Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie

Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie

Michelle R. Eastman Kevin Richter / May 24, 2020

Dust Fairy Tales Absolutely Aggie Fairies music and dust Oh my Aggie is a little Dust Fairy with a big problem She wants to join the fairy band but they do not approve of her offbeat style Aggie is determined to impress them but

  • Title: Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie
  • Author: Michelle R. Eastman Kevin Richter
  • ISBN: 9780991624454
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fairies, music, and dust Oh, my Aggie is a little Dust Fairy with a big problem She wants to join the fairy band, but they do not approve of her offbeat style Aggie is determined to impress them, but that turns out to be harder than she imagined Just when she thinks she will never find a way to fit in, Aggie discovers it might be fun to stand out Lively, rhymingFairies, music, and dust Oh, my Aggie is a little Dust Fairy with a big problem She wants to join the fairy band, but they do not approve of her offbeat style Aggie is determined to impress them, but that turns out to be harder than she imagined Just when she thinks she will never find a way to fit in, Aggie discovers it might be fun to stand out Lively, rhyming stanzas and vibrant illustrations come together in this magical tale It is sure to delight boys and girls alike while imparting a positive message about embracing one s individuality.

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        I love kids books, especially children s picture books I love getting lost in the magic of the words as they flow into the illustrations I love picture books so much, that I write my own I am the author of The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy s Tale and Dust Fairy Tales Absolutely Aggie.I m just a mom , from Iowa I began my career as an elementary teacher in the West Des Moines School District At Iowa Public Television, I wrote educational for teachers and students throughout the state My dream to publish a children s picture book began on a fairy wing and a prayer With the encouragement of friends and family, I am living my dream as a children s author When I m not chasing dust bunnies, or our two cats, I like to cuddle up with a good book and our son My family lives in Waukee, Iowa.I am the founder of the literacy initiative, Picture Book Pass it On facebook PBPiO I work to raise awareness and get quality books to kids in need Let all that you do be done in love 1 Corinthians 16 14, ESV Proud supporter of the Animal Rescue League of IowaMember of the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI


    1. The team of Michelle Eastman and Kevin Richter have done it again, with the second installment in the Dust Fairy Tales series.This long-awaited sequel is a gem, front to back!Here, the reader will find an important and universal message about individuality, originality, and self-acceptance, all the while enjoying Michelle Eastman's imaginative story and catchy rhymes – perfectly metered through this magical tale's twists and turns.I'm somewhat of an "illustration snob" and often take issue wit [...]

    2. This is the second book, written by Michelle Eastman and brilliantly illustrated by Kevin Richter, I've read and thoroughly enjoyed, even though I'm well past the 4 - 8 years old age range it's intended for.I read the book in pdf format, received from the author inviting me to review it, and was much impressed with its exceptional quality and presentation.I have no hesitation in recommending this and the previous book 'The Legend of the Dust Bunnies').See my review also at:amazon/Dust-Fairy-Ta.o [...]

    3. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I am going to start by saying it is a 5 star HIT! It is about finding out who you are and who are your people. It is about never changing who you are to fit into a group. It is about loving everything about yourself and how doing just that will attract the people who will truly appreciate you!!! I adore Aggie and see myself in her. I cannot wait to use this book in my classroom and talk to the kids about all the wonderful lessons sweet and unique Aggie has to teach us! In add [...]

    4. You gotta see this book!Absolutely adorable!You will wonder and giggle and maybe even feel a tug at your heart--And then you will clap and smile and give a little cheer as Aggie finds her confidence in who she is!A fantastic read with some very creative rhymes and pictures!Perfect story for all ages!I am SO LOVING this author!

    5. What a sweet book! There are fairies which spread dust, play games, or are simply as pretty as can be. And after reading this book, kids will be on the hunt to find them in their own houses. Well, except for a little fairy named Aggie who has a hobby which doesn't quite fit in; she plays bagpipes.The most capturing thing about this book is the illustrations. They are simply a delight to gaze through and be swept away into a fairy world . Even the littlest will have no problem falling into the st [...]

    6. Dust Fairy Tales – Absolutely Aggie by Michelle R. Eastman, illustrated by Kevin Richter – Kindergarten and up – This is my second time enjoying the change to review a Michelle Eastman book. The first book was a review of The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy’s Tale. I did receive this book to review, lucky me. I enjoyed this new celebration of independence. Aggie is an very cute little fairy who just wants to share her enthusiasm and music with others… but since her music is different f [...]

