The Soultakers

The Soultakers

Christina L. Rozelle / Jan 24, 2020

The Soultakers What a journey you have been on Joy Montgomery But it isn t over yet No I m afraid you have much farther to go Joy Montgomery is a hero The Treemakers are finally home safe and free in a well deserv

  • Title: The Soultakers
  • Author: Christina L. Rozelle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What a journey you have been on, Joy Montgomery But it isn t over yet No I m afraid you have much farther to go Joy Montgomery is a hero The Treemakers are finally home, safe and free in a well deserved and long dreamed of paradise The children can now settle into normal, carefree lives Or so they thought.Troubled by secrets their newfound paradise reve What a journey you have been on, Joy Montgomery But it isn t over yet No I m afraid you have much farther to go Joy Montgomery is a hero The Treemakers are finally home, safe and free in a well deserved and long dreamed of paradise The children can now settle into normal, carefree lives Or so they thought.Troubled by secrets their newfound paradise reveals, coupled with tangled feelings toward those she loves, Joy sees the painful truth they re still prisoners forever wounded by the effects of a traumatic past An ominous warning from a trusted friend strengthens her resolve to never let down her guard, to always be prepared, to be ready for war both inside and out.Once again, the Treemakers are faced with escaping disaster, and Joy s strength is pushed to its limit, her sanity pushed to the brink of collapse Just when their situation couldn t get any desperate, they re thrust into a series of shocking tribulations that are nothing short of nightmarish Will the Treemakers of Greenleigh annihilate the forces of evil that seek to capture and control their souls Or will the magic Joy thought she found turn out to be just another illusion This is the second book in the Treemakers Trilogy This series is intended for mature YA audiences, as there are certain mature themes abuse, character deaths, etc which may be too emotionally intense for younger readers.

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        Christina L Rozelle is the author of the bestselling YA Dystopian Scifi series, The Treemakers Trilogy, which includes her groundbreaking debut, The Treemakers, and its sequels, The Soultakers, and The Seeker s Keys Hailed for its strong, believable, and relatable characters, original and complex plotting, and phenomenal world building, The Treemakers Trilogy appeals to lovers of dystopian literature who are looking for something refreshing and new Christina also writes adult post apocalyptic dystopian under the nom de plume C.L Zelle, with The End Saga formerly The Night Blind Saga as her first foray into the adult world Rozelle s writing roots sprouted with poetry and prose in countless journals in her early years, continuing through her tumultuous teenage years, and well into her turbulent young adult life Though her younger self dreamed of scribing non fiction and poetry someday, when she discovered the magic in creating fiction she never looked back Overcoming countless obstacles of her own, the wisdom gained along her personal path through healing breathes life into her beautifully dark, yet hopeful tales of triumph Filled with an array of emotional triggers, not many topics are off limits in her works Rozelle s exceptional storytelling dives deep into the survival and growth journeys of diverse, broken characters and unlikely heroes Authentic, gritty, intricate, and wildly imaginative, her stories also offer hope a light in the dark as her characters discover their own inner strengths and worth in the midst of debilitating adversity Though her wanderlust calls her to a nomadic life of traveling the world in planes, trains, ships, and RVs, Christina happily resides in a small town in Texas, USA, with her four wonderful children, three rescue kitties, and a rescue puppy, where she s blessed to be able to do what she loves every day.If you d like to stay in touch, and get up to date info on new releases, as well as giveaways and promotions, sign up for her mailing lists Adult works C.L Zelle s Dark Army bit CLZellesDarkArmy YA works The Rozelle Army bit RozelleArmyIf you ve enjoyed any of her books, please hug Christina by leaving an honest review of any length on bit CLRoZelleonFor information, check out the links below Website christinalrozelle Rozelle s YA Reader Fan Group bit RozellesYAReadersChristina L Rozelle s Facebook Page bit CLRozelleFBpageC.L Zelle s Reader Lounge bit CLZellesReaderLoungeC.L Zelle s Facebook Page bit CLZellesFBpageTwitter bit CLRTweetInstagram christina.lzelleSpotify bit CLRoZelleonSpotify


    1. "They were blinded by sorrow and despair, unable to grasp and hold onto what was most important for our survival: to spread our wings before we hit the ground, soaring up again, despite the weight of our loss. Same way we'll fly from here.""I've learnedfear does sometimes have its place in the grand scheme of things. If we let it, the Universe can make right from wrong, light from darkness, life from death." Wow! What an awesome story. So much adventure and so superbly told. The depth of the cha [...]

    2. There is nothing more wild than Rozelle's books. I feel like this every time I read one of her twisty-turny-lala-loopy adventures! Because you hopefully HOPEFULLY have read book one first. The Treemakers : Wait, what? OMG GO READ IT NOW BECAUSE>>>>>> I can't even. Okay, so as I was saying, because you have NOW done the appropriate thing, the RIGHT thing, and read both books I can now say to you this review is too hard to put into words without spoilers. I will INSTEAD explain i [...]

