Mr. Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Mr. Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Victoria Kincaid / Mar 29, 2020

Mr Darcy to the Rescue A Pride and Prejudice Variation When the irritating Mr Collins proposes marriage Elizabeth Bennet is prepared to refuse him but then she learns that her father is ill If Mr Bennet dies Collins will inherit Longbourn and her famil

  • Title: Mr. Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Victoria Kincaid
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the irritating Mr Collins proposes marriage, Elizabeth Bennet is prepared to refuse him, but then she learns that her father is ill If Mr Bennet dies, Collins will inherit Longbourn and her family will have nowhere to go Elizabeth accepts the proposal, telling herself she can be content as long as her family is secure If only she weren t dreading the approachingWhen the irritating Mr Collins proposes marriage, Elizabeth Bennet is prepared to refuse him, but then she learns that her father is ill If Mr Bennet dies, Collins will inherit Longbourn and her family will have nowhere to go Elizabeth accepts the proposal, telling herself she can be content as long as her family is secure If only she weren t dreading the approaching wedding day Ever since leaving Hertfordshire, Mr Darcy has been trying to forget his inconvenient attraction to Elizabeth News of her betrothal forces him to realize how devastating it would be to lose her He arrives at Longbourn intending to prevent the marriage, but discovers Elizabeth s real opinion about his character Then Darcy recognizes his true dilemma How can he rescue her when she doesn t want him to

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        Victoria has a Ph.D in English literature and has taught composition to unwilling college students Today she teaches business writing to willing office professionals and tries to give voice to the demanding cast of characters in her head.She lives in Virginia with an overly affectionate cat, two children who are learning how much fun Austen s characters can be, and a husband who fortunately is not jealous of Mr Darcy A lifelong Austen fan, Victoria has read Jane Austen variations and sequels than she can count and confesses to an extreme partiality for the Colin Firth miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice.Visit her at victoriakincaid com


    1. This P&P variation is a Kindle freebie as of June 13, 2017. I have a hard time resisting these kinds of freebies, and most of the time I chastise myself later for wasting my time. But yes, I've downloaded it. Because I need a little extra Mr Darcy in my life![Later] 2.5 stars. One more for the "marshmallows are less fluffy" shelf.Read this if:1. A story where Darcy spends the whole book pining after Elizabeth and wanting to kiss her face off and run his hands all over her body sounds like a [...]

    2. Once again, Ms. Kincaid created a clever and fun P&P variation!I waited eagerly for this book to get published and pressed the purchase button as soon as it arrived. It was a clever, light-hearted romp with our beloved characters Same story given new twists and turns There were lots of sweet moments and I really enjoyed Darcy and Elizabeth in this variation. Mr. Collins is a toadish as ever and the interactions with him and ODC are funny I always enjoy the new perspectives that Ms. Kincaid o [...]

    3. This book was absolutely adorable! I am a huge Jane Austen fan so I'm really hard on these "variations." But, this one was a lot of fun! Maybe it was the POV of Darcy, maybe it was the comedy, or maybe it was just the small twists that stayed true to the characters in the novel, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!The story begins with Mr. Collins proposal to Elizabeth. Except this time her father urges her to accept because of his doctor's prognosis.When Darcy hears Elizabeth is engaged he rides to sto [...]

    4. This is a delightful, angsty P&P what if. We get a brilliant Mr. Darcy who shows what he will do to save Lizzy Bennet from a fate worse than death. Beginning after the Netherfield Ball when Lizzy is faced with Mr. Collins' proposal her father confesses that he is very ill and only if she marries Collins will they be saved; so she sucks it up and agrees. When Darcy learns of the engagement he hies himself off to Meryton to try to find a loophole to end the engagement. He spends a lot of time [...]

    5. 4.5 stars! What If Elizabeth Engaged Herself to Marry Mr. Collins?TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME: Three months after Darcy and the Bingleys left MerytonMAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Bennet. Jane Bennet. Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine, Charles Bingley, and Caroline BingleyWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS:- Loved Pride and Proposals by this author, greatly enjoyed her style and wanted to read more!- Elizabeth engaged to Mr. Collins? “Every feeling re [...]

    6. 4.5 stars“He would rescue Elizabeth and in the process - he now realized – rescue himself from a lifetime of loneliness.” So ODB is off and running.I must say that this Darcy had a few surprises for me. In canon, and most stories, he is a man who stands at the window, or in the corners of a room, stares at Elizabeth and then makes inappropriate or completely misinterpreted remarks. His famous"tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me." reverberates in our minds when we think of the be [...]

