What the Waves Know

What the Waves Know

Tamara Valentine / Jan 20, 2020

What the Waves Know In the graceful narrative tradition of Sue Monk Kidd and Beth Hoffman comes an exquisite debut novel about a young woman s quest to reclaim herself and the voice she left behind on the gritty New Engl

  • Title: What the Waves Know
  • Author: Tamara Valentine
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  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the graceful narrative tradition of Sue Monk Kidd and Beth Hoffman comes an exquisite debut novel about a young woman s quest to reclaim herself and the voice she left behind on the gritty New England island where she lost both.Nineteen miles off the rocky Rhode Island coast lies the tiny isle of Tillings and the memory of Izabella Rae Haywood s sixth birthday when hIn the graceful narrative tradition of Sue Monk Kidd and Beth Hoffman comes an exquisite debut novel about a young woman s quest to reclaim herself and the voice she left behind on the gritty New England island where she lost both.Nineteen miles off the rocky Rhode Island coast lies the tiny isle of Tillings and the memory of Izabella Rae Haywood s sixth birthday when her universe reeled sharply off course Tucked deep in her pocket, Iz carries a small amber seastone and the secret of the evening her father disappeared taking her words with him.Eight years later in the autumn of 1974, Iz s mother is through with social workers, psychiatrists, and her daughter s silence In one last attempt to return Iz s voice, the pair board the ferry back to Tillings in hopes that confronting the past will help Izabella heal herself and begin to piece together the splintered memories of the day her words ran dry But heartbreak is a difficult puzzle to solve and truth is elusive where magic and madness collide When the residents of Tillings greet them with a standoffish welcome it becomes clear that they know something about Izabella s dreamer of a father that she does not Now, as the island s annual Yemay festival prepares to celebrate the ties that bind mothers to children, lovers to each other, and humankind to the sea, Izabella must unravel the tangled threads of her own story and reclaim a voice gone silent or risk losing herself and any chance she may have for a future to the past Named a Monthly Top Pick Indie Top Seller and Most Anticipated New Release Run, don t walk, to your phone or to pick up a copy of this book it is beautiful Dr Mari Dias, WPRO Radio What The Waves Know charts an unforgettable journey of trauma and healing, as the walking wounded repair their lives together, their voices shaping a rough chorus that calls us back from darkness to light USA Today bestselling author Pamela Schoenewaldt A moving, magical novel that asks us to consider the stories which tell the truth and the stories we tell ourselves

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        TAMARA VALENTINE was born in rural upstate New York where she spent much of her time deep in the northern wood astride a horse in search of hidden worlds in college, she found them instead in the bitten up wood of a pencil and an old journal With a deep awe of the power of stories, their transformative and healing nature, she obtained a B.A in English with a concentration in Communications in 1991 and an M.A with distinction from Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English in 2000 where she made her first attempt at crafting a novel.For the past fourteen years, Tamara has held the position of Professor of English at Johnson Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island where she teaches an array of advanced writing, literature, and communication courses During her years of writing, she has contributed to Parent s Paper Magazine, Stillwater, The Maze, Teacher as Writer, and publications for the New England Association of Teacher s of English, as well as select biographies and articles for the former Goosewing Press Presently, Tamara lives in Kingston, Rhode Island with her husband and three children where they spend their free time as accomplished beach bums not far from where she began as a child still seeking hidden worlds.


    1. There's something that draws me to child narrators. Maybe it's the wisdom that comes from their precocious view of life or maybe the truths that often come from their naïveté, truths that adults just wouldn't speak of or even know. This year I have met and fallen in love with Boo of Boo, Elsa of My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry, Caitlin from Aquarium , to name a few and of course there's Reuben from an all time favorite, Peace Like a River which I read several years ago . Izabel [...]

    2. I received an advanced review copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Wow, this was a great book. Izabella Haywood loses her father at their family's home on Tillings Island, and eight years later, she still cannot speak. Her mom finally accepts that the only way for Izabella to move forward is to go back. Back to the island. They move back into the family home in mid-summer with hopes for a full recovery.As time goes by, Izabella makes friends with the neighbors and townspeople eve [...]

