Living in Suspension

Living in Suspension

Winifred Morris / Apr 01, 2020

Living in Suspension Like a fly caught in a web paralyzed just hanging thereThat s how Sky feels at school He spends most of his days sitting in a plastic desk that clearly wasn t built for someone six feet tall Sometim

  • Title: Living in Suspension
  • Author: Winifred Morris
  • ISBN: 9781386130574
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Like a fly caught in a web, paralyzed, just hanging thereThat s how Sky feels at school He spends most of his days sitting in a plastic desk that clearly wasn t built for someone six feet tall Sometimes he gets a break from that when the vice principal calls him out of class to tell him not to skip class Or he ll be suspended for skipping, which gives him a whole dayLike a fly caught in a web, paralyzed, just hanging thereThat s how Sky feels at school He spends most of his days sitting in a plastic desk that clearly wasn t built for someone six feet tall Sometimes he gets a break from that when the vice principal calls him out of class to tell him not to skip class Or he ll be suspended for skipping, which gives him a whole day off His parents and teachers keep telling him he could easily do well in school, but he s now a junior with no chance of graduating any time soon.At least he has a creative writing class he likes, and although he s taking it for a make up credit, it draws honor students, like Julie, as well as ones who have flunked He watches her from the other side of the room and wishes he could be good enough for her But he s always picked his friends from the losers, and his best friend is now pulling him even further down.As his life spins out of control, he finds refuge in Escape from the Death Squad, a novel he s writing about hovercrafts, mutant possums, a desperate flight to the Forbidden Hills and his fear that something must be wrong with him From the author of Liar comes this powerful and honest story of a teenager struggling to know himself.

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        I ve built and remodeled houses and helped plant than a million trees I m also the author of several award winning children s books published the traditional way, five picture books and four novels for the young and young at heart.But as publishing has changed, I ve changed too I ve started writing for adults and let myself get a little wackier Of Mice and Money is a comic women s book, which I m told is a contradiction in terms How come Bombed is comic romantic suspense And I ll soon be releasing The Sometime Burglar, a comic romantic novella.I ve also published Living in Suspension, which is a return to my YA roots It s not as funny, and I love humor, but it means a lot to me It s the story of a struggling teenager, like Liar which was an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant YA Readers.


    1. “All of a sudden I can see why the trees bend upward. They’re just trying to keep their balance while the earth keeps moving out from under them.” (Kindle Locations 712-713).Not every kid with problems can be diagnosed. Not every kid can be neatly labeled. Sky doesn’t even know why he is the way he is. The only thing he knows for certain is that he likes words. He likes the story that he’s writing. He likes his creative writing class. But there must be something wrong with him. Everyon [...]

    2. Sky seems to have no interest in his classes at Westlake High. His headmaster, Turtle, only makes things worse by suspending him at every opportunity. His friends are the drop-out type, the ones taking pride in smoking at the pit of losers. His best friend, Garrett, has been written off by the school authorities and his parents. And Julie, the girl next door, does not harbor the same romantic feelings for him as he has for her. His only escape is the science and creative writing classes and Esca [...]

    3. Quite a profound book, for all its speed and brevity, with twisting, ambivalent characters and a great many threads left dangling tantalisingly in a fashion akin to the chaotic jumble of life itself. The book-within-a-book technique makes it particularly relevant for writers, though Skylar's struggle has a peculiarly appealing universality to it as irresistible as a secret whispered through a keyhole in the dark of the night: we all need to know more

    4. Living in Suspension is about Sky, an unhappy teen who despises high school. At first, I didn't like Sky very much and felt that his problems were a direct result of his poor choices and bad attitude. He doesn't put forth much effort academically, he skips school, his group of friends is comprised of dropouts and troublemakers, he acts like a jerk to his parents, and his overall demeanor is angry and mopey. So why the four-star rating? Because by the end of this novel I grew to understand and li [...]

