Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex

Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex

Roxy Katt / Dec 08, 2019

Naughty Tales of Leather Latex Naughty Tales of Leather Latex is a trilogy of laugh out loud adventures by Roxy Katt a self proclaimed cultural Bolshevik who has a unique talent for writing what can best be described as slapstick

  • Title: Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex
  • Author: Roxy Katt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • Naughty Tales of Leather Latex is a trilogy of laugh out loud adventures by Roxy Katt, a self proclaimed cultural Bolshevik, who has a unique talent for writing what can best be described as slapstick lesbian fetish humor Roxy s heroines often find themselves inadvertently entangled in scenarios featuring leather or latex clad women, embarrassing predicaments, and cNaughty Tales of Leather Latex is a trilogy of laugh out loud adventures by Roxy Katt, a self proclaimed cultural Bolshevik, who has a unique talent for writing what can best be described as slapstick lesbian fetish humor Roxy s heroines often find themselves inadvertently entangled in scenarios featuring leather or latex clad women, embarrassing predicaments, and comical sexual liaisons You will never think of fetish attire in quite the same way after reading The Space MILF, Rubber Space Academy, and The Problem of Leather.

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        I started writing erotica in the 90s, just for my own entertainment Then I thought it might be fun to publish it, and perhaps even make a little money My first publication was a graphic short story art by Tom Porta in the very first issue of Heavy Rubber Magazine 1997 Since then I have published in a number of major erotic anthologies, such as the winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Cowboys Erotic Adventures Cleis Press, 2009.Erotic fetish writing can be divided, of course, into a number of genres or subgenres such as rubber, leather, armour, BDSM, spanking, etc But as a fetish writer, I find my own difficulty in publicizing my work lies in the fact that while it incorporates these and other genres, it does not always fit neatly into one of them.So how do I describe my hard to categorize work to the person who, unbeknownst to him or herself, might enjoy this lesbian and transgender erotica, but has no one label with with to search for it I think you could say, first of all, that humiliation is central And usually, the humiliation is comical, cartoonish, unusual, or bizarre.The humiliation often involves some form of being tied up, stuck in something, rendered peculiarly powerles especially by one s own seemingly empowering garments And there must be a build up to the humiliation I am all about foreplay For me, that is the sexiest thing in an erotic story So many tales begin with two paragraphs that introduce stock, uninteresting characters, and then proceed with 30 pages of insert Tab A into Slot B sex I do not find this even remotely interesting.Not that I do not describe sexual acts and their consummation in detail I most certainly do.My work could be described as BDSM, but not in the classic sense of two people getting together in a dungeon like setting, within one of them tormenting the other for so many pages in or less predictable ways My characters do not usually start out saying let s have sex, but that is what they end up doing For example, if one character wears a rubber suit, it is not because she is a dominatrix preparing to play with a sex partner, but because she is a spacewoman or a diver I tend to contrive realistic excuses for my characters wearing fetish gear To me, a woman dressed up like Catwoman is sexier if she is doing so to burgle an estate, rather than explicitly to have sex Rest assured, though, somehow she will have sex.


    1. Roxy Katt is an author who specializes in a unique niche: over-the-top lesbian D/s farce. Her stories are delightful to read, laugh-out-loud funny and erotic in a surreal kind of way. Roxy's latest release, Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex, is a trilogy that exemplifies her signature bawdy style. A common thread involves unleashing the latent Sapphic leanings of “heterosexual” women in a decidedly amusing manner. I highly recommend this book to readers with a taste for irreverent humor.

    2. I cannot say much about this anthology of shorty-shorts without ruining the fun. These stories fit into a niche of a niche and are written for readers with a very specific taste.If rubber is your fetish, if you enjoy accompanying a lesbian fem-dom, if you love the bottom to be utmost humiliated, if you are looking for stories to heat you up and get you into the right mood without really getting you there: this book is it for you. You're going to relish every word of this indignant, rude, disresp [...]

    3. Being interested in kink and the matchings of same sexes (rather than regular M/f), along with a sense of humor about such things, I was interested in reading Roxy Katt’s new humor collection.It’s a set of three humorous stories all involving lesbians, leather and/or rubber play with a rather randy and antic sense of humor. There are two short stories (“The Space Milf” and “The Problem of Leather”) and a longer novelette (“Rubber Space Academy,” which is the bulk of the book). On [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars highly entertaining stars.Ok, so this isn’t exactly my kind of erotica, but it was exceptionally entertaining and had me laughing out loud through the stories.Roxy gives us three stories all revolving around a different FMC who has a leather/latex fetish. The Space MILF: This was probably my least favorite of the three, but still highly entertaining. I mean, what would you do if you thought your Mom’s friend was hot, you have a leather fetish, and said Mom comes home bursting at th [...]

