Guitars and Cages (Guitars, #1)

Guitars and Cages (Guitars, #1)

Layla Dorine / Feb 26, 2020

Guitars and Cages Guitars Asher Logan is a bartender and a pretty wicked guitar player when he isn t wrecking his hands fighting in a cage With a past he keeps hoping to outrun Asher s been on a downward spiral for longer th

  • Title: Guitars and Cages (Guitars, #1)
  • Author: Layla Dorine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Asher Logan is a bartender and a pretty wicked guitar player, when he isn t wrecking his hands fighting in a cage With a past he keeps hoping to outrun, Asher s been on a downward spiral for longer than he can remember When his sister in law leaves Rory, his eight year old nephew, in his care, Asher is forced into two things he s never been good at sobriety and responsiAsher Logan is a bartender and a pretty wicked guitar player, when he isn t wrecking his hands fighting in a cage With a past he keeps hoping to outrun, Asher s been on a downward spiral for longer than he can remember When his sister in law leaves Rory, his eight year old nephew, in his care, Asher is forced into two things he s never been good at sobriety and responsibility As he struggles to care for Rory, his own life begins to unravel When Asher s brother, Alex, turns up, presenting as a girl and announcing her new name is Alexia, it further complicates matters, as does the arrival of his new neighbor, Conner Both, in their own way, compel Asher to look at his own closely guarded views on sexuality When the siblings older brother, Cole, reacts violently to Alexia, Asher is placed squarely in the middle of a family conflict which compels him to confront who he pretends to be versus who he really is Asher must choose who to trust and who to finally walk away from.

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    1. This is not a happy book.It's a forest of pain and thorns and grey.The only time you feel alive is when you nick yourself on the thorns & blood is the predominant bright color amidst the blackness.Beyond finding & redefining your sexuality this book is about family & hate is love is hate.It's about scars,death,metamorphosis,it's about clinging to monsters for affection.It's about survival of family on the brink of destruction.So no this is not an especially happy book but it is a tru [...]

    2. This book wiped me out! I mean wiped me out. I cried, I was pissed, annoyed and wanted to throw my Kindle a few times, these were emotions that just Asher made me feel. Let me tell you, I don't do angsty, I avoid angsty like the plague.This is a new author and there were no reviews yet and so I read this one because the blurb sounded interesting. I wasn't sure so I read a sample(my first time reading a sample ever) I read the first chapter and decided that I wanted to get the whole book. What ca [...]

    3. This is not an easy book to read; I wanted to put it down many times but the writing was too good plus Asher is such an interesting character and I wanted to see if he got any sort of happiness. This book ends with a hint of better to come for Asher and I plan to read book 2 to see if that eventuates after I read something lighter and fluffy.

    4. Sad as this book was , I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next book. Love ASHER.

    5. Having never read Layla Dorine, I chose to read this book based solely on the blurb. I hoped for a good story and good characters; my expectations were exceeded. I finished this in one sitting, and this is no short read. Though most of my reviews are romances of some variety, “Guitars and Cages” is not a love story or a sexy tale. It is not hearts and flowers, nor sunshine and roses. With a fair amount of violence, non con, and both dangerous and life threatening situations, this book is not [...]

    6. To be honest, when I picked up this book, I didn't expect much. I loved the blurb, but I've read o ton of books which didn't live up to the expectations set by their description. I'm happy to say this was different. I started reading, and what it seemed like a minute later, I was 250 pages in. One of the things I liked the most about this is that it's not a love story, or not a typical one at least. The MC, Asher, is flawed, unlikable at times, but all his actions are justifiable. I could relate [...]

    7. Wow! This is not your romance, erotica, love story that you want to seek out. What it is, is a story of finding ones self. Finding out your self worth. Asher has many dark moments from his past and in his present. At times I sobbed like a baby because of the pain and humiliation he endured. This story takes you through many stages of Asher's journey. Throughout this book I saw glimpses of troubles my own family has like Asher. My heart went out to him in so many ways. I just wanted to scoop him [...]

    8. Don't try to read this book expecting a nice story with a beautiful romance, some sex scenes and a nice HEA, because it is not. This is a book full of angst, with a MC that is often difficult to love, and a plot that keeps spinning and adding trouble with every page. So, why to read it? Well, because it shows how your past shouldn't dictate your present, whatever you have done, but that you should learn from it or you're doomed to repeat it, and because it talks about hope and future as much as [...]

    9. Guitars and Cages is a tear-jerking, angst-ridden story of a group of siblings trying to come to terms with their varying sexualities and the need to reconcile these with their upbringing. It is a story that held my attention from start to finish with good pacing and memorable characters. This book is well worth a read if you like your MM stories a little darker and angsty.Disclaimer: I was involved in the publication of this book

    10. This book was a bit much for me. It was extremely sad. I like to feel things while bonding with characters in a well written book but, this one was too bleak for my tastes. There is enough sadness in the world, I need a little happy in my reading.

    11. This book was long and I'm drained in every which way even possible, but holy shit it was a damn good story though. Whew!