    3. I received a copy of this book from the publisher William Morrow Paperbacks in exchange for an honest review. It was just released yesterday. This is a story for those who like to see a coming of age/overcoming a trauma. It follows Izabella as she struggles with her past and her fathers disappearance. It highlights her guilt. While not a fast moving story, it was touching with all of the characters coming together. All unique and a little odd in their own way, it showed Izabella that she was not [...]

    4. The writing here is absolutely gorgeous, almost poetic. I was fortunate enough to read an advance galley of this with my book club and now cannot wait for another release from this author --- and this one isn't even on shelves, yet. Fabulous characters, setting, and story. The novel pivots around growing up loving a Schizophrenic parent and trying to unravel truth from fiction while finding your own voice. It is one of those books that you will remember for many, many years. Truly lovely.

    5. Told through the eyes and the voice of a child WHAT THE WAVES KNOW is a brilliant, touching and heartbreaking story that is not only original, but also captivating. It was beautifully written, thought provoking and a read that will stick with me for a long time. This is one of those books that would be perfect for book clubs because there is so much to discuss and so many emotions to process. It really is a MUST READ. 5 stars

    6. I really like this book. A young girl, Iz, struggles to remember and make sense of the night her father (who is mentally ill) disappeared and come to terms with the fact that it was her words that sent him into the night. She hasn't spoken since, and her relationship with her mother is strained. Together, they go back to the home on Tillings Island where it all happened to try to stitch together a path forward. Heart-breaking and healing.

    7. Thanks Edelweiss for the opportunity to read this character driven novel, of family heartbreak and restoration. This is a very well written book. It strikes a neat balance between tragedy and redemption without straying into cliche. Recommend- and look forward to more from Valentine.

    8. Izabella Rae Haywood adores her father who she says is "one-eighth Narragansett Indian and seven-eights mystery". He takes her to Tillings Island, where he has roots. They fish together and share a deep bond. But her parents argue more and more. On her sixth birthday after the fighting mounts her childish frustration she screams at him "I hate you! I wish you would just go away!" Believing she has somehow invoked her birthday wish, she blames herself when he does leave. She can no longer speak.T [...]

    9. “Departing is when all the tiny pieces that make you whole spring away from you like a big fat touch-me-not and get lost in the grass beyond any hope of coming back together. It is the very moment when all your stories tumble from you, and you are reduced again to the weakest for of “to be” in the universe, leaving nothing to do but begin again.”p. 18I worry that there is a school of writing that says that having a child protagonist makes the story easier to tell and helps the readers be [...]

    10. The timing of me reading this book was kind of strange because the book deals with loss and coping with it, mental illness, the effects of a mental illness on the greater family, but especially children. Normally books which are narrated by a child because it could really go either way, but this one was done wonderfully. The bottom story line comes down to a girl having to deal with the realities of her father, the reason for him leaving, Once he leaves, she stops speaking (literally) and her mo [...]

    11. this book had 2 flaws. 1. there is a paragraph that ends without punctuation (but i dont use caps or apostrophes, so who am i to judge) and 2. it ended. that is it those are the only two flaws i found in this amazing story about a girl who finds security in her insignificance and insecurity in her significance. this story brought out a realization in me that we all have that "inner voice" and most often, this voice is our most honest voice. it is this private voice that is the hardest to let out [...]

    12. What the Waves Know is a beautifully written coming of age story that deals with how our memories shape our lives. I ended up devouring this book! I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Izabella is fourteen when her mother brings her back to Tillings Island to try to help her find her voice. When she was six, her father disappeared from her life and took her voice with him. She has no memory of what happened the night she told him to go away. But, as she spends time on the isla [...]

    13. What the Waves Know by Tamara Valentine is a William Morrow publication. I found myself totally engrossed in this story, as the suspense builds, and the moment of truth becomes more imminent. Family, culture, mythology, friendship, caring, and love all roll up together as one, to bring healing, hope, and at long last, peace. I loved this original spin on the coming of age novel, the setting, and era, Iz’s voice, the way the author weaves the larger issues into the tale without hitting us over [...]

