The Bound Heart

The Bound Heart

Elsa Holland / Feb 18, 2020

The Bound Heart AN INNOCENT WOMAN DETERMINED TO WIN THE DANGEROUS MAN SHE WANTS In her grimy coal stained world Olive Thompson knows one thing for certain Mr Edwards is the one she wants When she s with him every

  • Title: The Bound Heart
  • Author: Elsa Holland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • AN INNOCENT WOMAN DETERMINED TO WIN THE DANGEROUS MAN SHE WANTS In her grimy, coal stained world, Olive Thompson knows one thing for certain Mr Edwards is the one she wants When she s with him, every part of her feels alive, as if a stream under her skin ripples with passion When he looks at her, a forbidden world glows in that gaze She wants what he threatens, whatAN INNOCENT WOMAN DETERMINED TO WIN THE DANGEROUS MAN SHE WANTS In her grimy, coal stained world, Olive Thompson knows one thing for certain Mr Edwards is the one she wants When she s with him, every part of her feels alive, as if a stream under her skin ripples with passion When he looks at her, a forbidden world glows in that gaze She wants what he threatens, what he promises no matter the price A WICKED MAN DESPERATE TO SAVE AN ANGEL FROM HIS PROFANE DESIRES Intuitively a man knows when a woman can unravel him, regardless of what he tells himself James Edwards, master of the sensual and elite art of shibari rope, has always kept Olive Thompson at a distance For two years, he s endured constant vigilance, denial, and endless hunger until today Today he will steal a taste, something to remember after he walks away forever Because who he is and what he wants are not for someone so pure She thinks she wants him she has no idea AFTER THE DARKEST NIGHT, THE SUN ALWAYS RISES WHETHER YOU RE READY FOR THE LIGHT OR NOT.

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      • Elsa Holland

        Elsa Holland writes lush, sensual stories set in Victorian England They skirt the edge of gothic eroticism and dark romanticism giving them a rich, moody feel which has nothing to do with the bowl of chocolates at the side of her keyboard or the pictures she chooses for her desktop Her heroines walk fearlessly through the dark and her heroes are exactly the kind of men you secretly want to find there.She lives with her Viking stock husband and her follow you everywhere dog, in semi tropical Queensland, Australia.


    1. 5 stars. This can be read as a stand alone.First I want to say that the following review is honest and from the heart. Although I was one of many beta readers for the author, this in no way has swayed my thoughts about what I will write.The offical summary of this book does not do it justice, nor do I feel it captures the true essence of what this book is about, therefore I feel it imperitve to do my best to clarify without giving away too much.Summary:We have heorine "Olive" a woman who has suf [...]

    2. In The Bound Heart, the second book in the Velvet Basement series, Elsa Holland reaches far beyond the standard formula of romance yet her work is accessible and touching. Ms. Holland writes of extreme subject matter with a grace and subtlety that cannot be learned as shown in her portrayal of the lead characters unconventional deep-seated and beautiful courtship. This author’s propensity to relate subject matter that is not normally associated with the era she is writing about in abundant and [...]

    3. Review written: January 23, 2017Star Rating: ★★☆☆☆Heat Rating: ☀☀☀☀☀First, I liked this book a lot. I like the worldbuilding. I like the characters. I like the different face this puts on the Victorian era. There is a lot to like about the world of the Velvet Basement. I think the storytelling is really good.So, why the 2 stars then? No matter how good the story is or how much I might like the characters, if the editing is so bad that a secondary character's name is misspelle [...]

    4. When I started this book, I really had no idea if it would hold my interest. As I read through chapter after chapter, I started to compare the content to various other writers. I found it very intriguing with erotic rope tying. The story takes place in the 1800s. I found Olive and Jamie fascinating, how they came together and their story from that moment on. How Olive was able to love Jamie and to allow herself to enjoy the erotic ropes. Personally the subject material piqued my interest and how [...]

    5. Beautiful, sensual and compelling. Jamie and Olive are wonderful love story and the glimpses of Japanese culture in Victorian England take you off into another world. I adore Elsa's mind.

    6. While not as mind-blowing as the first book in the series (and honestly, WHAT IS), this is still a great book, a solid 5 stars.

    7. My problem with this book is that the hero was always pushing the heroine away. For 2 years she's been delivering thread every Friday and hero looks forward to seeing her. Heroine throws herself at him and hero tells her no, she's too good for him.That's the whole theme of the book. Hero is scarred by the relationship between his mother and father. So he constantly pushes heroine away. She keeps fighting to make hero "see her" and "love her" and violate his rules for her. rules: no sleeping over [...]

