Tasa's Song

Tasa's Song

Linda Kass / Dec 07, 2019

Tasa s Song An extraordinary novel inspired by true events Tasa Rosinski and five relatives all Jewish escape their rural village in eastern Poland avoiding certain death and find refuge in a bunker beneat

  • Title: Tasa's Song
  • Author: Linda Kass
  • ISBN: 9781631520648
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • An extraordinary novel inspired by true events 1943 Tasa Rosinski and five relatives, all Jewish, escape their rural village in eastern Poland avoiding certain death and find refuge in a bunker beneath a barn built by their longtime employee A decade earlier, ten year old Tasa dreams of someday playing her violin like Paganini To continue her schooling, she leaves heAn extraordinary novel inspired by true events 1943 Tasa Rosinski and five relatives, all Jewish, escape their rural village in eastern Poland avoiding certain death and find refuge in a bunker beneath a barn built by their longtime employee A decade earlier, ten year old Tasa dreams of someday playing her violin like Paganini To continue her schooling, she leaves her family for a nearby town, joining older cousin Danik at a private Catholic academy where her musical talent flourishes despite escalating political tension But when the war breaks out and the eastern swath of Poland falls under Soviet control, Tasa s relatives become Communist targets, her new tender relationship is imperiled, and the family s secure world unravels From a peaceful village in eastern Poland to a partitioned post war Vienna, from a promising childhood to a year living underground, Tasa s Song celebrates the enduring power of the human spirit.

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        Linda Kass wrote for regional and national publications, including Columbus Monthly, TIME and The Detroit Free Press, early in her career as a journalist TASA S SONG, her debut novel, is inspired by her mother s life in eastern Poland during the Second World War Linda lives in Columbus, Ohio where she is a strong advocate of education, literacy, and the arts Her past experience as a trustee and board chair of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra fed into much of the music that fills the pages of TASA S SONG Linda enjoys long distance road cycling and rides in an annual event to support cancer research Learn at lindakass.


    1. 3.5 rounded up . "More than 70 years after the Holocaust, we approach a world without survivors, without witnesses. Of the 360,000 remaining elderly survivors, one thousand die each month. In seven years, it is predicted that there may be no one left who can say, “I was there.” Composing human stories from the real-life memories of survivors helps us to understand, to learn, and to honor their lives, just as we do each year on Holocaust Remembrance Day. As we remember our mothers, grandmothe [...]

    2. I was given this book to review from NetGalley and I'm really glad I got it! This book takes place between 1933 and 1957 and tells the story of a Jewish girl named Anastasia, or as she prefers to be called, Tasa. It's about her family's struggle through the Nazi occupation of Poland, their home, and the Soviet pushback. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It wasn't your typical book on the holocaust; it didn't provide a full account of the events of World War II nor did it take you inside any concen [...]

    3. I got an early release of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.The book covers the time between 1933 and 1948, the approach to World War II and beyond. I have read many books on the Holocaust and the fate of the Polish Jews during it. This book takes a slightly different approach. While the horrors of the war are evident and the persecution of Polish Jews and people by both the Soviets and the Germans are well described, this novel does not take the reader to the concentrat [...]

    4. Although the Holocaust inflicted extreme brutality wherever it occurred, the specific events associated with the violence differed from one place to another. In Tasa’s Song (She Writes Press, 2016), Linda Kass weaves stories of her own mother’s life in eastern Poland under Soviet and Nazi occupation to create a universal story of suffering and survival.Tasa Rosinski is a violinist, a child prodigy living in the Polish village of Podkamien, when Adolf Hitler is elected chancellor of Germany i [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book. It was a different perspective of the War. While members of Tass's family had been taken away to "work camps" they were in Russia, so not as bad. She'd had to hide in a bunker and came very near to getting caught. So for the most part, she was on the outskirts and saved from the tribulations that a lot of Jews suffered. However, that didn't mean other members of her family didn't suffer and her along with their tragedies. I thought this was a well written book, sad, but it d [...]

    6. I read this book in one sitting. The setting in Poland in the 1930's and 40's is quite convincing.The Soviets and Nazi's fought over this land as local Jewish families lived in fear and uncertainty.The author describes these experiences with skill and sensitivity. Maps of the region help situate the villages. Ultimately, there is a strong message of hope.

