All-New Captain America, Vol. 1: Hydra Ascendant

All-New Captain America, Vol. 1: Hydra Ascendant

Rick Remender Stuart Immonen / Dec 14, 2019

All New Captain America Vol Hydra Ascendant Collects All New Captain America The spy fi high flying adventures of Sam Wilson the all new Captain America begin here Hydra has infiltrated society completely but why Cap s new partnershi

  • Title: All-New Captain America, Vol. 1: Hydra Ascendant
  • Author: Rick Remender Stuart Immonen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects All New Captain America 2014 1 6.The spy fi, high flying adventures of Sam Wilson the all new Captain America begin here Hydra has infiltrated society completely, but why Cap s new partnership with Nomad is tested as they race to uncover the Sect of the Unknown, but Hydra gathers Steve Rogers old rogues gallery to take down the new heroes The all newCollects All New Captain America 2014 1 6.The spy fi, high flying adventures of Sam Wilson the all new Captain America begin here Hydra has infiltrated society completely, but why Cap s new partnership with Nomad is tested as they race to uncover the Sect of the Unknown, but Hydra gathers Steve Rogers old rogues gallery to take down the new heroes The all new Captain America battles Sin and Baron Blood, and uncovers the new Hydra s ultimate goal but is it too late Millions of innocent souls hang in the balance but broken and nearly dead from Hydra s gauntlet, can Cap stop the Great Leveling In the face of Zemo s atrocities, Sam Wilson will earn his stripes make the single greatest sacrifice of his life and he will never be the same again The stage is set for the Age of Hydra

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        Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California He is the writer co creator of many independent comic books like Black Science, Deadly Class, LOW, Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously, he wrote The Punisher, Uncanny X Force, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.


    1. Sam Wilson the All-New Captain America and Ian Rogers fight to stop Hydra from taking over the world.Hop aboard Marvel's express diversity train. To your left you see Sam Wilson formerly Falcon now Captain America. To your right we have a woman as Thor taking Mjornir and Thor's name. Farther up the track we have the Asian Amadeus Chou as the Totally Awesome Hulk. You'll also see on this train the original X-Men character Iceman come out as gay.What about Kamala Khan and Miles Morales? Well they [...]

    2. With Steve Rogers suddenly an old coot and retired, someone has to be Captain America: enter Cap’s long-time sidekick, Sam Wilson aka the Falcon aka… the All-New Captain America! The Marvel version of Nazis, Hydra, are up to their old tricks and want to sterilise the human race with a blood bomb - it’s up to Sam and his bird Redwing to save the world!Hydra Ascendant sucks because Rick Remender’s Captain America comics have always sucked. Whether he’s writing Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson [...]

    3. Ok, Remender's "Dimension Z" and "The nail" storylines sucked a lot But luckly this is very good.Story is full of action, twists, pathos and Immonen is at his best.(view spoiler)[Characters die and come back in just 6 issues Redwing as vampire! Wow!Well this adds a classic taste to the first volume of the all new Captain America, but if Ian's shockin "death" was for real this was going to be a five stars review. (hide spoiler)]Far better than expected.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br [...]

    4. It takes a high-caliber artist to bring out the best of Rick Remender's stories. I've seen this with his Uncanny X-Force work and now I see that Stuart Immonen is going to work well with Remender on the six issues the all-new Captain America, a.k.a. Falcon. had as the lead star of his own book.I could see that Secret Wars totally scuttled any plans of a follow up by Remender. Compounded with recent solicitations of a lack of a Remender book post-Secret Wars. At least, he had a Battleworld mini f [...]

    5. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!I LOVED this book! Stuart Immomen's artwork has never been better and Rick Remender's plot had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The softer moments showing Sam interacting with his family in his rare downtime really tugged on the ol' heartstrings, too. Sam's fertility being on the line really hit home; not being able to have kids is really close to home for me, so Well.I've always been a big fan of Sam and Redwing and this may well be my favourite story featurin [...]