    3. I’ve been patiently waiting to read this sequel to the Treemakers, and it does not disappoint! I was on the edge of my seat after the ending to the last book, and I’m so happy I was lucky enough to receive an ARC so I could find out what happened! Joy Montgomery is one of my hands down, favorite badass heroines in fiction. She is such a strong, amazing lead character that I love to read about. The situations in this book are no less heart wrenching than the first. I cried at what they have t [...]

    4. This series is amazing. I'm kind of getting depressed that there's only one book left. This heart wrenching tale of Joy and company continually keeps the reader on their toes. Love and loss are a constant theme and surprises abound to throw you off! The author is a beautiful story teller. I cannot wait for the next book. *I received an ARC for an honest review*

    5. I received a advanced reading copy in exchange for a honest review. Even though I received a copy I will be purchasing both ebook and a hard copy. I'm obsessed with this series. The Treemakers was phenomenal and to be given the honor of reading The Soultakers was such a privilege. I was blown away by how much the writing has progressed from the first book. The author is a master of her craft. I laughed and ugly cried during several parts of this story. It started about half way through and I cou [...]

    6. Christina did it again. Just when I thought Joy and The Treemakers were finally living their happy ever after, BAM! She goes and uproots them all. I enjoyed following the group on their new journey. Chaos and destruction of all kinds took me on another highly emotional Roller Coaster ride of emotions. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will make you question everything you thought you knew. Will Joy and the others find their new safe haven? Will they ever truly feel safe? Will [...]

    7. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****I was very excited to read this second instalment to Treemakers after thoroughly enjoying the first one.It started with the adventurers’ new life at Zentao and Joy’s dilemma about keeping secrets from her friends. A brief narrative to refresh readers up-to-date with previous events which was quite expected. Then as I was getting settled into the story…BHAM!!! It took off and sent my beloved characters into turmoil after turmoil.If that wasn’t bad enough, the plo [...]

    8. Ms. Rozelle has done it again! Between her and Logan Keys, I may have to rethink my stance of disliking dystopian tales.The Soultakers picks up where The Treemakers left off, and never slows down with unnexpected twists and turns and quite a rollercoaster of emotions as well as surprises.Christina is a fantastic storyteller and continues to hone her skills to amazing new heights. I have no idea where the imagination comes from to create these futuristic (and horrifying) worlds, but she does an a [...]

    9. I was given an ARC for an honest review.d I am literally awe struck! This book is so dark and lovely and scary and wonderful! I absolutely loved the Treemakers and couldn't wait to get my hands on Soultakers, with fear in my heart for what more these beautiful characters were going to have to experience. And can I just sayChristina is a genius, a dark and scary genius! I had so many guesses of where this book would take them, and I couldn't have been more wrong. Intense! That is the best word I [...]

    10. If you loved The Treemakers by Christina Rozelle, hold on tight! The Soultakers will take you for a wild ride! Taking off where book one left off, book two is fast action, a whirlwind of emotion and one heck of a dystopian story. It has feels, non-stop drama, highs as well as lows and this reviewer was more than ecstatic to receive an ARC for review. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great dystopian novel. The Soultakers has a mix of terrifying scenes, jaw-dropping twists and em [...]

    11. Joy is at peace. Finally. After leading her young band of survivors through hardship after hardship and from sanctuary to sanctuary only to keep discovering they aren't the safe refuges they'd hoped. She has found her home . . .or has she? "This darkness has revealed the truth . . . the light we thought we’d found is a lie. And it’s not the only lie.” And so Joy embarks on another perilous journey only to find even worse betrayal and anguish than before.The Soultakers is the perfect sequel [...]

    12. Wow, make sure you've taken your heart medication before you read The Soultakers! Christina Rozelle is the queen of emotional rollercoasters and this was a wild ride! I thought that the first book was an incredible concept and was very impressed by the way the story and characters were layered. This one is just as good, if not better, and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It starts out with Joy and her crew's time in the peaceful utopia coming to an ubrupt end that is violently shoc [...]

    13. Where to start This book takes up a few weeks after The Treemakers ends. It was a very emotional and heart breaking journey that I went with joy on. This book kept me up till the wee hours of the morning. I also picked it up one night after a few drinks and was still able to get sucked into the book and remember what I read the next morning. (When I do that I rarely remember what I read.)I had a very great time reading this book, if you are looking for something different, in a dystopian world t [...]

    14. *I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*The Soultakers picks up right where The Treemakers left off, with the same group mere days after the first book ends. After finding refuge in paradise things start happening that make the Treemakers of Greenleigh realize that everything isn’t what it seems. In this novel it is up to Momma Joy with the assistance of Smudge along with other to yet again find safety for the orphans of Greenleigh.This book went above and beyond ev [...]

    15. I received an ARC copy of The Soultakers by Christina Rozelle for an honest review. I am very impressed with this author's writing ability. She has a highly creative imagination and does an excellent job putting her thoughts to paper. This story is about survival, redemption and rediscovery where a group of teens and young kids have already escaped a dreadful place of slavery only to find themselves in an even worse situation of captivity. They make their way to a place that resembles paradise a [...]

