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Refuge Set in a beautiful hardback format with text by Waterstones Prize shortlisted author Anne Booth and illustrated by Waterstones Prize shortlisted illustrator Sam Usher this retelling of the nativit

  • Title: Refuge
  • Author: Anne Booth Sam Usher
  • ISBN: 9780857637413
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in a beautiful hardback format with text by Waterstones Prize shortlisted author, Anne Booth, and illustrated by Waterstones Prize shortlisted illustrator, Sam Usher, this retelling of the nativity is a perfect Christmas gift A book with timeless crossover appeal and a message that couldn t be relevantP5 from the sale of each book will go directly to War ChildSet in a beautiful hardback format with text by Waterstones Prize shortlisted author, Anne Booth, and illustrated by Waterstones Prize shortlisted illustrator, Sam Usher, this retelling of the nativity is a perfect Christmas gift A book with timeless crossover appeal and a message that couldn t be relevantP5 from the sale of each book will go directly to War Child.War Child UK is caring for Syrian refugee children in camps and host communities in Jordan and Northern Iraq They provide safe spaces for children to play and talk about their experiences, counselling for children and also their parents, to help them get past the trauma they have experienced, whilst also providing education for children in the camps.

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        Anne Booth always wanted to be a children s writer, but has also cleared tables in a restaurant, sold books, been a tour guide at a haunted medieval hospital, taught English in Italy, and organized arts and crafts in a nursing home, among other things Anne Booth lives in Kent, England, with her husband, four children, two hens, and two dogs.


    1. This book is supposed to be about the birth of Baby Jesus, but my students totally didn't get it. They couldn't figure out whose point of view it was from or why it ended so abruptly.

    2. This beautifully illustrated book is the very simple story of the nativity, as told by the donkey. It sounds hokey, but is actually very sweet. Ann Cannon, author and bookseller (and friend!), has been widely recommending this book this year, and I can see why! Utterly lovely, and a very timely message as well.

    3. It's hard to read 'Refuge' right now and yet, I think, this is perhaps one of the most vital books I've read this year. As I've watched the news over the past few days, weeks, I've become increasingly aware that there are moments in the world which cannot be expressed, somehow. There are times when the wordless horrors become formed, take flesh, when all it should be is nothing. Nothing.And yet, there are somethings. All around us. Awfully so. Unfathomably so.I think that literature does help us [...]

    4. The American release of this book couldn't have been more timely. Could baby Jesus have crossed the border into America in 2016? How we treat the foreigners among us is telling of our faith. Christmas is comingon a donkey.

    5. This book is sweet and lovely. It's an elegant and sympathetic nativity story that doesn't necessarily equate it with miracles beyond those of human kindness. And it makes me want to cry, and it makes me want to hug my kid.

    6. Told from the point of view of the donkey, this story follows the Holy Family from Nazareth to Jerusalem and into Egypt. The illustrations - pen and ink, with perhaps a bit of watercolor wash? - are simple and luminous, and the text reveals a family that is loving and caring, and an incarnate Christ child, with eyelashes and first smiles. It's a glowing tale of a family seeking refuge from the dangers of their own land, and some of the proceeds from the story go to the UN's committee on human re [...]

    7. This is a beautiful Nativity story which reminds us of Christ's humble birth, and that he and his family were refugees. A subtle call for compassion for today's refugees -- and a reminder to Christians among us that our Lord once was a refugee himself.

    8. A moving, timely retelling of the Nativity story with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus portrayed as refugees, which is precisely what they were.

    9. exceptional evocative illustrations and the story of Christmas, going beyond Christmas eve to the part where the family flees to find refuge in Egypt.

    10. I appreciate the effort to make a picture book of the flight to egypt, but it doesn't quite come together. It's very tranquil, there's no sense of jeopardy, so there's no empathy built for the difficulties they face as refugees or feeling of relief once they find refuge. And I have no idea why it's narrated by the donkey, who is not even shown in half of the spreads. I do like the art though.

    11. I think this book is beautiful. The story is narrated by the donkey and tells the nativity story, but continues with the journey of Joseph, Mary and the donkey into Egypt.

    12. A very simple retelling of the Nativity story.The story is told from the point of view of the donkey and goes till the flight to Egypt. Not many nativity stories focus on the journey to Egypt, so the book gets points for that. And it's a very timely reminder that Jesus was a refugee too. However, I would have preferred it to be a little more biblically accurate (magi came to a house, not the stable). It wouldn't have been hard to do. The illustrations are ok, but I think that perhaps they're too [...]

    13. Simply told through the donkey's point of view, the holy family travels to Bethlehem where the blessed baby is born. Then after his father gets a message in a dream, the family travels to Egypt to escape danger. Along the way they accept the kindness of strangers and found refuge. The story does not go into details, never once naming the people or explaining the dream and the danger.

    14. I bought this book from England last year when £5 from every book sold was being donated to War Child, a charity that supports Syrian refugees. This year, $1.00 of every book sold will go to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). And what better story is there to demonstrate the plight of refugees everywhere. Most of us don't think much beyond the humble birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. We forget that shortly afterward, the cruel Roman King Herod, [...]

    15. I felt compelled to read Anne Booth's picture book after attending Christmas Eve mass. I had gone to a new church. It was so welcoming and inclusive. The pastor managed to talk about current topics like LGBTQ issues, Black Lives Matter, Aleppo, Medicare, living wages, sanctuary places, and immigration while bringing it full circle to the birth of Christ and what Christmas is all about. He even quoted Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony speech and went on to say, "Love coupled with Action can bring about C [...]

    16. 2016 Reading Challenge: The first book you see in a bookstore.I walked into Barnes and Noble three times trying to find a good book for this category. I don't remember the first, but the other two were The Award by Danielle Steel and Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. Reading either of those books felt like torture, so on my lunch break I went to this very charming bookstore down the road. This was the first book that I saw and I just stared at it reluctantly because I'm struggling with my fa [...]

    17. A beautiful hardback book with beautiful watercolour illustrations. This book tells the basic story of the birth of Jesus and the following days told from point of view of the donkey.It is a brilliant way to open a dialogue with a child about what is happening in the world around us, especially so as £5 from every book brought goes to War Child.With thanks to Toppsta and Nosy crowfor the opportunity to read and review this book)

    18. A beautiful picture book about the story of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and their life as refugees. This is a story that reminds us to care for those who may be displaced and who are fleeing war and persecution just like Jesus and his family did over 2,000 years ago. $1.00 from each book sold in the U.S. supports refugees.

    19. This is simply told, but it's the parallels of the refugee crisis we're experiencing around the world today that really struck me with this. I picture that boy from Aleppo in this situation. With a title like this, you can't help but think of the masses who are without a place to stay. Who will let them in?

    20. A lovely story of the birth of Jesus told from the perspective of the donkey. The unique - and wonderful - thing about this version is that it focuses on the flight to Egypt. We often forget that Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus had to quickly flee their homeland and journey to a new home - where they found refuge.

    21. A sparse but beautifully told account of the first Christmas story! A humble donkey witnesses Jesus' birth and is responsible for carrying the new family from the dangers of Herod's regime to find safety and refuge in Egypt.

    22. There is a simplicity and a power in this book that is hard to explain. It is a Christmas story, but at the same time it isn't. This speaks to the feelings of being an 'other' in a new land.

    23. This very simple book continues the story of Christmas through Mary and Joseph's flight into Egypt. Its heart is their faith in (and dependence on) the kindness of strangers.

    24. I bought this slim beautiful book for myself today. A portion of the sale goes to the UN. A timely reminder about the flight of the holy family, and how grateful they were for refuge.

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