Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds

Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds

Michael McBride / Jan 24, 2020

Snowblind II The Killing Grounds There are some places man was never meant to go For the past seven years John Avery has been combing the wilderness for any sign of his missing girlfriend who set out upon the ski trip of a lifetime

  • Title: Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds
  • Author: Michael McBride
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There are some places man was never meant to go For the past seven years, John Avery has been combing the wilderness for any sign of his missing girlfriend, who set out upon the ski trip of a lifetime and was never seen again Regions utterly isolated by geography and time The discovery of a video camera prompts Sheriff Wayne Dayton to dispatch a search party into one ofThere are some places man was never meant to go For the past seven years, John Avery has been combing the wilderness for any sign of his missing girlfriend, who set out upon the ski trip of a lifetime and was never seen again Regions utterly isolated by geography and time The discovery of a video camera prompts Sheriff Wayne Dayton to dispatch a search party into one of the most remote areas of the Rockies in hopes of learning her fate Where few species can survive When a freak blizzard strikes, they find themselves wandering blindly into the killing grounds of a predator they can t even see.

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        Michael McBride was born in Colorado and still resides in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains He hates the snow, but loves the Avalanche He works with medical radiation, yet somehow managed to produce five children, none of whom, miraculously, have tails, third eyes, or other random mutations He writes fiction that runs the gamut from thriller to horror to science fictiond loves every minute of it.


    1. Michael McBride takes us back to the Rockies and once more we're blind in the snow, we're in the killing grounds, the panic is mounting and the tensiometer is pinging like a metal detector in a shipping container.Seven years ago John Avery's girlfriend went on a skiing trip with friends, none of them were ever seen again and he's searched for them, relentlessly, he was even a suspect.Sheriff Wayne Dayton once shot a man who staggered into a diner carrying a severed head, a tortuous ending to a h [...]

    2. SNOWBLIND II: THE KILLING GROUNDS takes place after the events in Michael McBride's award-winning novella, SNOWBLIND. However, it is not a "continuation" of that story, but rather more of a backstory--chronicling the disappearance of a group of teenagers on a skiing trip seven years prior. John Avery's girlfriend, Michelle Jenkins, was one of those that went missing, and he has spent the last seven years of his life searching for the truth behind the loss of the "love of his life".The search is [...]

    3. THEY COME AT NIGHT.Fug.Again?Yep.There’s a killing ground deep in the woods outside of Archuleta County where a highly intelligent and ruthless monster(s) hunts its prey using the terrain and the treetop canopies for camouflage. If you see it coming, it is too late - if you don’t see it coming, the end result is largely going to be the same. You are toast.John Avery has been searching, wondering and obsessing for the past seven years over his girlfriend that disappeared while on a skiing tri [...]

    4. Michael McBride follows up on his 2012 DarkFuse Reader's Choice Award-winning title, SNOWBLIND, with this terrific follow-up.In THE KILLING GROUNDS, we follow a group composed of the local Sheriff (who we saw a little bit of in the first book's closing chapter), a game warden, and a Search & Rescue officer on the hunt for a handful of missing skiers who disappeared seven years ago. The discovery of a buried video recorder reopens their cold case, and brings in Avery, the boyfriend of the mis [...]

    5. Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds is the long-awaited (by me) sequel to DarkFuse’s 2012 Book of the Year, Snowblind. As the second storm in a row passes through Wolf Creek Pass, philandering Len Badgett and his current fling are heading back to civilization after their cozy (ski-less) skiing trip in the mountains, when Len hits what appears to be a man standing in the middle of the snow-covered road…Seven years ago John Avery’s girlfriend and four of her friends vanished without a trace du [...]

    6. Snowblind was one of my favorite novellas from Darkfuse when it came out in 2012 and the second installment adds depth to the story without being a direct sequel. However, I do recommend reading Snowblind first in order to get the full effect of this one.A small group of people find themselves in a remote area in the Rockies that seems to be a ground zero for disappearances. They have all come for different reasons: one to search answers as to what happened to his girlfriend seven years ago, a g [...]

