley, and I have to say, if this book is any indication as to the book that will be available, I will be on there often.Tara is in a dead end relationship. Justin is more into his bike than her. When he backs out last minute from a romantic rendezvous, Tara is hurt and annoyed. While on a disgusting bus, the only thing that could make it a [...]

    12. I really enjoyed reading this collection of short stories. It was the perfect thing to read in between full length novels, series or even as a short read before bed. But be warned, if it's a bedtime read, not sure how much sleep you'll be getting after reading this series. It is definitely hot and steamy! Very descriptive story line and pretty well developed characters for such short stories. Only thing I would have liked would be a bit more about Zach and his situation. I felt a bit like I was [...]

    13. This amazing 3-part short story series is about a young women named Tara who sets out for a weekend with her long time boyfriend, when she gets stood up by him. While on The Greyhound Bus a navy soldier catches her eye. So Tara embarks on a journey that will brand her for the rest of her life. This short book series is "OMG"!!! Hilarious! Funny! Sexy! Hot! Will leave you wanting more. The storyline is well written erotica short and characters are realistic and likeable. Looking forward to readin [...]

    14. Begging for more!!!Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.Blurred Lines: The Complete Collection was a complete surprise!At first I wasn't sure how good the story was going to be due to being so short, but I was surprised how Calinda was able to convey such a amazing connection between Tara (Aphrodite) and Zack (Adonis). Calinda was also able to show us the pain both Tara and Zack where both going through.As soon as I was done I went and bought Sassy Aphrodite an [...]

    15. --I was given this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.This was the perfect book of short novellas to listen to in between long books. The interaction between Tara and Zack is nothing short of HOT. Both having emotional baggage, they spend their initial time together sexually, but as the story progresses, you get to know the characters, their thoughts,feelings and flaws and are routing for them! I am hoping there is a 4th book to see what happens in 3 months!The narrator, D Rampling, as u [...]

    16. StrangeOk. You lost me when she referred to him early on as a hunk. Cheesy and so corny. A 24 hour rendezvous where they learn all about life from each other all while referring to each other as Greek mythological creatures. Give me a damn break. Nothing was hot it was weird. A condom on a dildo??? What? And then it just ended, literally wham, bam, thank you ma'am/sailor boy. Whatever floats your "boat" but I found it strange that ***spoiler***he pretended to do her from behind but it was a dild [...]

    17. A surprise and a delight. This was so much more than I was anticipating. A chance meeting, attraction, anonymity and healing of the souls. Their passion was nearly palpable. Their encounters were both HOT and fulfilling. They attempted a one and done but kept running into each other because fate had other plans. I'm not sure how I liked the ending, but it was pretty realistic and I admire the courage for writing it that way. I'd definitely recommend this to my friends and all smut readers who wa [...]

    18. Hot, hot, hotOhhhhhhhhh this was just the thing, a short but very satisfying read. I received a copy in return for an honest review. It's not often I read short reads and if it's a series I generally wait for all to release and grab them in one hit. This story is worth the wait and I can't wait to read more of our sassy Aphrodite and her sailor Adonis. The story flow is smooth, the characters fun and the sex scenes are so very hot.

    19. Hot,Hot,HotOMG!!!! My heart is still pounding from the hot and heavy scenes in this series. Calinda did an excellent job in creating the characters and making them so likeable, loveable and ever so believable. I would love to see more of this lovely couples story unveiled. I liked how Tara's character matures over the passage of time with Zack, while Zack has his own life altering experience with Tara. Well done!!

    20. Ok I loved the story lineI can't really be the only one with these thoughts in my head.Tara was a bit whiney to be but in the end she started to take control.Zack was a just slowly loosing his mind. Together thoughey were great. I gave it 4 stars because I hated how it ended, but now I see there is a part 4.

    21. Oh My!!! If you're looking for a steamy super hot read then you will want to read this collection. This collection has 3 short stories that are definitely hot and steamy. I hope the story will continue and we'll get to see what will come of Aphrodite and Adonis. I loved this collection and will be telling my friends about it. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

    22. Give me more!!!What a wild and sexy romp! Loved both 'Adonis' and ' Aphrodite'. It started slow and easy but revved up nicely and flat out raced to the end. Joy of joys, there is more and I for one will be following this wild and crazy duo into the next book. I am hoping for a HEA!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    23. Interesting Couple MeetThis seems like a short story of two meeting on a bus ride. You're going to need some patience, because everything is drawn out. I lost interest, and the plot too thin.

    24. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.These short stories were super hot and steamy!!! I loved the back and forth between Adonis and Aphrodite. Can't wait to see if there's more for these two!

    25. This book was amazing. It's short but it packs a punch. I loved the characters and the way they interacted with each other. By the end, I was on purchasing a fourth book not included in this set just to let the story continue!

    26. I didn't expect thatWhat an exciting set of short stories. I seriously one clicked the next book before posting my review. Fun, emotional ride. I can't wait to see where the next book leads this tale.

    27. I got this in exchange of an honest review, loved the plot the flow between the characters and events as well as the ending were well written recommend this to everyone

    28. OkayThis could have been a much better book if there was some length to it and it needed some more character building but hot still

    29. Good nighttime readingReally enjoyed this erotic read. Looking forward to reading more of the same adventure with the same cast of character's.

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