Almost But Not Quite

Almost But Not Quite

Amy Spector / Feb 28, 2020

Almost But Not Quite A Cinderfella story Every fairytale has its dragon Daniel Kohl is at a new low After struggling to pull himself up from nearly four years on the street an old lover and a series of bad decisions has

  • Title: Almost But Not Quite
  • Author: Amy Spector
  • ISBN: 9781311498120
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook
  • A Cinderfella story.Every fairytale has its dragon.Daniel Kohl is at a new low After struggling to pull himself up from nearly four years on the street, an old lover and a series of bad decisions has him right back where he started Except this time around, he s not sure he has the stomach for it.Returning home after his father s passing, Maximilian Litt has laid claim toA Cinderfella story.Every fairytale has its dragon.Daniel Kohl is at a new low After struggling to pull himself up from nearly four years on the street, an old lover and a series of bad decisions has him right back where he started Except this time around, he s not sure he has the stomach for it.Returning home after his father s passing, Maximilian Litt has laid claim to his fortune and taken up the reins to his legacy, a charity organization that had been his father s whole world But even the weight of the foundation and his handsome administrative assistant can t distract him from the ghosts of his past.Can a chance meeting, under the worst of circumstances, lead each man to the one thing he is looking for Everyone has their regrets Some just haunt us than others.

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      • Amy Spector

        Amy Spector grew up in the United States surviving on a steady diet of old horror movies, television reruns and mystery novels.After years of blogging about comic books, vintage Gothic romance book cover illustrations, and a shameful amount about herself, she decided to try her hand at writing stories She found it than a little like talking about herself in third person, and that suited her just fine.She blames Universal for her love of horror, Edward Gorey for her love of British drama and writing for awakening the romantic that was probably there all along Amy lives in the Midwest with her husband and children, and her cats Bowie and Poe.


    1. I love me a good Cinderfella story, and this one didn't disappoint. The dual POV drew me in immediately. I couldn't help but love Daniel, and I was crazy happy that Max found him, or rather, that they found each other.The secondary characters were well sketched, and the theme of hurt/comfort was lovely. Even if certain things came too easily, I didn't mind. It's called a FAIRY TALE, people. My only niggle was the weird suspense scene at the end. That came out of nowhere and was, I think, unneces [...]

    2. Swimming in the 3.5-4 stars pool -- The billionaire prompt!!!!!I was pressed so hard against this prompt, it should’ve popped wood. Major wood.One of my favorite things in romances (it might look like I like a lot of things but trust me, I don’t) are billionaires. Yeah, I’m that girl.I don’t care about the probability of anyone actually finding an attractive, single and eligible rich bachelor who is hung like Triton and can fuck like a god in bed. I don’t care. Give them a personality [...]

    3. LOOOOOOOVVVVED IT!Everything about it gave me squishy good feels except that crazy train brother.Pardon me but I simply must get this off my chestNDY CANDY¡!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!¡I gotta tell you reading these words with that image in my head did nothing to diminish my enjoyment of this Cinderfella story. Nothing at all.Gandy, I mean Max, is a philanthropist and head of his family's foundation. He's sort of isolated and lonely, so he occupies himself with work. One night he gets an indecent proposa [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI adore Cinderfella stories and I really liked this one. It was sweet and lovely. I just feel like that plot twist at the end wasn't quite necessary.

    5. Yeah, sure… because homeless alcoholic boys are just picked up by billionaires who only want to help them Oh, wait. It is a Cinder(f)ella story. Then it should be more magical and most importantly, believable, right? Should make you believe that it could happen!DanielMax He was much more the Fairy Godmother than the Prince…The whole relationship seemed unlikely and inappropriate, and not just because of the age gap…And the ending?! The evil stepbrother What a nonsense! Okay, okay, Cinderel [...]

    6. 4.5 starsOnce upon a time there was a young man named Daniel. To say he was down on his luck would be an understatement. Afraid to go back to a shelter for fear that this time it really might break him, he's not only struggling with being homeless and jobless, but with a very real struggle with alcohol addiction. He didn't think that offering a sexual favor in return for money, to the well-dressed man in the park, would lead to a knight in shining armor helping to set his life to rights. But tha [...]

    7. Don't ask why, just play this song when you read this story youtube/watch?featureA very well written story with some unexpected and brilliant twists and turns :DI loved Daniel and Max and the way that their relationship developed ( and the hotness). Theirs is a rather beautiful story of love that occurs despite difficulties and challenges.It is not instant love which seems to me realistic given the drug issues. And I loved the puppies . So, everything is going swimmingly, and Al is happy. But th [...]

    8. *4.25 stars*Cinderfella!! This is somewhat of a fairy tale so, on the one hand, you have to suspend your disbelief a little that the 22 year old homeless alcoholic will end up with the sexy billionaire BUT on the other hand I so want to believe that stories like this happen and that sometimes there are rich guys with a social conscious like Max.The romance was sweet with a little slow burn and we do get to see some hot action between our MCs. This wasn't just a romance though as it was also the [...]

    9. Loved this short one. A building up read. A little sort of fairytale. The rich Max and the homeless Daniel. Yeah I knowbut it is possible. I love a good imagination.The way of writing was really good, a good flow in it.A sweet story with a sharp tail. But with a HEA

    10. A fun, sweet and well written little cinderfella story. I am always amazed by the DRitC stories each year; all the authors sharing their talent just because. Amazing.