    7. Anastasia “Tasa” Rosinski (10, Jewish, violinist), was reminiscing with Danik Riesmann (Jewish, older cousin).4/24/1937, Tasa (15) atteneded Brody Catholic Academy lower school.Professor Marten Rothstein taught math & Professor Gorka teaches Latin.Professor Bartek Boraski (science/chemistry), announced the students schedules. The Roman Catholic students are: Ania Dudek, Maria Grabowski, Dora Landau, Lucia Mazur,& Felka Sawacki. Father Szach oversaw them.Lopa Berkowicz, Helga Lisewitz [...]

    8. I've had Tasa's Song by Linda Kass sitting on my kindle, unread, for at least a year.  The cover is gorgeous. The synopsis is intriguing. The genre is one I regularly read. Yet, for some reason I kept skipping over it in favor of other books. Either I wasn't in the mood to read something in the historical war fiction genre or I was in the mood for the genre but I'd turn to an old favorite. Tasa's Song was always there but it wasn't until this past weekend that I finally decided to start it.It's [...]

    9. First of all, I want to say that this book was the second of my giveaway wins, and I am grateful to both and the author for the privilege. I greatly enjoyed Tasa's Song. Its the story of a young girl whose growing up is shaded and colored by the events of World War Two. She is a young talented musician who uses her violin and extraordinary talent to help her get through the emotions of watching the world collapse, her family and friends in danger, great losses, a year of hiding, and the emergen [...]

    10. Tasa’s Song, by Linda Kass, is about a young Jewish girl, caught in the cross hairs between Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, during WWII. It was awarded the 2016 Bronze Medal in Historical Fiction by the Independent Publisher Book awards.Kass’ beautifully written story, inspired by her mother’s life and how she came to America, describes the intensity of the sudden invasion of Poland by Russia, making everyday life a challenge because of the changes in government that the Russians forced [...]

    11. WW11 Fiction, based on fact. Some of these facts I had not known, so learned something re: Poland being split between Germany and Russia. Since main character (Tasa) is a violinist, many concert classical pieces are woven into the story. A list is added to the end of the book, as well as a thoughtful readers guide.

    12. This lyrical novel gives a sense of how a young woman with so much to live for – her music, her family, her lover – could experience loss at the deepest personal and national level yet still pull through. Kass paints an intimately detailed portrait of the old world, the Poland of “once upon a time,” giving us painterly moments throughout the book. Her heroine is gifted and full of life, but also sometimes succumbs to the grief and horror of her times. We never doubt that she is a human b [...]

    13. I received this book through Giveaways, and was very happy to have won. However I was disappointed that I didn't enjoy this book. I know the book was inspired by the author's mothers memories, and that it was an extremely precious story. That being said I think that it is hard to present characters based on real people in an authors lives as multidimensional, flawed imperfect people, which is part of what draws a reader in. There was just to much telling, and not enough showing to make the char [...]

    14. Tasa's Song is a beautifully written novel about a young girl's experience during WWII. I appreciated this different take on a war story as it is more about music and beauty, innocence and young love. All of those things transcend the horrors of the war unfolding all around the main character of Tasa. Kass does a brilliant job of evoking the music she so skillfully writes about. Makes me want to learn more! A wonderful book to come back to each night!

    15. Very easy read, finished in a two day span. I initially bought this book because the author, Linda Kass, owns the local book store Gramercy Books, near my home. Local authors and local businesses, what could be better?! The story itself was intriguing. I find myself constantly picking up World War II stories, Tasa's Song surely did not disappoint. Unlike so many WWII stories, Tasa's Song did not put you right on the battlefield, it did not take you to a concentration camp, yet you still felt the [...]

    16. First off, I received this book from in exchange for my review. This is a different take on a Jewish family's experience during WWII as the family was living in eastern Poland which fell under Russian rule. There are no concentration camps here although many of the women of the family ended up in labor camps in Russia and the remainder of the family has to go into hiding. The book is well written. There are many musical references which would benefit the reader if they are familiar with the var [...]

    17. The classical music playlist that emerges from Linda Kass's Tasa's Song is enough to set this novel about a young violinist's Holocaust survival apart from other WWII stories. Kass's intimate descriptions set the stage for the beauty and power of Tasa's music against the horror of her coming of age as a Jewish girl in eastern Poland in the 1930s and 40s. Kass's loving weaving of her own family's story into the narrative gives Tasa's Song additional depth and interest. A memorable read!

