Book or Bell?

Book or Bell?

ChrisBarton Ashley Spires / Jun 02, 2020

Book or Bell The first page has Henry hooked The second page has him captivated The third page BBRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG will have to wait That is unless Henry ignores the bell stays put and keeps on reading the mo

  • Title: Book or Bell?
  • Author: ChrisBarton Ashley Spires
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  • Page: 132
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  • The first page has Henry hooked.The second page has him captivated.The third page BBRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG will have to wait.That is, unless Henry ignores the bell, stays put, and keeps on reading the most awesome book.By not springing up with the ringing of the bell, Henry sets off a chain reaction unlike anything his school or town has ever seen Luckily, MayorThe first page has Henry hooked.The second page has him captivated.The third page BBRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG will have to wait.That is, unless Henry ignores the bell, stays put, and keeps on reading the most awesome book.By not springing up with the ringing of the bell, Henry sets off a chain reaction unlike anything his school or town has ever seen Luckily, Mayor Wise, Governor Bright, and Senator Brilliant know exactly what the situation calls for A louder bell MUCH louder.With this hilarious, high energy satire from bestselling author Chris Barton and illustrator Ashley Spires, readers will be cheering louder still as one of their own continues to just stay put.

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    1. I thought the idea had potential, but then the story went a totally different direction than I expected, which didn't quite live up to the premise for me.

    2. A boy finds a book he loves and can't seem to put it down. A bell keeps interrupting his book time so he chooses to ignore the bell and disrupts the routine. Was choosing to finish his book the right decision?

    3. This book started out with promise, but it didn't quite put the pieces together. I know the different turns were intended to be silly, but each one followed a path that broke down if you were to follow it to its logical conclusion. Of course, they didn't follow any of them to their logical solution. The boy's action wouldn't lead to the problem that arose, the suggestions don't make the most sense for the problem, and the eventual solution doesn't match the suggestions or the problem. The closes [...]

    4. A book-loving kid is so engrossed by his reading (about bikes) that he ignores the bell at school. So the higher-ups try a louder bell. And louder and louder. But the boy would rather read, so he ignores them all. The resolution? I'm actually not sure. It's suddenly Saturday, and he takes the training wheels off his bike and joins everyone for a ride. It's an unexpected twist that doesn't flow and seems to come out of nowhere.Fun illustrations, aptly depicting a kid in the many stages and poses [...]

    5. This being a book about a boy who loves to read so much that he ignores the bell at school, I really wanted to love it and give it 5 stars.But The story is pretty good. The adults in the story are trying to come up with a way to get the boy's attention so he hears the bell. I get that. What I didn't like was the ending. It was weird. It had really nothing to do with the boy loving to read.

    6. Some fun is had with some oddly disconnected ideas, but the ending comes out of nowhere and doesn't resolve anything.

    7. Um. What. This was a fantastic opportunity to focus on the enjoyment of reading and on schools' too rigid schedules that don't allow for any creative thought outside of what has to be taught. It was even set up to showcase the delight a child had while reading! Instead, all of that potential was twisted into everything that went wrong because the child decided to read instead of doing other things. Also, the solution to a kid wanting to read instead of attend class or lunch? THE WEEKEND. What?! [...]

    8. Have you ever gotten frustrated because your in the middle of an intense and exciting page turner and you realize that your work break is over? We've all been in that frustrating situation of wanting to be left alone to read and forgo any other responsibilities. Usually, we don't have that luxury. Henry, however, chooses to ignore everyone and everything around him at school and just read his book. All the faculty are furious as Henry has disrupted the entire school with his nonconformity. It is [...]

    9. Barton, Chris Book or Bell? Illustrated by Ashley Spires. PICTURE BOOK. Bloomsbury, 2017. $17. 9781681197296.Henry is hooked on his book. When he decides to stay in instead of going to lunch, disaster happens. The solution – get Henry’s attention with a bigger, louder bell. But when that doesn’t work, maybe an even bigger bell is called for?I like Chris Barton – I like Ashley Spires. This book, however doesn’t make my heart sing. Its kind of funny and kind makes sense in its progressio [...]

    10. The ending comes out of left field, I guess trying to convey a "let's all get outside and be active" message that doesn't really make sense. But the repetition of "what we need is a bigger bell," the sound effects, and the illustrations make for a humorous read. My three year old and my six year old both loved it, and I would probably use it in storytime at the library.

    11. A boy is so engrossed in his book, he decides to ignore the bell at school and keep reading. The higher ups can't seem to think of a way for him to leave the room when the bell rings. A humorous story about a boy who finds a great book to read. Fun and silly illustrations.

    12. A fun book for story time, lots of noises and exclamations to be had. It shows well that wonderfulmoment when you disappear into a book and don’t want to climb out again, and then shows some silly, ridiculous consequences to this - kids will laugh along with this book.

    13. Funny book about a boy who finds a book he likes so much, he stops everything else to just read the book. I have often felt that way about my books, and read deep into the night even when I should be sleeping.

    14. We've all had that moment where a book is just too good to put down but we begrudgingly do so. But Henry decides to stay put which leads to a series of unfortunate events. A silly take on problem solving that doesn't work.

    15. I liked it up to the end, but that is what makes it possible to pair it with the many books about kids rushing to get to school and finding it's a Saturday. Will make a fun read-aloud. What a great pairing of author and illustrator.

    16. Funniest picture book I have seen in awhile. Hilarity ensues when a little boy finds a captivating book and decides to stay put instead of a paying attention to the school bell. Perfect for reading aloud.

    17. I am always a sucker for a book lover story, and boy I can sympathize with this little boy! He doesn't want to stop reading! I don't blame him!

    18. I wanted to love this picture book, because of its positive message about enjoying reading, but the story wasn't very strong and the ending came out of nowhere. The illustrations were cute, though.

    19. Clever story about a boy who discovers a very interesting book. Great to talk about problem solving - what works and what doesn't.

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