    7. “Mine!” by Fitzwilliam Darcy [4.5-stars]MINE!!! How many time have we heard children yell that when another child tries to play with their favorite toy. That is sort of the concept we are dealing with here. Elizabeth Bennet is the toy and Darcy and Collins are fighting over possession of her. I though it too crude to say ‘over who would play with… you know…’ here in this review. I think you will agree.Those who know P&P, know that after the Netherfield Ball, Darcy and Bingley lef [...]

    8. he felt an almost maddening impulse to call for a carriage and carry her off to Derbyshire that minuteOne thing is sure, Darcy in this book wasn't Austen's Darcy. If you can accept it you have a chance to like it. But you must be open for a more spicy version. No, there were no sex scenes, it would be too much. But there were kisses and Darcy cursed in thoughts often.I was annoyed a few times. For example, how many handkerchiefs could a man have in the pockets? ;-) [And the cover! Really?]Noneth [...]

    9. frompemberleytomilton.wordpreI had recently written that I would really like to read a book where Mr. Darcy knew of Mr. Collins proposal. I always thought it would be interesting to read about his reaction to this news. But in my mind I always thought about Mr. Darcy discovering Collins had proposed, rushing to Longbourn to try ascertain the situation and discovering that Elizabeth had refused Mr. Collins.Visctoria Kincaid took this to a whole different level! What if Elizabeth was about to refu [...]

    10. I adored this book. I couldn't put it down and read it in one day. I've enjoyed every book by Ms. Kincaid. Her variations are so much fun to read. She always puts our beloved characters in clever new situations. This Mr. Darcy goes through a lot of emotions, he's tortured, brooding, and also quite ornery. I loved it when he put certain others (Caroline & Lady Catherine) in their place. Elizabeth is delightful as always. Mrs. Bennett nearly swoons and I've yet to read anything that handles to [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this P&P Variation! Darcy was so cute and persistent. He took action. I love that! Mr. Collins was revoltingly hilarious with his pet names and sweet talk I laughed and felt sick all in the same moment. Elizabeth was Great too and I enjoyed seeing her self sacrificing spirit for her family. Oh and the kiss at Pemberley? Wow! That was quite the first kiss! I will definitely be buying more of Ms. Kincaid's variations!

    12. I loved this book. It is such a super cute and clever storyline. I would recommend it highly. My one complaint is that the author needs to write more books faster. ;)

    13. The cover art is dire, but the story is good. This is a slightly alternative take onPride and Prejudice, wherein Elizabeth accepts Mr. Collins's marriage proposal, thus spurring Mr.Darcy to realize the depth of his feelings for her before he does in the book. The story is told well, the characters matched their P&P counterparts, and there are none of the anachronisms I'm used to in Regency romances. I think the ending was a bit swift and wrapped up too many characters and plot points too nea [...]

    14. This book is a welcome change from the majority of Pride and Prejudice variations out there. In this book Elizabeth actually accepts Mr. Collins' proposal to save her family from poverty after Mr. Bennet dies in the future. When Darcy hears about the engagement he travels to Meryton to change her mind and get her marry him instead. Hilarity ensues from Darcy's scheme to break off their betrothal (which sort of backfires by the way) to people's own reaction to his own engagement to Lizzy. This bo [...]

    15. Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, why do all women want you so? I just do not understand it. If you enjoy remakes of the great and wonderful Jane Austen, then you will most definitely enjoy this story with a bit of a twist. However, the main disappointment for me has always been and will always be the fact that Mr. Darcy always lets me down. I cannot fathom what makes this man so worthy in the eyes of many, he lets social situations dictate who he loves and doesn't care how it affects the other p [...]

    16. LOVED!!Wonderful variation of Pride and Prejudice. Definitely need to be a fan of the original to enjoy this book, but I loved it. The characters still feel like themselves which is so important. Couldn't put this one down and will be looking for more from this author.

    17. This was a fun version of P&P - more from Darcy's perspective and humorous in spots. I liked the plot and the characters were lively. :o)Moral Note: Some mild innuendos, and passionate kisses.

