Love Is

Love Is

Tia Kelly / Feb 29, 2020

Love Is It took a once in a lifetime bond to teach her what love is and a once in a lifetime betrayal to show her what love is not Love Is A different kind of love story Diane Collins had big plans for her l

  • Title: Love Is
  • Author: Tia Kelly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • It took a once in a lifetime bond to teach her what love is, and a once in a lifetime betrayal to show her what love is not Love Is A different kind of love story Diane Collins had big plans for her life, and hoops star Warren Scott was not among them He doesn t want to be the face of the NBA, and she doesn t care that he is His reluctance to be part of the limeligIt took a once in a lifetime bond to teach her what love is, and a once in a lifetime betrayal to show her what love is not Love Is A different kind of love story.Diane Collins had big plans for her life, and hoops star Warren Scott was not among them He doesn t want to be the face of the NBA, and she doesn t care that he is His reluctance to be part of the limelight disarms her and the two embark on an unlikely friendship that becomes an even unlikelier romance Soon, his life is her life filled with VIP treatment, parties and luxuries beyond Diane s wildest imagination But Warren is harboring a secret, and once it s revealed Diane s decision to stay or go could change the very fabric of who she thought she was.

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    1. Listen, when I say this book will put you through it, I am not kidding. Have that glass of wine on deck. This was a well-crafted, sophisticated, and highly emotive read--I was not expecting that. The story itself is honest and rawd sweet and beautiful at the same time.We meet sure-footed Diane, not long out of undergrad, and well on her way to furthering her studies and pursuing her dreams to go outer-space. Literally. She is smart, she's ambitious, and she’s almost there. And a mysterious War [...]

    2. ‘Love Is’ opens with the very ambitious, goal-oriented and purpose-driven Diane Collins in an airport, waiting for a flight after having just endured an interview for a job that is well beneath her abilities and her lofty expectations for herself. She’s got huge plans, but knows that the job, however lacking, could be a stepping stone to where she wants to go, so she’s willing to consider it. As fate would have it, also on that flight, and in need of a buffer between him and his over-exu [...]

    3. 01/22/2016 -- Love is well, this is pretty much the question in this one. As I started reading this book -- you start to form a picture of how the book will go. I didn't get what I expected I'd get. Diane Collins is a conundrum for me. At first we think this girl has it together. She has a good male friend. She has a career planned and she is hard working towards making it happen. She seems to know her own mind. She is a beautiful woman and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.So, why the [...]

    4. Love Is Riveting!It's a very well written story. I feel Tia does a great job with defining the personality and feelings of the characters in her book. The time frame in which the story was written was well developed. Will the contents and storyline touch your heart? Indeed it will. This book takes the authors writing skills to the next level in my opinion. Awesome job Tia Kelly!

    5. Let me start by saying that the only other book that I've read by Tia Kelly is Baby Love, so all I knew about Diane is that she's Paige's mama. And that she had been a side chick, since Paige and Trent had the same daddy, and he was married to Trent's mama. I really thought that that was all I needed to know about Diane. So imagine my surprise when I found out that Ms. Kelly was going to write a book about her. Ummm, why? Now, I love romance novels, and I prefer romance novels with a HEA. Having [...]

    6. Love is, a different kind of romanceLove Is, is a different kind of romance read. Different in that, it's sorta sad with a skewed HEA. It was unexpected for meI didn't expect to hate the faux alpha male, hottie, selfish jerk in Warren. I didn't expect to physically feel the hurt of Diane and Paige. I certainly didn't expect to really cry, I've read hundreds of books and have been sad but I have never ever shed tears. I didn't expect to fall in love with Diane's chutzpah because for a large perce [...]

    7. I just finished reading Tia Kelly's Love is and I am convinced that--hands down--this is the best novel she has ever written. This is pure women's fiction--not a romance, even though love is one of many themes in the novel--but the main focus is on Diane's journeyd what a journey she has.Diane is a smart woman who finds herself in a situation that she always thought she was too smart to end up in. A choice she makes in the heat of the moment leads to her career going off course, dealing with the [...]

    8. APB Perspective Review:This book took me totally by surprise, I have read Tia Kelly books before but this book blew me away. Diane's story is one many women can relate to whether they admit or not. Sometimes you choose love and it doesn't choose you, at least not they way you deserve. Tia did and excellent job of telling Diane's story. The author takes the reader through the emotions of love,the happiness it brings , the pain it causes , and loss of it , and she definitely makes you feel them. A [...]

    9. Heartbreaking, emotional, real, haunting, achingly honest. This book is moving, intelligent and worth all of the emotion it evokes."Love Is" creeps up on you and grabs hold of your heart before you realize its happening. I literally ached when I finished reading it-- Diane felt that real to me. I felt her pain, her struggles, her longings. I related to her in ways that made me think about my own relationships and self-perception.I'm so glad Tia Kelly defied expectations and wrote what was on her [...]

