Harley & Rose

Harley & Rose

Carmen Jenner / Nov 14, 2019

Harley Rose Ever since she was a little girl thirty year old Rose dreamed of the day Harley would carry her across the threshold on their honeymoon So what if this isn t her actual wedding day and that she s on

  • Title: Harley & Rose
  • Author: Carmen Jenner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ever since she was a little girl, thirty year old Rose dreamed of the day Harley would carry her across the threshold on their honeymoon So what if this isn t her actual wedding day, and that she s only here because Harley was left at the altar just a few hours earlier Trading San Francisco for paradise and swapping her bridesmaid s bouquet for a Blue Hawaii, Rose hopes sEver since she was a little girl, thirty year old Rose dreamed of the day Harley would carry her across the threshold on their honeymoon So what if this isn t her actual wedding day, and that she s only here because Harley was left at the altar just a few hours earlier Trading San Francisco for paradise and swapping her bridesmaid s bouquet for a Blue Hawaii, Rose hopes she can finally escape the friend zone.Once upon a time they had been than friends, but life got in the way She s spent every day since wishing Harley would get a clue.She s always been his best friend.He s always been hers.She s in love with him.He s not in love with her.He s marrying someone else.He s hiding something.He s well it s complicated.

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    1. 3.5 Stars!!'Harley & Rose' was very different from what I’ve read so far by this author and very different from what I had expected reading the blurb. It was wonderfully written and in some way very refreshing since it was so very different from any other friends to lovers story I’ve read in the past. It was fun and entertaining, but also heartbreaking, painful and dare I say, frustrating as hell. Carmen Jenner made me feel with this novel. It made me smile, it made me swoon, but it also [...]

    2. 3 Stars - I think?This is a very hard story to review and rate for me. I loved the premise, the whole first half, and then sadly the rest of the story happened. I remember a friend asking how the story was when I was about fifty percent in and I had replied that it was so far a 4.5 and how I was enjoying it thus far. So what happened to make me dislike the hero and the rest of the story? It would all be one big spoiler to be honest. So I’ll be vaguely telling you my gripes with this story: 1. [...]

    3. ★★ 2 Stars ★★Let me start by saying that I am so disappointed that I didn't love this one, I truly thought it was going to be a five-star read for me right up until about half way, I was convinced it was going to be a winner because it contained a lot of the things that I love in these types of books - angst, longing, insightful flashbacks, lust - I had serious butterflies. But then as things slowly came to light, I discovered that the hero may not be all he was cracked up to be. Not onl [...]

    4. :::4.5 "Pan and Wendy" Stars!::: ****NOW LIVE****"Harley and I are complicated."well you can say that again! First off, I must say I love the best friends to lovers storyline, but this one was considerably more than that. This was different and it definitely was not what I expected. Harley and Rose is a funny, (I LOL'ed more than a few times!), wickedly sexy, captivating, tempestuous, complicated and entertaining story about two best friends. We get alternating chapters from the past and present [...]

    5. TITLE: Harley & Rose AUTHOR: Carmen JennerGENRE: CONTEMPORARY ROMANCECHAPTERS: 46 | Epilogue RELEASE DATE: 18TH October, 2016HARLEY & ROSE: This is told in Rose's own words, telling us when she fell in love with Harley the boy next door. It flashes from 'Past to Present' effortlessly and you'll get hit with the feels wand right in the heart. Chapter 24 is entirely told in Harley's POV, where I'm hoping the douchebag redeems himself!! Books like this are my weakness, my kryptonite, the fe [...]

    6. ****4 STARS****Is this really my life right nowp!Am I crying over another book againp!Do I need therapyp!No, seriously, I did enjoy this book. It is a wonderful book. I'm just be dramatic :)I'm reviewing this book like this is real life and not just a book BTW.^^^I conjure up in my head while I'm reading what the characters look like and I am really feeling my Harley.Harley & Rose is not what I expected but it was a lovely, well written book. This was my first book by Carmen Jenner and I wil [...]

