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Fatality When Rose Lymond was invited to spend a weekend at Angelica s magnificent summer home she had plans to just enjoy herself But somebody ended up dead Now four years later the police have reopened th

  • Title: Fatality
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780439135245
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Rose Lymond was invited to spend a weekend at Angelica s magnificent summer home, she had plans to just enjoy herself But somebody ended up dead Now, four years later, the police have reopened the case, and have the diary Rose kept all through that time.

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        Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when the best teacher I ever had in my life made writing her main focus He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got I started writing then and never stopped When her children were young, Caroline started writing books for young people with remarkable results She began to sell stories to Seventeen magazine and soon after began writing books Suspense novels are her favorites to read and write In a suspense novel, you can count on action To keep her stories realistic, Caroline visits many schools outside of her area, learning about teenagers all the time She often organizes what she calls a plotting game, in which students work together to create plots for stories Caroline lives in Westbrook, Connecticut and when she s not writing she volunteers at a hospital, plays piano for the school musicals and daydreams


    1. I have read quite a few Caroline B. Cooney books and this has to be one of the more disappointing ones. Although it is a fairly short book, I practically had to force myself to finish it. The beginning had some merit to it, but the rest of the book was a disappointment. The entire book is basically devoted to building up suspense for Rose's secret and as a result, there really isn't any other plot than just "Oh Rose has a terrible secret she can't tell anyone." There is a point when the suspense [...]

    2. I think this book Fatality is very interesting and very detailed. I think it's detailed because the whole situation about the girl dying and Rose being a witness Rose explained how it all started and ended. Rose explained about what kind of person Angelica was and how she met her and also how they knew each other. Rose explained the ideas that were going threw her head when she stole the police car and how she was going to handle it once she gets caught. The author explains how Rose's friend Ang [...]

    3. 2.5 stars. Quickly paced, intriguing enough to keep reading (I really wanted to find out what Rose had written in her diary, though I was also fairly sure the reveal would not meet my expectations for it); the actual mystery unravel was pretty blah. (view spoiler)["Whodunnit" often very much is a surprise in mysteries! Because the author usually makes it some dope you don't give a damn about or who is so minor they don't stick in your mind at all while reading. A cheap trick. (hide spoiler)]

    4. What I really enjoyed about this book was how the reader is just as clueless as the other characters about what was in the diary. For me, it was like trying to solve a mystery based on the little clues that the author left. The book however does lack the action I expected from it. I didn't like the ending where it felt like the closing of a play and everything is just revealed to everyone.

    5. definitely not her strongest work. or maybe it's that i'm a bit old for the YA thriller set? anyway. found this in my workplace's "library" -- a bookshelf in the breakroom -- and since I haven't read this one, and loved Cooney as a youngster, i still love her sparse, certain prose.

    6. Normally I love Caroline Cooney's books,this one was mediocre to say the least. It was too many things going on from a forbidden affair to a murder, to a hit and run. It just did not appeal to me. Choose a plot and stick with it!

    7. FamiilyAn excellent read for early teens and up. Enough of a mystery for any age group. No gore, no blood.

    8. This book reminded me of the quick little paperbacks I used to read in junior high and high school. And I followed it just like it wanted me to, and it was all a mystery all the way. My mom could read books like this and always guess, always, and I never had a clue. I'm such a good audience, aren't I? I have read The Face on the Milk Carton series and maybe one or two of her other books. I picked this one up at the YMCA I think, and so I'll return it there for someone else to read and enjoy. It' [...]

    9. Teens looking for a mystery should like this one. Although for some it might develop slowly, I thought it set up Rose's feelings well, leaving you as the reader wondering why she would go to such lengths to hide her diary. Why won't she speak? What did she see four years ago? I liked that in some ways it seemed more of a character study than just moving frantically from cliff-hanger to cliff-hanger. I enjoyed much of the writing, such as this: "the one word a long thin repeating line silencesile [...]

    10. This non-fiction memoir Fatality, by Caroline B. Cooney takes you into the eyes of a true witness. This book is bascicly taken off of the main character's (Rose) diary with explizit detail. This book shows you how life placed Rose in a tunnel with two ways out, tell or keep mute. Only problem is whatever tunnel you take you cant go back.Ever since Rose was young she would write in her diary. Sometimes it would be about other boys, sometimes it would be about louzy things. But one night four year [...]

    11. The book Fatality begins by introducing a teenage girl named Rose Lymond. The cops have just taken her old diary as evidence for the investigation for the murder of Frannie Bailey. Rose is the only one that knows the secrets that the diary holds and she knows that she needs to get it back. While the cops were in the other room of her house, Rose makes the sudden decision to run to the police car, hop in and drive away with the diary. She drives to the closest place and destroys the evidence by r [...]

    12. Book review # 3Book name: fatalityWriter: caroline B. cooneyRating: 2 out of 5 five stars I am wishing I had not judged this book by it’s cover now. It is one of those books that just trails on and on and on…… it really wasn’t my kind of book. Fatality is a mystery book about a girl with a dark secret and when some cops get ahold of her diary she will do anything to get it back including stealing a police car. She must never let them find out what’s in that book. It has a ironic twist [...]

