Fire Watcher

Fire Watcher

Lilith Saintcrow / May 28, 2020

Fire Watcher Elise Nicholson isn t your ordinary witch For one thing she can light candles with a look and plays a mean guitar Unfortunately being able to call fire out of the air isn t the most useful skill ar

  • Title: Fire Watcher
  • Author: Lilith Saintcrow
  • ISBN: 9781933417028
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elise Nicholson isn t your ordinary witch For one thing, she can light candles with a look, and plays a mean guitar Unfortunately, being able to call fire out of the air isn t the most useful skill around To top it off, she s a Guardian of the City, and the other Guardians her two best friends have no time for her They re too busy with their Watchers, the grim black coElise Nicholson isn t your ordinary witch For one thing, she can light candles with a look, and plays a mean guitar Unfortunately, being able to call fire out of the air isn t the most useful skill around To top it off, she s a Guardian of the City, and the other Guardians her two best friends have no time for her They re too busy with their Watchers, the grim black coated warriors sworn to protect Elise and her friends from the Dark Lonely and terrified because she isn t certain she can control her intensified gifts, Elise is fast running out of options and patience Then the Trifero lands in her lap, and everything just gets worse Remy is known as the Hunter, snatching Talismans away from the Dark and struggling with the constant agony of being a Watcher Then he get assigned to stand guard over a smart mouth fire witch who not only hates Watchers but has just found the Trifero, a Talisman capable of blowing the city sky high If the Dark catch Elise, she ll be broken, turned into a magickal weapon, and sold to the highest bidder Not only does Remy have to get to her first and keep the Dark away from her, but he also must convince Elise that he means her no harm and that s the easy part of the job If he pulls this one off, he just might redeem himself the way every Watcher aches to do But if he fails, both he and Elise might be better off dead.

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        Lilith Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as an Air Force brat, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old She lives in Vancouver, Washington, in a house full of stray cats and children.


    1. A red-head with a fiery temper, say it ain't so! Anyone ever met a red head without a temper? Elise Nicholson is a bitter, immature and lonely witch. With the loss of her surrogate mother and an increase in her magical powers, it is decreasing her powers of observation and cognitive skills. Elise is a bomb waiting to explode. Ms. Saintcrow creates a different character for this third book in the series. Elise is mad at the world and she acts out against those who love her because she is in a pit [...]

    2. Fire Watcher packs a punch with a fire witch with attitude.Elise is a strong heroine that can bring her 100% to the table, making it an equal partnership with Remyt some girl looking for her white night. Don't get me wrong Remy did have to play white knight but at Elise seems to have a good back bone.Elisa attitude was fiery, but it was a little over the top and even alienated her from her friends.Don't miss this explosive addition to the Watcher series.I received this copy of Fire Watcher from [...]

    3. I liked the pairing of Elise and Remy, although Elise's continual belittling of the Watchers did get old. I love Jill Kismet, so I enjoyed this alternate world Light versus Dark series.

    4. Third in the Watcher series based in Santiago City. The couple focus is on Remy and Elise Nicholson.My TakeI guess I keep hoping that Saintcrow starts writing better characters. I do like the concept of the series and Saintcrow does write a nice homey sort of atmosphere. But I have a really difficult time with characters where I'm cheering for the good guys to die. Mari was so stupid in Storm Watcher and now there's the idiotic Elise. When she goes to the warehouse, I found myself hoping the bad [...]

    5. Elise Nicholson is a fire witch and plays a mean guitar but she’s lonely and skating the edge of control and then to make things worse – a Talisman capable of blowing the city sky-high lands in her lap along with a Watcher in this spellbinding paranormal romance.Remy is a Hunter of Talismans but he’s been assigned to stand guard over a smart-mouthed fire witch who hates Watchers and the readers can’t help but get caught up in this inferno as things quickly heats to explosive proportions [...]

    6. I received an ARC of the book for an honest opinion.This story is about Elise, a fire witch. She is a tough woman, as was needed for her to survive her childhood. Elise is having a rough time right now and doesn't feel she is getting the support she needs from her friends Theo & Mari. They have all lost a beloved friend and mentor, Suzanne. Her friends have also gained a Watcher, a protector, and she feels pushed aside.Remy then enters her life as her Watcher. She is angry, very angry! She d [...]

    7. “Fire Watcher” is the third book in the Watcher series by Lilith Saintcrow.Based on the number of pages, I classify this as a long novella. Of the three I have read so far in this series, I liked this one the best.Elise, a fire witch, doesn’t trust Circle Lightfall or the Watchers who work for them. It takes until around 14% to find out the goal of the story, but once it is apparent, the story stays nicely on track. Remy must protect Elise because the Brotherhood wants to get her and an ar [...]