    5. Well-written. Really liked the story.Kudos to the author for creating this believable story about a high school kid who just can’t sit still for boring classes that have no meaning for him. I wish more teachers and school principals would read this novel. The main character, Sky, is literally bored out of his gourd, skipping classes, hanging out with drop-outs and other kids the school and his parents think are losers. He’s secretly in love with Julie, but she hangs out with the popular kids [...]

    6. Living in Suspension is a short, well-written YA novel about a rebellious teenager. It is not a genre I usually read but as I read on, I found myself reflecting on my school days. The author develops her characters extremely well, and readers will feel a love-hate relationship for the main character, Sky. Interestingly the author builds a story within a story about a novel that Sky is writing, and takes us back and forth between the two. The romance in the story centers around Sky’s feelings f [...]

    7. I don't read many young adult novels nowadays. But I've been lucky to be treated to some very enjoyable fiction during my last few romps through this corner of the literature. Living in Suspension by Winifred Morris peeked my interest from the moment I saw its wonderful cover art and I am happy to report that my journey through its pages lived up to my expectations.The story details the life of a high school student named Sky during the final days of his junior year. His emotional and intellectu [...]

    8. I am reviewing this book in exchange for editorial feedback on my own book.Living in Suspension follows a teenage boy, Sky, as he struggles to deal with his disinterest in high school and concern that he will end up dropping out like a lot of his friends. I think the book accurately captures how many kids Sky’s age have of being lost at sea, forced to take classes in which they have no interest and to follow rules they see no point in. Sky’s only interests are his writing (a science fiction [...]

    9. Winifred Morris drew me into her story immediately and compelled me to read. Wistful and at times sad, the novel tells about the struggle of an ordinary adolescent to fit in and find his place in the world. Sky is in his junior year at Westlake High School and is disenchanted with an uninspiring education system where he sits at plastic desks that are too small and endures tedious practice tests and endless videos about the Greeks. He’s convinced the vice-principal, Tuttle and his parents thin [...]

    10. A very accomplished YA novel, original, superbly well written and thoroughly gripping. High school misery, oblivious parents, unsuitable friends and, of course, the impossible love are all here, delivered in a fresh and quite literary approach, while the tone and language are still easy reading. I wonder at how Morris keeps her balance in a work of this nature, which oscillates between the 'real' world (at least, the real world as Sky sees it for most of the book) and the brilliantly presented w [...]

    11. Living in Suspension is not a book for angelic children. It will appeal to kids that are having troubles trying to find their way in life.The main character, Sky, a young guy in his last year of high school, has to put up with the importance of what he does in this final year being constantly hammered into him. Nobody seems to understand, or is interested in, the reasons for his "bad" attitude.Sky finds a form of escape, by retreating into the fantastical world he creates for the novel he is wri [...]

    12. Living in Suspension is written in the first-person voice of Sky, a high-school junior who got off to a bad start in grade school and has remained a low performer ever since. Like many youths who feel they're failures in school, he hangs with a crowd of other non-performers. His situation is worsened by a sister who can do no wrong and by his attendance at a school that prides itself on the scholastic awards it wins. This is a journey of self-discovery. Sky is oblivious to both his power to dete [...]

    13. When I was sent a review copy of Winifred Morris's book Living in Suspension, I was impressed by how well she stitched together her main character. Even though I am a Science Fiction Writer/Reader, and young adult books have not been my genre, I was captured by Sky's struggle to fit in with the dynamic that every teen goes through at some point. I enjoyed the fact that his own writing and escapism actually let you see more of his character. The world building and 'voice' from the author and main [...]

    14. I got this book for an honest review.I started reading this book, and thought about when I was at school :)I liked this book, I didn't think I would when I started reading it, but I am glad that I did finish the book.The author did a really really good job, with the pain and the feeling of Sky, there was a hint of humor in the story as well which I did like.I think that this would be a great read for teens.

    15. I really enjoyed this book! Right from the first page, the narrative is believable, intense, and authentic. I really enjoyed listening to the narrator's voice and watching him learn and navigate his adolescence. The only complaint I had about this book is that it's not long enough! :) I really wanted to see more about his world, and I can't wait to see what Morris comes up with next!

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