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Proteus Tobela Tiny Mpayipheli een reus van bijna twee meter was ooit huurmoordenaar voor de regering maar leidt tegenwoordig een rustig familieleven Wanneer de dochter van een vroegere vriend zijn hulp in

  • Title: Proteus
  • Author: Deon Meyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tobela Tiny Mpayipheli, een reus van bijna twee meter, was ooit huurmoordenaar voor de regering, maar leidt tegenwoordig een rustig familieleven Wanneer de dochter van een vroegere vriend zijn hulp inroept, ziet hij zich genoodzaakt een oude belofte in te lossen en zijn vredige bestaan met vriendin en zoontje tijdelijk op te geven Tobela heeft 72 uur om zijn vriend vanTobela Tiny Mpayipheli, een reus van bijna twee meter, was ooit huurmoordenaar voor de regering, maar leidt tegenwoordig een rustig familieleven Wanneer de dochter van een vroegere vriend zijn hulp inroept, ziet hij zich genoodzaakt een oude belofte in te lossen en zijn vredige bestaan met vriendin en zoontje tijdelijk op te geven Tobela heeft 72 uur om zijn vriend van een wisse dood te redden door een pakje naar Zambia te brengen Algauw komt Tobela erachter dat hij niet de enige is die weet heeft van het bestaan van het pakketje en de compromitterende inhoud ervan Het bevat een kopie van een harde schijf met zeer belastend materiaal over de geheime dienst van Zuid Afrika ten tijde van de apartheid Meerdere partijen met elk hun eigen redenen maken jacht op het schijfje Tobela s tocht ontaardt in een helse achtervolging ver weg van de gebaande wegen, dwars door het ruige Afrikaanse landschap, waarbij zijn achtervolgers geen middel schuwen om hem te stoppen.

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        Deon Meyer was born in the South African town of Paarl in the winelands of the Western Cape in 1958, and grew up in Klerksdorp, in the gold mining region of Northwest Province.After military duty and studying at the Potchefstroom University, he joined Die Volksblad, a daily newspaper in Bloemfontein as a reporter Since then, he has worked as press liaison, advertising copywriter, creative director, web manager, Internet strategist, and brand consultant.Deon wrote his first book when he was 14 years old, and bribed and blackmailed his two brothers into reading it They were not impressed hey, everybody is a critic Deon MeyerHeeding their wisdom, he did not write fiction again until he was in his early thirties, when he started publishing short stories in South African magazines I still believe that is the best way to learn the craft of writing Short stories teach you a lot about story structure and you have limited space to develop character and plot, says Deon.In 1994 he published his first Afrikaans novel, which has not been translated, simply because it was not good enough to compete on the international market However, it was a wonderful learning experience.All later novels have been translated into several languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovakian and Bulgarian.Deon lives in Melkbosstrand on the South African West Coast with his wife, Anita, and they have four children to keep them busy Lida, Liam, Johan and Konstanz.Other than his family, his big passions are motorcycling, music he is a Mozart fanatic, but loves rock n roll too , reading, cooking and rugby he unconditionally supports the national Springbok team and the Free State Cheetahs provincial team.


    1. THE HEART OF THE HUNTER - PROTEUSQuesto è il romanzo che mi ha introdotto al personaggio di Thobela Mpayipheli, Umzingeli, il Cacciatore, il possente xhosa alto oltre due metri, scherzosamente soprannominato Tiny, una macchina da guerra che durante la guerra contro l’Apartheid fu addestrato dai russi e dal KGB diventando un temibile terminator. L’ho poi ritrovato in Devil’s Peak-African Blues. Nonostante sia un eccellente tiratore, preferisce usare l’arma bianca, l’assegai, la tradizi [...]

    2. I literally had to hide my kindle in a different room at night so that I could get some rest and not read this novel in one go! My almost-crush on this author's works has become full-blown, and the worst part of it is that I told him so -- he must think me such a fangirl!Well, Deon Meyer:Anyway, about this book. Sjoe, what a journey across Africa! I finally was granted my wish of being a fly on the wall while Tiny wasAnd I was just likeAnd Tiny was just like:Sadly, people had to die. This caused [...]