    11. Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie2mething stars, rounding upward.It's a cute Cinderfella story that's spoiled by being too neat and having sudden extraneous plot to complicate matters. I liked the writing though and I like when people win despite their situation.Daniel's drink problem is resolved without a hiccup. His job replaced with a phone-call - it's all too easy. I'd have rather seen a little struggle there to show what a huge thing fighting any addiction is. [...]

    12. I love it when a story manages to surprise me.Admittedly, when I saw the prompt coupled with the Gandy-tastic Cinderella-esque inspiration I was over the moonI mean, come on! David Gandy people! The only man hotter would be, oh I don't know, Matt Bom-- okay, I digress. But seriously, I read this story with certain things on my mindBut dammit, the writing was superb. Immediately, I was there with Daniel, feeling his pain and despair, the grit of the street, the hopelessness. Then Max jumped off t [...]

    13. Cinderfella!!!It's been too long since I last read a good cinderfella story. This one was lovely. I liked the MCs and Daniel's personality in particular. I enjoyed the slow burn and the building chemistry between these two. And I definately loved that they took their time and didn't jump in a relationship, not before Daniel overcoming his addiction.I did feel that the story could have ended at 85 % though. (view spoiler)[The evil stepbrother weirded me out and he was scary as hell. I'm not sure [...]

    14. 3.5 starsReally enjoyed this cinderfella story. It has to be read with that in mind, because it really is all about the fairytale— the meeting your knight in shining armor (enter Max Litt, a David Gandy-ish stud-muffin-of-a-billionaire. Oh mama.)— and the whole sweeping off the feet thing. But there’s some edge added too. Young Daniel (vulnerable, all on his own, life on the streets) has serious problems with alcohol and substance abuse. And he needs to deal with those before he can feel w [...]

    15. I love Amy Spector's characters so much. I forget in between reading her stories. There is something so fragile and vulnerable about them, yet they also have a spark of resilience, which means that whatever trial lies ahead of them (and it's an Amy Spector story, so there WILL be a trial ahead of them) there's also going to be a delicious happy ending.And cameos.They make me smile like a fool.So what we have here, then, is the story of Daniel, a young homeless man who is trying is bloody hardest [...]

    16. A nice, well-done story about a young man who's tried hard to better his circumstances, but his drinking gets in the way, and a very rich, somewhat older man, who sees in him first someone to atone with, but then falls for what might be.With some family drama, some nail-biting moments, and some hot sexy times, with a dose of humor, rounded out by some nicely developed characters, this was a splendid way to spend an hour.Free from the M/M Romance group's Love Is An Open Road event. My thanks to t [...]

    17. This hurt my heart at first but the sweet reward was worth it.So much sympathy for down on his luck Daniel who can't really escape his past or his demons no matter how hard he tries - until he meets Max, who takes a chance on helping a stranger in need.Great, slow burn and UST. Of course I would have loved to have had this more fleshed out in several areas regarding their relationship and that plot twist at the end, but who am I to complain much when this was free and entertaining? Bonus points [...]

    18. The main characters were pleasant and sweet. But personally, I don't like it when an author tries to squeeze everything in a short. The transitions between chapters were too far apart and the delivery of the story (backstories and twists included) felt rushed. I didn't feel connected to the characters because the author barely scratched the surface of their being. It's a good idea for a modern Cinderella-ish tale, but it didn't work for me.

    19. An enchanting story full of heart with exquisitely flawed characters that you’ll find yourself rooting for from the very start. There are twists. There are turns. And there are definitely a few laughs and a few gasps. I believe the lovely Michgee, who prompted this story, voiced her hope for a touch of the fairy tale feel. I personally think we get that and then some. Yes, there's the affluent and debonair Maximilian. And yes, there's the fair but downtrodden Daniel. Their paths will cross, sp [...]

    20. I read Watching Elijah Fall by this author, and I loved it so much (I may have aggressively pushed it on a few of my friends and nagged them to read it?), so I was pretty confident about this one too. And I was right!Cindefella stories are the freaking best. It's something amazing to read about a person finding a real prince charming and finding their happily ever after (Why yes, I do love Pretty Woman, in case you were wondering) and this story was just. Right in the spot. I loved Daniel, and I [...]

    21. This was my prompt! I'm so proud of the story Amy put together, well done dear. This was a great story, I never imagined it would turn out this way. I am more than happy with it. Thank you Amy for picking my prompt.Re-Read 16 May 2016I don't know why I revisited this little gem, but I'm glad I did. I still really love it. And I still really hate Matt for killing those two dogs!

    22. Man, I don't even know what to say about this book, but I loved it!!What a nice, unexpected twist, but, (view spoiler)[did you have to kill off the dogs? :( (hide spoiler)]Also, loved the sexy times! Over all I'd say Almost 5 stars, but not quite. :D(Yes, I went there)Bwahaha, no really, I'd give it a 4.5-4.75, it was really good!Bravo Amy Spector, I loved it!

    23. Cute Cinderfella fairytale.Absolutely unbelievable but enjoyable enough. The only thing I didn’t like really was the suspense thingie at the end I could’ve done without that aspect… Love second chances…“I feel like I’ve lived most of my life surrounded by ugliness, you know? And then you came along, this perfect thing, and showed me that there’s more than just the ugly stuff, there’s beautiful things out there too, if you look hard enough.”This story is a free story from M/M R [...]

    24. A wonderful fairy tale with characters that aren’t perfect but still easy to fall in love with. I felt with Daniel from the beginning and couldn’t stop reading. And the cover is awesome…just had to say that!

    25. Mostly sweet story with bizarre twist ending. I would have like a little more chemistry between the main characters as they seemed a little more friends than lovers to me. Thanks to the author for contributing to the event!

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