Today Means Amen

Today Means Amen

Sierra DeMulder / Mar 29, 2020

Today Means Amen Vivid courageous and candid the poetry of Sierra deMulder speaks straight to the heart Dear you Whoever you are However you got here This is exactly where you are supposed to be This moment has w

  • Title: Today Means Amen
  • Author: Sierra DeMulder
  • ISBN: 9781449474119
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vivid, courageous, and candid, the poetry of Sierra deMulder speaks straight to the heart.Dear you Whoever you are, However you got here, This is exactly where you are supposed to be This moment has waited its whole life for you.These are the opening lines of Today Means Amen, YouTube star Sierra deMulder s immensely powerful and virally popular poem, which lends its tVivid, courageous, and candid, the poetry of Sierra deMulder speaks straight to the heart.Dear you Whoever you are, However you got here, This is exactly where you are supposed to be This moment has waited its whole life for you.These are the opening lines of Today Means Amen, YouTube star Sierra deMulder s immensely powerful and virally popular poem, which lends its title to this collection Like her fellow Millennial poets Tyler Knot Gregson, Clementine von Radics, and Lang Leav, Sierra has the gift of speaking directly to the reader Today Means Amen has become an anthem of sorts to thousands, who find themselves reflected in its pain, its fierceness, its tenderness but also in its triumphant culminating refrain You made it You made it You made it Here.The poems in Sierra s new book explore the rocky terrains of love, family, and womanhood with this same remarkable honesty and generosity Today Means Amen brings this important young poet s work to an even broader audience.

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        Sierra DeMulder is an internationally touring performance poet and educator, a two time National Poetry Slam champion, and a thrice published author of The Bones Below, New Shoes on a Dead Horse 2010, 2012, Write Bloody Publishing , and We Slept Here Button Poetry, 2015 A 2014 McKnight Fellowship recipient, Sierra s work has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, The Advocate, and In addition to performing, Sierra is the curriculum director of the Slam Camp at Indiana University, an annual writing summer camp for high school students, and one of the founders of Button Poetry, the largest digital distributor of spoken word in the world Her latest full length collection, Today Means Amen, was released early 2016 by Andrews McMeel, publisher of Calvin and Hobbes, The Oatmeal, and NY Times bestselling poet Lang Leav.


    1. Today Means Amen is a short book full of poems.Different stories, different poems. The poems are interesting, more a story than real poetry.The poems touched me. The thoughts of the author touched me.The book was about lost love, about children growing up too fast, about parenthood.About bumpy roads,About strangers in the subway that understands us,Nostalgia about the past.Thinking about lazy Sundays and loving parents.The themes of the book are so relating to your life. "Dear you:Whoever you ar [...]

    2. Today Means Amen by Sierra DeMulder is a collection of poetry and a reflection on life. DeMulder is an internationally touring performance poet, educator, and two-time National Poetry Slam champion. Sierra is a 2014 McKnight Fellowship recipient and her work has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, The Advocate, and others.It’s not all that often that a collection speaks with emotion throughout and in a way that a male reader can relate too. From a break up she compares to the experience to [...]

    3. In a voice brashly proud of its vulnerability, Sierra DeMulder’s absorbing new collection Today Means Amen will help readers appreciate a world that lets us claim higher ground if we have known and moved past mistakes, miscalculations, and imperfections. And that includes pretty much all of us.Each of these poems is grounded in a recognizable reality and then tears a hole in it to reveal a larger truth: a stop at a country cemetery, visits to a grandfather living with dementia, a drunken fathe [...]

    4. Review to come, but I leave you with this:"Dear you, whoever you are, however you got here,this is exactly where you are supposed to be.This moment has waited its whole life for you.This moment is your lover and you are a soldier.Come home, baby, it's over. You don't needto suffer anymore. Dear you, this momentis your surprise party. You are both hidingin the dark and walking through the door.This moment is a hallelujah. This momentis your permission slip to finally open that loveletter you've b [...]

    5. This was beautiful, as Sierra's writing always is. She remains my favorite poet besides Blythe Baird. Her words have gotten me through so many tough times and made me feel so many emotions. She was actually the one who got me into poetry in the first place and made me fall in love with words all over again in a new way. This was no different. I loved these poems by her. They were raw and beautiful and they made me cry. They also made me want to fall in love.My favorites were perhaps "Remember," [...]

    6. I'm having difficulty using words as well as Sierra DeMulder does. Suffice it to say that this is beautiful, raw stuff. More thoughts to come when I give up on trying to do this book justice ;)

    7. This is a phenomenal collection of poetry that is so emotionally moving that quite often the tears were flowing free. DeMulder has the gift of touching on life's vulnerabilities and laying them bare with such raw honesty, and yet, there is strength and encouragement herein. The poems of her sister's eating disorder and her grandfather's dementia were especially poignant, and the poem written about her niece is absolutely charming. I was going to post some passages that were my favorites but quic [...]

    8. Today Means Amen is a fantastic collection of poems. I’m not familiar with DeMulder’swork and after reading this collection (which blew my mind, by the way) I’m hungry formore of her poems. I loved everything about this collection, every poem, every word, everyimage and every detail. Today Means Amen contains the kind of contemporary poems I loveand write myself. Page after page spoke to me. Some of the best poems are In The In-Between, The Origin Of The Heart As An Indicator Of Love, Seve [...]

    9. Sierra writes such captivating images in a unique voice. She weaves a spell and you see the magic through even the realest moments of her life she captures in her work. Her work is relatable, honest, lovely. A revelation.

