Dragon Mated

Dragon Mated

Jaymin Eve / Feb 29, 2020

Dragon Mated It is said that if you lie with snakes for long enough you either become a snake or you get bitten and die Makes perfect sense Except if you are a wolf If you are a wolf you lie in wait you bide yo

  • Title: Dragon Mated
  • Author: Jaymin Eve
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  • Page: 438
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  • It is said that if you lie with snakes for long enough, you either become a snake or you get bitten and die Makes perfect sense Except if you are a wolf If you are a wolf, you lie in wait, you bide your time, and right when their guard is down you kill that f king snake Jessa Lebron currently prisoner of asshole dragon king.In the epic conclusion to the SupernaturalIt is said that if you lie with snakes for long enough, you either become a snake or you get bitten and die Makes perfect sense Except if you are a wolf If you are a wolf, you lie in wait, you bide your time, and right when their guard is down you kill that f king snake Jessa Lebron currently prisoner of asshole dragon king.In the epic conclusion to the Supernatural Prison trilogy, Jessa Lebron finds herself deep in the world of Larkspur, the dragon king She will have to play it smart and fight with everything to stay one step ahead of him and while at times it s tough to keep her focus, she will do anything to escape and reunite with her boys, the Compass quads Of course, it s impossible to be where she is and not dig deeper into the curse of the dragon mark As information is uncovered, she starts to understand why she, of all supernaturals, was the one to be singled out And this changes everything she thought she knew.Turns out she doesn t know a damn thing There will be decisions to make Tough decisions Jessa has to be strong enough for the sake of the supernatural races, but sometimes that s easier said than done.

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    1. *Might contain spoilers!*II sadly have to say that I'm actually disappointed. I had expected more, or less; depends on how you look at it. I'm happy for Jessa and Braxton, but angry for Maximus, and I still can't connect, nor love Mischa. In fact, I kinda hate her. I guess I had too high expectations for this book considering I loved the first one, and really liked the second one. But well, you can't always love every book in a series, now can you? Anyway, I'm sadden this journey with Jessa is o [...]

    2. Happy Days, Dragon Mated is finally here!What can I say about this final installment in the Supernatural Prison trilogy, how about I liked it, I liked it a lot. But I just didn't love it.Don't get me wrong it was good, I just didn't feel the same love books 1 and 2 seemed to invoke :( That being said I did more or less read it in one sitting, bar a couple of hours sleep.I think the problem was it just had a different feel. Now I love Jessa, but there were a couple of times were kept thinking yea [...]

    3. As the last book in this series, I have to say, I think Jessa would agree with me here, It truly is a full course meal for the mind and soul. Enjoy my fellow Supernatural fans, you will not be disappointed. I wasn't.

    4. I have to say I'm a little disappointed. In the beginning, the background catch-up was a little too verbose - a little too 'explain-y', so the dialogue felt forced and awkward. The author should have spent a little more page-space on letting us see/feel/infer connections and histories instead of placing it on a platter. As the story went on, obstacles seemed just a little too easy to overcome; the resolution too quick and simple. I was certainly disappointed in the end. The first two books had m [...]

    5. -May Have Spoilers!!!-This was a wonderful conclusion to Jessa's story! I was kind of worried that this finale book wouldn't live up to the battle and climax it's been working up to but thankfully it nailed it! The battle at the end was epic and kept me on the edge of my seat! Jessa is put through hell through this last book but like always she has her boys with her. And her and Braxton. -swoon- I adore them! I can admit though, I got a little bored while they were all stuck in Faerie but it qui [...]

    6. First off: I LOVE THIS SERIESI love that Jessa likes food so much I love the hotness of the CompassesI love that Braxton is with JessaI love that the pack is so close and there is so much more!!!But before you read any further, I love this series and the author(in case you didn't know) and would rate this whole trilogy 4/5.The review I wrote down below however is more about the things in this particular book, which kind of made me like the series a little less. This is mainly bc I was kinda frus [...]

    7. (Rating: ✮✮✮½)I was a little disappointed with some of the side character storyline (lack of) endings, until I saw Jaymin has some Supernatural Stories planned. So, hopefully/thankfully, those loose ends will eventually be wrapped up. Aside from that, I felt this was a good ending to a fun NA trilogy.

    8. Absolutely amazing! I loved this entire series but I think Jaymin has kicked it up for the final book. I laughed, cried (sometimes at the same time), got mad and happy for the entire pack. This is one book I didn't want to put down until the end you won't be disappointed it has everything you need action, romance, love, heartbreak, the works!

    9. What a fantastic ending to a truly fun adventure. Jaymin does it yet again with plenty of surprises and twists. Definitely didn't see most of it coming. I can't wait to read the spinoffs.

    10. Another great story by Jaymin, I really liked the kinda conclusion with this series. But it still left question about the brothers, I’m looking forward to there own stories. Better review to come.

    11. 4 1/2 starsI admit to being nervous when I started this book. I loved the first two in the series but I don't know this author enough to be sure that the ending of a trilogy will work out well. And there is this little matter of a choice that Jessa will have to make in this book. Yeah, I shouldn't have worried.I love it when an author can surprise me. It doesn't happen often but this time it did. I was expecting one thing and got something completely different. I was happy about the choice and t [...]

