100 dní štěstí

100 dní štěstí

Fausto Brizzi / Nov 22, 2019

dn t st Ho ce sm vn rom n o l sce chlapsk m p telstv slunn It lii a skv l italsk kuchyni Budete plakat a budete se sm t jako byste sledovali skv l film Nem m dnou z sluhu pro kterou bych byl ofici ln vzp

  • Title: 100 dní štěstí
  • Author: Fausto Brizzi
  • ISBN: 9788073218737
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ho ce sm vn rom n o l sce, chlapsk m p telstv , slunn It lii a skv l italsk kuchyni Budete plakat a budete se sm t, jako byste sledovali skv l film Nem m dnou z sluhu, pro kterou bych byl ofici ln vzpom n n Abych ospravedlnil tu mramorovou desku Desku, kolem kter n kdo projde a ekne Mrkni mi do Wikipedie, kdo byl tendleten Battistini Nicm n m m enu aHo ce sm vn rom n o l sce, chlapsk m p telstv , slunn It lii a skv l italsk kuchyni Budete plakat a budete se sm t, jako byste sledovali skv l film Nem m dnou z sluhu, pro kterou bych byl ofici ln vzpom n n Abych ospravedlnil tu mramorovou desku Desku, kolem kter n kdo projde a ekne Mrkni mi do Wikipedie, kdo byl tendleten Battistini Nicm n m m enu a dv d ti, kter miluju, asn p tele, mu stvo kluk , kte by za m dali ivot D lal jsem chyby, dal je t ud l m, ale taky jsem se zapojil Taky jsem tu byl Mo n v koutku, nebyl jsem oslavenec, ale byl jsem tu Jedin , eho lituju, je, e jsem musel zjistit, e um r m, abych za al t.

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    1. I loved this book in theory, I loved it in theme, I loved it in writing, I loved it in so many way; however, for some reason, I just failed to be absorbed by this book.This story was inspirational, but not in an overtly in-your-face manner like some books can be. While Lucio wants to make the most of his last days, he sometimes screws up and has days that aren't really that meaningful. He's human. But he tries really hard and in that he's a great example.Lucio himself was my absolute favourite. [...]

    2. Il protagonista di Cento giorni di felicità è Lucio, un quarantenne, sposato, padre di due figli piccoli, ex pallanuotista. Una persona qualunque che, inaspettatamente, si è trovato a dover fare i conti con una malattia tragica: un cancro al fegato.Decide così di darsi un tempo massimo di vita, per non soccombere nel dolore, nella fatica di scendere dal letto, per non vedersi dipendente dagli altri. Cento giorni. Cento giorni in cui proverà a recuperare tutto il tempo che ha perso a fare al [...]

    3. What would you do if you knew you only had 100 days left to live? For Lucio Battistini, it’s a chance to spend the rest of his life the way he always should have—by making every moment count Womanizing, imperfect but loveable Lucio Battistini has been thrown out of the house by his wife and is sleeping in the stock room of his father-in-law’s bombolini bakery when he learns he has inoperable cancer. So begins the last hundred days of Lucio’s life, as he attempts to care for his family, w [...]

    4. Een ontroerend verhaal die je diep raakt, een tip als je aan dit boek begint houd op het laatst van het boek een zakdoek bij de hand. Ik had deze nodig en vond het een prachtig verhaal, wat je erg aan het denken zet. Een goede recensie over dit boek las ik op Rachelleest

    5. Любителям "стодневок саморазвития" читать обязательно! Книга художественная, но учит, как прожить прекрасных 100 дней, наполненных радостью и насыщенных смыслом. Жанр можно характеризовать как "оптимистическую трагедию". Главный герой - типичный "маленький человек", эдакий [...]