    7. I was very privileged to receive a PDF copy of this beautifully illustrated book by the wonderful children's author Michelle R. Eastman. Thank you Michelle.This is the second book in 'The Dust Fairy Tales' the first being 'Legend of the Dust Bunnies'. Like the first story the main characters in these books are no ordinary fairies, they are different with their own individual styles. These are stories that some children will very easily relate to, especially when they are young and finding it har [...]

    8. Absolutely Delightful!!What a wonderfully delightful Children’s Picture book. “Absolutely Aggie” is book two in the Dust Fairy Tales, by talented author, Michelle Eastman. I loved this book with its great lesson on individuality, trying to fit in and feeling rejection. It is accompanied by lively, colourful illustrations by gifted artist, Kevin Richter.Aggie is messy. Some fairies don’t like that. Aggie plays the bagpipes too loud (and sometimes misses notes). Some fairies don’t like t [...]

    9. Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie’ by author, Michelle R. Eastman, is another delightful read. This second book is, also, beautifully illustrated by Kevin Richter. Once again, Michelle R. Eastman has written a creative rhyming book, with lots of action, imagination, and magic.This book tells the tale of an insecure fairy, who wants nothing more than to fit in. It is a great read for the young and the young at heart. I highly recommend ‘Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie.’I received a free [...]

    10. Aggie dances to the beat of her own drum—which happens to be bagpipes. There’s nothing dainty about bagpipes--if you're a fairy girl, not being dainty is a no, no in the fairy-world. Aggie tries hard, she changes her style and the way she expresses herself to be accepted by the other fairies–but of course that doesn’t bring her happiness ~ Such a charming, relatable story with wonderful illustrations.

    11. Aggie is a typical young fairy who is a bit insecure. She knows what she likes, but not everyone is a fan. Absolutely Aggie finds herself and happiness through this witty tale told in rhyme. Beautifully illustrated, this book will give your child that extra boost of confidence they need to be themselves.

    12. I love Absolutely Aggie! This book is a great tool to help empower kids to be themselves and worry less about fitting in. Richter’s illustrations are vibrant and expressive and bring the story to life. This book should be on every young girl’s reading list as a great example of how we should celebrate our differences, and find those who value us not try to change us. 5 stars plus!

    13. Aggie is a bagpipe-playing dust fairy who doesn't quite fit in. But by staying true to herself, Aggie finds happiness by playing her bagpipes to the beat of her own drum. Absolute Aggie is a wonderful book about individuality and respect for others who are different. Kids will love getting to know Aggie. Without a doubt, there's dust fairy magic in the air.

    14. The description of Aggie made me relate to her so much (she definitely marches to her own beat). Again, the rhyming and cadence made this easy to read aloud. It will definitely entertain young children (it sure entertained me!). Another five star book!

    15. This was a giveaway. My daughter adores this book! We have read it many, many times since it arrived. Cute story! Cute fairy! I am sure we will read it many more times and look forward to reading more from this author.

    16. Written by Michelle Eastman, Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie is a fantasy picture book. The story follows a dust fairy named Aggie as she tries to fit in with her peers. Absolutely Aggie is a wonderful story with an important lesson for children.Aggie is a lovable misfit that feels like an outcast. No matter how hard she tries to fit in, she isn’t like the other fairies. Her bagpipes are too loud and her clothes don’t fit right. Even her hair doesn’t behave as it should.Feeling alone, A [...]

    17. Some books just capture your heart the minute you hold them in your hands. Looking at Aggie with her missing teeth, freckled face and torn pants on the front cover had me cheering for her before I even opened the book. This book will be used in my second grade classroom by:• being a beginning of the year read aloud on accepting others, being comfortable with who you are and not changing to fit in. • lessons on getting your mind ready to read by using the front and back covers.• story eleme [...]

    18. Author Michelle R. Eastman and Illustrator Kevin Richter presents "Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie." This is an adorable story about a little dust fairy named Aggie that wants to fit in with the other dust fairies but just doesn't quite make it for many reasons. Feeling left out, she finds a friend that helps her find her way.The story line and illustrations will delight and truly engage young readers.This tale is also enhanced with an audio book that I received. Readers will love following a [...]

    19. The Picture Book Review:Absolutely Aggie is for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider and quietly plants a seed of hope inside all readers that if they hang in there, be themselves, and be patient — they will find a way to thrive. It’s also a great story for those that aren’t outsiders to get to spend some time as others who don’t quite fit in and get an idea of what it must feel like.Lines from Absolutely Aggie stay with you long after you’ve read it, but that you’ll read it so [...]

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