    7. Michael McBride is a very skilled writer and just as good a researcher, as almost everything I have read by him is rich in technical detail. His 2012 novella Snowblind is a wonderful example of both of these things, and remains my favourite work of his. So it was with no small sense of expectation that I approached this sequel to that outstanding effort.Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds follows a small group of people who march into a remote area of the Rockies, looking for evidence of what befe [...]

    8. This was the sixteenth book by MM I have read. The story centers around a group of people that went missing on a ski trip in Colorado. And after seven years of looking the boyfriend (John Avery) of one of the missing girls finally gets a break. The Sheriff Wayne Dayton contacts him. They found a video camera that helps them in the search for the lost ski party. This is when the story gets going, will stop here. Like all of MM books they are well written, good flow, good characters and great atmo [...]

    9. I love this type of horror story but I can't say what type it is without spoiling the first book. I love the cover art but you can't look at it without potentially spoiling the first book. So, no peeking. Go read Snowblind.

    10. Shit hits the fan and you don't realize how scared you are until your dog jump on you out of the dark and you scream in terror. Snowblind 3?

    11. A fantastic sequel to Snowblind by Michael Mcbride I think it important to have read Snowblind before the sequel Snowblind 2 “The Killing Grounds” where the fate of William Coburn is granted respectful closure by Sheriff Wayne Dayton “He thought about William Coburn, the man who’d walked into the Alferd Packer Grill with his friend’s head under his jacket.”At the start and conclusion of Snowblind 2 we meet Len Badgett who is cheating on his wife with the somewhat despicable and caree [...]

    12. Snowblind was my first introduction to McBride’s work, an intro that was highly overdue. I’ve since come to devour pretty much anything he writes, and when I saw that a sequel to Snowblind was in order, I knew I had to jump in for the ride.I was intrigued with how McBride would handle a sequel, considering the ending of the first novella (don’t worry, no spoilers here – though I definitely recommend reading that one first). I mean, this could have been Paranormal Activity 18, with the sa [...]

    13. To me, this book had a somewhat different feel than its predecessor, Snowblind. Both were excellent, but the original did not have as much of a focus on the characters, it was pretty much a pulse-pounding thrill ride nearly from start to finish. As I mentioned in my review for that one, even the prose was lean, with short, choppy sentences, adding to the frantic feel.This one had moments like that, but it also had a much more human side to it, getting into the head and emotions of John Avery, wh [...]

    14. Snowlind 2: The Killing Ground is the sequel to Snowblind. Seven years ago John Avery girlfriend went on a skiing trip with a bunch of her friends. The group of skiers were never heard from again. John had never given up that Michelle might still be alive, even after her parents thought she was dead. Sheriff Dayton contacted John Avery to tell him about the video camera that was found on the mountain range where the skiers vanished. Sheriff Dayton, John Avery a Game Warden and a Search and Rescu [...]

    15. Snowblind III've had a sick child this week so I'm way behind & I have a number of reviews I want to wrap up before I start Halloween Bingo so I'm going to make this short & sweet If you read the first book, Snowblind, then this a definite must read. Both books are fantastic but I think I liked this one even more then the first. Perfect for a cold - weather night!   

    16. Michael McBride follows up on his award winning and fan favorite novella Snowblind with this sequel. The "II" after the title may scare off new readers, so be assured that knowledge of the first Snowblind is not necessary to enjoy this one. The stories take place in the same universe and complement each other, but it isn't like one picks up right where the other left off.As a previous reviewer mentioned, Snowblind II does a more effective job of creating empathy for the protagonist, thus making [...]

    17. Great little sequel. Even though you know what's coming Michael McBride manages to build up the tension again. Excellent.

