Addicted to You

Addicted to You

Renita Pizzitola / May 28, 2020

Addicted to You In a sweet sexy novel for fans of Abbi Glines Monica Murphy and Christina Lauren the author of Just a Little Kiss tells the story of two friends who each want and the love triangle that s holding

  • Title: Addicted to You
  • Author: Renita Pizzitola
  • ISBN: 9781101968437
  • Page: 264
  • Format: ebook
  • In a sweet, sexy novel for fans of Abbi Glines, Monica Murphy, and Christina Lauren, the author of Just a Little Kiss tells the story of two friends who each want and the love triangle that s holding them back In the sleepy fishing town of Port Lucia, everyone knows everyone, but Isla Diaz really knows Colby Callahan, with his blue gray eyes and the tousled brown hIn a sweet, sexy novel for fans of Abbi Glines, Monica Murphy, and Christina Lauren, the author of Just a Little Kiss tells the story of two friends who each want and the love triangle that s holding them back In the sleepy fishing town of Port Lucia, everyone knows everyone, but Isla Diaz really knows Colby Callahan, with his blue gray eyes and the tousled brown hair always tucked sexily into his cap After all, Isla has been crazy about Colby ever since she can remember even if he treats her like a kid sister Now, without her best friend, Felicity, around, Isla spots a golden opportunity to take things to the next level or at least wrangle a kiss out of Colby By random chance, a tropical storm is headed toward the coast, leaving them stranded together overnight and there s nothing to do but drink As the evening wears on, Isla gets the feeling that her not so secret crush may finally release her from the friend zone With her dreams finally coming true, Isla isn t about to pump the brakes, but is this just a one time thing What if the next morning, she needs than Colby s prepared to give Little does she know, Colby would like nothing than a real relationship with Isla She s always been the one But there s a very good reason he s been keeping his distance Someone else loves her too, someone who also means the world to Colby his brother Praise for the novels of Renita Pizzitola Brinley and Ryder are the perfect combination of sweet and hot They ll have you pulling for second chances USA Today bestselling author Lisa Desrochers, on Just a Little Crush Be prepared to swoon hard over Ryder in Just a Little Crush, Renita Pizzitola s impressive New Adult debut Brinley and Ryder are drawn together in an almost hypnotic way and I couldn t help but be mesmerized by the utterly sexy, sweet, romantic, and scorching moments between them I loved it Christina Lee, author of the Between Breaths series, on Just a Little Crush In the tradition of new adults everywhere, Felicity and Mason stumble through their new relationship as it transitions from a summer sweetness to autumnal angst with charming secondary relationships and a beautifully detailed setting Publishers Weekly, on Just a Little Kiss

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        Renita Pizzitola is the author of New Adult contemporary romance and Young Adult fantasy When not writing, she can be found feeding her caramel macchiato addiction and reading just about anything she can get her hands on She lives in Austin, Texas.


    1. "But truth be told, I'd never get enough of Colby, because I was completely and hopelessly addicted to him."4 Stars!Wow, this book just wormed its way under my skin. It's a sweet friends-to-lovers story that kind of reminds me of Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty and Abbi Glines' Rosemary Beach series."Just friends. As in no benefits."Addicted to You follows the main characters Colby Callahan and Isla Diaz. Growing up in a fishing town of Port Lucia, they are best of friends since childhood [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars. While the writing was excellent in this book, I found myself a bit frustrated at the push and pull between Colby and Isla. Although Colby's reasons were honorable, and revealed some depth, the story could've focused more on their growth as couple had he and Isla communicated instead of the typical dramatic drawn out plot. It is a credit to the writer that I was still engaged and invested, even as the characters challenged my patience. I liked how it all came together and what Colby's [...]

    3. Thank you LoveSwept for the ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.What a lovely guilty pleasure read! I would like to thank sis Pearl for recommending this book to me [click her name to read her amazing review!]. I really like Addicted to You because of the small town and friends-to-lovers romance with a little drama, usually these kinds of books are my go-to reads. Plus, the author's writing style is good and the story has a great romance, tension and angst. Isla Diaz lives on a sm [...]