    16. I received an arc of The Soultakers for an honest review. And honestly, I'm not sure mere words can do it justice. Once again, I find myself sucked into the world of Joy Montgomery -swept along on waves of emotions, my mind completely absorbed by the suspense, gasping at the curve balls Christina keeps throwing. I've been overcome with grief, felt surges of anger, laughed at the humor & victories. All while on the edge of my seat & being shocked with surprises. But I have a feeling every [...]

    17. Ms. Rozelle is making great strides in her writing craft and her growing talent is evident. She just keeps getting better and better. You don't want to miss the continuing saga of Joy, Jax, Smudge, and the rest of the group of this Y/A Dystopian roller coaster ride! The Soul Takers had me up until the wee hours of the night/morning saying "just one more chapter!" I could not put it down! What a roller coaster ride of emotion and what a vivid, imaginative world Ms. Rozelle creates! The Soul Taker [...]

    18. Fantastic, everything went on hold while I read this book.Christina Rozelle is a master at writing in such a way that the pain, loss and anger of her characters leap from the page and into your heart. This is an incredible tale, complex and riveting, with characters of such depth that I felt like I was there with them. I was so sad to reach the end but happy to know there is another book to come as Joy and her family continue their journey to freedom.I would recommend this series to everyone, yo [...]

    19. OMG! She has done it again! There is so much love, loss and drama contained in these pages. The world continues to grow and expand with the magic and tragedy. Everyone in these pages have come alive in my mind and heart. I will anxiously await the next step in Moma Joy and her expanding and contracting family. I wish I could say more but do not want to diminish your experience in traveling this world.

    20. Wow!I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book carries on from where the Treemakers left off. There's more adventure, love and heartache. The book ends far too soon. I can't wait for the next book to see if Joy and her'family' find the forvever home they are searching for.In my opinion, this is a must read.

    21. Another fantastic book in this series! The same characters I loved from the Treemakers are back with new characters I love just as much. So much adventure, nonstop action and feels. My only complaint was it was over much too soon and I want more please! Although I think my family is probably happy to have me back. Can't wait for the next book.

    22. ******************ATTENTION: MAY CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS*******************WARNING: Themes prevalent in this story are as follows: child abuse; mental, emotional and psychical abuse, suicide, and climate deterioration.While the Treemakers of Greenleigh and the Saltminers of Subterrane have settled in Zentao among AOAI's (Awakened Organic Artificial Intelligence), Joy continues to struggle with the truth regarding this new refuge and the hope it has given her family and the secret she keeps about [...]

    23. When I was a kid I wanted to go on adventures, real proper adventures, not like the ‘famous five’ but proper real adventures where real stuff happened, bad stuff that needed some fixing, but ultimately in the end it was all ok and we were all stronger for it, more worldly, tougher, taken seriously, we knew the good because we’d battled the evil. That’s what I fantasised about, think Harry Potter but less of the magic and more of the suffering and the anguish, this is what you get with Ro [...]

    24. A light in the darkness. Hope when there should be nothing to hope for except an untimely end. Joy and her little family is in danger. She knows this paradise is too good to be true (because it isn’t), but wants to illusion––the lie––the continue as long as she can. The kids have had too many painful moments and deserve some happiness. Happiness eludes them again. The illusion shatters. The magic is gone. I loved this book. One of the main reasons I read dystopian is because the charac [...]

    25. About half-way through this, I thought to myself why did I buy this? The first book was so difficult for me to read. Rozelle has created an incredibly fascinating and creepy world but there are scenes that are just slightly too horrific for me. I guess I really should pull up my big girl panties and recognize that there have been times and places where humans have done things just as horrible as the atrocities shown in these booksThe sci fi elements are even more out-there in this installment, b [...]

    26. Absolutely spellbinding! Book 2 picks up right where 1 ended. It got the ground running and was a fast paced page turning read. Christina weaves a tale so eloquently and mesmerizing that it played out like a movie in my mind's eye. Absolutely no fillerNONE! Will Joy finally find what she has always been longing for? Will she find peace or heartache? The brave group of teens take the world upon their shoulders to do what is right. Will their outcome be what they had hoped for? I was so happy to a [...]

    27. On the second leg of their adventure, we sit side by side with Joy's family on a never-ending roller coaster; taking us from the highest of highs, to the darkest of lows. It's sure to grab your attention from the very beginning and leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat, as you never know what new adversary lurks around the corner of the next page. Joy's story is thought provoking, mysterious and will evoke every emotion from elation to fear, to PURE JOY. A very well written story that wi [...]

    28. Wow, I really had to step back mentally with this book when I finished the last page. So very deep and thought provoking. I thought Joy had to be a tough young woman in the first book, yet after all of this I wonder how she holds herself together. I would have had a break down. You won't want to read this one if you haven't read The Treemakers first. This one you start to see some of the wider picture and it's not all sunshine and roses. What a crazy world being led by crazy people. How the heck [...]

    29. Oh wow! I thought the first book was good, this one is even better. So many twists and turns that surprise the reader. I could not put this book down and was reading into the wee hours of the morning lol. It is very well written and easy to follow. The author has a vivid imagination as this is out of the ball park. Recommend this book, but must read the first book before.

    30. Very good book. I really enjoyed it, was not expecting some of the events. I really hope book 3 comes out soon!

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