    6. While I enjoyed the new Caps unveiling in the last book this one really felt weak and watered down. They tried by having this jam packed with known Cap villains but to quote this book "he's not my Captain America ". Falcon's power is interacting with birds like some weird beast master of birds with mechanical wings. Sorry Marvel I really wanted to like this buth.

    7. If I were to rate this book solely on looks - that is, art - I could not give this book less than five *glittering* stars. It is simply spectacular in all aspects: pencils, inks, and oh-my-goodness the colours! The character designs are great, especially SamCap (view spoiler)[(how I refer to 'Sam Wilson: The All-New Captain America', based on the popular BuckyCap sobriquet people were using years ago when Bucky Barnes replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America) (hide spoiler)]. Unfortunately, ther [...]

    8. Well, after the terrible start to this series I had very low expectations for this series. Happily this was better. I won't say good. But, better is apt. Once again Cap-Falcon and Dimension-Z (still have no idea what that is) Nomad (Ian Rogers-Cap's son from who knows?) take on Hydra. This could have been a really great story. The main problem is that Falcon-Cap sucks. No really he SUCKS. He is not a good fighter. He screws up his missions and always the writer has not have some deus ex machina [...]

    9. Stuart Immonen's reliable and dynamic pencils can't save a story that feels overly silly (baddies taking over the world with contagion fleas, the appearance of life restoring bio gel, flocks of birds to the rescue, and even a vampire bird). Remender tries to ground the work with flashbacks to Sam's past, but it's all stuff straight from the superhero tropes playbook (righteous dad gunned down, prophetic final words). Skippable.

    10. Rick Remender’s basic premise in this volume is a sound one – everyone, including Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, are questioning the legitimacy of Sam taking over the role of the star spangled shield thrower – America’s champion and darling (Okay, that last endearment comes from Mrs. Jeff). Wilson didn’t get juiced up on super-soldier serum to fight the Nazi hordes and give Hitler the ultimate wedgie, but his backstory, which kicks off each issue contained in this volume, leaves [...]

    11. So, first, the elephant in the room: is this actually a Captain America comic? Marvel has been quite successful with legacy characters of late, with Wolverine and Thor being examples of legacy characters who have really been able to fill their mentor's shoes. All-New Captain America is a bit more troublesome because Sam has such a rich character history, but more notably he still feels like The Falcon (unlike Bucky when he took over the role several years ago).And, oh this comic is mired in Falc [...]

    12. Rick Remender ends hisntroversial (probably the nicest way to put it) run on Captain America with this final six issue story featuring Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. It's a shame that he didn't get to run with this concept a little longer, because I think it's probably better than the entirety of his Steve Rogers run put together.Sam's point of view as Cap is very different to Steve's, and his backstory comes into play quite a bit as he tries to prove to the world and to himself that he' [...]

    13. I haven't read any of Rick Remender's creator owned stuff, but I'm definitely not a fan of his Marvel stuff I have no problem with Sam Wilson being the new Captain America. To be honest, that's the only reason I read this volume after disliking Remender's last Cap series. I just don't think he told a very interesting story. Maybe the problem is that Secret Wars cut his plans early. I'll admit it is hard to tell the complete story of someone new taking the mantle of a Captain America in 6 issues. [...]

    14. At first I liked the set well enough. But the more I think about it, the less I like it. Several characters "died" and came back in the span of 6 issues. Really!?!? Its a shame because it actually started out strong. We get more of Sam's back story, but it is forced and doesnt read well. I am hoping for better. I am really hoping for a new writer who actually likes Cap. I really want a return of Steve Rogers and to have Remender's run erased from history.

    15. I didn't like Remender's last run on Captain America, and that hasn't changed with this one. Sorry, Rick.

    16. While I cannot think of anything "wrong" with this book, it does not get the usual 4 stars Remender usually gets. Not sure why either, Strong story, strong art, I liked it.