    7. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewVisceral. Heartbreaking. Beautiful. Intoxicating. Hands down, this is the best book that Carmen Jenner has written. Don’t let the cover of Harley & Rose fool you into thinking that this book is going to be one of those sweet friends to lovers romance book, because it is not. This book was MORE. So much more. If you are familiar with a Carmen Jenner book then you are all well aware that she never fails to incorporate grit, sass, humor, [...]

    8. 4 "My heart shall never be the same" StarsLove. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Confusion. Sorrow. Love. Devastation. Hope.That was me throughout this story. Harley and Rose have a tumultuous relationship but it was hard tell just how tumultuous until I really uncovered all the years their story covered. Best friends since childhood, Harley and Rose share a relationship that most people go their whole lives looking for. Yet Harley and Rose seem to rarely be on the same wave length creating h [...]

    9. By my definition of romance there is cheating in this book. Some may not agree but to me it is. If he's claiming to have been in love with her since they were kids then why was he fucking OW and marrying someone else? Why was he bawling his eyes out when he was stood up at the alter by someone else. Pfft.I don't care for pathetic doormats. No thank you.

    10. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Title: Harley & RoseAuthor: Carmen JennerCategory: RomanceSeries or Standalone: StandalonePOV: Heroine's PoVPlot: 5+++Characters: 5+++HEA: Not tellingI inhaled this book. Omg, I am still reeling. My eyes are puffy and my heart has been ripped out of my chest!!!! Excellent work!This book ripped my heart out. So many twists and turns. So much heartache and lost possibilities!Harley and Rose have been friends sincer, actually. They grew up [...]

    11. This was one of those heart renching and yet endearing reads. Normally, I am used to more gritty and volatile reads from this author, so color me piqued when she writes something so out of the ordinary yet intriguing. I mean, how can you just ignore that synopsis?Harley & Rose, for me, was a mix of beautiful, touching, soul searching elements mixed with more heavy, 'angsty' themes that got my heart and anxiety up on my throat. It was more than just best friends growing up and discovering wha [...]

    12. The Lord said ‘let there be angst.’ Carmen Jenner heard him and then sat down to write Harley & Rose. #TrueStoryI am the sort of person who watches a movies/reads a book and my mind is all over the place trying to figure out where the story is going and who did what. I can usually figure things out quite early on, it is not an intentional habit – it just happens. However, it did not happen with this book and I love that, I want to be blindsided by an author, predictable simply bores me [...]

    13. INFINITE "PAN & WENDY" STARS!!!"I'll be waiting, Wendy. Second star to the right. I’ll be waiting.”There is no greater and wonderful feeling than to love and be loved. It's sooo heartwarmingbutterflies in your tummies, a permanent smile plastered on your face, fantasies and anticipations here and there and countless happy memories. What's more wonderful when it's someone you consider not just your lover, but your best friend, your soul mate and a piece of yourself. However though, Sir Is [...]

    14. Rose has been Harley's best friend since they were five years old. She has been in love with him since then and she wishes to get married with him one day. She is his Wendy and he is her Pan. Fate has other plans for them. Especially when he is getting married with another woman and she meets another man. But Fate has not finished with them. Plenty of stuff will happen since his bride to be abandons him and they take off to his honeymoon together. All I know is that there isn’t a Rose without [...]

    15. SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!SPOILER !!!!!! SPOILER !!!I Would have liked to be warn about the ending !! For me it is not a romance , and this book is not for everyone especially me !! I am pissed ! Please warn the readers next time ! Just bec [...]

    16. My heart will never be the same, and I’m ok with that!Ms. Jenner warned readers that this was the most emotional of all her books, and that tears may happen. I went in with my eyes wide open and thought I knew what I was getting myself into, however by the end I was a sobbing mess…just as predicted. I’ve never felt so many emotions while reading a book before, there was hope, happiness, anger, despair and heartache all mixed in together.Harley & Rose is a beautiful story about giving y [...]