    8. I know there's still one more book in this series, but I feel I can honestly say that The Bound Heart is my favorite. I love Olive and Jamie. This book is just as beautiful as the first, if not more. The story, the way the charaters grow and change throughout the book. The reader can feel the passion oozing from the pages and seeping into your skin. When I finished, I found myself in a serious book hangover when I finished. If you're a lover of rope, whether binding or the one being bound, you w [...]

    9. The Bound Heart (The Velvet Basement #2)By: Elsa Holland5/5 starsFirst, I love this cover just as much as I loved the cover to the first book in the series, The Veiled Heart. The covers are unique and colorful, tasteful and alluring. Both covers just catch the eye and draw a person in. The covers also go with the storyline. I just love them!This is NOT your grandmother’s Victorian England era romance! THANK GOODNESS! Ms. Holland continues to amaze me in the boundaries she pushes in the histori [...]

    10. Once again Elsa Holland has created a Victorian world unlike anything I've ever read. The lush, vividly imagined landscape adds a richness to the story, and exploring the Japanese influence on the London society of the time is fascinating.But not as fascinating as the characters Ms Holland brings to life. Olive and Jamie walk between the worlds of poverty and wealth, not quite fitting in with either but still determined to find their own place.The true struggle - for both of them - is trying to [...]

    11. This was an eye opening read for me. I've never read anything about its subject matter before but I have a relatively open mind, so I gave it a chance. I'm happy I did. This was the most elevated erotic fiction I have ever read. It was sensual, the language was beautifully wrought, the author really took her time and chose her words and their presentation well; of course, there was a lot of sex but it was so well written and intermixed with the plot and themes, there was a good balance. There we [...]

    12. As soon as I realized this was about bondage, I almost bailed. Got suckered into 50 Shades of Crap and I'm still ashamed (I've got reader's OCD and can't stop in the middle of a story--but I'm working on it!)This was more than that, though--despite the occasional weird homonymn choice or skipped word. This was a mutual need and no derpy, easily controlled girl, but a strong woman from a crappy part of town, who knew what people did to survive. The rope part was kind of fascinating, a carefully d [...]

    13. After reading this book, I discovered I'm not for bondage erotica novels. I can appreciate a scene, but not a whole book about bondage. I'm grateful for the historical background the author provides about this Japanese art, so interesting. Otherwise, the idea of the main characters practising bondage in order to win an international contest was more than I could bear, so it made me laugh in the end.My fault. I'm sure the other books in the Velvet Basements series will be more tuned to my reading [...]

    14. Take two people who come from the wrong side of town who shouldn't have survived and watch them emerge and succeed and thrive.This is a very unusual love story that with the Art of the Rope Knotting, Shibari, becomes mesmerizing, passionate, intoxicating and fascinating.Ms Holland uses her ability to paint a picture in words so that the Rope scenes come alive on the pages and culminates in a love that endues all hardships.

    15. Strange for meThis was a story about a man named Jamie that was obsessed with ropes and sex thru the back door. Olive was a poor woman who became obsessed with it also but only to get closer to Jamie. This story is different from what I normally read and was just weird for me.

    16. WowJust wow.Amazingly interesting , truly erotic AND a very good story. I thoroughly enjoyed this and cannot believe that more people haven't found this author. Some sloppy editing in terms of grammar and spelling mistakes but it did not detract from a truly exceptional book.

    17. This book wasn't nearly as good as the first in the series, "The Veiled Heart." Not only that, the editor of this book needs to be fired. FIRED. Talk about run on sentences the author really needed a bucket of commas or maybe just a better editor. Seriously. It was just a mess. The story just wasn't good enough for me to overlook the editorial errors. Not only that, I couldn't get into the characters or the whole roping scheme. Part of why I didn't like this book was probably because I have ZERO [...]

    18. I am on the fence about this book, I would read some and put it down, read some more and decide not to finish, but I have a real hard time with myself when I don't finish a book. This was definitely not one of my favorite, but I did finish, it just never did catch my attention for some reason. Not sure if it was the book or if I just need a reading break.

    19. Elsa Holland has done it again! This is such a wonderful series! I absolutely loved this book! It's a dark read,but It kept my attention from the very beginning. characters are well written and very likable. The way it was written I was able to envision the setting. can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series!

    20. Absolutely adored this book! Loved the character depth and the budding romance. Everything happened as it should have and Jamie and Olive are just perfect for each other! Can't wait for THE PAINTED HEART.

    21. Free books on can be a crap shoot for me - either awesome or awful. This one falls under the awesome category. I'll be going back and reading the first in the series as well, so everybody wins. :) and

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