    13. Your typical suspense story, although I must admit the it started out with a bang. I can't say that I have ever read a book where the protagonist steals a police car in the first few pages. It was a pretty standard suspense, mystery kidnapping plot. A decent read that moved right along. The protagonist is interesting, if not a realistic portrayal of a teenager girl caught up in a terrible series of circumstances. Even her motivation for not talking to police is an interesting if not fairly reali [...]

    14. I thought this was a well developed suspense story with a 16 year-old main character who is keeping a secret, but is it the one the police and her friends think? The story starts out with her stealing a police car which has her diary in it. They have confiscated it because they think there might be something in it relating to an unsolved murder. She doesn´t want anyone to read what she wrote back then, so she steals the car with the diary in it and rips out the pages from that period and flushe [...]

    15. it was a awesome book with a good twist at the end and i would recomend you to read it well basicallly a girl name rose witnesses a murder and writes it in her diary and the she is afraid to tell who she saw so shes keeps it a secret to the case gets closed and years later the case is opened back up and the police find out about her diary and throw it in the back of their squad car but before they can leave rose stills the car and flushes the section about the murder down the tiolet and its gone [...]

    16. Fifteen-year-old Rose is a good student and stays out of trouble until she steals a police car so she can destroy her seventh grade diary they have confiscated. Readers will have to suspend their belief that a good kid (or even a troublemaker) would go this route, then continue to pretend a four year old adult murder investigation would center around a twelve-year-old acquaintance of the suspect's daughter. Then, readers will have to believe that young Rose wrote what she may (or may not) have k [...]

    17. This was a quick read, and the suspense was good, but I wish the characters had gotten a little more development. The twist ending kept me guessing almost right up to it, but after all was said and done, it seemed a little anticlimactic - Rose's big secret, the terrible thing she couldn't tell anyone, the basis for literally the entire conflict of the book, not only has nothing to do with the main mystery, but is also already known by everybody else and is basically a non-issue. It felt like a s [...]

    18. In the book Fatality it was all about lies and murder. This book caught my attention in the first sentence. I like this book because it shows how the main character goes through her motives to tell the truth or to lie about what she have saw. This is book is about a girl name Rose that witness a murder and wrote it in her diary. 4 years later the police open back this case everything lead back to Rose. She destroys her diary so the police wouldn't find out, but she didn't know that there was a w [...]

    19. Okay for starter I will say that I thought this book was absolutely amazing! The story concept was very clever and the story was written exremely well.This book was the type if book that had you wondering the ending from the beginingI could't stop turning the pages. About three quarters of the way in you really start to figure out what is going on and all of your thoughts from the beging are answered. I thought the ending was marvelous especially the way all the smaller characters converge to "s [...]

    20. Rose destroys her diary, commiting a crime to obtain it from the police. She rips out several pages to hide her secrets. Her family is dumbfounded about what Rose could know, but even when they discover the secrets in the diary these secrets are beyond what they had originally thought. The author feeds the reader just enough information to keep the reader engaged, and wraps up the revealing of the secrets neatly and somewhat realistically.

    21. This book was not her best book. I had no book to read and I own this book, so I decided to go ahead and read it. I had tried to read it a couple of years ago, but it didn't hold my attention. It doesn't have much action in it, and the ending is slightly boring and disapointing. I find that the ending are like that in most of her books that I've read, though. It was good story-I just wish that there was a better ending.

    22. This is a so-so book. I mean, the only thing that I expected to be good was the ending, or the part near the end. My hopes for Caroline B. Cooney's writing in this book was too high for the quality for this book. So, don't read it if you like confusing actions that don't really make sense. I mean, for me, it didn't make sense. I think that there might be more explaining, but otherwise, that's it. So, read or don't read. It's your choice.

    23. Fatality was an interesting book. Three students were bored one evening, and decided to steal signs around town. They took a stop sign, and later that night a woman crashed into a semi-truck and died coming home b/c of the absence of the sign. This book was very predictable and slightly boring. If your interest in books is easy reading, and predictability, this book is for you. If you like suspense and hard reads, this book is not for you. I thought this book was OK, but kinda boring.

    24. While I don't usually read young adult fiction, I really enjoyed this book. I got it from the discard shelf at the library in the high school where I work. It's well written, fast-paced, and it keeps the reader guessing at every turn. I think young adults and older readers alike will enjoy this story.

    25. When the police get Rose's diary, she begins a mission to get it back before they read it, and lives are destroyed. Her diary holds the key to a murder that happened 4 years ago. Great suspence and mystery.

    26. This book is a thrilling mixture of family secrets, murders, and hit and runs, all tied into a diary. Everything unravels nicely in the end. This page turner is filled with secrets that will keep you up half the night, reading.

    27. It started out with like what the? How? Then during the middle it was really boring. I must say I didn't like it as much as other Caroline B Cooney books. The ending wasn't what I was expecting either.

    28. This was a mystery book. And horror book. Often times these two genres go hand in hand, but this time they weren't as neatly meshed together as they could have been. They spend the entire book building up to the ending, and then it wasn't that good. Kinda sad, in my opinion.

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