    3. A whopper of an 'on the run' novel set in South AfricaFormer KGB assassin Thobela Mpaypheli is now a lowly errant runner with a motorcycle dealer in Cape Town. Mpaypheli is brought out of retirement when a friend asks him to deliver a computer hard-drive to Lusaka, some 2500 km to the north, within 72 hours.This classic "can he make it?" (of course he can/could, sort of, but with a twist, of course) also involves an agent / double-agent set-up which can sometimes get rather confusing. Everything [...]

    4. tiny has a past littered with violence and death he has put all that in the past and is now living with a woman and her son. h/e that is all to change when a note from an old friend asks for his assistance set in south africa this is a thrilling mix of all the troubles in this country between the various govt parties plus all those from other countries who is to blame for what is to happen? all is not as it seems and some lives are going to be changed forever wonderful characterisation and also [...]

    5. This book is his first published in the States. It tells the story of Tiny (who I came across in one of his later novels). I really liked the pace, the guessing who was the good guy, who was the baddie. The bits of philosophy - what makes a person good or bad - were intriguing. I also liked the insights into South Africa's political situation. I'm surprised these books haven't been made into a film or a TV series.

    6. Dit boek ‘Proteus’ is in 2006 al eerder verschenen onder de naam ‘De proteus diskette’. Maar ook in 2015 is het een schitterend verhaal en helaas ook nog steeds actueel. Een spannende politieke thriller, waarin in ook spionage niet wordt geschuwd. We gaan dwars door het mooie Zuid Afrika heen met spannende achtervolgingen. We maken kennis met Tobela Mpayipheli, met de bijnaam Tiny. Een Xhosa krijger van bijna twee meter lang. Vroeger een huurmoordenaar voor de regering nu een rustige man [...]

    7. Inseguimento su strada Deon Meyer è un autore sudafricano emergente che già vanta alcuni recenti riconoscimenti internazionali.In questo "Codice cacciatore" dimostra un'ottima capacità di impostare un thriller con originalità e con la giusta quota di misteri che poi verranno risolti nel corso della narrazione con una parte finale altrettanto strutturata.Il problema di questo romanzo è che tutta la parte centrale del libro (si parla di oltre 200 pagine!) viene impiegata nella descrizione del [...]

    8. Heart of the Hunter by Deon Meyer is a suspense thriller. Suspense because it’s packed with twists and turns and you’re not sure who’s showing their true colors and who’s not what they seem. Thriller because it’s non-stop action.Mpayipheli, despite his past, is the character I rooted for. Despite his past, he is the hero. But because of his past, he is not just delivering a package, he is being ruthlessly hunted.When I first started reading Heart of the Hunter, I had difficulty with th [...]

    9. This is an excellent espionage thriller that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through the recent history of South Africa. Like all of Meyer's books, he uses multiple POV to set up the story. That takes roughly 40% of the book; then, it takes off like an impala. The multiple POV allows Meyer to develop some terse and tense intercutting; he handles it like Hitchcock. And the hints for the twists he drops neatly, and the reader rolls right over in the speed of page turning. Pay attention, [...]

    10. Yay! I love Deon Meyer. He is my favourite new author (not so new as it turns out sorry Deon, I should have woken up to your talents MUUUUCH sooner). Fast paced crime writer whose stories are set in SA with totally believable characters. I could identify with all of them as if I'd met them along my tracels through the old and especially the new South Africa. Now for the next one

    11. Another wow thriller from Deon Meyer. Great characters (especially loved learning Tiny's backstory), lots of action, and interesting look at South Africa's security forces and the various factions within.

    12. One of my favourites, Tobela Mpayipheli is truly one of the most interesting and well-developed characters I have met in any book and Koos Kok is without a doubt the most unforgetable minor character I know of: he brought a smile to my face everytime he was mentioned.

    13. After a captivating and intriguing summary about this novel, imagine my surprise to find this story severely lacking and unable to back such claims. The freedom fighting assassin plays a limited role while we are filled with more extraneous actions of others to HotH's detriment. 3 of 10 stars

    14. Language as vague and purple as a fairly large purple thing. The book may well have solid page-turningness if you can ignore its sentences. I didn't get far enough in to find out.