    12. Well, holy crap. That was not my usual kind of story at all. I’m not the biggest fan of angst. I have absolutely no idea why I chose to read this after I checked out some other reviews and came away with the sound of other readers wailing in pain echoing in my ears. But sometimes you find a blurb that you just can’t say no to, and so here I am. Emotionally exhausted, eyes red and sore, family members concerned for my mental state. This story was Cry Level: Snot. It wasn’t pretty at my hous [...]

    13. This book is one of those books that is best described as a somewhat dark read. The reason I say this is because the main character is unstable for most of this read. I do not mean this in a bad way. I mean that as far as self harm both emotionally and physically he is definitely unstable.Asher has not had an easy life in the least. The thing is some of it is not his doing and then the rest most definitely is. Asher is constantly fighting demons within and unfortunately he keeps coming up short. [...]

    14. This was truly amazing. I am going to admit the blurb I read confused me and I wasn't sure what I was getting into by reading this story but I started it and once my mind got all the characters straight I seriously enjoyed this This story does have a LOT of characters and it has a lot of what people consider triggers but for me i dont have triggers haha i ended up falling head over heels for these characters This story was def NOT a romance it was dark it was rough it was sad and so many hard pa [...]

    15. The irritation was strong on this one. Like, real strong.Asher frustrated me THIS ENTIRE BOOK. I kept waiting for him to get better, for him to see, and yeah there were moments, but good gracious it was hard to read his thoughts. It was hard to get through the book at all. The only reason it got 3 stars at all was because I did in fact get through it and I feel like that's something. He was kind of a crappy person and most of his family was too. But, I can concede that the more you got into his [...]

    16. Wow, you wouldn't believe what type of book you got just by reading through the beginning of the story or the blurb. You get so much more out of it. There is so much happening in this book. It felt like as if we actualy went through his life that didnt suddenly stay still. All his problems dragged through the plot mercilessly, there were actual consequences happening to things he did through out the book.The part that hurt me the most was with Gabe, it nearly broke my heart. What annoyed me the [...]

    17. The beginning was a bit slow, I almost dropped it. Some of the reviews made me read on and it got better at 40% on and kept on getting better.

    18. Original Review can be found here:https: //eddylefey.wordpress/2015/07/18/blI’m having trouble writing this review. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because the writing is bad. The author’s writing style was just what this story needed. No, I’m having trouble because the story hits a little too close to home for me, and I don’t want to get too personal.The author wrote the story in first person, simple past tense. Some people don’t like that. I do. In the case of Guitars and Cages, I r [...]

    19. Original Blog Post: Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt, Trailer & #Giveaway: Guitars and Cages by Layla DorineReview by: multitaskingmommaMy Rating: 5 of 5 StarsClearly, this is one of those books that can send me to tears. And it did. By the buckets but! This was so good How do I review something this well written?The story is about one flawed man and other flawed men and women. We have the MC Asher who is not a likable individual at all. Well, he does have his moments and he is kinda the MC b [...]

    20. *copy provided by Bayou Book Junkie by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*This book was not what I thought I was getting. I thought this was a M/M romance. It isn't. What it is, is an amazing story of one very messed up young man, and his journey to finally admitting to and accepting himself for who and what he is, with a tiny undertone of a romance. There is no HEA, but you'll be left satisfied. I was, yet I was left wanting more. I really hope the author finishes Asher's story. [...]

    21. This book was an awesome read. Layla Dorine is an awesome writer. She keeps you captivated and at the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. This book is about a young man name Asher who has had a rough life. He doesn't like deal with life when things get too hard. Then he was forced to take care of his nephew, Rory as his takes off for a job in a different country. Then in steps Alex, who is Asher's brother. Asher was surprise to find out that Alex is now Alexia. She steps up to help rais [...]

    22. ***Possible Spoilers*** :x I came across this title via my twitter feed and after going over the synopsis, rave reviews & one stunning book cover I decided to give it a shot. Well I have to say I'm so glad I did, because this book was beyond amazing & one emotional roller coaster. I think it was a little rushed towards the end, but it still worked out beautifully. I'd personally love to see a sequel, maybe exploring Asher & Conner's relationship in more detail or Asher reconnecting w [...]

    23. I love a good dose of angst and this certainly ticked that box for me. Asher has so many issues and it hurt to be in his head, but I was constantly rooting for him to figure out he means something to several people and isn't the waste of space he sees himself as. I loved the supporting characters of Morgan and Alexia and Conner; I wanted to slap Cole plenty of times. I found it impossible to stop reading and impossible to not reach for the tissues. Although it wasn't a boy meets boy, fall in lov [...]

    24. Wow, this book has stuck with me for weeks. It was dark and twisty and real. I went through all sorts of emotions with this one. I stayed up most of the night because I could not put it down, I had to read it in one go. I'm not normally one to contact and author but in this case it was a mustI needed to find out if we got more and there will be more!!! If you like angst and dark and hurt you HAVE to read this book!

    25. 4.5 stars--What an emotionally draining read! What a story! A little judicious editing and this would have been an easy 5 stars.

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