    18. Mr. Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice VariationI think there are several reasons to read this again. Was enjoyable to watch Darcy fluctuate from wanting to strangle Collins to figuring how to break the engagement. Caroline Bingley tries her best to use the information in Jane's letter to convince Darcy that is marrying within her sphere. Caroline doesn't get that Elizabeth is above her sphere. With all her money, she couldn't buy enough lady like personality to be more than she is. Putt [...]

    19. Recensione apparsa su: mywingsofpaper/201Mr. Darcy to the rescue è il secondo libro di Victoria Kincaid che ho avuto il piacere di leggere. Già nel precedente, Pride and proposals, l'autrice ha fatto sfoggio di uno stile semplice e coinvolgente ma, mentre nel primo la scrittrice si è dedicata per lo più ad una storia ricca di sofferenza e pathos, in questo nuovo romanzo ha dato prova di essere anche un'abile scrittrice di siparietti comici.In questa variation, infatti, Elizabeth si sente cos [...]

    20. Elizabeth plans to refuse Mr. Collins, but when her father tells her he is ill and may not live long, she realizes she is the only sister in a position to save the Bennet family from ruin. She changes her answer and accepts him instead.Meanwhile, in London, Mr. Darcy is pining away for Elizabeth when he hears of her engagement. He realizes he cannot live without her, and determines only he can rescue her from the toady Mr. Collins. He immediately heads to Longbourn with the plan to propose to he [...]

    21. Can't help but love a good P&P variation and this was a freebie on , so I couldn't resist picking this one up. The story starts out with Mr. Collins proposing to Elizabeth. Instead of denying him, Elizabeth has to say yes. Why? Well - her dad is dying and this is best for the family. At the same time Mr. Darcy is having internal conflict about what he should or shouldn't do about his feelings for Elizabeth. Of course he finds out she is proposed to the idiot Mr. Collins and decides that he n [...]

    22. Uhmmm, well it was okay. I like a good fan fiction "what if" and this was interesting because Lizzy accepts Mr. Collins proposal so you have to suffer through the thought of what if this wedding actually occurs. I didn't really feel Lizzy falling for Darcy but whatever. I don't know that either Lizzy or Darcy really would have done or said some of what they did in this book. I mean really, Darcy fantasizing multiple times of taking Lizzy to bed? And would he really compromise Lizzy and then fess [...]

    23. This P&P variation started off different from the get-go. What if Lizzy was forced to accept Mr. Collins' proposal? What if Darcy heard about this and felt that he missed out? What would he do about it?Win Elizabeth, of course. Darcy went to Netherfield to spend time at Longbourn, trying to figure out why Miss Elizabeth said yes to the odious parson. He could see that she was not happy about the situation. How was he going to make it better?Darcy was a bit out of character, it seemed, but th [...]

    24. I know this Pride and Prejudice variation was not written in accordance to the times, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. By that, I simply mean that characters' thoughts and feelings were more sexualized in this variation than they would have been in Jane Austen's time, at least in writing. I'm sure people in that era thought and felt things, though not to the extent we have come to because of our culture, but those thoughts and feelings were not included in writing. This was a charming novel. [...]

    25. a farrago of nonsenseI enjoy some P & P reimagings, but this one just didn't fit the period. Kincaid played too fast and loose with social mores around engagements, and the course she devised for Darcy made no sense given his character. His choices in this book easily could have left Elizabeth socially devastated with her family ruined beyond redemption. Austen made him too intelligent a man not to see that, but Kincaid writes Darcy as though his passions would blind him to the faults in his [...]

    26. A rocky path for Mr. DarcyWhen Mr. Bennet learns of the precarious state of his health, he relies on Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins and safeguard the family. With a heavy heart, Elizabeth accepts Mr. Collins's proposal.When Mr. Darcy hears of the engagement, he rushes to Netherfield in a panic. Not knowing what to do to claim his Elizabeth, he suggests they pay a visit to his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Sure enough, Lizzy refuses to be dictated to by Lady Catherine, who demands that Mr. Coll [...]

    27. In this JAFF offering, Mr. Collins is his usual "slimy" self, attempting to force Elizabeth (and later others) into a marriage. Mr. Darcy is the hero who pines after Elizabeth, almost to the point of making him a BETA hero, instead of an Alpha hero. The story has many twists and turns to keep the reader entertained, but the pacing is a bit slow. A more compact tale would be better. I would rate it a 3.7 or 3.8 overall. Ms. Kincaid does use those distracting split infinitives that drive me a bit [...]

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