    10. Love IsI put off reading this book for so long because of all the reviews said it was a great book, but is was so sad. As I sit here with tears streaming down my eyes, I know the reviews are true. Tia takes you on an emotional journey of Diane and the person she was and the dreams she had before she crossed paths with Warren Scott. It gives you a better understanding of Paige other than her being the other woman. My heart went out to the most innocent person in this equation: Paige. This is a gr [...]

    11. Lovely and Bittersweet This book is the first in a while to bring about such wistful tears in me. I'm familiar with Tia Kelly's work, but nothing I've read so far prepared me for Love Is.The battle within and between these characters to exert their will in order to change each other's internal hardwiring was frustrating to witness yet poignantly honest. As they traveled through the prior decades engaged in such relatable iconic occurrences, I found myself enjoying the characters' intriguing jour [...]

    12. Love Is What Love DoesI always wonder how Paige's mother and Warren met and whether he ever had any true involvement in her upbringing. I truly hate spoilers, but I have to reveal my disappointment in the actions of Diane's parents. This is truly an Intriguing and Telling story that us a definite must read, especially for anyone familiar with Tia Kelly's "Wilkerson's" series. I was an emotional mess at times as I cried and laughed throughout this book, but I so grateful to Tia for sharing Diane' [...]

    13. What is love?Another great read. A very realistic story. Warren was, in my opinion, a real nut case and a**hole. Love this author.

    14. I've read several books by this author and I will have to say that this is my favorite so far. The story started a little slow in the beginning, but when things got moving I couldn't put it down.

    15. Interesting novel, I had a hard time putting it down. Many women can relate to various factors in the story line. I would recommend this book to my female friends and family members who love to read.

    16. Actual rating : 3.5/5(Originally posted on bookmyopia/wordpress)*Note : I won a signed paperback of this book in a blog tour giveaway*Set in the 80’s and spanning over a decade, Love Is is the story of Diane Collins, a girl with big dreams and ambitions for her career – a burning desire to earn her spot in the NASA space mission. But an airport encounter with the famous NBA athlete Warren Scott changes everything that she had planned for herself. They become close friends and soon she is tra [...]

    17. EmotionalI had this novel on my kindle since December 2015 and did not want to read it because of the cover ,it was something about Diane eyes that I knew I was gonna to be fighting mad. By far one of Ms Kelly best novels .Diane and Warren are Paige parents, which after being friends and acquaintances for sometime they become Lovers,this is when I started Having a love ,hate relationship for Warren who was a real bastard and then a broken man who was torn between two women. My emotions was all o [...]

    18. I just didn't get the setting of this book. The cover is so modern, yet the time period of the book is in the 80s and early 90s? The story line was just so dated. I was just waiting for something to happen, but the story just kept dragging on and on. Diane was a character that was someone women could look up to, then she just completely lost herself. Warren started out amazing, and then turned into a complete lunatic. It is like the hero and heroine both had mental issues. Both characters just d [...]

    19. Love IsI really wanted to choke the main character several times throughout this book! The story follows Diane on her life's journey to discover what real love is. It was just so hard reading to see her not grow or learn from her mistakes. She definitely mistook gifts, trips and sex to equal love. I could not sympathize with her at all. If the author was trying to write a story about a flawed woman and the trials she experience on the path to find what love is, she did a good job. As a mom I fee [...]

    20. Diane Collins takes us on a journey as she tries to find love. The meaning of love comes to her in various forms throughout the book. Diane's one obstacle in her quest to find love is Warren Scott. No good, Warren has a hold on Diane that's hard to break. Will she find the love that she has been seeking? Well, you will have to read Love Is to find out. A truly heart wrenching and emotional story. My favorite book so far by Tia Kelly.

    21. Great readGreat read. I really wasn't so sure about this book when I read the crazy I thought oh another love and basketball but this book was far from it. Without giving too much away I was very surprised and upset with the whole David situation but Diane handled as well as could be expected. All around good story, I would recommend to others for a quick read.

    22. Oh my, my , my! I just finished Love is and I just don't know what to say. I want to whip Warren's butt, let me just say that. I wasn't expecting for it to turn out that way. When she finally find herself it all came crashing down only for her to rise again and do what a strong mothers do. This book is not for weak or you'll never make it thru. Emotional but great book.

    23. Sometimes Love is right in front of you.Diane's low self esteem led her reach out blindly for love. Right or wrong it seemed. Warren was the fake diamond, while David was the patient and true loving gem. Finally, she knew who was the diamond in the rough, however too late

    24. Great ReafI really enjoyed this book. It's both a love story and a tragedy. It's about real life, instead of just a bunch of fiction.

    25. Overall, it was a pretty good story but there were a few things missing in my opinion. A full review will be posted later this week!

    26. DisappointingDepressing and disappointing. You can find something else to spend you time on on. Not worth the time to read.

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