    4. 2.5 stars After seeing the comparison to Christina Lauren and the BFF to more plot line, I was insanely excited for this. I liked Isla. She's happy and positive, friendly and loyal. For the most part, I enjoyed being in her head. I also really liked Taylor and definitely would have liked to see more of her. As for Colby and Landon? I'm not sure what to say about them. They both have such potential, but it didn't seem like we saw any of it. My main complaint was all of the push and pull. Everythi [...]

    5. Isla Diaz has been friends with Colby Callahan forever but she's also had a bit of a crush on Colby that has never been pursued. One night the pair find themselves alone as a tropical storm heads into Port Lucia and as they play a few games to pass the time the next thing they know they find themselves in bed together. After their night together Isla isn't sure what Colby may think of what happened between them and if this may ruin the friendship they always have shared. Things get a bit weird a [...]

    6. The Good, The Bad, and Everything In BetweenThe Good-Love seeing a Latina heroine. Her little moments with her grandmother, the Spanish sprinkled into their conversations is comfortable and familiar to me and was easily my favorite part of the book.-Likeable characters. Isla and Colby do have some chemistry that comes out from time to time, especially when there’s references to their long history and their familiarity to each other. In general, with a couple of glaring exceptions (more on that [...]

    7. 2.75 STARSI discovered Renita Pizzitola two years ago when I came across Just a Little Crush. It was an absolute gem of a new adult romance and I went on to request and review Just a Little Flirt and Just a Little Kiss last year. I gave each book at least 4 stars and when I heard Pizzitola was writing a spin-off series I was so excited. I requested Addicted to You as soon as it became available and jumped right in. And *insert huge sigh*Isla has been in love with her best friend Colby for years. [...]

    8. "There were probably a lot of girls who would give anything to be pinned between the hot bartender and the sun-kissed boat captain. It was like the perfect love triangle."I went into this one really hoping for a cutesy young romance. Instead, I got a whole lot of childish back and forth that quickly got very old. Isla and Colby couldn't stay on the same page long enough to really move the story along more than an inch. The feeling of one step forward, two steps back was inevitable and really dul [...]

    9. If you're looking for a light, feel-good, low angst friends to lovers story then this is the book for you.Renita Pizzitola really captures the joy and heartache of being in love with your best friend and being too unsure to share it with them. I loved how we really got into Isla's mind and how she second guessed herself so often. She was sure of her feelings, but questioning the mixed signals being sent to her from all over. It felt real and not like some OTT emotions that some books try to pass [...]

    10. This is a great NA read and the beginning of what should be a fun series to read. It's a friends to lovers story and it takes a while for these two to come to the realization that they both having more than friends feelings for each other. There is a great group of secondary characters which will make for some interesting stories in the future. Isla Diaz has been crazy about Colby Callahan forever and she's ready to take things to the next level. Sadly he's put her firmly in the friend zone and [...]

    11. This book was okay and I did enjoy reading it. I like the characters just fine and could see the connection between Isla and Colby. They had good chemistry and I liked them together but the whole brother storyline is what really threw me off. It didn't seem as though Landon was utterly taken with Isla but rather just thought she was a great girl with girlfriend potential, so when Colby kept trying to step aside for him it felt like unnecessary conflict. There just seemed to be a lot of push and [...]

    12. This review is based on an ARC received from the author and/ or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.3.5Ahhhhh the bad decisions made by young people I know I didn't have it all figured out when I was growing up. Sweet young love, that is what this book offers.

    13. Big thanks to Flirt Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC copy for reviewAfter introducing the town of Port Lucia in Just A Little Kiss, I wanted to know more about Felicity's other friends in the little sea side town. Renita knows the reader's mind because she definitely delivers in this charming little story. Just like with the author's previous novels, there is romance, friendships, some drama, but ultimately finding exactly where you're meant to be and who you're meant for. This new series is [...]

    14. This is a sweet friend to lover’s story. This story takes place in a fishing town called Port Lucia. Colby and Isla have been friends for years. But what Colby doesn’t know is that Isla has had a crush on him since they were young. But he just sees her as a “kid sister” or at least that is what he tells himself. But after a one night, things start to get a little more serious. You can feel the sexual tension between them. While overall it was well written, light enjoyable read, it was a [...]

