Les Innocents

Les Innocents

Robert Pobi / Jan 25, 2020

Les Innocents D un temp rament imp tueux souvent borderline Alexandra Hemingway inspectrice la section des homicides violents New York a l habitude des enqu tes difficiles Totalement impliqu e dans son m tier

  • Title: Les Innocents
  • Author: Robert Pobi
  • ISBN: 9782355843273
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • D un temp rament imp tueux, souvent borderline, Alexandra Hemingway, inspectrice la section des homicides violents New York, a l habitude des enqu tes difficiles Totalement impliqu e dans son m tier, elle n h site pas prendre tous les risques Son visage, refait, marqu par de multiples cicatrices, est l pour le prouver Le jour o l on retrouve dans l East river lD un temp rament imp tueux, souvent borderline, Alexandra Hemingway, inspectrice la section des homicides violents New York, a l habitude des enqu tes difficiles Totalement impliqu e dans son m tier, elle n h site pas prendre tous les risques Son visage, refait, marqu par de multiples cicatrices, est l pour le prouver Le jour o l on retrouve dans l East river le corps d un enfant dont les pieds ont t sectionn s, l affaire s annonce particuli rement d licate D autant plus que la presse n h site pas consacrer ses gros titres ce genre de meurtre et venir perturber les investigations Lorsqu un autre enfant est enlev , la panique gagne Manhattan Panique d autant plus justifi e que le pr dateur l uvre est l une des figures du mal les pires qui soient Habitu e aux noirceurs les plus effroyables de l me humaine, Alexandra pensait avoir tout vu Elle n avait pas connu le pire.Apr s L Invisible Sonatine ditions, 2012 , Robert Pobi nous offre un nouveau thriller cauchemardesque parfaitement cisel.

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    1. The Big Apple is in the middle of a stifling heat wave and a twisted serial killer is ripping through New York City with his sights set on children. Enter Alexandra “Hemi” Hemingway, a New York City detective who’s tougher than a two dollar steak. Can Hemi and the NYPD put an end to the bloodshed?Robert Pobi can write one hell of a page turner. His excellent pacing had me racing to the end, desperate to find out who was behind the string of grisly murders. I was trying to piece together th [...]

    2. **This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**This is the second book I've read by Robert Pobi. The first I read was Bloodman, which I absolutely loved. I started reading Harvest with pretty high expectations, and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed.First off, the characterization of Hemi was perfect. Hemi is a strong, tough heroine who has no problem keeping up with the boys. Since the NYPD is such a male dominated organization, it was refreshing to read [...]

    3. Robert Pobi’s debut novel, Bloodman, was a jaw-dropping mystery thriller about a violent serial killer with an indelible twist for an ending. I was hooked. His third novel, American Woman, is also a jaw-dropper full of violence, ends with a haunting twist, and ultimately proves Pobi is a talented author. His ability to keep the reader riveted, while also making them squirm in horror, make his stories an exceptional experience. He knows how to write a story that will haunt the reader for days.T [...]

    4. Pobi is a unique breath of fresh air but his writing is not for the faint of heart! This novel is full of gore, mystery, suspense and good old fashioned (and new fashioned too I suppose) police work. In “Harvest”, a young female detective and her team are on the case of a serial killer who is targeting and dismembering young, well bred, white boys. The book plays out like a TV series (Criminal Minds or Law and Order come to mind) with each small, easy to read chapter ending with a plot twist [...]

    5. American Woman is a page-turning police procedural and thriller about serial killing. If you don't have a good stomach for these types of things, you might want to skip this book.Alexandra Hemingway is a detective with a degree from Yale University. She comes from big money. When she was a child, her sister was murdered and this led her to choose the field she is in. She and her partner, Detective Phelps, have been together for seven years and work well together as a team. They are staggered whe [...]

    6. I really enjoy Pobi's writing. Each novel, while carrying over some similar themes or tropes, definitely feels completely different.About the only thing that grates on me is Pobi's constant comparison of a character's brain as a computer or CPU. Once in a while, okay. But come on, now. All three books? A touch too much.It also irritates me that I keep thinking Pobi has five novels. Then I find out that Bloodman is also Eye of the Storm. And this one is also known as River of the Dead (which, by [...]

    7. I've always said that the hallmark of a good mystery is when the reader does not figure out the plot before the main character. This book fits the bill. It was really well constructed: unique plot driver, well rounded characters, and compelling and believable story. You were given just enough back story to explain motives and not mired down with superfluous details. I'm really interested in reading some of this author's other work now.This book was received through the GoodReads First Reads prom [...]

