宝石の国 1 [Houseki no Kuni 1]

宝石の国 1 [Houseki no Kuni 1]

Haruko Ichikawa 市川春子 / Feb 24, 2020

Houseki no Kuni

  • Title: 宝石の国 1 [Houseki no Kuni 1]
  • Author: Haruko Ichikawa 市川春子
  • ISBN: 9784063879063
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • 28 10

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    1. Love this series!! Just finished watching the anime before starting the manga far the anime has been a very close adaptation. The setting and ideas are unlike any other manga/anime I've seen before instant favorite!

    2. I really liked this. Like. I'm very surprised at how much I liked this. The world setting is strange, but not bad in a bad way. I admit that I am still a little confused on how/why it works, but I'm just going with it. I really like the illustrations. They do not look like a typical manga. From the different style of illustrations to the sheer use of more gradients with the ink its lovely. However, it can be hard to tell the characters apart. I would love to see a special edition where the girls [...]

    3. Land of the Lustrous is set on a world that has been battered by meteors several times over the course of its history, to the point that all life was driven into the ocean. Some of the surviving beings eventually sank to the bottom and were consumed by microorganisms, transforming them into inorganic substances that eventually formed into crystals (I know, it’s bizarre, but just try to accept it). Those crystals eventually became 28 (ish?) genderless gemstone-based beings that washed up onto t [...]

    4. I want to recommend this book to everyone I know. LotL was really good, with amazing art and funny characters. The basic plot is that Phos, the youngest gem, is assigned to create a natural history magazine when all they want to do is become a soldier. While they try to get their dream job and complete the task assigned to them by Sensei, the mysterious figure who leads the gems, they meet new people and uncover many secrets about the post-apocalyptic world they inhabit. LotL treads the line bet [...]

    5. Inesperada sorpresa.Está claro que un gran aliciente para animarme a leer el manga, ha sido la emisión del anime, ya que de otra manera probablemente no me habría enterado de esta increíble joya.Estaba lista para disfrutar de la misma historia con algunas variantes de lo que ya había visto, pero siempre hay que considerar que es algo casi innegable que las obras escritas superan con creces a sus homólogas en pantalla.Lo olvidéy qué bueno, porque me he llevado una inesperada y genial sorp [...]

    6. I got this manga through the Vine program to review. It sounded like a really unique story from the description but the story actually ended up being a bit bland and confusing. The artwork is very beautiful but again a bit hard to follow at times.The story focuses on a race of gem-like humanoid lifeforms that have apparently taken over earth after a catastrophe destroyed the organic lifeforms there. The Lustrous fight a never ending war against darkness (which seems to come from an alien source [...]

    7. Non-gender gems with androgynous bodies that fight to save themselves and the Earth they live in from weird moon-people who look like Indian deities -for some reason. These female lunar-folks are trying to capture them just because gems are pretty. MC is Phosphophyllite, a young, fragile gem that is assigned the role of a scholar when all she wants to do is fight the Lunarians. That's it, that's the premise of this first volume: a coming of age in a dystopic future where the main live forms of E [...]

    8. The back cover says this is a good series for fans of Steven Universe. I know nothing about Steven Universe or how it would relate. The reviews here seem to be split. On one side: "It's weird. It's hard to follow the action and what's going on at times. The characters are hard to identify because they are so same looking." On the other side: "It's elegant and unique. The characters and world building have me hooked." All of this is true. I'll add that the antagonists (the Lunarians) are sooo fre [...]

    9. I can't help, I love this manga. Whatched this as an anime series first, so the reading wasn't so problematic and I knew the characters a little. What I love most is that this story is different, original and kind of weird, but in a really good way. I love the details and attention in which this story is swirled around gems. Gems are beautiful, afterall. I was also captivated by the stuning visuals of Lunarian people. After first volume, we are still not sure, what is the goal of the story, but [...]

    10. This was handed to me by my brother without much comment, which I feel this manga kind of needs. It’s not bad, I simply don’t understand the meaning, it doesn’t have any kind of impact to me. I understand the concept and the more technical aspects, but story wise it’s not compelling nor relatable. The art style is really not to my tastes, it‘s hard to identify characters, with few exceptions. The long spindly like limbs and bodies of everyone also feel off. I’m fully aware that they [...]

    11. It's stylistically very abstract and is often extremely difficult to follow what's happening. I spent a majority of the volume not entirely sure which character was which due to the abstract but simplistic art style. However, if you spend some time exploring the pages and actively working to find a narrative through-line, it will reward you with an interesting story and distinct characters (once you figure out which ones are which), but it IS work. it does not reveal itself without some effort f [...]

    12. This is a great series opening. The central conceit of living gems is portrayed really well, and the lunarians are fascinating. The story has good turns--it keeps a quick pace when introducing new info, but also has just enough space and slower spots that you can breathe and really think about the characters. I think this is a quite well done manga, especially for worldbuilding and relationships, and between it and the later volumes this is the manga/comic series I'm most excited about at the mo [...]

    13. Oh loved it royally!!The thing to do is go in without expectations and just absorb everything as it comes to you. Go in with preconceived ideas and WHAMO! You'll be lost like a lamb wandering off a cliff.But otherwiseEeeeep!So fantastic, can't wait to read more! Oh oh and p.s. The anime based on it? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

    14. Really great story plot! I enjoyed it! The characters kind of remind me of the crystal gems from "Steven Universe." They have weapons, they're based off crystals, and they fight evil! The art is beautiful and unique compared to other manga art styles. I can't wait to get my hands on volume 2!

    15. The story is little confusing and sometimes it's haard to tell whats going on but the art style is def. unique

    16. Surreal fantasy manga that pushed all the right buttons for me. Art was weird and sometimes murky but alluringly so. Story was uncomfortable in a good way.

    17. Very unusual and original, but had some stylistic elements that were not quite up my alley. Would recommend though.

    18. Manga, in a world where the "people" are really made of crystals who fight the Lunarians who want to use them as decorations. Interesting premise as the weakest of them searches for her purpose

    19. this is what would happen if you put Steven Universe and Revolutionary Girl Utena in a blenderject it straight into my veins, please.

    20. This is a hot mess. Pretty art but chaotic art - this is the type of book that would be better served having color pages and the storyline is barely there. I don't think I"d read the second.

    21. Story:Very strong start to a great premise. Yes: you'll draw connections to Steven Universe but it's on a whole different maturity level with different moral themes. Phos is a great character with maaaany flaws. It makes her loveable. Art:Ichikawa is a mangaka with a really different art style. It is not similar to many anime styles. It's beautiful though. Her use of negative space really shines in those full page night illustrations. Can't wait for the next volume!

    22. So I was a bit worried that I was the only one who didn't really get this, but after having a nose on GoodReads it appears I'm not, which makes me feel better. I feel like this is one of those series where you need to give it a volume or two to really get in to it. LotL is straight in there with the interesting history about the Lustrous and what they are and how they came to exist. There's a mysterious leader that you're curious to know more about and then we have Phos our main character. Phos' [...]

    23. Дааа, давненько я не встречала историю, о которой не могу и двух слов внятных найти, потому что она существует на своем обособленном уровне, который мало поддается описанию.Драгоценные камни мужественно сражаются за свое существование на постапокалиптическом островке, ку [...]

    24. (I rated this volume 3 stars).The world building was pretty confusing and at times I had no idea what was going on. I assume more context will be given later on though??? Hopefully. That assumption is what's keeping this from being a 2.5 or even a 2.It's really, and I mean REALLY hard to tell the characters apart due to complete lack of body diversity. Hopefully it gets easier later on.It has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. This is no Hunter x Hunter or My [...]

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