    14. Izabelle is a young girl who has not spoken a word since the day her father disappeared from her life. Her Mom is hanging on by a thin thread and her grandmother is hanging on to real life by a thin thread as she continues to live a carefree life which includes dancing around her house in the nude. (Sounds strange, but her character is sometimes more grounded than meets the eye - she is just enjoying life.) All three females return to the island from where something "happened" and you don't unco [...]

    15. This book is awesome definitely a must read. The characters are quirky and unique, the voice is insanely well done, and the writing is amazing. Love, love, love!

    16. I thought I was getting something lighter than the heavy-duty books on trauma I was reading, but wow, this book was pretty profound as well! Beautifully written; poignant and poetic; this novel (which I believe is a debut novel by Ms Valentine) is well worth the time. Lovely history of Yemaya, a sea "witch," woven throughout. I'd say it's YA, but it's one of those that appeals to an older and wiser audience as well. The author is a gifted storyteller. I loved it!

    17. 4.5 stars overall.Review Excerpts:What a beautiful book, with a fourteen-year-old narrator that you can't help wanting to hug. Izabella (Iz to her mom) is wounded from the night of her sixth birthday, when her father went away. Iz thinks her strong and angry words were what made him go so she hasn't spoken since. Her mother Zorrie, among the walking wounded herself, can't seem to reach her and brings Iz back to Tillings Island in Rhode Island in hopes of reaching her; getting her to remember wha [...]

    18. There’s a line near the end of this novel, She will gather her children back together beside the sea, that has been pinging at my brain since I finished reading this in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I don’t have children of my own, but I understand that sentiment as if it was bred into me – the bond between mothers and daughters, and the bond some of us have with the sea = they go hand in hand.Tamara Valentine clearly has an intrinsic understanding of both those concepts, as well, becau [...]

    19. I don't know that I completely agree with the jacket copy that says Tamara Valentine's debut novel is "In the tradition of Sue Monk Kidd and Beth Hoffman." However, Valentine has given us a teen character with her own unique voice in What the Waves Know. In fact, Izabella Rae Haywood is unique because she is a narrator without a voice.Izabella had a voice until her sixth birthday. That was the day her beloved father disappeared from her life, and she hasn't spoken a word since. Until that time, [...]

    20. Have you ever encountered a book that changed your world view? Have you ever read something that made you think of things in a whole new light? One that you got so engrossed in, you forgot to do anything else but keep reading so you could see how it ended? What the Waves Know by Tamara Valentine was that type of book for me. I was literally through 90% of this book in one day. I only stopped reading when I needed to eat, take care of my kiddos, and when my husband said it was time for us to go t [...]

    21. My wife and I just finished this one with our book group. She says it is a mother/daughter story. I think it is a father/daughter story. Either way, it was a really great story. Would work well for a high school lit. piece to spark discussions around family dynamics and mental health issues or the idea of stories building truths. It reminds me a little of The Glass Castle.

    22. A 14 year old narrator that hasn't spoken since she was six. On her sixth birthday her parents fought, she told her dad she hated him an asked him why he didn't just leave. He left. She ran after the car, but couldn't catch him. Some might call this a coming of age, but it is so much more than that. Obviously the little girl is hurting, but she has also blocked her memory of events after her father left. Her mother is hurting as well, both for her husband leaving and her daughter not talking. Th [...]

    23. I picked this up because it was a "book of the month" at our local library. It seems a typical east coast novel just like so many others in that genre. The setting and characters seem stereotypical and the story contrived. At the same time, it's a readable book. There are images I appreciate. It did help me think about how we all have stories we may struggle to tell and about the reality that other people's choices impact our lives. It's an okay read.

    24. Interesting story about a young girl who loses her voice the day her father disappears. After trying numerous things, her mothers decides to take her daughter back to the island where everything happened. Through triggered memories, the girl begins to remember what happened the day her world changed.

    25. This book is beautifully written. I love the way the girl narrator lives inside of the words that won't come out of her. I love the evolution of each character, the mom who is living in the wake of trauma herself, the hippy grandma doing her grandma-best to help, the mean girl who has her own back-story. Loved it.

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