    18. “A war had been fought. People had lived, loved, and perished. This rehearsal with death had to stand for something. What is it? she wondered. That each moment is precious and fleeting? That we learn to go forward by understanding what came before?” Quote from Tasa’s SongMusic runs through this story as an underlying theme, whether on Tasa’s violin or in Tasa’s mind. Throughout the story the sound of Tasa’s violin and the music that was in Tasa’s head were her way of escaping what [...]

    19. After reading The Girl from the Train by Irma Joubert, I came across the description for Linda Kass’ upcoming novel, Tasa’s Song and found it intriguing enough to request to preview the book. Like The Girl from the Train, Tasa’s Song takes place in eastern Poland during World War II and involves the impact of the Soviets and communism on the Polish people as the war progresses. Where The Girl from the Train looked at adopted families, Tasa’s Song looks more at the close ties that can dev [...]

    20. I was fortunate to have won this novel as a Firstreads. The events take place between 1939-1947. Inspired by true events, Tasa is a musical prodigy whose aspirations as a violinist are brought to a halt by the invasion of the Nazis in war torn Poland. The book follows the travels of her family, who are Jewish, as they are forced from their home and village. While Tasa's mother and relatives are sent to work camps in Siberia, Tasa and her father and family adopt a nomadic life helped by friends [...]

    21. I have been in my bookclub for over twenty years and probably at least half of the books we have read have touched on World War II and the Holocaust. In order for a book about this subject matter to stand out there has to be something unique about the story that the reader will find memorable. For me, Tasa’s Song is very memorable, because it follows the story of a young Polish girl from middle school to her early twenties as she and her family navigate the harsh landscape of this time period. [...]

    22. Most World War 2 Novels focus on the Western front or the heart of Germany so I was surprised to find the story opening up in eastern Poland. The Eastern front of the war had it's own unique struggles that the author effectively portrayed through Tasa's extended family. This was also a coming of age story and I especially enjoyed Tasa's lyrical thought process as she related her inner life to various classical compositions. A nice detail was the music lists at the end of the book (broken down by [...]

    23. Tasa's Song held my interest from start to finish. It is well written with interesting characters and a different perspective on the lives of the Jewish people in Poland during WWII. The story is moving, emotional and never boring. It is full of sadness, loss and uncertainty but there is also love, hope and spirit. All the references to musical compositions got tiresome after awhile since I am not familiar with a lot of the pieces but since music was such an integral part of Tasa's life I unders [...]

    24. I won this book on .It was so beautifully written. The innocence in this family that was shattered and the love and faith that kept them going was amazing. I sincerely felt the pain and fear as the Nazis walked above them clunking on the wooden floor as they hid. I never want anyone to feel this way again although they do as wars rage on in our world. The addition of the music theme was enlightening and soothing throughout the book. A real story from a person who lived through a horrendous war.

    25. What a sad and moving book.The things Tasa lived through are so unreal and knowing these things really happened is so sad.Knowing they were judged not by who they were but by what religion they were is just so sad.Danik was so brave and when he did not come home it broke my heart. everyone should read this book and take a look at the world around them and treat people as the person they are and not the label assigned to them.I received this book free as part of giveaways.

    26. I won this book from Giveaways and found it a very moving and wonderful story. To think to have to live through all the troubles of what happened in Poland and to everyone that the government was doing and how the troubles were really if you had the wrong opinion and or the wrong religion. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a historical information.

    27. Really well written (I would expect that of a journalist). I didn't want to put the book down! I can't wait for a book signing or reading here in Columbus. Ms. Kass inspired me to explore the music she wrote about. I also feel even more deeply the fear and pain of those who lived in Europe during WWII.

    28. A wonderful book set in SE Poland, an area that see-sawed back and forth between German and Soviet control during WWII. Kass writes from a deeply personal perspective in this charming novel loosely based on her own family. One twist is that the Soviets are first seen as oppressors, later as liberators. This is a fine historical portrait of a rural area not often written about in WWII novels.

    29. I am so glad I won this book. I am of Polish descent so I had a special interest and then the curious connection that my last name is Brodie not Brody, but close enough. This book catches your attention right. It is very well written. It shows you how awful it was for the Jewish people. What a study of the human spirit. Will certainly recommend this book. Want to share Tasa with others.

    30. There's been a spate of Holocaust related novels in my queue in the last 6 months. Unfortunately, this one did not compare favorably to some of the others. While well written, for some reason it was not as compelling from a character standpoint. I did appreciate the history lesson on the region. Thanks to NETGALLEY for the ARC.

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