    17. Now that he's the new Captain America Sam Wilson has to prove himself that he's worth it. And he is, though he got repeatedly beaten up and down and probably wouldn't have saved the day without the help of some friends in this all-out action volume. Little Sam still has to improve but is on his way.I can't say that so far Remender impressed me much with the few stories I've read. This one's changes that even if the story and its narration are far from perfect. Some easy tricks like the not-so-ba [...]

    18. Public library copy. This was another book that caught me off guard as I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. The artist always does top-notch work and this work was no exception. Remender did a better job writing Sam as Capt than the approach he took to writing Steve. At Marvel it seems most writers on Captain America are far less interested in writing Steve Rogers, which makes sense for their career legacy, but not the character's legacy.

    19. This one didn't do much for me. The art was nice enough, but the story never grabbed me. It seemed more interested in using a ton of characters that telling a good story. Also, for a book that was supposed to start a new line, it didn't really start you off very well, instead just throwing you into the midst of things.I may give volume 2 a try when it comes out, but it is 50/50 at this point.

    20. I'm not usually a big Rick Remender fan, but I like this comic. Its got some problems, particularly its relying on the old trope of killing a character only to have them return in incredibly short order, but its a strong plot with some neat villains and decent character work.

    21. This is the kind of stuff I got into comic books for. The slightly mythological sense of right and wrong and sacrifice and corny speeches that I'm ashamed to love and good heroes and bad villains.

    22. Captain America is currently my favorite superhero and because I've only experienced his story through the movies, I wanted to start reading the comics. Maybe it wasn't the best decision to begin with a more recent story arc without much preamble because there was a lot in All-New Captain America that ended up confusing me. As in, who the heck is Nomad? Who are all of these villains? Why is Sam taking on Captain America's mantle now? And a few of those questions were actually answered in the vol [...]

    23. I'm a die-hard Steve Rogers is Captain America fan so when news of the Falcon taking over the mantle came out, there was the usual derision.A couple things I did like that Remender did: 1) he dove into Sam's past to show you exactly how he developed this sense of justice and the need to help others. It's all very believable and probably the strongest point of this volume. This is something that Remender always excels at: justifying a character's actions and motivations with some type of psycholo [...]

    24. Okay let's get this out of the way. I like the character of Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. Being an african american I love the positive and optimism that Sam Wilson brings to the Captain America mythos. I have really enjoyed actor Anthony Mackie portrayal of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has really brought that character into the limelight. I say all this just to get it out in the open that I see Sam as Falcon not some stand in for Captain America. I understand that Marvel want [...]

    25. Sam is a natural fit for taking on the Captain America shield, and for me this introduction to the new Cap was an entertaining tale.

    26. Enjoying All-New Captain America, written by Rick Remender with beautiful art by Stuart Immonen, just makes me feel frustrated. And I did enjoy it -- a lot actually. More then I thought I would. I would have enjoyed it better if Marvel didn't constantly cancel and restart every single one of their series in the most frustrating way possible.There's a lot to like in All-New Captain America. The new status quo that came out of Rick Remender previous Captain America Volume 7, which left Steve Roger [...]

    27. I'm going to skip this one and pick up the reboot after Secret Wars. Reasons in spoilers. (view spoiler)[ This had me until the stupid time travel twist in issue 3. I like Captain America, and I've always liked Sam, but that was just so stupid and so out of nowhere. One second he's learning that Hydra has infiltrated basically everything (AGAIN) and then he's back in WWII? What? It was just too unexpected, too ridiculous. It lost me. Similarly, Nomad has only been in the comic book scene for two [...]

    28. I think Remender is as good as ever with this volume. I know that inevitably with the nearly instantaneous and massive change that Marvel has undergone in comparison with the steady decades in which change was comparatively limited or at least temporary there must be a lot of fan turmoil. I notice for example a ranking for this volume far below what I feel it deserves. I love Steve Rogers. But what I demand ultimately from a Captain America comic book is a strong story that doesn't contradict th [...]

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