    5. *Review based on audible version*I'm really on the fence for this review and I can't seem to decide if I like this book or not. Let me start by mentioning the two biggest issues I have with all 3 stories before getting into the good parts and hopefully coming to a conclusion that'll let me fill in those stars.Now, Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and not everyone will share it but I did find the vulgarity in these stories rather excessive. The C-word was used more than enough times to t [...]

    6. This is almost kitschy/noir humor that was unexpected even with the book title for these 3 short reads. They are chocked full of fetishes to suit a very tight interest typespecifically, an interest in very tight rubber suits. To be fair - full disclosure here: I'm not really into F/f stories and the fetishes were not my cuppa for the most part. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I loved the way characters were described. Even the bit part ones were really brought [...]

    7. Narrator extraordinaire Sierra Kline did a great job of capturing the proper tone for these outrageously humorous stories involving lesbians and fetish wear. Considering the plots and subject matter there are definitely erotic elements to this book, but mainly it is just wickedly funny, if you happen to have a taste for perverse humor.

    8. Although I am an unabashed fan of Roxy Katt's phallogyne erotica, and have a distinct fondness for her love of tight, shiny outfits, Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex was my first taste of her lesbian erotica . . . and I have to be honest, I loved it.The first story, THE SPACE MILF, sets the tone nicely. Jenny is a young lesbian with a fetish for rubber, but only on women who wear it for other purposes, never intending to arouse. She already has a crush on Mrs. Bloom, her best friend's volupt [...]

    9. “Laugh out loud lesbian humor”? Really? Is there such a thing? Was I up to the challenge? I was. And get this: I laughed out loud. A lot! The three stories in the collection have a Marx Brothers-meet-John Waters quality that was irresistible. They’re linked by a fetish for rubber and latex (or leather), older (but attractive) women, and a refreshing disregard for authority. It’s a combo that made for nonstop situations that are astonishing in their inventiveness, both for humor and outra [...]

    10. Naughty Tales of Leather and Latex by Roxy Katt is a collection of three short amusing stories. These stories focus upon a specific, yet fairly unique, fetish. In each, a more voluptuous, straight woman dons particularly tight, restrictive clothing (latex generally). She is then manipulated by a younger mischievous lesbian who uses the restrictive clothing to somehow incapacitate the victim and render her into some (likely) humiliating and particularly sexual situation. Despite the victim’s re [...]

    11. Rubber, leather, latex and naughty lesbians provide apt subject headings for this small set of Femdom/f fetish scenes, one after another. Of course, that doesn't do justice to some of the other kinks covered, including MILF, bondage, non/dubiously consensual Domination, robot arms, teasing, humiliation and a very wriggly eel. The sex flows fast and furiously, with a Dominant narrator humorously and snarkily describing the conquest of each woman to succumb to the decadence of rubber, leather and [...]

    12. Book provided by Wordwooze Publishing and read on behalf of Thorns and Ink3.75This was an interesting collection of short stories. This is what I like to call a blind read. I did not read the blurb or anything about the author. Rubber, leather, and golden showers oh my. Dorothy’s adventures in OZ have nothing on this. I can say that this is the first time I have read postmodern rubber and leather fetish fiction. The stories flowed in a gossipy conversational way. You know, when you are catchin [...]

    13. I was given this book for an honest review. Read at Your Own Risk. I am really not sure how to rate this book or even how to review it Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex was a book of short stories about a lesbian by Roxy Katt a author that this is my first time reading and listening to. While the narration was good the stories were weak to me and in one she gave a girl a golden shower and in another she put an eel up her which totally turned me off. This was a short quick listen and one story [...]

    14. Naughty Tales of Leather And LatexA highly imaginative collection of stories for a person with femdom/rubber/lesbian tastes in erotica. Set in the oddest places with fantastical characters. Clever, funny at times and original. 4/5

    15. Well, if you like humor and erotica (and who doesn't) this is a must listen. This was just so much fun to listen to. It's absolutely hot and sexy but what really got me was the wonderful characters and the humor that is brought into each of the situations that they find themselves in the midst of. I don't even have a leather or latex fetish, but believe me you don't need either of those to have a great time listening to this book.Sierra Kline does a fantastic job with her reading of this book. H [...]

    16. I listened to this book while working and oh my freaking goodness! There are parts of this book that I simply couldn't contain my laughter. This book had a funny sexy way of describing sexual proclivities. Floved this book.

    17. This is defiantly a unique brand of naughty.I don't really get the leather and latex fetish but thats ok, because I loved the naughty Pamela lol. I really kind of enjoyed the space stories and how she gets them all to like what she does then leaves them. Yes you will have your self a chuckle at there expense this if for sure.Great narration again. She hits it out of the park.

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