    15. Lu en français: L'âme du chasseurC'est tout un roman de suspense, une chasse à l'homme haletante. Je recommande Wikipédia à portée de doigts, si comme moi, vous n'êtes pas familier.ère avec l'histoire politique contemporaine de l'Afrique du Sud. L'auteur réussit, en explosant la narration entre le chasseur chassé, la directrice des opérations, la journaliste au grand coeur et l'enragé des forces spéciales, à maintenir un grand flou sur la vérité des personnages. Au fur et à mesu [...]

    16. Really a 3.5. Don't think it was up to scratch of some of his others tho, if course, had its share of brilliant set - pieces. It was a bit formulaic and scrappy at times. Still enjoyed it.

    17. Blurb.When Johnny K is kidnapped and held to ransom, his daughter turns to his old friend Tiny. She has 72 hours to deliver a disc with sensitive data on it to the kidnappers. But some people are watching Tiny’s every move – waiting for him to trip up and lead them to what they want.Phew 420-odd pages of pure adrenaline filled, roller-coasting rocket fuel. I managed to read this in less than a day over the weekend, when I might typically read on average about 100-odd pages a day over the cou [...]

    18. A spare, stark and brutal portrayal of deceit, treason, and underhanded maneuvering in the modern intelligence services of South Africa.This is a powerful, subtle, inside look at the realities of political strife in the modern Union of south Africa. A former soldier in the Struggle, a black assassin recruited by the KGB, leaves that life when the Soviet Union collapses, works as a benign enforcer for a South African drug baron and ultimately finds a kind of peace for himself as an ordinary worke [...]

    19. I've been eager to read a book by this author for a while. I like thrillers, and I have never read one by a South African author - and this guy is supposed to be the best. At least, he's the most well known.This is the one that had the highest ratings of the selection available at my library a few weeks ago. So this was it!I vacillated a lot while reading this book. There were times I was super interested and didn't want to stop, and others when I thought "What is the point of this passage? I'm [...]

    20. A Review of the AudiobookOriginally published in 2002English Audiobook version published in 2013 by HighBridge AudioRead by Simon VanceDuration: Approximately 11.5 hoursDeon Meyer's novel Heart of the Hunter features a very large black South African man named Thobela "Tiny" Mpayipheli who used to be part of the armed resistance movement to the South Africa's Apartheid government which collapsed in 1994. He was trained by the East German secret police and was part of multiple assassinations. He h [...]

    21. Yet another South African author for me. Deon Meyer was a journalist before he turned to fiction writing, and it shows- he's a very smooth writer. He also is a fan of motorcycling, which shows in this book as well.The main character, Tiny, (ironic nickname) is an ex-operative, trained as an assassin by the Eastern bloc so that he could fight for his people's freedom against apartheid. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of aparthied, he got into various shady gigs until he decide [...]

    22. Ich habe von dem Autor "damals" schon Der traurige Polizist gelesen und war sehr angetan. Dort erschien mir die Handlung nicht sehr "afrikanisch" - was sich in anderen Journalen auch fand.Diesmal jedoch war sie es. Denn ein wiederkehrendes Element waren die Vorbehalte gegenüber den anderen ethnischen Gruppen: Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaaner,: eigene Sprachen, eigene Sitten - eigene Vorurteile.Zum anderen war die Geschichte nach Ende der Apartheid ein Thema. Dort zeigt sich das gleiche Problem, wie in e [...]

    23. Deon Meyer does a fantastic job to bring us a truly African hero in Tiny Mpayipheli. Like many South African freedom fighters he was trained in Soviet Russia, but his special talents were quickly noticed by his trainers. Having spent years as an assassin for the East Germans, he returned to a quiet life in the post-apartheid democracy. However as so often happens, he is forced out of retirement to keep a promise to a friend. His job, get a computer hard drive to Lusaka. It comes as no surprise t [...]

    24. I think at the time this was written DM worked for BMW which could well explain all the guff about what excellent motorbikes they make! I did though love the Afrikaans acronym "Bankrot Maar Windgat" (bankrupt but boastful). But that aside this is another cracking Deon Meyer novel - he can certainly spin a yarn. When will his books get made into films/TV? They're excellent raw material.Pay no attention to the inaccurate synopsis for this: the talk of "quiet life in the countryside" (that's anothe [...]

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