    12. Wow! This book had it all, I think I spent at least half the book with my breath held. There was just no let up in the action for Jessa in this final of the trilogy of Dragon books featuring Jessa and the Compass boys. From the moment we hit the first page running there as no let up, as Jessa finds herself in the hands of Larky (snort), evil dragon king. Not knowing who is friend or foe, it is a complicated journey and Faerie proves to be a dangerous place for all. Whilst the 'bad guys' were ver [...]

    13. The most aggravating part of this book was waiting for the rest of my ARC readers to finish it so we could all geek out with each other. ;)Not sure any review I write could do it justice. Plenty of action, twists and turns, Jessa's typical internal and external curses that make you laugh out loud and some surprises. Usually, I can tell where a writer is going to go; I rarely am taken aback with a twist but this time, I was. Doh! Eve doesn't disappoint her fans with this ending. I laughed, I crie [...]

    14. Noooooo, this third and final instalment has completely RUINED the whole series for me!It's just awful. The first two books have the odd cliche and a tonne of arrogant phrases and predictable occasions, but I could overlook them because the story had a good pace and was interesting. In this one the romance and happenings with the main characters is slow and downright dull.What was with the first section with The Dragon King- this could've been so much more interesting. I love a strong female cha [...]

    15. I loved this book series! And I totally guessed that Jessa would be pregnant so yay me. Mischa really annoys me though and the fact that she wont tell Max she's pregnant too, hurry up and tell him Mischa!!! I'm so sad this book series is over but i'm happy that we now get to see Max's side of the story and I hope that we can still follow Jessa ane Brax.tal power couple it's amazing. Love love love this series!

    16. Well, I'm not sure. I liked this enough but not nearly as much as the first two. And definitely not as much as any of her other books. Idk maybe I should have reread the others first who knows. I didn't like Mischa the moment she was introduced in the first book, and I still don't but I like her a slight bit more after this. I think I just wanted Jessa to have all the Compass brothers to herself lol. It was still okay though, just not what I was so excited for.

    17. You know how some characters really stick with you? Most books come and go, and you barely remember them a few weeks later. But the Dragon Series is one that will stay with me, because I came to love the characters so much. They're so funny, and real, and they have real love between them. I cannot wait to read more from this world.

    18. An amazingly written series with complex characters and subplots. Although it says dragons, dont worry, you don't have to be a complete geek to read this series. It's good stuff, strong female lead, vivid imagery, a cant put down book, I cried probably a good 16 times per book. I cried more when i reread it because YOU KNOW what's going to happen. People die, for what reason?????

    19. Holy mother.Wow.I can't believe this is over.Wowdlkfj ;awiejfyioadw\jfviorweuq iodfjiodea feruidjqpl;oi jusdklajhri kladfjs;nkajdskfj;yuioad wc oisfpewo iupqcroic upewoicrun,poewiI don't even know what to say right now.My emotions are all a tangled mess.Wow. I'm in a jumble of thoughts and feelings all because of this book.I don't know what to say.Okay.Let me breathe. I am breathing. Breathing is occurring.This will be a mildly coherent review, interspersed with lots of feeling outbursts. It wil [...]

    20. DNF @ 41%As soon as I was able to load other books on my ereader I trashed every byte of this series. It's been awful.

    21. Dragon Mated brings the story of Jessa, the Compass quads and Louis tighter together while they seek a way to kill Larkspar and put a stop to his evil plan; a plan that is even more nefarious than originally thought. In this installment we spend more time in fairy and learn more about the fey and why Jessa is a dual shifter. You’ll also find the title doesn’t mean what you think it means.At the end of book 2 Jessa and the quads were separated and I was really glad they didn’t spend too muc [...]

    22. PROS- love the pack between Jessa and boys- Jessa was more likable in this one compared to the second book. - the story is unique and keeps you guessing CONS- too long and dragged in many places. 1) the book is actually too detailed. It slowed the pace. 2) the first half, her escaping Faerie land lasted forever. Between the details and the continuous plot, I started skimming. 3) after awhile the obstacles they went through to escape faerie land seemed the same. - if Louis was able to teleport to [...]

    23. Dragon MatedWhile I am an avid reader of many genres, I had not been as interested lately in the paranormal/urban fantasy category. Until, that is, I stumbled across this author. The worlds Jaymin Eve creates with such well developed characters have "shifted" my interest back to the supernatural. Following Jessa through this trilogy has been a very enjoyably and rewarding journey. Anyone who has read the first 2 books in the Supernatural Prison series will most likely have this downloaded the da [...]

    24. This last book in the Supernatural Prison trilogy was fantastic. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC and am so thankful. We start right where the cliffhanger left off in book 2, and it is non stop action for the whole book. Once again Jessa does not disappoint in her badassery. I love her because she never gives up no matter how "uphill" her battle seems. She will forever remain one of my favorite characters, even though she has one flaw-her love of cake. But I can forgive that since her favori [...]

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