    10. So, so beautiful. Touched my heart in a thousand different ways. Sierra is my favorite poet of all time, and Today Means Amen (the poem the book is titled after) is my favorite poem of all time. Buy it and support her + heal yourself in the process.

    11. "we still stayed–holding each other, arguing, crumpled together in that tub not meant for two or even someone your size. Until the candles burned out, until we were dry."- Sierra DeMulder, Chai & WhiskeyThis is a collection of poetry that made me feel more lovable. Does that make sense?I have this thing where I want to date someone who will lay their head on my lap as I read poetry out loud to them, and this book made that fantasy feel more real. It's not exactly that the poems are romanti [...]

    12. Leave your shame. It will not follow you home.i don't believe in god but if i did i would thank him for placing a talent like sierra demulder on this earth. this is the third poetry collection of hers that i read and i hope to read a thousand more. (no pressure, though, miss demulder!)i can't really describe these poems with just a few adjectives. i mean, this collection is life-affirming, clever, hard-hitting, harrowing, romantic, soothing and things like that but overall it is OVERFLOWING with [...]

    13. This is my "Book of the Year" for 2016. I found Ms. DeMulder's poetry because this book was a finalist in the best poetry category for the year. I have not read much poetry in my life, but this collection had a very big impact on me, as has her other four collections. She is inventive and daring, to say the least. Look for 'Today Means Amen' on You Tube. I love that poem.

    14. On the back of Today Means Amen, the friend of Sierra DeMulder finishes off her blurb by saying, "I believe this book will leave you feeling less alone." That is such the truth. Prepare yourself for a dose of reality: emotionless boyfriends, the love of your 8 year old niece, visiting cemeteries and relationships that should be over but both parties like boxers continue to stay round after round.There is a poem called Floating that I'd have to say is my favorite. I lost my Grandfather a year ago [...]

    15. This took me awhile to read because I wanted to savor each poem. While I liked all of them, a few stuck out in particular. I think that everyone, especially women, can find something to appreciate in DeMulder's work. I mean, I don't think of myself as someone who likes poetry, but if I liked it, then maybe other people who avoided the classes about poetry in college, like me, can like it, too. I would even say that I love it.

    16. Where do one even begin to attempt talk about a book in which the writer has been able to so masterfully capture love, loss, pain, and more in a collection of poems that all successfully touch both the soul and heart of the reader? DeMulder's words are able to convey so much, and as a result I feel like my own words won't be able to do sufficient justice giving this beautiful work the written praise that I feel it deserves. However, I do feel confident enough to type this - this is a work that I [...]

    17. I have read 2 of Sierra DeMulder's books and am familiar with her work. I went in to this with high hopes. I wanted to love it, I really really did but that wasn't the case. With the exception of a few I felt like I was just reading the same poem over and over. They all blended into one repetitive piece and I got bored very quick. Most of these pieces work better read out loud in front of a mic then they do printed on paper.

    18. I wish I knew how to put into words how this book made me feel. I've struggled to write a review for Sierra Demulder's collection of poems for awhile now because of just that. but if you love poetry that makes you feel and think and fall out of and in love all over again, "Today Means Amen'" will not disappoint.

    19. i underlined sentences and starred whole pages and felt things I didn't want to and read some honest real raw words that made me gasp and cry. all I can say about this book is /wow/. (thanks to taylor for getting this title tattooed on her skin, thus compelling me to read these poems.)

    20. Unbelievable. Sierra DeMulder is such an incredible, delightful, awe-inspiring poet. Everyone should read her poems, and watch her performances. She is everything.

    21. There are a few poems towards the end of this collection that have moved onto my "favorite poems" list. Would really love to see Sierra perform them live. Writers Week hopeful!

    22. In this book, Sierra DeMulder tackles love, the loss of love, mental health, among many other issues, in a beautiful way. I was in awe with her words, the imagery, the everything that makes you lift up and up and away into a world of poetry. If you listen to some of the poems that she's already performed on YouTube as you read, I think it adds such a wonderful dimension. Some of my favorite pieces were: At the End of the Day, I Am an Animal ("I loved the idea of you for so long, I forgot you had [...]

    23. I was enjoying this book, and then I got to the last part and suddenly I was broken into little tiny pieces and being put back together at the same time. I stopped feeling alone. There are numerous beautiful poems in this book. A few of my favourites are:"My Lover Found Me Weeping on the Couch""For My Niece Lucia, Age 8""In the Train Station in Munich""Remember""Gardener's Daughter""Thirteen Stanzas for Sarah Winchester Whom I Think I Understand"The very best of them is the title piece. It's a p [...]

    24. For a few years now, I have had a picture that I framed hanging in my house that reads "You Whose Voice is Someone's Favorite Voice, Nothing Would be the Same if You Did Not Exists". These words have been really meaningful to me and it wasn't until recently that I found out that they came from the titular poem of this book. I had the very lucky, rare opportunity to not only see Sierra perform but also to sit in a workshop with her and learn from her. She was kind, funny, and inspiring. Much like [...]

    25. An exploration and an exploitation of minuscule everyday frustrations and destined struggles of the millennials. The odd relevance of her metaphors helps the reader purge him/herself out of the very frustrations she's describing and they're facing.

    26. This small book of poetry is a ferocious balm to the soul. I cannot praise Sierra DeMulder's craft highly enough. May her love affair with words--words that speak to me on a very deep level make me laugh, cry, and shudder--continue unchecked for as long as she can write. Thank you for this gift!

    27. It was ok but not impressive. My favorite part was the poem where she spoke about how a body is not trustworthy when it harnesses a cancer. That is the one imagery I am taking from this book.

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