    15. The minute I read the synopsis for Addicted to You, I knew I had to read it. The friends to lovers trope is one of my very favorites and Addicted to You did not disappoint. The story revolves around Isla, Colby, and Colby's older brother, Landon, who have all grown up together in the small town of Port Lucia. Yes, at it's core, it's a love story, but the relationships are not just between our main characters, but also between them and their families.I loved Colby and Landon's bromance. They are [...]

    16. Friend ZonedWe all have been there, but seriously would you take the chance and make a move or stay in the friend zone? So I love Renita PizzitolaHer books are just so freaking addicting! This woman can write and she’s entertaining. She does a fantastic friends to lovers and second chance themes. I can’t get enough of her writing and I highly recommend it! If you have read her Crush series, you have been introduced to the characters. This is a spin off series. YAY!!Okay first let me tell you [...]

    17. Isla Diaz and Colby Callahan are best friends -- best friends each secretly harboring feelings for one another. When a drunken, stormy night leads them into bed together, neither is sure what it means for the two of them. Isla wants more, but convinced that Colby doesn't, she flees. Colby wants more but there's something (or someone) holding him back. Will they follow their hearts towards the love they both feel or will they be kept apart by circumstance?4.5 stars!I LOVED THIS BOOK! Couldn't put [...]

    18. This book was given to me for an honest review2.5 starsI read the blurb and thought this would be a cute story, I was frustrated by the end of this book. I enjoy best friends finding their way to each other, fumbling but in all seeing what they had right in front of them. This book was nothing but frustrating. Colby drove me completely nuts. He was so hot and cold. He won't tell Isla how he feels because someone else likes her. He does something at a party with Isla and then just I don't know fl [...]

    19. 3.5 startsI received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review. I do love a good love story especially one that starts out as best friends. Longtime best friends who having feeling for each other but neither of them have told the other. The other complication is Colby's brother Landon who also has a crush on Isla. Colby and Isla don't realize that they both have feelings for each other.The story is told from Isla point of view. The first half was just reading about Isla's thoughts and feelings [...]

    20. I volunteered to read this book provided by NetGalley to review. I like best friend stories. I like that the friend zone can be crossed. But this book had just too much introspective talk for me. Isla sometimes drove me crazy thinking Colby should know what she was thinking or how she felt about him, at the same time wishing he would just tell her how he felt about her. That type of character trait always irritates me, but it's one I know us females have. The story line was fun and cute, but too [...]

    21. There really was no storyline to this book. Waste of words. Two brothers. Landon. Older. Extrovert. Has a crush on her.Colby. Boring. Loves her. Festering because of his brother.Guess who encourages her Landon. He had a crush. He easily got over it. What was the big deal?

    22. Super duper meh.I really just found Isla to be irritating with all her back and forth, does-he-doesn't-he, poor me attitude. And somehow there were like, what 3 dudes that were all trying to get after that? Pass.And Colby was so beige it wasn't even funny. Most of the time he was white noise in the background and then we're supposed to buy that it's because he's an observer? No, that dude is like the crappy kind of vanilla ice cream that isn't ice cream at all but that my favorite Chinese restau [...]

    23. This was a nice new adult read and was an easy friends to lovers story. The characters are sweet and likeable, however, If I'm honest, the story stalled a little in the middle and felt repetitive. All the way through, I felt that it needed something to happen to lift the story. I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher via NetGalley under no inducement or obligation.

    24. A well written new adult contemporary romance,i just love a good friends to lovers book and this was great just loved Isla and Colby a well written book you wont want to put down Super read just loved it

    25. It was a fast read. The story or characters had no real background or depth and it was very predictable. A short and sweet distraction on a long nighted it in one read.

    26. set in the fictional small fishing town of port lucia, addicted to you, tells the story of two best friends who have loved each other forever. but for many reasons, some valid, some ridiculous, neither colby or isla has ever dared to take the step that would push them over the line to lovers.but isla is at her breaking point. she's planning to leave town to go to nursing school and she doesn't want to leave town without knowing whether or not she and colby can be something more. and when an inco [...]

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