    8. I consider myself a Robert Pobi fan, having read - and enjoyed - two other books of his, "Bloodman" and "Mannheim Rex." While none of his books shy away from the gore, I found this one to be a bit excessive in that department and some of the descriptions of the murder scenes oversensationalized or even downright silly. The final twist at the end did not impress me much, either. Character development was lacking, especially when it came to the protagonist's boyfriend and some of her fellow office [...]

    9. American WomanI've been Reading a lot of good books lately but I have to say that this book was simply amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed Hemingway's character as a hardnose New York detective who takes no shit from anyone and can fight with the best of them. I enjoyed how the author give a brief history of Hemmingway's past. She is a kick ass character. The chemistry between her and her partner Phelps is real and heartfelt. The descriptions and the brutality of the crimes are tough to read consideri [...]

    10. Interesting from chapter 1!Good read. Fast paced but keeps you informed & involved throughout. Excellent characters that have you cheering for them from the stands of your kindle.

    11. mybookishways/2014/05/Young boys are disappearing on the heat soaked streets of New York City, and Alexandra “Hemi” Hemingway of the NYPD catches the case. The murder of a child is always horrible, but these killings are particularly distressing. Not only are the boys seemingly disappearing into thin air, but the killer takes a trophy each time, and the first boy found is missing his feet. This is the start of a horrifying pattern, and the killer isn’t leaving much downtime between attacks [...]

    12. I read Bloodman a couple of years ago and gave a fairly negative review, it was out of pure curiosity that I picked up Pobi's second novel, and I just couldn't put it down.Jake Cole - the narrator of Bloodman - was distanced from the reader meaning that I never really trusted him or believed in him. Hemingway was anything but aloof, and her personal life, the decisions she faced and her development throughout was just as gripping as any of the incredibly dramamtic and horrifically tense scenes.A [...]

    13. originally posted on citygirlscapesHarvest by Robert Pobi is deeply disturbing. The images it paints are graphic, the horrors it describes are unthinkable, and the means by which it all comes together makes you really wonder about the kind of world we are living in. ​Every time I close my eyes, I see the horrors between these pages; this is the kind of book that ​ nightmares are made of (seriously, I had a nightmare clearly based on this book). This is the kind of book that makes you wonder [...]

    14. I love that feeling I get in the first few pages of a new book when I realize that a) I'm in for a really good read and b)I've found a new author to follow. Such is the case with Rob Pobi and his new novel Harvest.A heat wave has blanketed New York City and a vicious killer is dismembering wealthy young white boys. Alexandra Hemingway - 'Hemi' is a NYC Homicide Detective. Pobi quickly immerses us in this character's life. Hemi is a tough as nails, take no prisoners, kick butt character that I lo [...]

    15. Lu en français : Les innocentsLe premier roman de Pobi était un bon suspense avec des tics d'écriture agaçants. Ce deuxième roman offre un suspense plus punché et présente (encore) des tics d'écriture qui peuvent déplaire au.à la lecteurice qui aime des personnages crédibles dans ses romans policiers. Le personnage principal, Alexandra Hemingway, est détective à New York et enquête sur une série de meurtres d'enfants. Le suspense est savamment dosé ; la chute tombe quelques pages [...]

    16. Alexandra Hemingway, Hemi, is a detective in New York. The story starts with her kayaking around Manhattan trying to get her thoughts together. Earlier that morning, she learned that she is pregnant and doesn’t know if she could bring a child into this world. When she gets to work she gets a new case, a 10 year old child found in the river with his feet missing.Another child goes missing, his driver brutally killed, and a tip gets called in about a guy that had in front of a judge years prior. [...]

    17. American woman gonna mess your mind. - Guess WhoI am a big fan of author Pobi's work, having read Bloodman and Mannheim Rex, and thoroughly enjoyed the dark, twisted prose of this author. So it was a no-brainer to read Pobi's newest work of fiction.Alexandra "Hemi" Hemingway really does mess with your mind. Six foot tall, independently wealthy, ready to take on the world, and a New York City Homicide Detective, she previously single handedly took on the killers of her prior lover and now she's a [...]

    18. I LOVED Robert Pobi's River of the Dead, now being released in the US as American Woman. amazon/American-Woman- . I was very lucky to have received an Advance Reader's Edition of American Woman. :)Robert Pobi once again takes you on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns, and just when you think you've figured it all out, he pulls a fast one and proves you wrong again. You quickly find yourself rooting for the good guy (Alex is a very cool lady homicide detective in this story) and looking ov [...]

    19. American Woman by Robert Pobi is a well-crafted police procedural mystery in the tradition of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon, Silence of the Lamb, and the likes of Rules of Prey by John Sandford. In American Woman you are introduced to Alexandra Hemingway who is a determined, tough-as-nails, emotionally-scared detective. On the outside she seems invulnerable, but the reader is exposed to her introspection and insecurities in ways that her closest colleagues in the novel are not. Hemingway is a compe [...]