    18. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Mike's writing so I had the typical high expectations for Snowblind 2. One thing I really liked was that even though this is listed as a sequel, one could read Snowblind 2 and get a great story without reading Snowblind first.I would encourage all readers to read Snowblind first though to get the ultimate reading experience. Mike keeps the suspense and action coming throughout and there is no reveal until almost the very end. Snowblind 3, anyone?

    19. I loved this book, and hated it also. The ending, just like in the first Snowblind book just about kills me! The story is intense. It just a fearfest from start to finish. I would love to see part 3 come out in a longer story with a satisfying conclusion. Damn it, you even killed the dang dog!! Mr. McBride is one heck of a storyteller and I would recommend this book and author.

    20. Like its predecessor, this sequel is a mad dash for the finish line. Deep breath, ready, go!I really didn't think Snowblind II could be as good as its namesake, but it was. Despite the fact that I knew (from book I) who/what was doing the killing, the suspense was just as keen, the pace just as frenzied, and the fear every bit as palpable as in the first book.I don't know how he continues to do it, but McBride has penned another winner.Read book 1 first.

    21. I already enjoyed "Snowblind" very much but McBride clearly stepped it up a notch with the predecessor. I know no other author that has perfected capturing the breathless mounting of panic in his writing like him. From the first minute on there is an eerie feeling which relentlessly rises to full-blown, nail-biting suspense until the finale.As the poster for a famous Tobe Hooper movie once stated: "Who will survive and what will be left of them?" - I won't spoil the fun here so find out for your [...]

    22. The original Snowblind came out in late 2012 and was one of the best novellas I’d read. Now, Michael McBride is back with a follow up, Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds. There are some references to the original story and a character who made a brief but critical appearance at the end. However, the important information is recapped so you can go into this blind and not be lost.Seven years ago, five students went missing on a skiing trip in the mountains of Colorado, never to be heard from agai [...]

    23. Gotta love a great bigfoot story! Also great cover art for a modern horror book. I liked the first Snowblind better just for its originality, but dont get me wrong Snowblind 2 is also very good. It was nice to read a sequel that wasn't entirely dependent on its predecessor, it could've been just as good if I hadnt read Snowblind.I liked how it continued the story by picking up with the sheriff from the first book. I also really liked Zeke the police dog, I was rooting for him maybe more than the [...]

    24. DAMMIT JANET!!!Again, one of my fave author's Michael McBride pens yet ANOTHER highly addicting, fast paced, gore fest, hair raising, sonic boom kinda novella. Although, this time his signature cherry on top ending was bittersweet for me, I still dug the story. Tonight, I am on to his newest novel which I will more than likely be up all night reading.h, damn you and your fantastic imagination McBride!!! You always hook me with your stories and style, and so I tend to not realize it's 4am.Just ki [...]

    25. Loved this one!!Well, most of the time I have found the sequels don't measure up to the first book. This is definitely an exception. I enjoyed that this book got great right from the beginning. New characters are introduced but the story revolves around the mysteries of book one. In particular, a boyfriend needs closure. In his quest to find out what happened to his missing girlfriend, we are taken back to the mountains and the "monsters" which live there. I was sucked back into the life and man [...]

    26. I liked this book better than the first; the emotional stake is much stronger, making for a more satisfying ending.It's just the evil yeti thing. I've always thought of them as quite gentle and shy. Every time you read about accounts of sasquatches, they are always described as shy and gentle. (If the accounts are actually true) Even so, this is a pretty good plot driven series. Fast paced, scary.

    27. The excellent followup to Snowblind. An emergency triggering of a longhorn sheep's GPS tracker ultimately leads to the discovery of a video of a college student. She and her friends have been missing for 7 years. The resultant search party finds more than it bargained for. I highly recommend this page-turner.

    28. Good, good BookThis book was almost as scary as Snow blind #1. My only complaint is that it is too short.I don't think I've even been close to a bigfoot but if they are as mean as these, I don't want to.Happy Reading!!

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