    8. This was what I expected it to be. Nothing amazing but not a drag either. Elise is a fire witch, a Lightbringer and, along with her two closest friends, a protector of the city. Elise holds a lot of anger which ends up making her annoying. She feels she is the only one with a brain since her two friends now have boyfriends who are Watchers. She doesn't trust them or Circle Lightfall. She feels she needs to do the protecting, but to giver her credit, she is strong enough to do it.Elise finds a ta [...]

    9. 10/12/2010 - Finally finished it today. It pretty much followed the same plot line as the other two: Powerful witch is in grave danger; big hunky guy with every weapon imaginable in his long black leather duster except a nuclear bomb slinks into town to watch over her and make sure she doesn't get hurt, only said powerful witch has a really TSTL moment, ditches the heroic hunky guy much too easily, and gets into such a clustersitch that her friends and their hunky guys have to rush to the rescue [...]

    10. Fire Watcher - book 3 in Lilith Saintcrow's Watcher Series. This time Elise, the rock n' roll "fire" Lightbringer is in the center of some big trouble. Luckily, Remy comes in as her Watcher to make sure she survives. (Does anybody else love that Remy has that cajun drawl to his voice? Honestly, every time I read this book I hear the guy who did the voice for Gambit on the '80s X-Men cartoon. FYI: He was also was the actor who played Caine's son on Kung Fu:The Legend Continues). Anyway, Elise's t [...]

    11. This is the third book of the series and I think in some ways I liked it best. The heroine was not so stupid as her counterparts in the previous books and she had power she was not afraid to use which made it a bit better story for me.Remy and Elise were an excellent couple and the interplay was perfect.The story and the lead in for what I expect in the next book was done well with no feeling of a cliffhanger (which I would have hated)Bottom Line: Excellent plot, excellent continuing overarching [...]

    12. I started out this book with such high hopes. The main character, who I couldn't stand in the first books, was actually understandable. While I didn't agree with her actions, I got where she was coming from. Then, of course, it's ruined by slipping back into the set up of weak, helpless little woman and a big, dangerous man who, while convinced that he's not worthy, also is convinced that the woman he loves cannot take care of herself. Even a woman who starts off strong, if angry, is reduced to [...]

    13. I loved Remy he was possessive without meaning to be, "mine. My witch. Thank the gods she's safe. That was too close for comfort." He knows how to calm his little witch down it just takes some coaxing, "we will find a way. I promise. You might cause a car accident if you keep making the windows steam up, hmmm? We will find something to do, Elise. Just trust me I promise, but for right now, tranquille, shh, hush" I liked this book there's no naughtiness in it so it's safe for young adults to read [...]

    14. Fire Watcher was decent. Elise is out to push those who love her away. She's a strong heroine but it goes over the top and puts in her into a downward spiral. Then we have Remi who can sense powerful talismans. To me this one was better than Dark Watcher and Cloud watcher but I feel the characters annoying traits get exaggerated and you get tired of the hero and heroine almost acting like children and the world is so out to get them because they are gifted.

    15. i love elles, she has a great firey temper but never with one she love but she miss her friend and teacher suzanne. then remy turns up who she cant trust as he a watcher but he proves to her its her he is interested in and will protect her at all costs.i read this book and enjoyed it so much i read it in a days a must to read this series

    16. <3You see what she'll became (She being both character and author), but she's not there yet. Santiago and Abra were a nice surprise for the Dante Valenine's fan.The plot is exactly the same of the previous two, and the next two books too. The heroine is slightly better, but it's potential only. At the end she's emasculated like the other ones. Pity.

    17. Great dialogue and characters, but the plot had a certain flatness and, dare I say, triteness? (Extremely handsome man with a really bad past and guilt about this past devotes his life to protecting special women ["Lightbringers"], hoping to meet "his" special woman, who he will devote his life to protecting.)

    18. In this third in the series there is a shift from religious based evil (the crusade) to power and greed based evil (the brotherhood). The fire witch makes her own stand against the evil but the Watchers still prove their worth.

    19. I think this is my favourite so far, mostly because Elise is able to take care of herself and Remy. They're more of a team rather than the Watcher having to take care of the childish innocent Lightbringer

    20. The thought of the Brotherhood is scary -- at least the Crusade just wanted to kill them, not enslave & control them as a commodity.I do like Elise & Remy. She's still super stubborn & I want to shake her as well -- but she's a bit more relatable to me. :)Last logged April 20/15

    21. I loved loved loved this book. I loved the fire cracker attitude of the female role in this one and how she was slowly won over by her watcher and it was her job to protect him and everyone else.

    22. Closer to two and a half stars. I liked Elise better than Mari, but that's not hard. The bits of French were okay, though the grammar was a bit off.

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