    20. What the hell was with the "You know for a woman/lady/chick you sure eat a lot of food/can be pretty grim, you got the biggest set of balls i ever saw/you sure are smart." "I get that a lot"It drove me crazy. So according to Robert Pobi, the only woman in the world who can eat a lot, be grim, has balls and is smart is Alex Hemingway. Um, I don't think so! God if you want a ballsy woman, show us, don't flipping tell us and come off sexist. Jeesh. Another part where the author tried to shove in se [...]

    21. No spoilers. Wonderfully written. Fast paced, edgy mystery, and very intriguing. Radom quote (no spoilers): "The news team did their utmost to make police look like the twenty-first-century equivalent of the Keystone Cops. They interviewed people on the street about security, as if the population ad suddenly become surveillance specialists. They interviewed parents. Children. Registered sex offenders with computer-garbled voices and blotted-out faces. All in the name of constructive criticism. T [...]

    22. I thought this book was pretty good. As some reviews have noted, the manner of which the victims die, and the victims themselves, are a bit to digest, however I do not think it is as brutal as his first book (Bloodman). The story moved pretty fast, as I finished it in a few days, when most books take me a few weeks. It had good pacing and you really want to find out who did it and why. I also liked the choice of heroine. I am not a big fan of just throwing in a woman in a man's world for the sak [...]

    23. New York City homicide detectives Alexandra Hemmingway and Jon Phelps encounter a sadistic serial killer during a summer heat wave. Hemingway is a woman who has just found out she's pregnant. She's also learning to live without a former lover who was murdered. At her side at all times is Detective Phelps a father figure and mentor.The case they are working is terrifying. There are multiple child abductions and a psychopath who has a thing for removing appendages of his young victims. I really li [...]

    24. I often do not criticize the titles of books until I finish them --- waiting for the significance of the title to emerge. Alas, Robert Pobi's AMERICAN WOMAN has absolutely nothing to do with title. Heck, the song isn't even referenced.It's obvious Pobi put all his efforts into putting together a chilling serial killer novel unlike most I have read in the past several years. When Detective Alexandra Hemingway finds out she's pregnant that turns out to not be the worst news of the day. Young boys [...]

    25. First book of Pobi's I have read and I was impressed at what a page turner it was. I'm normally not a big fan of murder mysteries and crime dramas but the author really drew me in.It is a total page turner. Never boring. You won't be able to put it down until you finish it.I love the NY setting since I grew up in NY. The lead character, Detective Hemingway is really believable. Pobi assigns a personality to this cop that makes you think he spent 20 years on the force himself - she seems so real. [...]

    26. This was a little too gory and dark for my tastes but it was fairly well written and I felt compelled to read it as quickly as possible to find out who the killer was. I think Allie Hemingway was a too much of a "prove I'm tough" type of person and I got tired of the reminder that she answers her phone on auto pilot with the phrase "Hemingway". We get it. She's a tough cop. And I think her being pregnant was unnecessary. However, I liked phelps and their working relationship. I wavered between 2 [...]

    27. I received this book from . First off, I absolutely could not put this book down once I started it. The story is so intense it pulled me right off. The main character, Alexandra Hemingway, or Hemi, is one badass chick. There is not a thing candy-coated or sugary about this woman, and I loved it. The storyline itself is dark and twisted. Its definitely not for the squeamish. The saving grace is the relationship between Hemi. Their sharp witted dialogue brought laughs at just the right places. I'd [...]

    28. Intriguing fast paced thrillerHaving read and enjoyed Robert Pobi's Bloodman, I was enticed by the first few pages of his latest, American Woman, and it's lead character, Alexandria Hemingway. She's 6 feet tall, beautiful, intelligent, scarred both emotionally and physically, and one of NYPD's finest detectives. In this fast paced thriller she's racing against time to try and save some unusual children from becoming victim's of a somewhat different type of serial killer.

    29. No spoilers here but if you are a thriller aficionado you should not miss AMERICAN WOMAN. As others have stated, Robert Pobi’s work is not for the faint of heart. However, this unflinching novel is much more than a thrill ride. The story-line and dialogue sizzle beneath a relentless New York summer sun as Detective Alexandra Hemingway pursues a monster you won’t soon forget.Intelligent, funny, and filled with world-class twists and turns, AMERICAN WOMAN is 400 pages that read like 300. You w [...]

    30. I had a hunch halfway through the book about who was responsible for murdering the children but the book still kept me wondering if I was righthe had a way of making me think one thing was happening, then switch it up so it was not what I thought the end, my initial hunch turned out to be right. All in all, not a bad book. Obviously not as great as Bloodman (aka Eye of the Storm). That book's ending was a total surprise/shocker. Alex got annoying just a bit with her "I get that alot" (author use [...]

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