    6. E' stata una lettura che definirei "inquietante" o "ansiogena". Il libro in sè scorre carino e a tratti anche divertente, pur trattando un argomento che di lati divertenti non ne ha per niente. Diciamo che l'argomento del libro dà spunti per pensare, anche se è di certo un pensiero che nessuno vorrebbe dover fare. Sta di fatto che andrò a fare le analisi del sangue. Così, a buffo. Giusto per essere sicuri che va tutto bene

    7. Tako tužna priča, a tako puna života. Poučna, zanimljiva, duhovita. Mnogo mi se dopala u brojnim segmentima, a više utisaka možete pročitati u blog postu: lovily/sto-dana-srece-i-s

    8. Well, for a depressing topic - Lucio Battistini discovers he has last stage cancer and only 100 days to live - Brizzi has managed to write a fairly non-depressing book, although you will want to have a box of tissues handy. Lucio is a wonderful character, and his reaction to his diagnosis and subsequent behavior seems genuine. I enjoyed the details of his life in Rome, although his family and friends sometimes seem like stock characters, rather than real ones. I listened to this book, and the na [...]

    9. Could have been great, but the author preferred staying in Jojo Moyes territory, maybe hoping for a film to be made out of it. With such a heavy subject matter, I would've hoped for something a little deeper and more thoughtful, or, if not, for some other added value. But the novel is trying its best to stay "cutsey" and light, presenting picture after picture of romantic Hollywood moments - sick dad eating ice cream with children, sick dad having fun with his friends abroad, you get the idea. A [...]

    10. I finished this book a few weeks ago and I’ve struggled with what to say about a very simple story with such a big message. I want to recommend this to everyone, but I know this isn’t for everyone. And maybe it resonated with me due to my age or that this year has been what you might call challenging or that I’ve become more contemplative as a result of the two previous points. The novel opens with the protagonist/narrator recounting the three most important days of his life, the last of w [...]

    11. If you only had one hundred days left to live using one or two of the reading this book would be time well-spent. It was a charming read, but perhaps a bit too sacarine to merit five stars. It could alternatively be the specific nature of the ending that gave me some doubts. Whilst the conclusion is revealed right at the start, the particular method by which it is reached is a controversial one. Readers with particularly fervent religious beliefs might be unhappy with the book's firm agnosticism [...]

    12. I read 100 Days after spending five days in Rome and Tuscany. The locations were highly evocative of my own travels and I could easily picture Oscar's bakery or the Chitchat shop tucked away down medieval Roman alleyways. As a parent, this book struck some deep nerves around the quality of the time we spend with our "heirs", the lessons we teach them, and the way they will remember us when we eventually leave. It has already made me want to be more intentional about all three. And, as half of an [...]

    13. Un romanzo che sa di buono come la ciambella della copertina :) Ci crediamo tutti immortali e intoccabili dalla malattia e dalla morte, ma la malattia e la morte sono li' nell'attesa di essere affrontate Come e quando la cosa accadrà, difficile prevederlo, probabilmente non ti aspetti che la cosa avvenga a quarant'anni e con due figli ancora piccoli da crescere. Lucio, il protagonista del romanzo, decide, e la scelta è ammirevole, di passare gli ultimi giorni della sua vita dando valore alle p [...]

    14. This was recommended to me after I finished Graeme Simsion's Rosie books. I was slow to get into it, but I am so glad I persevered. I cried on the train. And at the kitchen table. And on my lunch break. All while reading this book.But it's not all tears. It's sometimes laugh out loud funny, it's poignant, thoughtful and beautifully written. I immediately liked the protagonist, and loved the flow of the book. I definitely recommend this book as an easy read that's thought provoking and funny.

    15. Ik weet niet zo goed wat ik met dit boek aan moet Ja, het is een mooi boek. Het word mooi verteld en bepaalde zinnen grijpen je echt even vast. De boodschap is ook heel mooi. Ik merkte alleen dat ik soms geïrriteerd werd. Ik moest het boek soms ook even wegleggen, om een halfuurtje later weer te beginnen. Iets in dat boek hield me vast, maar tegelijkertijd irriteerde me dat ook. Vandaar de 4 sterren. Het is echt een heel mooi boek, maar omdat ik de vinger niet op kan leggen wat mij mij nou exac [...]