    17. What a horrible rip off, this reads as a "Me Before You" laughable and weak fanfiction of a book !! How can anyone write and more importantly publish it ? The "hero" is a cheating, selfish idiot who dates a doormat moronic heroine. She only whines and keeps having monologues about her vagina (I kid you not ) Please Miss Jenner whoever you are, find another hobby this is embarrassing

    18. I wish I'd read the reviews before reading this book! I know THE BIG C is another giant C word but it didn't make Harley any less of a prick!!! He swore he loved Rose but was (maybe) in love two weeks after breaking up with heren he's marring someone else and is devastated when he gets dumped! Then my personal fave fucks Rose then fucks off for 6 weeks!!! And good old Rose lays there and takes it all but oh wait not before she rubs herself all over someone (she thinks) is happily married!! These [...]

    19. SPOILER ALERT. Well lets see. i HATED HARLEY and i really really did! I felt heart broken really ablut his attitude! And even after the big " excuse " is there. Its so lame. Why ask someone to marry you just cause they know you're sick? And lets go back a little and talk abkut their romance when they were in collage. Like seriously he was just a typical FUCKBOY. And continued to be a fuck boy. They said it 12 years they were off college so why just when he got sick he loved her so much and could [...]

    20. 3 stars! I honestly have mixed feelings about this book. It sucked me in and I really enjoyed some parts of the story, but on the other hand, some parts didn't convince me, at all. So many people recommended this one to me, so I am really bummed that I didn't love it as much as I expected to.In my opinion, there was too much drama and I couldn't understand the hero's actions. I seriously disliked him for the majority of the book and that's why I couldn't rate this higher.I went in blind and I wo [...]


    22. I don't mind angst as long as I have my happy ending, having said that, I found the story so depressing, which makes me want to unread it, but I can't, I know it's harsh, but based on the blurb, I thought I was picking something light hearted, but no! I hate sad books because everything in the world is sad, so of course, I don't want to read something equally sad just to keep feeling sad. I know some people might think this is life, it's not perfect, well, I know! I'm living it, and that's exact [...]

    23. It's a truly unexplainable feeling beta reading for an author you admire, it's a process like anything that grows and develops and inevitably changes over time. As the reader you continue to grow, you become more and more wildly read, your tastes change and that thing you look for when wanting to lose yourself within the pages of book continues to develop, mature, it's the nature of being a book lover, what you read and loved years ago might not hold that same wow factor were you to pick it [...]

    24. ***FIVE EPIC LOVE STARS***I've been going through an angst-fest mood for the past couple of months, and this story seemed to fit the bill. Young lovers, completely in love with each other, who break up and get back together again several times as they grow up and become adults, gutting each other in the process. I had NO clue what I was actually signing up for when I first started reading this baby though. Now that I've finished this story, I'm sitting her all puffy eyed and totally wrecked. Tha [...]

    25. Disappointing. Despite this being a well-written story, all this book did was make me feel sad. Not so much about how the book ended (because by that time, I just didn't give a shit anymore), but because Rose only ever ended up being important because it was nearing the end for Harley. Otherwise, I very much doubt that he would have gotten back together with Rose. Speaking of, she really was a disappointing heroine. Really not a fan of women who allow themselves to be treated like shit over and [...]

    26. 2,5-3;Θα μπορούσε να είναι και 4 αστέρια, θα μπορούσε να είναι και 5, αλλά και σε κάποια σημεία 2. Είναι πολύπλοκο και δύσκολο να βαθμολογίσω. Τη λάτρεψα και τη μίσησα μαζί αυτή την ιστορία.Δεν τη συστήνω, δεν την προτείνω. Διαβάζετε με δική σας ευθύνη.Εγώ μόνο ένα πράγμα θα πω γι' α [...]

    27. This was my first Carmen Jenner book. I have her other series on my TBR and I just never got around to them, I was THIS close and things would just come up and I never started, unfortunately. If this kind of writing is any indication of how her other series are, then I'm really freaking excited to get to them. There are books that I will not touch because the subject matter is too close to home, this is no different if I'm being honest. Hell, there are books I've DNF'd because of this. I'm tryin [...]

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