Passion's Fire

Passion's Fire

Renee Jordan / Jan 20, 2020

Passion s Fire A young woman has discovered love in the arms of her werewolf For the first time in years Kotie has found love Forrest the werewolf Sheriff of Moonrise Montana has one her heart As Kotie discovers

  • Title: Passion's Fire
  • Author: Renee Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A young woman has discovered love in the arms of her werewolf For the first time in years, Kotie has found love Forrest, the werewolf Sheriff of Moonrise, Montana has one her heart As Kotie discovers her newly awakened, magical powers, her past has caught up with her Burt, the abusive ex she fled from, has arrived in Moonrise He wants Kotie back, and he has a fiery seA young woman has discovered love in the arms of her werewolf For the first time in years, Kotie has found love Forrest, the werewolf Sheriff of Moonrise, Montana has one her heart As Kotie discovers her newly awakened, magical powers, her past has caught up with her Burt, the abusive ex she fled from, has arrived in Moonrise He wants Kotie back, and he has a fiery secret In Moonrise, Kotie has discovered her strength and, with her werewolf mate, is ready to stand against Burt Beneath passion s moon, Kotie and Forrest will fight for their happiness and love

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    1. Heat Level: 3 out of 4 flamesOverall: 3.5 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch: MindySee Mindy’s Blog Review Here This is the 2nd installment in the Passion Moon series and it picks up right where Howling Passion left off. Forrest and Kotie are mates and moving on from the creepy Christian incident in book 1. There is still a mysterious stalker, creeper, traveler guy who has big plans for Kotie. Then finally, now that Kotie knows she is a witch, she is working on learning all she can [...]

    2. Love protects and heals allThis book 2 in the series. It's a continuation so you have to read the first one. It's well worth it. This series is very unique especially in the use of magic.Forrest has imprinted on Kotie completely and their love is very strong. Fiona, the coyote pack Alpha, is still eyeing up and drooling over Kotie which makes Kotie extremely uncomfortable. Fiona doesn't care that Kotie is mated to Forrest, she's determined that she'll get her way.Penny is starting to help Kotie [...]

    3. He had become my heart. I couldn't lose him. 5 GOLD SHERIFF STARSThis was my family now. They were a wonderful, loving, passionate bunch. WOW!! This is such an intensely magical story! I ABSO-FURRY-LUTELY LOVE this story! It was love at first sight! I have been imprinted. This storyline plays off of - and with - your emotions, that's for sure! It picks up right where Howling Passion leaves off which thrilled me to no end! I was worried it would either jump ahead or be told from a different point [...]

    4. FIERY & PASSIONATE!!Passion's Fire-Passion Moon-2-Spine tingling romance and chilling suspense. I adore series, you get acquainted with all the awesome characters, and the characters in this series are potent, exhilarating, sultry and full of surprises.This story features Kotie, an audacious, astute, beautiful witch in training; Sheriff Forest, a strapping, sultry, wolf shifter and Alpha of the pack; Burt, Kotie's beast of an ex-boyfriend; Penny, a sexy waitress/witch, Kotie's trainer and fr [...]

    5. Passion's Fire (A Shifter, Supernatural Romance), Passion Moon Series, Book 2 by Renee Jordan deserves 5 stars!The main characters in the story are Forrest (Pack Alpha, wolf shifter, Sheriff of Moonrise) and Dakota "Kotie" (untrained witch). He will try to save her at any cost. Her bad experiences with men are the thing of nightmares, but Forrest is her anchor. Forrest and Kotie are a mated pair, and in love. What will destroy their new found happiness?Kotie's ex-boyfriend, Burt has found her. R [...]

    6. Forrest and Kotie recover from their run-in with Christian and his evil bear they are staying at the Bed and Breakfast for a couple of days while the house is being cleaned and Vanessa and Hank recover in the hospital now that Kotie has discovered her magic she cannot wait to learn how to control it so Penny has offered to help teach her she is excited that she is learning so fast until she looks up and Burt is at the door of the bar standing there watching her she is frightened but will not let [...]

    7. Even though this was the second book in the series, I never felt like I didn't understand the dynamics. Koti ha recently discovered she's a witch. She's also mated to the Sheriff of Moonrise, Montana, Forrest. She's been running from an abusive ex, Burt, and hoped she was far enough away. She works a roadhouse and her co-worker, Penny, is also a witch and has agreed to train her to handle her power. Her ex finds her and insists she is coming back with him. She has to fight him and some coyote sh [...]

    8. This is the second book in the series it was OK. It is the continuing story of Forrest and Kotie. Forest is the Sheriff in a little town named Moonrise. Kotie is his mate. Kotie is on The run from her abusive ex-boyfriend Burt. Kotie is also being harassed by a pack of coyote shifters. Burt her Ex, tracks her down in Moonrise. However Kotie is not the same whimpering female she was when she was with him. She's recently found out she's a witch. Burt is hiding several secrets,one of which may caus [...]

    9. Love is a Magic all its ownThings were going great for Forrest and Dakota, as well as Kotie’s training with magic from Penny. Kotie even made the Donovan clan run from the bar after a small altercation. All was good until her Ex Boyfriend Burt shows up spouting something about protecting her and it was all for her own good. But Burt’s been working for someone, protecting her for someone, but whom? Burt’s determined to get her back at any cost. Exciting book of the series, very well written [...]

    10. Protected by golden heartsThis is part 2of Passion Moon, it starts were the first ends. Dakota has become Forrests mate. Life is good, then Burt her ex appears making threats. Will he really kill Forrest? Is Burt really just a mean abusive human? I give this suspenseful story 5stars.I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest opinion and has not been influenced by anyone.

    11. I got this in exchange of an honest review, I loved it so much, the action was great in this one, I loved how love trust strength put together in a couple can kick ass against anyone that tries to harm them everyone should read this it can help you overcome some bad times and show you how to never let anyone control or make you feel like dirt beneath their feet I felt real connected to her past present and future

    12. Kotie and Forrest are back and this time its Burt Koties ex and why can he not leave her alone . and who is Koties father aside from that he is known as a Traveler and that her mother loved him , and why did or who did make a totem for Forrest and Kotie and Burt . is it only one person who made a totem for each one or three differet people. this is a Arc REVIEW from Romance Arcadde . in exchange for an honest review , can't wait to see how the next book will be .

    13. Nice. Book is part of a series, helpful if you read them in order (I didn't). I'll have to go back to read Book 1 and can't wait to read Book 3. Kotie is great, she's feisty and just learning how to work her magic. Forrest the wolfy sheriff is a great partner for her. Burt her ex comes back for her and they get through it (don't want to give any spoilers out). Problems/mysteries are still out there for them. Really liked reading this book.I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review.

    14. Another amazing installment in this series. Forrest and Kotie are so good together. Lots of love, action and plenty of giggles in this book. I truly enjoyed reading it and can't wait for the next book.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    15. Good paranormal romance with suspense and intrigue. Kotie and Forrest fight to protect each other in this epic love story. Just when things start to settle down, a new problem arises. Great story. Looking forward to the next book!

    16. Sometimes love is everythingJust think that your love could protect. What would that feel like to know you are with your one true mate. This book shows what love can overcome. Can not wait to read more. I received this book for free from the author for a honest review.

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