    16. This is one of the best books I have ever read. This book makes you laugh and cry. I stayed up till 1am reading it, read it in my lunch hours, read it in the evening. I couldn't put it down. I was so emotionally attached to Lucio by chapter two and by the end of the book I was a sobbing mess. He's so flawed and lovable. His 100 days of happiness are amazing. I loved the characters and the life lessons cleverly woven in. A fab book!

    17. Ik ben geraakt, geïnspireerd en ontzettend dankbaar dat de auteur Fausto Brizzi zo’n ontroerend, maar toch grappig meesterwerk heeft geschreven. 100 gelukkige dagen is een echte eyeopener om het leven te vieren. Niet later, maar nu! Meer informatie op bydagmarvalerie/books/w

    18. I loved the way this author wrote! It was such an easy read, even though there were many Italian words. The premise is actually sad but the story was told in a very thought provoking and, if you can imagine, happy way. I would highly recommend this book.

    19. Minunata! Ar trebui sa fie mult mai apreciata! E o carte unica, atat prin idee cat si prin modul de scriere al autorului care este inegalabil! O carte emotionanta, care se joaca cu sentimentele tale si iti schimba dispozitia de la o pagina la alta!

    20. Love it when I happen upon a book that I know nothing about and fall in love with it. It is happy and sad. I recommend listening to it as an audio book. It is set it Italy and the man who reads the book can pronounce the Italian names beautifully.(unless of course you can read Italian). Give this one a chance. I think you will like it.

    21. רעיון טוב, ביצוע קצת פחותלא אהבתי שיש הרבה הצגת עובדות, כמו אנציקלופדיה או הטפה לידע

    22. It is really a nice book, easy writing, so full of feelings and love for the family. Funny too. Really end up feeling all warm, fuzzy and tears in the eyes.

    23. I have never cried so much reading a book as I cried reading this. It's a unique story, easy to read, filled with humor which makes real life struggles seem triffle. This book made me rethink about life and the way I view the world and my problems. It taught me to be grateful and when I feel that I am forgetting that, I go back and browse through its pages. You should read it. - Nerdy Mary.

    24. I liked this book but didn't love it. I started out loving it and the main character Lucio is quite a likeable guy despite all his human failings and shortcomings. I liked the concept of the book and was intrigued with how someone would spend their last three months on earth , however I never found the relationship between Lucio and his wife very realistic. Even though Paola his wife had found out Lucio was having an affair just prior to his diagnosis with terminal cancer she never reached out o [...]

    25. Main character discovers he has cancer, which is far beyond the point at which treatment could help. It happens to be discovered shortly after he is caught cheating on his wife. The book is like a journal-- one day for each of the days he has left to live. It's written in first person and even humorous at times, but I skipped around for the last 30% of the book. I found myself just wanting to finish it, especially since I knew what was coming.

    26. Nu pot spune că am adorat această carte iar la început, protagonistul îmi era chiar foarte antipatic - dar spre final, acesta a reușit să-mi câștige compasiunea.Este vorba despre un om care descoperă că are cancer la stomac în fază finală și nu mai poate face nimic în legătură cu asta. Moare la patruzeci de ani, lucru care ne este menționat din primele rânduri. Conform medicilor, el mai are o sută de zile de trăit, de unde și titlul cărții, în care decidă să realizeze [...]

    27. "Non ho mai pensato al mio funerale. Nessuno pensa mai al suo funerale. Eppure è la recita finale non replicabile di ognuno di noi, che interpretiamo magistralmente nei panni del protagonista. Dunque vale la pena dedicarci cinque minuti, almeno per non fare brutta figura.Intanto bisogna scegliere il tipo di cerimonia.Primo tipo o all'italiana: funerale in chiesa classico con sacerdote annoiato, lacrime e parole commosse degli amici più cari, poi tutti al cimitero per la tumulazione (se non c' [...]

    28. Fun-loving, womanizing Lucio Battistini is told he has about three months to live, after being diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. This seems to me a good story base, begging the question: what to do with his remaining time on earth. Over the course of one hundred chapters, one for each day of the rest of his life, he documents his physical and emotional journey. First he must prioritize what matters most to him. He needs to win back his wife, Paula, to whom he was unfaithful, and move back hom [...]

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